1 Steem Upvote Free Every Day for First 4,000 Steemit Accounts Signing Up

If you are on the Steem blockchain, you can now get free daily upvotes by joining my email list.

I’ll show you exactly how this works right now. Upvotes are currently worth 63 cents, that’s 63 cents you can get every single day just by joining my email list and making a post on Steem.

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If you’re not already on Steem I don’t recommend joining it and trying to fool around with it just for this, but if you already are on there I’ll take a look at how this works. All you need to do is go have your Steemit.com profile link and then you go to jerry.tips/steemvotes.

You can see since I launched this in the last week, 539 people have already clicked on this. Once you go to the Steem votes link then what you’ll get is this auto vote email list subscription.

You put your first and last name, your email and your Steemit.com profile. Then what happens, is you’ll get a message confirming your subscription to my email list. I ask if you want me to upvote you for free up to one time a day, then I ask that you read or be subscribed to my email list where I send out weekly updates once a week and I’ve sent 90 of them out.

Actually my friend Michelle he sent 90 of them out now. It shows the newest of what I’ve created each week. So this is an email list subscription form which means you need to go to the email address you put in here, click on ‘Confirm subscription’ then we will get you added generally within 72 hours or so.

There’s been so many people signing up. Everyone has to be added manually. We are currently about 150 people behind on it and once you get on it, you can see there’s 250 people.

You must actually go confirm your email address for your name to pop up on our form. So some people have put the form in or clicked on the link, but not actually confirmed the email address.

And then there’s about 140 that we’ve got a backlog on. You can see I’ve got 250 people on this right now. My voting power’s at 7.7%. Now, the price of Steem plus my voting power interact to give the total amount of the vote on this. So currently if you see the voting amounts, a vote for me is currently worth 58 cents and that is one vote every single day.

Now if the price of Steem goes down or my voting power goes down, the value of the vote will go down. The more people that get on this, the more the vote is likely to drop. If the price of Steem goes up or my voting power goes up or people just stop posting on Steem then the value of the vote can go up. The votes are always at 100% and that uses up the most voting power. So it depends on all these different factors as to how much you actually get every day.

So this is everything you need to know about how to use the jerry.tips/steemvotes link. I’m actually not paying attention to Steem anymore myself. I’ve thought of, how can I give my voting power out to help you? I’ve got a lot of voting power and I was using it for a voting bot but I’ve decided, “Why don’t I just give out to people and ask for at least something in return and that is to follow my email list to see what I’m up to each week.”

My email updates have new podcast episodes, new YouTube videos, new courses and the latest of what I’m doing. Thus I trust you’ve got all the information now and I’ve showed you how to get started.

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And if you want a little bit extra you can join on YouTube. You’ll get access to videos early and before they’re released publicly and you will get the ability to have your name, your YouTube channel name, in the credits on my videos which I think’s really cool. I’d love to be able to do that with some other YouTubers as they don’t seem to have that particular perk though.

So I’ve got that for you. That’s what it looks like.

I love you.

You’re awesome.

Thank you very much for checking out how to get daily free upvotes on Steemit with me, Jerry Banfield, and I’ll see you soon in another video.


Jerry Banfield.