A Complete System for Publishing Udemy Courses Fast

If you want higher sales on Udemy, nothing beats having a lot of courses published. The top instructor account on Udemy is a company with over 250 courses published. The top individual instructor has 8 courses published and nearly everyone below him has at least 10 courses if not 20 or 30. At least half of my sales come from students that enrolled in one of my courses buying another one (thank you!). Many of the Udemy organic sales I get and other instructors get come from Udemy’s email marketing efforts directed at students with one instructor to by another of that same instructor’s courses.

If you want more courses published, the key seems to be having a system where you can publish courses rapidly with minimal frustration. Once the course is published, you can then see based on student feedback and sales whether you should put more effort into making it a potential bestseller.

To get a complete system for publishing more courses fast, you can join hundreds of your fellow students in Create a Udemy Course in 5 Hours at https://www.udemy.com/5hourcourse/?couponCode=BLOG9.

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You can see the reviews received since the last promotional announcement below. I am honored Robin, Joseph, Josh, and Keith took this course and took the time to share these reviews.

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Here are a few questions you might still have about the course.

Are the lectures all newly filmed for this course?

  • Yes. You get brand 2.5 hours of new HD video lectures not included anywhere else.


Should you take the Udemy 5 hour course if I still have not started your how I teach full time on Udemy course at https://www.udemy.com/instructor/?couponCode=BLOG9.

  • If you have not started the how I teach full time on Udemy course yet, you might find it easier to get started with this new course first because it is shorter and more focused. I find it is usually easier to get started with something I just bought than with something that has sat on the shelf for a while 😉


Can you find all the same information in How I Teach Full Time on Udemy and Created 20+ Udemy Courses?

  • How I teach full time on Udemy has 10+ hours of video covering *nearly* everything I know about Udemy. Anything that is not covered will be added to the course as soon as I can add it. This means that yes all of the ideas and systems covered in the 5 hour Udemy course are not new if you already are taking the teach full time on Udemy course. The benefit of taking the 5 hour Udemy course is a focused approach that takes you step by step through the entire process and that leads by example without anything else included. The 5 hour course only took me 5 hours to make whereas the course you are in now has taken hundreds of hours for me to produce and maintain. Often in life a short focused approach can be as or more effective than having everything.


Will you add new lectures to the 5 hour course also?

  • Yes I will add bonus lectures to the course that will help more with the very best about what I know for marketing on Udemy.


You can get lifetime access to the Udemy 5 hour course at https://www.udemy.com/5hourcourse/?couponCode=BLOG9.