The Hidden Benefits of a Stronger Relationship with God

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God is always the most important thing in my life. My relationship with god dictates my relationships with everything in my life. If you’re not big fan of the word God, you can use other words such as life, the creator, or the universe. It applies in any of these situations.

I find the word God helpful because I believe in God, in a power that’s greater than me. It’s obvious that a power greater than me created this universe.  That power  has been looking out for me my entire life. The beauty in believing in God is that it simplifies things a little bit. I have one word that represents the creator and that helps me talk to the Universe. I can ask God for help.

If I’m not willing to ask God for help, if I’m not willing to pray many times each day, then I suffer. If I don’t have a good relationship with God, I will not have a good relationship with anything. If I’m angry at how God has created the world around me, then I will be angry at the things I have around me. It doesn’t matter if those events happen in  the news, people in my life, or animals in nature. My relationship with God is poisoned if I try to dictate to God how life should be. That means I think that things are not the way that they should be. If I poison my relationship with God with resentment, I will find resentment all around me. I won’t notice what is actually around me in my life which is beauty and grace.

When my relationship with God is good, then I have peace, love and grace. When people are  panicking, I have a good relationship with God and everything works out. No matter what your relationship with God is, there is a plan.

There’s a plan that links everything together like a choreographed dance. If you can get an occasional glimpse at the synchronicity at how life matches up. Just an occasional glimpse of that is amazing. I am thankful every time I notice what people might call and what I call a coincidence.

A coincidence is God’s way of reminding you of his presence or her presence. I don’t like him or her for God because God doesn’t have a gender if you think about it. Every coincidence is a reminder of God’s work. It’s the proof that there’s room to have faith. Things don’t just happen. They’re choreographed and planned. They’re scheduled together like one choreographed dance and every thing that happens  should happen.

You can say that’s fate. God gives us a choice every second of what kind of relationship we’re going to have with him. Every person has the choice to have a relationship with God. It is either based on love, hope, and faith or on mistrust and fear. The plan comes out according to how every one of us chooses our relationship with God. In that sense, there is no fate.

When you understand the power of God, there’s nothing God can’t do. That encourages me to get down on my knees each morning and pray. The act of praying is helpful. I have friends that struggle with the idea of God because they don’t know about it. I can’t afford not to believe in God. I don’t place as much importance on the word because the word God cannot contain the idea behind it. The idea is limitless, endless. The creator or the Universe is not something a word can contain. It’s a pointer, it’s directions. When you hear the word God, it reminds you of your experience with God. It’s not as if there’s a man version of God sitting up on a cloud somewhere throwing lightning bolts down.

God is everywhere and everything and all things through the whole universe. He always has been and always will be so it’s not something that can be a word. There were times in my life, when I did not believe in God. I am a Christian, I  believe in God, but now I have a more open idea of God. I believe that any belief in God is good regardless of how you actually practice it. God is the common connection between all us. To say there is no God is to deny yourself a relationship with God.

I don’t want to do that ever again. My life was most painful when I denied my relationship with God. When I said I don’t know if there is a God and yet God still carried me through my life.

Here’s the funny thing, often, through most of my life, I would say I was an agnostic. I wouldn’t say I didn’t believe in God because I wasn’t that much in the dark. I would be skeptical sometimes but when I got desperate enough I knew  that I could pray to God. Daily, I would say I don’t know if there’s a god but then when I needed god, I knew  that there was a God. It was kind of ridiculous I lived most of my life like that, but when I needed God I would ask for his help.

Now I try and do that every day. If I can ask God for help when I’m not struggling, it’s like putting little deposits in the bank. Wouldn’t I want to put little deposits in the bank? When something is challenging me, then I can take a withdrawal. I can say I need your help now. I’ve needed your help every other day and now I’m struggling and I will earn it and do whatever I need to. That’s what I do today and I have a wonderful life. I have a life that’s better than ever.

I used to get lonely when my wife would leave or when I was single. I would feel co-dependent, I would feel like I couldn’t take care of myself. My relationship with God allows me to feel the love and support of everyone around me. I feel it whether I’m sick in bed at home or whether I’m surrounded by my friends and family. My relationship with God allows me to feel that same love all the time.

Reality is more of a relationship between me and god than it is anything else. I can’t love any single thing in this world more than I love the creator. I can’t love my wife more than I love that which created both of us. That’s worth  my love and  the love I have for my wife. All that love goes to God. I cannot love anything or anyone more than God which created  this. That is the foundation of my relationship with God. If I can find love and beauty in my wife, I know God created my wife out of that love and beauty. He created me and put us together and allowed us the time. To have that love for God has been a miracle. It’s allowed me to love myself more and the more I love myself the more I can love anyone  around me.

My goal in life is to love other people and love my life and love God as much as I can. There’s nothing better I can do in this life. There’s no greater way I can be of service. That means forgiving other people when I judge them. It’s not fair because they have a relationship with God and their life is coming out how it’s supposed to. To question it or to question anything else is to question God.

To look at someone and say I don’t like them is to question God’s work. God has a specific plan with them also that’s not separate from my plan. I can’t look at anyone, judge them or condemn them without condemning the creator. That helps me to have perspective. The driver that I think is being rude is there to nurture my relationship with God. To understand that God will give me things I see as challenges an things I see as rewards.

They are all given by God. They are not given by other people because the exact methods didn’t come into my life. It always comes back to God because everything does. It adds that simplicity to my life. There is no better way to simplify your life than with God. I’m  grateful that my relationship with a higher power is important to me.

Today I pray that this is a part of building a stronger relationship with God. That’s the one meaningful thing I have to do in my life that’s primary and always effective no matter what the situation is. Today I pray that my relationship with God is a part of everything I do. Having a good relationship with God is how I have a good relationship with everyone in my life. I pray that by sharing this with you from the heart, that it can be useful for you. That perhaps you can hear the message through my own love and hope and faith in my life. I know I often don’t speak the word God as much into what I do, a lot of my country is secular. I try and communicate the point as openly as I can so that people of all beliefs  can process it. Some points hammer in on the word of God  because I know a lot of you are devout followers of God . I want to let you know that I’m here with you apart of that. I’m honored you’re here and I hope you have a great day today.