Welcome to Steem!

To begin, I recommend getting to know the ugly side of Steem followed by seeing so much of what is good below because this provides the complete picture.

Will you join us in discovering the Steem blockchain because we believe Steem will be the first to replace Bitcoin as the number one cryptocurrency by 2021?  The best place to start is at steem.io which explains the basics!

At steemit.com/@jerrybanfield we can see the blockchain in action and how I am using it today!

After taking an initial look, many of us are ready to sign up for our free account on the Steem blockchain!

Seeing the number of transactions Steem processes every day motivates many of us to start thinking about buying Steem!

With new blocks every three seconds and no transaction fees, we can see why Steem already has the most transactions of any blockchain and is prepared for mass adoption!

Smart Media Tokens on the Steem blockchain will soon provide new way for publishers to monetize their online content and community based on the model proven successful with Steem’s community!

After surviving a 98% price drop from release through the following year, we on Steem have absolute faith in our blockchain’s ability to endure through challenging times!

We intend to pass Bitcoin in value when we have two to ten times more users and wallets than BTC on Steem!  Within just two years, we already have nearly one million accounts and are on our way to having over 100 million accounts on Steem within the next 3 years!

Facebook and Google both have banned advertising for cryptocurrencies which is making promotion on Steem the number one option for promoting an ICO using bid bot to promote posts to the top of the trending page which is generally good for thousands of views from readers already active in the cryptocurrency world!

Instead of miners needlessly wasting huge amounts of power and computing resources competing to make new blocks as on Bitcoin, witnesses on Steem are a leap forward in the evolution of producing new blocks providing a solution based on voting which saves a fantastic amount of computing resources and power making Steem one of the most environmentally friendly blockchains.

Bloggers love posting on Steem for the instant higher ranking in Google and long term search engine optimization or SEO benefits from posting to a top 1000 or so website with steemit.com along with instant mirroring on alternative interfaces!

Wired.com recently featured Steem in “The Social Network Doling Out Millions in Ephemeral Money” highlighting Steem being the first blockchain to also act as a social media platform!

Any new competitors to Steem must be ten times better to have a chance because Steem has first mover advantage for a blockchain with an integrated social network the same as Bitcoin was the first mover as a cryptocurrency.  Bitcoin is number one today despite being technologically inferior to almost every other digital currency listed on coinmarketcap.com because it was the first.  Nearly all of the competitors to Bitcoin are only a one to three fold improvement while generally to replace the #1 spot takes being 10x better.

DLive.io gives us the first application allowing live streaming to our blockchain!

Utopian.io enables rewards for open source contributions especially on GitHub which finally allows developers building valuable projects without a built in monetization method to fund projects.  In fact, Utopian is the only platform rewarding contributions to Open Source projects by utilizing a decentralized, vote-based reward system built on top of the STEEM blockchain.

DSound.audio empowers musicians, podcasters, comedians, and any artist working in audio files to upload to the Steem blockchain and earn rewards without needing advertisers, publishers, or a record label!

Busy.org provides an alternative interface to steemit.com which shows us the true power of the Steem blockchain to appear on different domains all with one Steem account!

Fundition.io is the world’s first decentralized crowdfunding platform using the Steem blockchain to eliminate the middleman dividing founders from backers empowering a totally free way to support projects.

Mobile apps for Steem like eSteem and bSteem allow us to fully experience the Steem blockchain on any iPhone or Android device!

YouTube and Facebook Are Losing Creators to Blockchain-Powered Rivals like DLive as explained in this post from bloomberg.com published on April 10, 2018!

Investors delegating to voting bots are earning returns several times higher than masternodes making buying Steem and powering it up an ideal long term investment where the principle consistently increases and payouts are available every day without touching the principle!  This is possible because of delegation where the value of the stake in Steem power is effectively loaned while the actual cryptocurrency remains in the wallet with the ability to pull the delegation and power down at any time!

New authors using voting bots have the ability to make bids and help promote posts providing generally thousands of views and hundreds of followers each time a post reaching the trending page!

Communities like the Minnow Support Project help thousands of authors on Steem connect and earn upvotes on posts making Steem the only blockchain where every account has the ability to earn something without needing to buy, invest, or speculate!

Exchanges will continue to have a strong motivation to add BTC/Steem and Steem/USD as the number of users continues to grow on Steem!  Out of the top 10 exchanges today, Steem currently is only one 3 of them with a high probability of doubling or tripling this number within the next year.

Anyone can see the transactions for any account on Steem providing complete transparency and accountability to anyone in the world with an internet connection while reports on applications like steemreports.com allow us to aggregate and interpret the data!

SmartSteem provides a comprehensive set of tools for authors, curators, and investors to promote posts and earn passive income without delegating all Steem power to a voting bot!

A list of the top 25 posts on Steem helps us see how easy it is to collaborate and help each other on Steem making Steem the blockchain where helping another person to succeed happens with the least resistance!

Everything we create and share online has value from pictures to blog posts to videos and live streams.  Steem is the first place online we have a chance to connect without ads and have the opportunity to earn income on everything we share.  As more users become frustrated with other platforms taking everything for free, Steem will continue to become more popular as a place where creators and artists of all kinds are truly appreciated!

What truly provides value for a blockchain and a cryptocurrency?  True value comes from how the people participating are able to collaborate which is the same principle defining value for companies on the stock market and fiat currencies like USD.  For example, everyone that buys Apple products, uses an iPhone, is employed by Apple, invests in Apple stock, and talks about Apple adds value to the idea and company we call Apple.  All the time, energy, and money I invest into Steem adds value to it alongside what millions of us are contributing from reading posts on steemit.com to watching live streams on DLive to buying Steem and SBD on exchanges to talking about Steem with our friends and family.  The more Steem helps us help each other and deepen our relationships, the more good we are doing in the world.  That is why we are here together today.  Thank you for reading this page which I hope is helpful for you today!