Streaming and Instagram Growth with Auret Music!

Auret just released a new single named “Masterpiece” on Spotify. What has helped marketing and launch her music on Spotify? Is Instagram marketing working?

Streaming and Instagram Growth with Auret Music!

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Streaming and Instagram Growth with Auret Music!

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Jerry: You’ve mentioned this course a few times now. This might be a good time to tell us more about it. How did you find it and does it really cost $1,000?

Auret: It sure does, but you can pay per month. I think it’s like $99 a month we pay for it.

Jewel: You can pay over a year actually. You can get it down to $99 a month.

Auret: I think it’s two extra payments if you break it down per month.

A couple of years ago, I went to a CD Baby conference in Nashville.

CD Baby is a platform that helps me distribute my music to all other music platforms. I release my music on CD Baby. They invited all of their artists to come to this conference and I saw Ari Herstand speaking on that stage.

I was really connected with him there and I ended up following or getting on one of his email lists, and we got this course a couple of months before we left on the trip.

I’m not someone who reads a lot of blog posts and stuff on a regular basis. I didn’t really tune into his blog post, but when I saw this message from him promoting this course, I was very intrigued because I was clear on my goal previous to receiving that message.

My goal was to increase my Spotify following with this song to get more people. Spotify is one of the biggest platforms in terms of releasing your music on. I got this email and I was showing it to Jewel as well.

Jewel: I was really skeptical of the music industry. Being in the music industry, we have stories of what it’s like being in the music industry. So, I was pretty skeptical.

She brought it up to me and I was like, “What is this course?” I watched the video and I read everything. Therefore, I did the research myself and actually watched reviews of people and checked it out.

I did see that they had a payment plan rather than dropping the whole $1,000, and I thought, “Okay. What have we got to lose? We don’t know how to do this and this guy seems to have had success,” and because we did see him in Nashville that actually made him more credible.

I know that CD Baby is known in the music industry as a music distribution. The conference in Nashville was huge. There were hundreds and hundreds of people there.

So, because we saw him physically live speaking on stage as well as other people that were very credible in the music industry, that’s what kind of secured it to take this course.

Of course, there’s a refund policy and all that. If this doesn’t work or whatever, we just get a refund and move on to the next thing.

So, she took it. We logged on and I checked out the videos. I was like “Well, this is really in-depth. This is totally a tyrant and you’ve got to be really serious about your music career to take this course and really into it because there’s a ton of detail.”

Streaming and Instagram Growth with Auret Music!

He’s taking a very dry subject of Instagram story ads, which is not really that common right now, and really going into great detail as to how to find your audience and the way that he explained it was really cool and there is a lot of testing and you do need a budget.

It has been a very helpful course and Auret has learned a lot. She’s actually starting to get streams and followers. Yes, it’s worth it because it’s hard to break into the music industry right now.

There are a ton of people with a ton of music. Everyone’s promoting and it’s hard. This is not the only strategy that we’re doing.

As I said, we’re doing the freemium model on YouTube. We’re doing social media stuff on Facebook and Instagram. We’re trying to do as many things that we can and see what works, and then do more of that.

The Aris Take Academy course and Instagram story ads are another thing that we want to grow into because not a lot of people are using it, and it actually weeds out a lot of people because it is such a dry subject as in general dry.

It weeds out a lot of people who would actually want to attempt to try it.

It’s pretty cool, the kind of detail that he goes into.

Auret: Ari is actually isn’t the one who created this method. It was “Lucidious” who is a hip hop music artist that teamed up with Ari to bring this to his following.

So, Lucidious, I really got connected with his story. He started from zero and was just really trying to tap into how to find his audience who liked his music.

Over a period of years, he discovered how to run Instagram story ads and really target and manipulate it to find your audience. That is so valuable if you can find your audience.

They are the people who like you and listen to your type of music because once you find them, you’re able to get in front of these fans and share your music with them all the time.

You’re able to bring them into your world to have them follow you on your social media platforms.

The reason why I dropped that kind of money on this course is that I was just sick and tired of just playing small and I wanted to play big in a big way, especially for the release of this song because it means so much to me.

I decided to step up my game and I really saw this course as a way to do that because it’s like fast-tracking your results in a way because you’re doing ads, right?

You’re paying for a lot more people to see your posts because otherwise they normally wouldn’t. You’re supercharging the content that you’re putting out there so that more people can see it, and then if they like it, they come into your world.

So, that’s the main reason.

Jewel: There’s one thing that we’ve learned as entrepreneurs. Before we started Auret Music, we started off as business partners and entrepreneurs to create our business.

At the very beginning of starting our business, in 2011, we just wanted to do everything for free. We didn’t want to pay for anything and were into finding a way to just do it for free.

That method takes way longer and we would put a negative connotation on purchasing things first, but now, we see it as an investment in ourselves.

When we get a course, when we take a trip, etc, it is an investment in ourselves like I am going to potentially learn something new here.

Earlier we were like, “What if this doesn’t work?

Now, it’s more like, “Okay, whatever. Now, you know it doesn’t. Move on.”

That’s kind of our whole mentality and we have no problem investing in ourselves whether it be Auret’s music or business because we know that the outcome on the other side is much greater than not doing it.

We’re willing to take those chances and risks.

I think a lot of artists are afraid to invest in themselves in terms of marketing because they’ll totally spend money to get their music created and all that, and it is expensive getting music videos done, producing all that kind of stuff and buying equipment, but you do need to also pay attention to the marketing side as well.

You can have like a really great song, a masterpiece, but what’s the purpose if no one is hearing it?

Streaming and Instagram Growth with Auret Music!

Auret: Marketing is such a huge part of being an artist. It’s not just about creating music, you know.

If you are doing this on your own, you really need to gain the skills to learn how to market your music. It’s so important, otherwise you won’t be sharing it with others, unless your goal is to just create music for yourself.

If you want other people to hear it, invest in a course and invest in the time to learn the skills that are really going to help lift you and your music, and get it out there to more people.

That’s really the opportunity that I saw with this. Also, it kind of puts you on a different level too because the artists who aren’t spending money on their marketing promotion efforts are not going to stand out.

You’re taking it to another level, right? Your goal is to stand out and you’re being more competitive in that sense because other people aren’t doing that, right?

You can totally keep posting and do the free method. It will get you to a certain extent, but for me, I had already done that and I wanted to really step up my game.

I wanted to do something totally different that I haven’t done before and I haven’t dropped a thousand dollars on course for my music. I, of course, have done that to the production side of things.

Jewel: Also for the music videos.

Auret: Yeah, it is also a marketing piece like doing a music video is marketing your music. Those are creative projects i.e. the song, the music video that I was like, “Yeah, no problem. I’ll spend that money on it.”

Something like learning how to do ads is a dry subject, but I really saw the value behind what it could bring to me because there are just so many other stories, not just Lucidious but other artists doing this in the Facebook group.

Jewel: That’s where all the value really is because all these people are sharing their wins and fails as well.

They are people that had been trying to find their fan base for years, then they started running ads and now they’re finally getting followers, streams, plays, etc. It’s actually starting to work for them.

It’s really encouraging to hear that other artists in all different genres are getting followings and are getting their music out there.

Auret: Yeah, it’s cool to see that the Facebook group is very encouraging. It’s super valuable because it’s cool to see so many different artists from many different genres in their journeys to grow their audience.

That is because you’re seeing them at this stage of like, “Oh, I went from 0 to my first 100 followers on Spotify,” or someone just hit 20,000 Spotify followers.

Everyone’s at a different place. It’s cool to see that behind the scenes, the workings of it and what is helping them get there because on the outside, we just see the polished finished product.

We see the number of followers they have and we already have an idea of their level when we see their presence online, right?

But you don’t get to see this behind-the-scenes part where people are being vulnerable. They’re asking questions and they’re like, “This didn’t work,” asking for advice and what should they do.

That part is really super valuable to have a community like that. A community that you can ask questions to and they’ll answer right away.

Before I went on the trip, I would always post questions. I have one ad that has like $0.10 to $0.12 cost per click and in this course, Lucidious shows you how to get $0.02 to $0.04 cost per click.

That means you’re paying a lot less for a lot more people to see it, right?

I was trying to get down to that lower cost per click. I was asking for some advice and people were saying, “Why don’t you try changing the interest and get rid of the countries that you’re paying too much for?” and that kind of thing.

It’s so detail-oriented, but when you have that kind of support, it’s super valuable and encouraging.

Jerry: Wow! You just gave so many things to think about right there.

Shawn Melody: What are some key aspects or focus areas that provide insight as to who your target audience may be?

Streaming and Instagram Growth with Auret Music!

Auret: There are two answers to that.

On Reverb Nation, they have a tool within there called “Crowd Reviews” and you have the ability to upload your song and purchase X number of reviews.

I think they have like 50 to 200 reviews from real music lovers and listeners from the United States that will give you detailed feedback on your song. Also, you will get demographics in terms of who these people are, what do they listen to and these kinds of things.

I did that with “Cleopatra,” which is my previous song and it was so cool to see like people were commenting saying, “Oh, I could totally hear this in like a romantic comedy,” or they felt like a girl-power kind of vibe to it and that kind of thing.

I never thought of the song in a girl-power kind of thing, but it was cool because then I can take those interests and put it into something like an ad. That is so valuable to me.

I already have a starting point to run that ad with.

So, that was really cool.

Also, you get the age range of people who really like your song and the platforms they listen to music on.

That is kind of a good starting point, and then you can take that information and go run some ads whether it be on Facebook or YouTube. We actually have a video called, “How to promote your music with YouTube ads?” on the channel that Jewel filmed, which people are really liking.

Wherever you choose to run your ad, you can take that information, put that in there, and then you can see the stats when you’re running the ad who is clicking.

You have information from that audience on wh they are like demographics and that kind of thing, and that’s how you start to find out who’s liking your music.

Once you find those things, you can supercharge it because if you’re just putting out free social media content, you don’t have that kind of level of information.

You are just hoping that people will come your way, discover the post, and then come into your world.

Jewel: It’s really cool because when you share stuff with friends and family, usually they’re gonna say things like, “Good job. I like it. It’s good,” but these were people that had no idea who Auret was and had no connection with her.

So, it’s brutal honesty. There were people that loved it and there were people that did not like it. It was a great array of mix and it was really interesting to see what people said about it.

Auret also has a video about her reviews that she got and she actually shows them and what people were actually saying.

Also, if you do post your music around, pay attention to what is a common thing that people are always saying. People would always tell Auret:Oh, you sound like Madonna. You sound like certain artists. This reminds me of like a 90s thing, the pop thing.”

Just pay attention to those comments, and then use those in your interests while promoting ads and see if that connects with other people as well. If it does and it gets your clicks and views down, it’s connecting with people. That’s how you know that it is the right target.

Auret: A really good and important point is to find out what artists you sound like or what does your music reminds other people of.

If you’re not doing crowd reviews or whatever, just outright ask people. Although, it’s good to get that kind of feedback from people who don’t know you, but ask people and find out who you sound like.

Don’t just use your own opinions because it might be skewed, but that is a really important thing that you can then go and use in the “interests” when you’re writing your ads as well.

Jerry: That was an amazing tip.

I have an insight that might be helpful for you.

On YouTube Discovery Ads, you can run those all day and get $0.01 clicks globally. Basically, it’ll pop up as a recommended video ad, and then you can say something like “New Music Video.”

You can show it to your existing subscribers or you can just target as you did and target specific YouTube channels. If you already know someone’s watching Kesha, you can target the masterpiece video on to that specific type of artist.

For $0.01, you can get them to watch your YouTube video, get the views up and potential subscribers that way.

Jewel: Do you have a tutorial on that Jerry?

Jerry: I do. I’ve got a few different ones on that.

Auret: That’s something that Jewel has been wanting to learn more about the discovery ads.

Jerry: In discovery ads, people have to click on the thumbnail. Now, there are probably some accidental clicks on it, but you can run them globally and they’re so cheap.

I don’t like in-stream ads myself because there are a lot of ad blocker or bot views in those, but those can get crazy cheap views like less than $0.01 per view. It feels like all of them are bots, but if you get a real viewer on there, the discovery ads are the way to get people genuinely clicking.

Jewel: That’s really a good tip. We actually want to try it for the Essetino channel as well.

How To Promote a Single Release on Spotify with Auret Music!

Auret: Yeah, there are so many ways you could go about this.

The reason why I was intrigued by the Instagram story ads from music is that I never even heard of story ads. I knew you could run Instagram ads, but like running an Instagram story, I just still am kind of new-ish to it.

Not a lot of people know that it even exist and it was really an opportunity to get in there and learn a fresh new skill that hasn’t really been saturated yet.

It definitely takes dedication like the commitment to learning a new skill because it can be dry, but at the same time, it’s like you are Nancy Drew or Sherlock Holmes solving a mystery here, which is kind of cool depending on how you take it.

I think you have to make it into something fun. Therefore, I always use the language of leveling up because it gets me excited. It gets me like, “Hey, let’s take this to the next level.” You know, I want to make it like a level kind of oriented game.

It is so that I can constantly see myself growing as an artist and also as a marketer because you need both those skills, music plus marketing to get your music out there.

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