Super Attractor Book Review and Summary Written by Gabrielle Bernstein

Do you want to be a Super Attractor? This is Gabrielle Bernstein’s new book.

I just finished reading it today, actually, listening on audible. I love this book. I’m giving you here a book review and a summary of both what was contained in the book and what value that book had for me.

I’m grateful for the chance to share this with you today. I hope it’s really helpful.

This Super Attractor book has helped me make several breakthroughs in my business and I’m very grateful to do my part to give back here

Super Attractor Book Review and Summary Written by Gabrielle Bernstein

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Let’s get started with the book and the background for this

Gabrielle Bernstein is the author of Spirit Junkie, The Universe Has Your Back and Judgment Detox, I’ve read the last two I haven’t read Spirit Junkie yet. I’m going to download and listen to that next on Audible.

The best format I think to read this is to listen to it on audible. When I started this book, I was so excited to start it because I’ve read these two previous books. I had some awesome breakthroughs while listening to The Universe Has Your Back. For example, a family member was struggling to conceive.

I had a very clear vision, prayer and inspiration and now they’ve got a baby. I had manifested several other things in my life around that time, and I found The Universe Has Your Back really helpful.

I also found Judgment Detox Gabby wrote really helpful, because at the time I read it, I was having a whole lot of judgment around a particular person. And that book helped let it go.

Super Attractor Book Review and Summary Written by Gabrielle Bernstein

Therefore, I started this Super Attractor book already having read two of her previous books, and I was very surprised by my initial experience. My first experience listening to this book, I was cleaning the kitchen at night after my children were in bed.

I was washing dishes, I was so excited to start it and I noticed a lot of mental resistance coming up. The main thread was that I already know this stuff.

My mind was suggesting

How many times do you have to listen to a spiritual book? This is just like the other books. There’s nothing new in here.

What am I going to get out of this? This is a waste of time and I’d be better off doing something else.

A lot of those thoughts came up. It was uncomfortable because I was so excited to start the book and this was unexpected.

What I did, I was listening, I saw my choices, I could make a decision to just write this book off, and I pictured leaving a bad review on it.

And I thought, — No, no, that’s not what I want to create. I made a decision I said, — I’m going to help this book, however, I can’t reach the people that it will help. Therefore I made a decision to help this book and to be of service to it and as soon as I did that, all the resistance stopped.

That was a really cool thing to witness which is why I’ve included it here with you. Now once we get through the introduction of the Super Attractor book and get through my resistance.

Chapter one begins with the “Universe always delivers.”

Chapter one is all about locking down on prayer and letting go of fear. I don’t know how many times it’ll take me to be reminded of the value of prayer before I just don’t need to be reminded anymore.

But I find that I can take as many reminders about prayers that the universe has for me. This chapter is just another great reminder to keep on top of my prayer game because when life is good, sometimes I forget and Gabb y goes into the prayers that she does and how she prays and the value of that for letting go of fear.

This gives us faith that the universe will deliver, as long as we’re in fear that the universe won’t give us what we want to, then we hesitate to pray for it or when we do pray, we don’t think it will come true.

This blocks all the good things we’re hoping to get from coming into our life. This chapter was really helpful for me to get to praying and get to focusing.

I listened to it while I was walking my dog and my baby in the morning, and I got set up by praying. Listening to this chapter I got set up really well to move into the next chapter.

See I got a bunch of things out of the Second Chapter, which is titled “It is good to feel good”

The second chapter makes a very important point for me and a lot of us to hear that good things come easily.

A lot of us think we need to struggle, suffer and fight to make a better tomorrow. In fact, I remember a past life where this was the whole theme of it.

We’re going to suffer, struggle and it was World War Two German life, suffering and struggling. We’re trying to make this a better world tomorrow with the secret is it’s good to feel good and good things come easily.

You don’t need to struggle, suffer and especially not hurt people to try and make something better tomorrow.

Good things come most easily when we already feel good and it’s great to feel good. In fact, our highest goal might be to just feel good now, this reminded me of listening to the podcast, your wishes your command, the same thing.

If you want to manifest things in your life feel good now and focus on feeling good now. The idea that good things come easily is something a lot of us just don’t believe.

We don’t believe that it’s something good that can just arrive without us suffering over making it happen. And what I got out of this is that there is a better way, when we accept the solutions and this goes back to Chapter One. The solution is often to lock down prayers and let go of fear and then it is very easy to feel good and let good things happen.

I made a decision reading this chapter: Stop feeling bad, and to stop thinking that feeling bad has some kind of value. Because as long as I think having bad feelings, and somehow useful for me, I’m selling myself, I’m having more bad feelings.

That’s not to say there won’t be discomforts in life, but these can often be gotten through very quickly. The key is, I put down in my notes from this chapter is to put feeling first

How do I feel about what I’m doing? I feel so good being here presenting this video with you here today. This feels amazing. I’m so grateful to be of service and to carry a message to you might not have got otherwise.

I feel good right now doing what I’m doing and I see that I’ve got to do what I love to do because I just keep doing it and embrace that feeling good.

This means, especially as she was talking about in the chapter, we put the outcome second, we put how we feel right now, am I feeling good doing what I’m doing? This is primary and then, however, the outcome will turn out to be secondary.

I like she had a quote in this chapter also that I am happy for no reason.

That has resonated with me, because so many of us feel like we have to have a reason why we’re happy or we will be happy when. I love the quote from this chapter “I am happy for no reason”

I don’t need any reason to be happy right now. This gives me peace of mind that I can continue feeling happy for no reason at all and the more you feel good the more you do good, the more you keep feeling good.

I had a big breakthrough in this chapter. The day I listened to this I signed up for a new app called Tik Tok and I put out a video saying “is this the next Instagram?” and then I got several inspired ideas on how to carry my message better.

I also took away from this to journal to feel supported, I’ve often neglected writing and from reading this, I’ve got pages of things that I’ve written here for the videos, and it feels good to get in there and right.

So in chapter two, there was a lot of good energy and good information, and I got a lot out of it.

Let’s go now Chapter Three. It says there’s more than enough to go around.

This goes into direct violation to many of our mindsets that there’s not enough to go around. There are lessons here about not competing. When we’re competing, we’re assuming there’s not enough to go around. And when we think that there’s not enough to go around, we’re blocking the abundance from the universe.

We’re saying to the universe — I don’t need your abundance. I believe that there’s no abundance therefore please don’t give me all that there is to go around

This really stuck with me out of this chapter, she was talking about when you envy someone you are saying you do not want what they have, or you do not deserve what they have, and this stuck with me because I’ve been doing some subtle envy.

As a YouTuber, I’ve been looking at other YouTubers. Of course, I look at the ones that I have bigger channels than I do and then I’ve been envying them, I’ve been even doing some videos indirectly trying to tear them down, but I don’t mention their names.

Then I see that I don’t feel good doing that. As we go back up a chapter, it’s good to feel good and what blocks us from feeling good is thinking that there’s not enough to go around.

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Therefore, when I think there is enough to go around, I see how I can do the best with what I have. Then I will keep getting more when I think there’s enough to go around.

I like she also talked more about envy, saying that often we envy in places and we desire in places where we have that coming to us, and how often in my life I envied people having relationships and I was so jealous of couples that had great relationships.

Now I have a great relationship and it looks so ridiculous. You would think I’ve looked around, celebrated and said, yes, these couple relationships are proof that there’s a relationship for me to come.

It’s miraculous, just this thought is really helpful. There’s more than enough to go around.

From there, we jump into Chapter Four, which tells us to have fun along the way

This is so critical. You can see how all of this goes together beautifully. When you have fun, it’s easy to feel good and think that there’s enough and then the things you’re manifesting and praying for very easily come in without much resistance.

This chapter has a story about a friend. Her child was going to a baseball tryout to get upgraded from the minors to the majors. He was all stressed out and afraid that he wasn’t going to get upgraded.

He didn’t, and then he was all upset that other kids who were younger than him, smaller than him and not as good as him got upgraded.

What I can see this has been huge in every part of my life is to have fun along the way, to enjoy what I’m doing. I’ve borrowed $150,000 or so from my business this year. This is the biggest challenge, my finances, and the best thing I can say I’ve done is I’ve had fun along the way.

Yes, it can be scary. But the trick is to enjoy the journey.

To have faith. I have faith that one day, my main task will be how do I give away all this money I have I have more than enough. How do I give it all away?

It’s all about having fun along the way and this is something I can use constant reminders about. Because it’s easy for our rational minds to say you shouldn’t enjoy the journey. You should struggle, you should suffer and that’s how you’ll get what you want.

Work more than you need to, miss time with your family and you’re building a better life for tomorrow and I need to hear the message and have fun along the way repeatedly.

What she talked about that was new to me was discovering the emotional guidance scale by Abraham Hicks.

This talks about different levels of feeling. What has been helpful to me out of this is looking at grabbing the next best feeling I can get a whole lot of.

Lots of times when we’re triggered off and we’re in fear, it might seem ridiculous to try and reach up for love right at the top of the scale when we’re all the way down in the bottom.

What she talks about is working with her friend’s son and helping him just move up a little tiny bit. She also talks a lot about the value of just distracting yourself.

If you’re upset about something, go focus on something else. Do something else you love and enjoy and this was also shared in your wishes, your command podcasts that I listened to.

Focus on feeling good now this doesn’t mean — Wow, I didn’t put a T in chapter here. It’s good, too late now already filming this thing along the way, even when it doesn’t come off perfect, you gotta have fun along the way.

She was talking about helping her friend’s son just go from fear and despair to anger. That was an improvement and then from anger up in the boardroom, and then from the boardroom, he got distracted and went to hang out with his dad.

Now he was having fun and loving it and was passionate about what he was doing and it moved all the way up the scale.

In other words, this helps me when I’m afraid even just moving up to something that feels a little bit better than that is an improvement.

The key is, I can have hope then, if I can feel a little bit better. Well, I’m sure I can feel a little bit better in another minute. Then that despair of I’ll never feel better and the permanence of whatever the emotion is, is not there.

It’s very easy to transcend the feeling. Have fun along the way.

Which takes us into Chapter Five, Lift the veil.

I love that Gabby shared so much with us about her world, our world as she sees it, of this spiritual world of angels, spirit guides and God. She talks a lot about asking for help and opening our eyes to the spiritual realm in this chapter.

I’ve heard this a lot of times and it helps to just hear it again and again and again. Because the world around us is often filled with fear messages.

As she talks about in the chapter, often many of us as children come into this world, we are very spiritual children, we’re often connected with invisible friends and deceased relatives that she mentioned. And then as children, we will often take on this fear and block our vision of that reality.

This chapter is all about lifting that veil back up and consciously reaching out.

We had an awesome experience in our home last night, my four year old daughter was feeling sick and I put this into practice just from the book.

I remember seeing myself sending out healing energy to green healing energy to my daughter. She curled up with my wife.

My wife sold her on eating kale and healthy foods to fill her stomach. My daughter was screaming about how sick she was and she didn’t want to throw up and she was scared and I prayed.

I asked for spirit guidance and I thought of the archangel Raphael that she mentioned in the book and I let Raphael, I asked for guidance. I prayed for guidance, prayed for healing. And miraculously, we put our daughter to sleep and she felt better almost right away. And that was awesome.

I haven’t had that kind of experience with the acute sickness she experienced of screaming and yelling a to feeling like she needed to get sick from eating some healthy foods, having some snuggles with mom, mostly, and putting out all those vibes. It was cool.

I didn’t get very much off center because I started praying. That’s because this chapter was fresh in my mind so I’m very grateful for that.

My world now is very much one where I see halos around people, I see kind of the light around people. It’s a beautiful world to live in. I’m grateful for Gabby sharing in more detail than she shared in any of her other books before about this world.

Chapter Six goes deeper into this being about Invisible Guidance is available to you

Gabby explains in stories repeatedly of how she turns to her spiritual guides for help, and how she freely writes to receive guidance and free writing is something new to me.

Where and I haven’t even hardly tried it yet. And this is something on my to-do list to try free writing is basically just to put the pen down on paper and just start with writing randomly and see what comes out. She said she’s gotten lots of great guidance and inspiration by doing some free writing.

That’s something that I am now, intending to try myself. I love the story she told in this chapter.

She supported her friend through a breakup, her friend was going on and on and upset and and despair about this breakup.

Gabby was initially trying to share just practical advice, like many of us do all — Well, you’ll find somebody better and it’s for the best. Then things just kept getting worse until then she asked, — Have you consulted or asked your spirit guides for help with this?

And her friend sat back on the phone, I guess, and then said, — Well, no, no, I haven’t done that yet. Then she got back to her the next day and she talked about how great things were happening in her life and she had gone to her spirit guides with this.

I can say this, the spirit guides going to the invisible guidance have been incredibly helpful for me getting sober.

I remember when I was about 90 days sober I was just insane.

I wanted to drink and I wanted to stay sober. I felt like two different people. I felt consumed by fear and I just relentlessly prayed to my deceased father for help.

I experienced miracle after miracle. I asked him one time, I was sure I had to drive to the liquor store and I prayed that he would just take my body and drive the car home because I was at the gym and the liquor store is on the way home. I knew he wouldn’t go to the liquor store.

So I surrendered my body. I said, — Look, I’ll just sit in the passenger seat, please just take my body and drive us home safely. And that was such a beautiful experience that I’ve had so many experiences since then.

I love hearing about other people’s experiences by asking for invisible guidance and relying upon that as well.

Gabby told the story of getting through her stomach trouble using exactly what she talks about, that it doesn’t seem like a coincidence that then we went through and helped our daughter with her stomach trouble just last night right after I read this.

Let’s go into Chapter Seven, do less attract more

Man, a lot of us can use this message. Do less and attract more. I’ve just gone through a big “do less and attract more” part in my own business.

As I’ve been priding myself on doing so many things. I have a YouTube channel, I’ve been putting three new videos that day up on my channel, on a Facebook page, and then a podcast and a mastermind and it’s like, “Slow down, man. Slow down, you do so much.”

It’s no surprise or no coincidence to me that right in proximity to listening to this chapter, I finally just did a big slow down in my creative schedule. I just went from trying to put two or three videos a day out, which I’ve done for a month, to putting as many as seven videos that day out this year.

Super Attractor Book Review and Summary Written by Gabrielle Bernstein

One does a good job on one video a day. And that’s why I made an entire presentation for Super Attractor instead of just as I’ve done with my previous book reviews, literally pull the page up from Amazon and just talked for 10 minutes.

Do less and attract more.

The secret is that when we’re spending all this time and energy obsessing, often we’re not creating things at very high quality and it’s all based on fear and lack of faith.

I like Gabby’s story, she tells in this chapter, about doing less and attracting more. She had the chance to go on Super Soul Sunday with Oprah and her ego was all excited and afraid about this.

What she did was she practiced and what we just talked about in previous chapters she reached out mentally to Wayne Dyer, given he’s passed away, it was mental. He reached out to Wayne Dyer and felt his spirit with her and she relaxed and went and did an awesome job on Super Soul Sunday.

Do less and attract more.

When we’re doing less we have time to do things that really count and that goes directly into what is in chapter eight. When you do less and attract more you have your more available to do the opportunities and be there for the opportunities that are the very best for you.

Chapter Eight, which is named Takes a Spiritually aligned action

Gaby manifested an article in The New York Times Sunday styles section. This was an awesome story. She had put this on her vision board, almost two years and three months or so before she started the process.

Then out of the blue one day she was feeling inspired, she called a reporter who she had met before and he initially said in her phrase, snarky and kind of got off the phone with her quickly.

She went through a nine-month process to make that article a reality. This article is one small example of what it did, she relates that she got a coaching client out of that article that then she’s been able to help her build her business and carry her message.

What sticks with me is the “do less attract more” and then taking that spiritually aligned action when you’re not constantly obsessing, and constantly doing you’ve got time to slow down and go for that invisible guidance, pray for help, and then be gently directed into the very best opportunities.

Super Attractor Book Review and Summary Written by Gabrielle Bernstein

What really sticks with me about this is having the patience to see something like this through.

I struggle to imagine myself as calling up and being really excited and wanting a story and then going through a really slow process for nine months to make that a reality.

Then all of a sudden the reporter calls her up. Something has happened to him and now he wants that story immediately.

He comes right to her, sits in on her coaching group, and then interviews her and puts the story out right away just like she imagined.

What was really cool was the article that was on her vision board that by the time the story came out, she put it on her vision board three years earlier, the article on there was one that he’d written as well. And he thought that was really cool.

In the book, she says that he said “This spiritual stuff really works” or something like that. And it does, it absolutely does.

Chapter Nine, as we’re getting towards the end of the book, is titled Appreciate and appreciate more.

Now, this sounds a lot more in common with feeling good and from the earlier chapters. The secret to this one is to just focus on how grateful you are to have what you have.

I remember I struggled for a long time with romantic relationships and it’s amazing how easily I can forget how much I appreciate having a wife that has just been a miracle and angel in my life now for over eight and a half years.

The secret, appreciate and appreciate more.

Right around the time reading this chapter, I just talked to my mother also and I said, — Mom, what can I do to appreciate you more, to make sure I’m giving everything to this relationship?

And my mom said, — Look, just send me a text, maybe once a day.

My mom was off living by herself and she doesn’t get to see us very often. Jen has seen us and for almost two years she’s sick and she’s like, Just a message or something makes a big difference. She’s like, — I know you’re busy. It really helps me.

So now I’m consistently sending my mother at least a picture, a little description of something we’re doing that day so that she knows I’m thinking about her.

Super Attractor Book Review and Summary Written by Gabrielle Bernstein

This goes right to the “appreciate and appreciate more”. Love what you have and you will get more of that. I treasure my time with my children, with my wife, with my business.

I experienced a breakthrough in my business a morning after listening to this, that’s why I’ve got the phone in this presentation background.

I could see that I could do vertical videos, and share some little inspirational message on a daily basis that might make a big difference in people’s lives, because you might watch this video and I might never hear from you.

You might be watching it all the way almost to the end. Or you might be reading it as a blog post or listening to it on my podcast. And I might never hear from you. I might never know if this made a difference or not.

The secret is when I appreciate my business, I love what I get to do and I appreciate it all the time. I constantly get as we’ve talked about already, I get inspired ideas that show me how to make the most and do the most with what I already have.

I’m very grateful this book helped me have several different breakthroughs in my business which is where I’ve been struggling the most lately spiritually and mentally.

Gabby shared a story about putting this into practice of appreciating her life with her at the time, a representative from Hay House in the UK named Jessica.

She talks about how grateful they were, about their lives and thinking that their boyfriends are going to propose to them and imagining the kids and the life they would have.

Now, in the year since they talked about that, they’ve manifested it and now they even work together. When you appreciate and appreciate more, and constantly appreciate more things to appreciate, just keep showing up. It’s really cool.

Number 10 is really helpful. Chapter 10 is Let the universe catch up with your dreams.

A lot of Gabby’s stories in Super Attractor are related to her journey of conception, which I’m so happy that she’s now put a book out this went through this because I was wondering about this in books like The Universe Has Your Back and Judgment Detox where she was in the middle of wanting to get pregnant and it wasn’t happening.

Sometimes, a lot of times the universe needs time to catch up with our dreams, especially, we get sober like Gabby did, like I did. We get sober, and we start getting our lives together and we start making these huge plans and seeing all this possibility and then I want it now. Now. Now. Now.

Super Attractor Book Review and Summary Written by Gabrielle Bernstein

There’s a certain momentum that things have, sometimes the universe needs a bit of time to deliver all of the orders.

Picture you at like a restaurant, you go out and you order your food. Sometimes your food comes in five minutes, sometimes it might take an hour to make your food.

But the trick is to know just like at a restaurant when you put your order in to know your food’s going to come out. Gabby asked for a lot of signs and a lot of help for this to the ones that stuck out to me.

She was asking the question. She’s saying — Why was I a super attractor and unable to attract my baby?

She kept asking this and grinding on this that she’s able to do and attract so much good into her life to make a business that makes a difference to people, to help so many people out on their spiritual journey. And yet she’s writing a book like Super Attractor, her previous books and in the meantime, she struggled for three years to get pregnant.

First she talks about the story of asking for a sign that she’s on the right path and she saw these wild turkeys in the snow and the wild turkeys or the sign she was looking for.

Super Attractor Book Review and Summary Written by Gabrielle Bernstein

Then she got a very powerful sign. She was in the car doing her meditations, chanting, asking for guidance and being open and appreciative.

She said she felt the presence of her child visiting in the backseat after three years at around 39 years old and wondering if it was going to happen, having faith, putting all this into practice and a child, a visitor in the car said, “I’m coming in March.”

It was months before that, and then she ended up getting pregnant on the last day or so of March at right when that happened.

That is what’s awesome. She had these dreams of having a family and it took the universe a few years to deliver that and what is critical is that it happened.

Chapter 11 as we finish up the book goes into Unwavering faith in the universe.

Even as she points out in this chapter, even fear guides us back to love. She tells her story in the third trimester of how she was listening to one of her dear friends talk about some of the fears of things that could happen and she went into a fear spiral for weeks of what might happen to her baby.

Then she had four in the morning, bottomed out and got on the couch and made a decision that said, I choose love. I’m choosing love. I choose love and let go of the fear.

Super Attractor Book Review and Summary Written by Gabrielle Bernstein

Even then, her guides remind her that the fear had guided her back to love in the end anyway.

When we get to this place of unwavering faith in the universe where the universe is just like a restaurant, when we place an order, and wait, the waiter or the waitress takes it back. We know that what we’ve ordered is coming to us, as long as we keep sitting in the restaurant and don’t leave or don’t go to the waiter and change our order.

There’s unwavering faith in the universe, that when we ask for it, we don’t know exactly how long or what form it’ll show up, but that it will come to us and Gabby’s book has a beautiful end to it.

In the Afterward

She talks about the birth of her son at 39 years old. It was a great opportunity to practice everything she’d put into place for this book.

It sounds like Super Attractor was the book she needed to write for herself. And I find for me the same thing, a lot of the things I create or what I need to teach and share with myself, which also often makes a very good service instrument for others.

She was talking about, at 40 weeks, she was going to need to be induced and doing all these plans, looking for signs and seeking spiritual guidance.

Her water broke at just the right time before she was to be induced. She went with the delivery vision she had in her head and was able to have her son.

At the time she wrote the book and got the manuscript submitted he was seven weeks old.

So I loved this book. Super Attractor was so helpful for me, which is why I’ve taken that my most valuable time and energy today as a creator on YouTube and video publisher and poster on Facebook and all the other things I do, my podcast, my mastermind, I’ve done this today because this is the best way I could think of today to help you.

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I encourage you especially since you’ve read it all the way to the end, I encourage you to go read the actual book because you’ll get to all these things in much more detail.

I hope this “Super Attractor Book Review and Summary” has been a very good teaser for you, to see what you can get out of Super Attractor and to really love and enjoy listening to the book as much as I did, and to get the breakthroughs out of the book that you’re looking for in your life today.

Super Attractor Book Review and Summary Written by Gabrielle Bernstein

I love you. You’re awesome.

Thank you very much for going to the very end of this with me, whether it’s on the blog or the podcast or video.

I imagine given your all the way here, I imagined I’ll see you again somewhere soon.

Jerry Banfield.