Stop Coughing Today without Medication

Do you want to stop coughing today without medication?

I have a strategy that works so well for me that I will share it here with you because I’m so grateful today that I almost never cough thanks to what I’ve learnt about my mind and my body and how they relate to each other.

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I am Jerry Banfield and I’m a full-time YouTuber and as such it’s important for me not being in the habit of coughing because I make YouTube videos not be really annoying. I’d have to actually edit it.

I will tell you how I got to this first. I was reading a book by Louise Hay named You Can Heal Your Life. 

She goes through things you can do to fix various parts of your life, especially as it relates to things you can do in the mind. Affirmations like “I approve of myself”, “I love myself”, getting counseling, therapy, etc. She goes through some of the things she healed and went to in her own life, for example healing her own cancer without any surgery. What I got out of this is  the section in the book called The Body. It looks at how various mind patterns we have and things that go on in our heads impact what happens in the physical body. There’s an entire science for this that I don’t know the name of that the top of my head. 

The basic medical science behind it is that the thoughts we have and the things we think about influence the way our body feels. Now you’re wondering: ok, how do I stop my coughing? The throat and specifically coughing is related to a need to change. This means that when were coughing it is signalling us that we need to change or be willing to change or work on changing.

Stop Coughing Today without Medication

I’ll give you an example of exactly how to put this into practice. I was driving my son, who’s one year old, across town to go pick my daughter up from camp. I was having thoughts of financial insecurity as I’ve been through a big transitional time in my business recently. I was driving down the road and in a little bit of irritation and I suddenly coughed. I remembered from this book one thing I can do and say if I cough is immediately say “I am willing to change” and/or “I am changing” to acknowledge that that little cough had something to do, possibly, with me needing to change and one thing I can do is to say that I am changing or I’m willing to change. In this case I literally screamed out in the car “I’m willing to change”. Then guess what? I got thoughts in my head about exactly what I needed to change. I could see I needed to ask for help with my finances and admit that right now in the current month of July 2019 business finances aren’t working very well to pay the bills and I need to ask for help and adjust my plans to do my best to deliver the most value and therefore make myself the most open to receive enough money to keep going. As soon as I screamed out “I’m willing to change, what you want from me?” – no more coughs immediately after that.

You might think this is a ridiculous example and I’ll give you the opposite end of this. I have a family member who has been diagnosed with COPD. This family member was living around the smoker but never smoked themselves and should not have any reason to have COPD medically. What I can notice is that this family member gets into coughing fits and will cough  for 20t or 30 minutes straight. From my point of view there’s nothing externally or that’s gotten internally that’s causing the coughing. The family member will say: It was a dog hair or it was too much dust. When I read this in the book I thought: Oh my god, yes, this family members coughing is so obviously indirectly associated with the need to change. 

Stop Coughing Today without Medication

This family member has been unbelievably stubborn in refusing to change and the family member’s body absolutely racks then with coughs throughout almost every day. The family member surprisingly wouldn’t  budge. It seem to work hard to keep life as it is and will not change.

Today I’m grateful that I don’t have to judge and I can accept it: Well, you’re coughing fit is something that you could do something about.

It is somewhat of an amazing thing to watch, like, wow, if that happened to me I’d have a fire under my butt and I hope I’ll be changing right away. Today this also gives me some serenity that I don’t need to be afraid of having colds and I can immediately do something about my coughing. This is funny with my infant son, he’s a year old and he’ll get in the screaming fits lots of times. He’ll scream and scream and then he will start coughing a bunch and my wife said: Do you think he’s coughing is related to the need to change? I was like: Yes, yes, screaming repeatedly for someone to help you over and over again is probably not the best way to do things even if you are one year old, of course he’s seeing an opportunity to change right there.

You can also stealthily see what people’s issues are, for example I go to Alcoholics Anonymous everyday and I watch for people coughing. I look and see often people will cough in response to something that’s just been said or just happened. I pay attention really closely if I coughed to whatever just happened and I’m getting the feeling I better wrap this up because I’m seeing the need to change and make my posts shorter and more focused. I remember thinking at the beginning : Oh my god I freaking cough during this it’s going to be so sketch. I’m seeing that if I  don’t wrap it up soon… I’ve been intending to do shorter posts so let’s wrap it up.  

That was great, thank you very much for reading this.

It’s real simple – “I’m willing to change” and “I am changing” and you can stop your coughing without any medication. Give it a shot.

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I love you, you are awesome and I will see you in the next blog post.

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