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What can you do here?

  • See what works for me to earn $2,500+ a month on Patreon using my rewards system as shown in this video.
  • the top creators on Patreon and for me to get more pledges and patrons each month!
  • Increase your pledges and patrons each month and decide if you are likely to get a good return out of your time on Patreon!  [av_video src=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8cMTLTS-YU’ format=’16-9′ width=’16’ height=’9′ av_uid=’av-1grs3′]

You can search Patreon and sort by top creators easily using the links below.

  • Find the top Patreon creators by most popular, best pages, highest paid, and by category!  You can search Patron directly using the links below or scroll down to the bottom to see tables ranking by the highest paid on Patreon and by the most popular on Patreon or you can use this website to see them in a nice format.
  • The benefit of using these links is that they are live search results from Patreon.
  • The downside is that finding the top creators outside of the leaderboards at the bottom of this page is difficult because Patreon still has no comprehensive ranked listing in a simple format as of January 2015.
  1. Top Patreon Creators making videos. http://www.patreon.com/search?q=video&t=creators
  2. Top Patreon Creators making music. http://www.patreon.com/search?q=music&t=creators
  3. Top Patreon Creators making comics. http://www.patreon.com/search?q=comics&t=creators
  4. Top Patreon Creators making podcasts. http://www.patreon.com/search?q=podcast&t=creators
  5. Top Patreon Creators making episodes. http://www.patreon.com/search?q=episode&t=creators

Use this information to build an awesome Patreon creator profile that pays you!

  1. Watch the video above for a summary of this post, discussion of the most successful Patreon pages, and to get tricks for making an awesome profitable Patreon profile.
  2. Read the tips below for more details on how to create a successful page based on reviews of top Patreon creators and see proof that I have already used these strategies to get over 130 patrons to pledge to my Patreon profile since August 2014.
  3. Lists of top Patreon creators below as of March 2016 by most popular and highest paid. To qualify for this list, I chose creators with at least 100 patrons or $500/month in pledges.  Please add pages I missed in the comments section!

Review of Patreon top creators and profitable patron creation tips video.

[av_video src=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-6-BYfU8dc’ format=’16-9′ width=’16’ height=’9′ av_uid=’av-262egz’]

Tips for Creating Your Successful Patreon Page based on review of the Top Patreon Creators.

After looking at hundreds of Patreon pages both successful and just getting started, I discovered a simple formula for success I am using to grow my Patreon profile and you can use to grow your patrons!

  1. Create videos, podcasts, articles, and/or artwork people love.
  2. Find ways to share what you do with the people that will love it.
  3. Use the feedback from your audience to make a Patreon page that delivers rewards you know your audience will appreciate.
  4. Get to 50+ patrons by doing pledge for pledge with other creators on Patreon that are trying to be successful and grow rapidly.

When you search above or scroll down below, what do you see in common with most of the successful pages making money and getting love on Patreon?  Nearly all have an established audience somewhere else prior to creating their Patreon page.  These audiences range from email lists to Facebook pages, YouTube channels, Twitter profiles, and anywhere else people can follow you online.  I think this means having the audience is something you need before you ever create a Patreon page.  Even if you do have an audience, my research shows the average conversion percentage of a free audience member to patron is under 1%.  Click here to read more.  This means if you want to get 100 patrons paying you $100+ per month, you likely need an audience of 10,000+ people following you already unless you do what I do on my profile by offering pledge for pledge.  I am grateful to already have hundreds of thousands of people following me online which is why I thought I might have a chance at making a successful Patreon page.  Even with an audience that big, getting patrons on Patreon for me proved nearly impossible getting started.  Doing pledge for pledge has made it SO much easier!

If you already have an audience, the question is how to get them to contribute to your Patreon page?

By looking at these top pages, it seems most ask directly for contributions wherever their audience pays attention to them.  On YouTube, they are likely to have links on their channel page and in their video descriptions.  On Facebook, they have links to their Patreon page and share updates asking fans to stop by and contribute.  The idea is to directly communicate why people should contribute and send them to the Patreon page.  Usually offering exclusive rewards seems to help get the most enthusiastic followers to give money.  Rewards from getting early access to the next shows to private consulting sessions to corporate sponsorship are offered on the most popular pages.

The problem is that what the most popular pages are doing relates little to what most creators can do on Patreon.  Getting started seems to be nearly impossible for most people and growing seems challenging for everyone even the most successful creators.  The majority of creators on Patreon have a very small number of patrons because 99% of people have no desire in adding a monthly bill to their life in order to pay for what they already get free!  After building an audience of millions of people and just finding out about Patreon, I launched my Patreon page and worked hard to get to $50 per video.  I asked my wife, my mom, and my friends first to contribute.  Thankfully, my wife and Mom did contribute but none of my friends did.  They did not see the value I offered them. After spending more than a month to just get my first few patrons, I realized I had to know more about how other people were doing it right if I was doing to do it right.  I researched the top pages and created this post to share that with you!

My thinking is that if I want to have a great Patreon page, I need to learn what is working for other people, what is not, and spend a little bit of effort each day to grow my audience.  Today, I have spent a lot of time learning what I can do to be successful on Patreon and hope by sharing that with you, we all can do better!  My goal as you will see below is to be on of the top SUPPORTERS of creativity on Patreon!

What is the best reward you can offer on your Patreon page?

I am offering it now on my Patreon page to show you that I am doing what has proven to be the most effective for me and sharing it with you for your benefit!  I offer as a reward to pledge back to someone else’s page at $2 and higher pledges.  This strategy has already got me over 50 patrons in just a few months and I am grateful to be adding new patrons every week!  More than 60 creators on Patreon are receiving my support with me being their very first patron around 50% of the time.  The most common question I get about this strategy is “how do you make any money that way?”  If you notice from the top creators I share on this page above in the video and below in the leaderboards, they all have a lot of patrons and you cannot have a lot of patrons before you have a few.

What I understand about doing pledge for pledge is that if I want to have 1,000 patrons, I first need 1, then 2, then 5, then 10, then 25, then 50, then 100, then 250, then 500, then 1000.  The most challenging part of getting to 1,000 patrons on Patreon is going from 0 patrons to 1 patron, from 1 patron to 2 patrons, from 2 patrons to 5 patrons, and from 5 patrons to 10 patrons.  These first few steps are what most people NEVER MAKE IT PAST.  I want to get to 1,000 someday and doing pledge for pledge helps me get through the most difficult stages of growth.  You cannot be popular on Patreon without having a few people support you when you get started!  When you see I have more than 50 patrons on my profile, it is much easier for me to get you to be a patron because you see that other people are already doing it.  You assume that I must be doing something right or other people would not be pledging to my page already.  All of the top creators on Patreon are already doing this right and effortlessly convert new patrons.

Patreon has actively moved to make it harder to find new creators with few patrons.  Before the recent updates, it was easy to see each new person create their Patreon page.  Now, it is very difficult to find a new creator in organic search.  Patreon is making it clear they want to show only the successful pages with existing patrons and that you have to work on your own to get your first few patrons.  If you want to offer a reward people will notice, offering to pledge back to their page has worked really well for me to get other creators on Patreon to support me.

If you want to make a lot of money on Patreon, understand 80/20 and aim to be in the 20% of elite Patreon pages.

If you are familiar with the Pareto principle which is also known as the 80/20 rule, and the law of the vital few (read more on wikipedia here), you can immediately understand the value of getting your first 50+ patrons and offering a very high reward on your page to your most enthusiastic supporters.  The 80/20 rule basically says that in parts of life with positive reinforcement such as making money, the relationships will not be linear but will be driven by a power law.  The reason this happens is that positive reinforcement at extreme ends of many systems makes continued progress from a point of success almost effortless while success below that point is a constant struggle. You can see this clearly in world wealth where roughly 1% of people in the world own 99% of the wealth and in high school/college dating where a few guys go out with different girls all the time while most guys struggle to get a date.  Understanding this on Patreon is critical for success because around 20% of people on Patreon receive 80% of the pledges while 80% of creators receive only 20% of the pledges.  This is easiest to understand with making money when you ask which of the following is easier?  Do you think going from $0 to $10,000/month in income or going from $10,000/month to $20,000/month is more difficult?  If it were just about the amount of money, the logical answer would be that both were just as difficult?  In my experience, $0 to $10,000/month took more than 10 years while $10,000/month to $20,000/month took just a few months.  In my Udemy course, I have already showed over 3,000 students what finally worked for me to break $10,000/month after 10 years of barely managing to pay the bills.  Save over $450 using this coupon code link.

20% of creators on Patreon get 80% of the patrons. 80% of creators get 20% of the patrons.

Now that you have a quick understanding of 80/20, I hope you can understand why I offer pledge for pledge on my Patreon page as a reward and why this is giving me an exceptional chance to grow on Patreon.  I am forming a community of other people that want to be successful who all pledge to my and to each other’s pages in order to get into the top 20% of creators.  I am relentless about being a top 20% creator on Patreon because Patreon features me around their website and works actively to get more people to be my patron.  Now it is easier than ever for me to get more patrons because I can continue off of more momentum.  I want to give you and every other creator that wants to join hands to make a community of successful creators on Patreon first by contributing to each other and making awesome things to share with the world.

20% of patrons give 80% of the money to Patreon creators. 80% of patrons give 20%.

In applying the 80/20 law to my rewards, I offer an executive producer option for $1,000/video.  You would be correct in saying that I have no chance in getting 99.99% of people to support me at that level.  That means if I get 100,000 people to view my Patreon page, I have a chance at getting one person to give me $1,000/video as a corporate sponsor.  How would you feel about getting $1,000/video?  If you setup your rewards the right way and make the right kind of videos, podcasts, comics, etc. you can absolutely find someone to pay you $1,000 for each one of your creations.  I am looking for that one in a hundred thousand person that understands exactly how they would benefit by being an executive producer on my YouTube videos and speaking directly to them in the reward.  Most of the successful pages on Patreon have a reward 100 times bigger that they offer to a few people which gets them a significant part of their total earnings.  For those not offering it, they are likely missing out on THOUSANDS of dollars every month by neglecting the higher level reward!

Why are so few successful creators on Patreon supporting other people’s creativity?

Finally, after reviewing all of the top creators on Patreon, I was surprised to see that very few of of them were supporting other people.  Usually in life, you have to give to others before you get anything in return.  Given what I shared about creating an audience, I think I can assume that most of these creators have given a lot already in videos, podcasts, and artwork to their fans before getting any contributions.  You can bet they have put in a lot of time outside Patreon contributing to others prior to having their page.  That said, if you want your creator profile to look really good, I think showing that you contribute to other people on Patreon is an awesome way to do it.  I am doing that myself now starting with finding people that give me great value and contributing to every one of my patrons if they have a creator profile.  After that, I will be on a mission to find one person that desperately needs creators and be one of their first patrons.

My goal is to be the single largest supporter of creativity on Patreon.  I want to be the 1% of people that supports 99% of creators on Patreon.

If you want to have a successful Patreon page, follow these four steps.

  1. Figure out what you can create that people will love and how to share it with them.
  2. Keep creating and building your audience while listening to their feedback.
  3. Create and share your Patreon page with your audience after using their feedback to create rewards you know they will find valuable!
  4. Connect with other creators on Patreon that need more patrons and do pledge for pledge with them.  You can find a bunch that will do it on my Patreon profile including me.

Top Patreon Creators by Most Popular (Patrons).

Who is Creating What with a Link to Their Page Patrons Earning Paid By
The Breeding Season Team is creating Adult Video Games 9,510 $30,245.30 Month
Amanda Palmer is creating Art 7,233 $34,583.40 Thing
Kinda Funny is creating Internet videos and podcasts 10,054 $35,886 Month
Crash Course is creating Smarter People 6,640 $29,345.20 Month
The Comedy Button is creating Weekly Podcasts and Videos 5,779 $14,108.60 Month
CGP Grey is creating Youtube videos 5,412 $13,771.40 Video
Kinda Funny Games is creating Videos and Podcasts 5,412 $21,849.50 Month
SciShow is creating YouTube Videos about Science 5,202 $23,754.80 Month
Daily Tech News Show is creating Podcasts 4,873 $15,122.90 Month
Jim Sterling is creating The Jimquisition 3,846 $9,676.88 Month
Wait But Why is creating high-quality blog posts 3,740 $12,155.40 Month
Pentatonix is creating Music Videos 3,654 $6,539.75 Month
AvE is creating videos 3,586 $3,031.26 Month
Jeph Jacques is creating Comics 3,480 $7,625.97 Month
Sakimi Chan is creating Art, Comic,Painting, Tutorials,Yaoi/Yuri/ Nude pinups 3,444 $25,402.80 2 Weeks
Zach Weinersmith is creating SMBC Comics and Books 3,294 $6,716.62 Month
Fenoxo Fenfen is creating Adult INTERACTIVE FICTION (18+) 3,271 $17,043.60 Month
In a Nutshell – Kurzgesagt is creating Science Animation Videos 3,265 $12,384.90 Month
Extra Credits is creating History That’s Fun To Watch 3,253 $12,837.40 Month
Every Frame a Painting is creating Video Essays 3,098 $5,683.33 Video
Knitty is creating a Knitting Magazine 3,067 $18,112.60 New Release
CANADALAND is creating podcasts and news 2,607 $11,827.50 Month
Red Letter Media is creating weird internet videos and films 2,592 $11,553.80 Month
Smarter Every Day is creating Science Videos 2,580 $6,355.82 Video
Home Free is creating music videos 2,441 $21,724.50 Video

Top Patreon Creators by Highest Paid (Earning, Official*).Both Leaderboards were last updated March 6, 2016.

  • NEW indicates a Patreon creator that was not in the top 25 rankings in my original post from August.
  • *Earning, official means that the numbers are based on what is actually posted.  If a creator is paid by video, the actual number they earn may be higher depending on how often they create new content.  It also may be lower if they do not put out a new creation during the month. Patreon only bills monthly and regardless of pledges outside of monthly, all patrons have the option to cap at a certain number monthly and many do. This means even if a creator “gets paid every two weeks” or “per video”, what they actually make is not available officially because it depends on every individual pledge.  Thus, only the official numbers are used.
Who is Creating What with a Link to Their Page Patrons Earning Paid By
Amanda Palmer is creating Art 7,233 $34,583.40 Thing
Kinda Funny is creating Internet videos and podcasts 6,990 $34,242.00 Month
The Breeding Season Team is creating Adult Video Games 9,510 $30,245.30 Month
Crash Course is creating Smarter People 6,640 $29,345.20 Month
Sakimi Chan is creating Art, Comic,Painting, Tutorials,Yaoi/Yuri/ Nude pinups 3,444 $25,402.80 2 Weeks
SciShow is creating YouTube Videos about Science 5,202 $23,754.80 Month
Kinda Funny Games is creating Videos and Podcasts 5,412 $21,849.50 Month
Home free is creating music videos 2,441 $21,724.50 Video
Pentatonix is creating Music Videos 3,654 $19,213.00 Video
Knitty is creating a Knitting Magazine 3,067 $18,112.60 New Release
Fenoxo Fenfen is creating Adult INTERACTIVE FICTION (18+) 3,271 $17,043.60 Month
Daily Tech News Show is creating Podcasts 4,873 $15,122.90 Month
Jessica Nigri is creating Cosplay Content 1,077 $14,525.70 Month
Marble Syrup is creating VISUAL NOVELS 2,104 $14,253.70 Month
Kaliyo is creating Roundscape Adorevia 1,500 $14,155.90 Month
The Comedy Button is creating Weekly Podcasts and Videos 5,779 $14,108.60 Month
CGP Grey is creating Youtube videos 5,412 $13,771.40 Video
The Hillywood Show is creating Parodies 1,401 $13,147.90 Month
London Andrews is creating Art/Photography 948 $12,926.20 Month
Extra Credits is creating History That’s Fun To Watch 3,253 $12,837.40 Month
Four Chambers is creating films / photos / art 1,500 $12,607.40 Video
LoadingReadyRun is creating Funny Videos & Podcasts 1,677 $12,472.20 Month
Exclamation Point is creating Videos 1,497 $12,401.50 Month
Eromancer is creating Adult Games 1,129 $12,388.90 Update

Thank you for reading this post!I am sure I missed someone on this list and would value your feedback on who I should add!  Thank you for reading this post about the best Patreon creators and I hope what I have shared is valuable for you!  I hope you will do pledge for pledge with me on my Patreon page and to many other creators that are hoping to get their first few patrons!

I hope this was helpful for you!  The average person spends over 13 minutes on this page and I am honored you devoted so much time to enjoying what I created for you!  Read all of my posts on patreon at jerrybanfield.com/category/patreon.
Update: Please be advised that we don’t do pledge for pledge anymore.
jerry banfield helps shows you how to make $10,000 per month online with Facebook ads and Google AdWords

How to Make 10000 a Month with Your Business Online – 10 Steps Working for Me!

These ten steps below are what I live every day to make $10,000/month and much more.  As of January 15, I have made over $500,000 online since Sept 2012 when I started tracking my income.  You can get much more in my Udemy course showing hands on with these steps in HD video at  https://www.udemy.com/entrepreneurship-online/?couponCode=JBO1114.

  1. Begin with a vision of what you want to work for that is bigger than you. Making $10,000 per month online is hard to get started with and hard to keep doing right.  You will need your vision of what you work for to carry you through the rest of the steps when they get challenging.  You can work for God, a better world, your spouse, or your next new car. Your vision is what keeps you going when the next nine steps are difficult.  The less your vision depends on you and the more your participation is part of working for a collective cause, the better chance you will have to succeed and grow quickly.  I work for God as I understand Him first.  I work for sharing love, hope, and faith second.  I work for my wife third and then to give more people opportunities after that!
  2. Create or update your social media accounts.  You will use your social media accounts to show people who you are online.  Facebook is the largest social network worldwide which is why I recommend starting there.  If your country uses another social network such as QQ in China, start there instead.  After Facebook, choose two other accounts that will match what you want to do in functionality.  If you want to make videos, use YouTube.  If you want to have a blog, use WordPress and Twitter.  If you want shopping and DIY, use Pinterest.  If you want to be found in search results, use Google+.  If you want to share pictures, try Instagram.  You can see I have done this with all of the accounts linked at the top of the page.  Your social media accounts are a good way for people to be able to see who you are and trust you online.  When people find your personal Facebook page, they can put a face to who you are and are more likely to pay you for services.
  3. Buy a custom domain name and use it to setup your website.  Your website should be the central place you share everything you do.  You need to have it on your own URL if you expect people to trust and pay you.  Your URL should be your name as you want people to see you online or your company name.  You can see I use my name for my URL after finding it works much better than my company name.  You can get a domain from GoDaddy for under $10/year and map it to any free or paid hosting platform.  If you want the lowest cost and simple functionality, just buy the domain and map it to a free WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, or other blogging website.  The biggest mistake I see people making is using free website hosting platforms without a custom domain name.  A custom domain name shows that you at least can afford $10/year for a domain.  Using any free subdomain URL makes getting people to pay you very difficult because people assume you cannot afford your own domain name.  I started my first profitable website using Google Sites through Google Apps which was great for having a website that loaded fast anywhere in the world. After a year of success with getting new clients but struggling with the nightmarish functionality, I switched to a Hostgator shared plan for around $10/month hosting.  I used WordPress to make a more professional website after consistently receiving feedback that I should.  When I passed 100 visitors per day and saw I was losing a lot of traffic to a slow page load time, I switched to a HostGator dedicated server that now just hosts my website.  My loading time dropped by 50% and I am still using this today.  When I want to update in the future, I will consider Amazon Web Services.
  4. Setup the basics for your business system.  You should have at least one simple method for accepting payments online such as PayPal and at least one product or service you can offer that is related to what you do.  The easiest way to get started with getting people to pay you is offering to help with what you already know.  Since you already built your own website and setup your social media profiles, you can at a minimum offer to do this for other people along with anything else you know how to do well enough to do it for someone else.  People consistently are open to paying for a service because they know you will do something for them.  The trick is figuring out exactly how to word the service you offer in a way that communicates what you know how to do and what the person paying you will get out of it.  At this point, taking any business you can get your hands on is a good idea simply to speed up your learning and help what may be a hobby for you now grow into something you can do full time.  The more people you can get to pay you to do something for them, the better you can get at both knowing what you like to do and offering value to people that need help.  oDesk, Elance, and Fiverr are a few websites that can make finding work and figuring out what skills to learn easier.  While they are all good tools, your odds of making $10,000/month are still pretty low at this point in the process.  When I got to this step, I was really happy to make $1,000/month.  The following steps continue to increase in difficulty but also in reward!
  5. Start and join conversations about what you offer to help with.  Talking with people has been my single largest learning resource on my way to averaging more than $10,000/month in income.  Most of my conversations began on Facebook and then lead to phone calls and emails.  I started by talking to people instead of doing research and learning online because the information online I could find was either too old, not exactly relevant, or hidden within other people’s business systems for thousands of dollars.  When you focus on both listening to what people need and sharing your ideas with them, the feedback you get is fantastically helpful.  By the time you have got your first sale, you have discovered the tip of the iceberg for what you need to know.  Conversations with people are just what you need to complete the next five steps.  The hardest part is figuring out where people are talking because you can talk anywhere.  While Facebook and LinkedIn worked great for me in getting started, forums now have proven a much better ongoing solution.  I never had posted in any internet marketing forums until several people on LinkedIn recommended I visit the warrior forum.   Just a few months after posting, I found I was converting clients like crazy from the Warrior Forum.  Now I try to consistently post their every few days.  The hidden power of forums is the organic search results from people that never register in the forums.  While I recommend skipping straight to the most relevant forums, engaging in direct conversation is much better for building relationships.  When I was getting started, I never understood how critical relationships were to success.  Relationships start with conversations and you will likely need a lot of positive ongoing relationships if you want to average over $10,000/month.
  6. Consistently build positive relationships without assuming you know which is most valuable.  When you start conversations, your goal should be learning first and then building mutually beneficial relationships.  The trick to doing this right is realizing you do not know which relationship will be the most valuable.  This is very hard online because most people will try to get you to work for them for free or will try to get your work at the deepest discount.  On top of that, you cannot tell if you are speaking with an entrepreneur working out of their garage with a small budget or a giant company CEO in another country.  Building positive ongoing relationships has been my single largest struggle online because I did not have enough confidence in myself and consistently prioritized money now objectives over building successful long term relationships.  In dating terms, I started by looking for a lot of one night stands rather than trying to date.  This led to a lot of one time orders and a ton of missed opportunities.  If you want to do better than I did and get to $10,000/month within a year instead of within two years, you might want to prioritize relationships from the beginning.  The risk is that you build relationships with people that are not good for you or that are not profitable.  The logical way to fight against this is to try to predict who will be valuable.  I remember how excited I would get when I thought someone might be a big client.  The irony is that my biggest client now took me totally by surprise and the only thing I can see I did right to grow our relationship is always being honest.  I started the conversation with my now largest client through a Facebook message to one of his client’s Facebook pages.  He was responsible for getting likes on that page and ordered one of my guaranteed Facebook like pages in 2012 when I had only made a few thousand online by selling Facebook like packages delivered through Fiverr back when it was brand new.  He was not happy with the service I offered because he said the likes appeared to be from bots.  I was honest with him and told him that he was correct and that I was just figuring out how to deliver the same service using Facebook ads instead of Fiverr.  This was the single most important step I took in building our relationship because I was honest with him and committed to doing better work.  A few months after the original order, he placed a slightly larger order to try my new service.  This time he was very happy with the results and asked what else I could do.  In the last year and a half, he has become the largest supporter of my work online and the only person I have done work for that I can call a friend now.  Working on his projects has been the largest single factor in me being able to consistently earn $10,000/month.  I share this story with you because I failed miserably at understanding the value of relationships and through my faith in God was lucky to build this relationship with this one client.  I made many bad decisions that ruined most of my relationships with hundreds clients in more than thirty countries in just two years time by being ruthless about making money online.  For the first two years I worked online, I was so busy trying to get new clients that I did a poor job prioritizing relationships with existing clients.  I would always be chasing the next $1,000 order instead of serving one of the ten existing $1,000 orders I had pending delivery.  When you build relationships where you deliver great value for a client and they pay you what you are worth, you are ready to build a business system that will keep you above $10,000/month even in hard times.
  7. Make a business system focused on steady, consistent growth. If you want to grow, you need a little bit of growth all the time rather than instantly scalable systems.  This means you need a system that always works and continues to work a little bit better rather than a system you think you can immediately take from $1,000/month to $100,000/month.  Just between you and me, 99.99% of the business systems out there do not scale well and many of the ones that do only did because of luck, faith, and trust.  All of the large companies grew from humble roots and had a lot of people invest money into them as they grew.  Getting investors is extremely difficult and knowing this a good thing because you can plan to build a business system that grows without them.  What you want to do is consistently grow a little bit each month.  This means go from $1,000 per month to $1,200 per month to $1,500/month to $2,000 per month.  When you take one step at a time, managing your growth is much easier.  My business in 2013 got incredible growth when I launched my Facebook ad campaign setup service for just $99.  I went from struggling to make a few thousand per month at the end of 2012 to making over $10,000/month by April 2013.  In my hurry to make my business more scalable, I started making more mistakes.  The biggest mistake was neglecting individual client relationships.  By July 2013, my business got out of control.  While I was making crazy amounts of money, I had more than I could handle.  My entire business system came tumbling down as I had so much work and so many contractors to manage that nearly every client was unhappy with the results they got.  By December 2013, I could see I needed to start fresh and rebuild a more enduring system that could consistently growth instead of rapidly scale.  It hurts to see so many others make this same mistake because their success ends up fading so fast they barely got to enjoy it. You can make your system for steady growth my starting the the mindset that you want to grow a little bit all the time and by having patience with your growth.  Hopefully just reading this will help you slow down more than I did.
  8. Use Facebook ads, Google AdWords, and online ads to invest in your future.  Once you have established that you have a solid business system you can rely on for consistent growth, then you are ready to spend some of your money each month to invest in your future using paid ads.  My thousands of hours of experience building Facebook and Google ad campaigns has taught me that most people try to jump on paid ads too early or when it was too late.  I would get clients that had not even completed step 2 asking for me to build Facebook ads for their new page before it had any content and without a website.  Most of them never made another order because they got nothing out of those ads because the rest of their business system was not setup.  I also got a lot of clients that had businesses close to death.  They came to me with their last few dollars hoping that some paid ads could drive the traffic they needed to survive after investing thousands in websites, conversion experts, coaches, and business systems all to discover that none of these expenses helped them actually make money.  One person paid me to build a campaign for them and their business went under before their campaign was live.  They never responded to my setup instructions, follow up emails, or phone calls.  They deleted their page, took down their website, and gave up before I could even hope to help.  In the three years I have started, the majority of startups I have worked with failed either in getting launched or in trying to scale too aggressively.  Online advertising is dangerous because of the trust factor.  People trust companies like Google and Facebook to get them good results.  The problem is that Google and Facebook are also the places you are likely to waste giant amounts of money.  Online advertising can be really effective but only if you use it at the right time.  When you have paid ads running that are helping you consistently run a business system online that makes $10,000/month, then you are ready for the real pain.
  9. Accept the repeated failures you will suffer and aim for even bigger successes. The biggest they are, the harder they fall!  When you have more money, you are going to make bigger financial mistakes.  When you have more clients, you are going to piss more of them off.  When your website gets visited by more people, you are going to have more people not like it.  When you get a post or video viral on Facebook, you may get hit with the spam filter.  If you want to make $10,000/month or more, a lot of responsibility comes with that and a lot of loneliness can come too.  When you have the house, spouse, and life you want, finding anyone to share your struggles can be difficult.  Some of your friends will grow jealous of your success and your problems will start sounding stupid to the new people you meet.  At the same time, your failures will start to be so big you will simply not believe them.  Being short a few hundred dollars on your bills can be embarrassing.  Being short $10,000 can be a real bitch.  Being fired from a job sucks.  Firing fifty people that work for you might make you feel like a bad person.  I am going to write a post soon covering all my failures in the last three years because I feel like it will be both entertaining and provide a good understanding of what it takes to get where you want to go.  You might fail less than me but no matter who you are or what you do, the more money you want to make online and the more success you want to have, the bigger and more challenging your problems get.  Every time I get hit with another challenge, I tell myself this is important for preparing me to handle the bigger challenges to come.  I recently found a nearly $10,000 mistake I had made on a project that came directly out of my bank account at a time when I was already hurting and taking credit card cash advances.  The IRS keeps wanting bigger checks from me every three months.  On oDesk, I have hired over 90 people to work for me with only a few of them still active.  Getting rid of fifty of them at once last year made me feel like a real jerk.  I have had nearly every kind of account I sign up for get suspended at some point, a Facebook page with over 500,000 likes stolen, hundreds of business journals write nasty articles about my company after I helped a client get first in a national social media competition, hundreds of people share hurtful messages with me, and so many more things like this I cannot even remember them all despite having a really good memory.  Every one of them hurt and I remember them whenever I do something new.  My first MailChimp account got suspended on the very first email probably because I used an Amazon affiliate link in it.  I did no email marketing for a year after that in protest and when I finally did start again this year, it was hard for me to setup another MailChimp account and not feel the dread that I would see another message like last time.  Even though my emails when out successfully and people responded quite kindly to them, I still feel the pain of seeing that message that I was suspended.  The more you want to have, the more you will suffer to get it.  This is why the next step is so critical to success.
  10. Love what you do and continue to make plans to grow!  Your love of what you do will overpower all of the bad things that happen on the way to your journey in making $10,000/month and living the lifestyle you want.  Your love is powered by your vision for why you are working which is for God as you understand Him or for any other reason you choose.  The difference in what I have written and what I usually see online are the first and last step in these ten steps.  Working for God as I understand him gives me the faith that every mistake and difficulty I suffer is for a purpose that is much bigger than me which is to share in the love, hope, and faith we can all experience in this life.  Working for God gives me the chance to not take all of my failures personally and to accept all of my success as a part of God’s plan rather than something I use to build my ego.  Loving what I do encourages me to look forward to doing it every single day.  I worked more than ten jobs for other people including cashiering at a grocery store, interning at an Army base, resident advising in college, policing in state law enforcement, and finally assisting as a graduate student.  My last job paid $350/week for 20 hours of work per week which worked out to $17.50/hour not including my two hours spent commuting three days per week.  Loving what I do has given me the chance to spend time working on what I love and making more money each year than I made in the entire rest of my life before that.  I want you to have this same opportunity because now is a time of abundance.  There are enough resources to go around for everyone and you have the chance now to do amazing work that will carry you through the rest of your life.  Get started or keep going today while you still have time.  No one gets out alive and time flies when you are having fun.  The most we can hope to accomplish in our lives is to love the people that love us, love the work we do, and return to the place we were before you with gratitude for the time we were here.  What can you do to get started with this today?


Thank you for reading my article!  Want more?

These ten steps are the foundation for participation in my mastermind group and are explored in greater depth in HD screen capture video in my Udemy course $0 to $10,000/Month Online Entrepreneurship – My 10 Steps.  Save over $100 using this coupon link:  https://www.udemy.com/entrepreneurship-online/?couponCode=JBO1114


How to get patrons in Patreon How to get started in Patreon

How to Get Patrons in Patreon: Simple and Effective Method!

Getting started on Patreon is challenging and I hope reading this can make it easier for you to get your next patron!

Update: Please be advised that we don’t do pledge for pledge anymore.

How to Get Patrons in Patreon?

Pledge for pledge.

If you just made your Patreon page, are trying to get patrons, and are reading this now, you already know how hard it is to get people to pledge to your page.  The cool thing is I have a simple solution for you that you can see I am doing successfully on my Patreon page!  Offer to go pledge for pledge with anyone that will do it!  Usually I offer to become the first patron of a new creator’s Patreon page.  The biggest change in patrons is from zero to one and I try to be the one that is there to make that leap for as many people as possible.  If you become a patron of me for at least $2/video (you can cap it at $2/month), I will be your next patron regardless of how many you already have!  Sometimes it might take me a day or two to see your pledge especially as my patrons start to grow quickly.  If you give me a few days after pledging and reply to my thank you message, you can be certain I will become your patron!  Now, let’s talk about how you can scale this up.

How does pledge for pledge work to get patrons?

  1. Find a creator on Patreon you think will pledge back to you like me or like most of the people that are patrons on my page.  I recommend doing this at the beginning of the month so you have maximum time to cancel and doing it with a creator that has between zero and 3 patrons.
  2. Become their first patron!  How pumped were you or will you be when you get your first?  Give them that feeling and wait for them to contact you.
  3. When they send you a message explaining how thankful they are that you became their first patron and wanting to get to know you, explain that you just started your page too, were struggling to get your first patrons, and thought you should pay it forward to help other people with the same problem.  If you picked the right person and say it the right way, they should almost instantly pledge back to your page.  If they say they do not have any money, explain to them that your pledges will mutually cancel out so it will not actually cost more than a few cents.  Everyone has a few cents right?
  4. At the end of the month before you get charged by Patreon, you can cancel any pledges to people that have not become your patron back or that have not messaged you.  This is more likely to happen if you pick bigger pages or inactive pages.  You can easily tell by going to each person’s page you are a patron on and then see if Patreon gives you the notification they are pledging to you.  Here’s what it should look like!

[av_image src=’https://jerrybanfield.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/how-to-improve-your-patreon-page-with-pledge-for-pledge-to-get-more-patrons-495×400.png’ attachment=’2467′ attachment_size=’portfolio’ align=’center’ animation=’no-animation’ link=’manually,http://www.patreon.com/franck’ target=’_blank’ styling=” caption=” font_size=” appearance=” av_uid=’av-2eyu8e’][/av_image]

How many patrons can you get using this strategy?

You can get a few every day!  While that might not seem like much to start with, doing it every single day will quickly add up to a lot!  You can see on my page now how many I have which is probably significantly higher than when I originally wrote this post.  I rarely get more than a few each day but done every single day, it adds up to a lot!  I support other people’s creativity and they support mine.  If you want to have one of the top Patreon pages loaded with patrons, you have to start somewhere.  Building your first 5, 10, 25, 50, and 100 patrons is key if you ever want to go further!  Using pledge for pledge to start is good for everyone!  You can see on my Patreon page how many I currently have and know that you can get at least this many for yourself.

How will I actually make any money by getting patrons using pledge for pledge?

If you stick with your Patreon page, continue uploading new content, and are active, you will get ahead right away simply by other people being inactive.  For example, if you pledge per video to someone else’s page (cap it to monthly) and they pledge to you monthly, you get paid no matter what but they have to actually upload a video to get paid.  If they skip a month, are lazy about charging a paid post to Patreon, or just give up on their page, you come out ahead.  This strategy capitalizes on your activity and encourages communities of active people to bond together for mutual support.  Meanwhile, the people that go inactive, do not pay attention, or are too lazy to keep up with the action benefit you.

My values are love, hope, and faith.  I share this strategy with you because many of the successful business strategies online capitalize on exactly this functionality of human behavior.  If you are advertising with Google or Facebook, they setup ads by default to pay daily and will charge you indefinitely until your billing method stops.  They make millions of dollars each year out of people simply being too lazy, forgetful, or inattentive to their ads.  This is why most people fear monthly bills because it gets easy to forget about them.

The solution to this is to focus on making more money first rather than preventing losses.  Most of us are raised to fear a $2 loss more than to chase after a $10 win.  I have trained myself to look for that $10 win and accept a few $2 losses.  If I find twice as many $10 wins, I can afford to accept 5 times as many $2 losses and still come out $10 ahead.  On Patreon, this means I am okay with risking $2/month to be a patron to someone’s page where I might not notice they cancel on me.  If you take all of these points combined I just shared, you can see the power of pledge for pledge in getting patrons and making a successful Patreon page.

Why is it so hard to get Patrons on Patreon?

The reason is that no one wants to pledge to a page with no one already pledging to it.  Think of it like eating at a restaurant.  Would you rather go somewhere that everyone says is good, have good reviews on Yelp, and that your friends have already eaten at?  Or would you rather be the first person to eat at a new place that just opened?  Most of us prefer to do nearly everything in life after someone else has.  It is natural human instinct to not want to be the first person to do anything because that first person might get killed.

While you are not exactly going to die from being the first to pledge another Patreon creator’s page, the same rule applies.  Why do you think there are so many successful Patreon creators with hundreds of people pledging their page while most artists, bloggers, YouTube video producers, and song writers have no one pledging their page?

What if I have no money to become a patron?

The most common rejection I have received when doing pledge for pledge is “I don’t have any money” or “I am doing this to make money because I am broke” or “I can’t afford to pledge to your page.”  If you are familar with the law of attraction as discussed at length in The Secret, you might see the problem with giving this reason for not doing pledge for pledge.  Have you noticed in life people that have what they want seem to get more almost effortlessly while most people go around begging all the time for a pay raise, a better partner, or to win the lottery?  Life is all about how you see it.  If you see yourself as not being able to afford a chance at success or not being able to afford to spend money on anything new, this way of thinking is the problem that is getting in the way of everything you are trying to accomplish!  The fact is everyone on this planet has some amount of money they possess or can make.  This means everyone on earth can afford to buy something and nearly everyone living in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and many other developed countries in the world can afford to buy many more things than we need.  When anyone living in these countries tells you they “cannot afford” to buy something, this reflects a negative state of mind with regard to money.  They are currently spending money on things whether they can afford them or not.

When people tell you they cannot afford to pledge to your page, you have to accept that it is their thinking that causes this response and is usually not related to your page.  What you can do however is to make your page clearly communicate the value of why people should be your patron.  For example, you can see I try really hard to make this clear on my page that giving to me helps me give to other creators which in turn gives back to you in the form of supporting creativity or consumption of what other people create.  I got a lot of negative feedback on the first versions of my page and worked to make a page that gets people to become my patron with the least effort.

Ready to get your next patron on Patreon?

Give pledge for pledge a try starting on my Patreon page or by searching most recent creators directly by using this link: patreon.com/discover?ty=cr&srt=2

Update: Please be advised that we don’t do pledge for pledge anymore.

facebook ads roi maximum strategy

Best Facebook Ads ROI Strategy for Conversions and Profit.

Want to see an awesome Facebook ads ROI?

  • How would you feel if you could spend $1 on Facebook advertising and earn $33.86 in return?
  • One of my clients is getting that right now!  See the screenshots here to learn to do it yourself.
  • Want me to make a campaign like this for you?  Visit my services and pricing page here or contact me.

performance conversion case study

targeting conversion case study

7 Steps To Do It!

  1. Choose a product you believe in. You should order and use the product yourself to have the best chance at making it through the rest of the steps. If you think of sales and marketing in a funnel, this first step is so important that 95% of your success will be determined on picking a product that is awesome. The only way to ensure success is to try many products yourself and then attempt to sell those you like the best.
  2. Create a simple conversion process. If you are doing affiliate marketing, you can use LeadPages to make a landing page that allows people to order in one click. If you want the best chance at getting these results, you should have your own products with your own store where you control the experience from start to finish. The process should be intended to focus on pleasing only the people that will order and provides the least friction on all devices.
  3. Create a Facebook conversion tracking pixel. Place the code on your “thank you” or “order confirmed” page. For affiliate offers, you may need to use a transfer page that people briefly wait on while they change from your page to the affiliate page or a similar page they can load prior to exiting your website. While this will not track sales, you can track who clicks through your page at least and combine that with whatever tracking is offered by the affiliate. Prior to starting any campaigns, you must verify the conversion tracking pixel is “active” or you cannot see what you are doing that is really working. Visit this links to learn more about conversion tracking code: https://www.facebook.com/help/435189689870514
  4. Create Facebook page post advertisements either by posting on your page or creating unpublished posts with the Power Editor. You will want to create as many variations as you can stand which should be at least five different posts. You should test that all links work and that the sponsored story comes up exactly how you think it should look. Make sure to continually upload your campaigns so you don’t lose your work in the power editor. In each campaign, create separate ads by gender and age which may mean you have 10 to 20+ different ads per campaign.
  5. Use the Power Editor to copy your individual page post campaigns into at least 5 different audiences. Try all kinds of audiences that might convert and try to think out of the box as much as possible. For example, if you have a weight loss product, you can try #weightloss, #fitness, individual pages, and some open minded solutions like #ice cream or #butter. With this many campaigns and ads, you can set a low daily budget on all and zoom in on exactly what works. You can see that at this point I am recommending a minimum of 25 unique advertising campaigns which at the $1/day minimum is $25/day to start.
  6. Go forward with a survival of the fittest mindset using conversion based reports to analyze your return. Let the campaigns run for several days at a minimum so you make sure you have enough data to see what works. You need to get a conversion to get a baseline for estimating how effective your return is. If you stand to make $100 from a sale, you may need to spend at least $100 per campaign to decide if that campaign can work for you. While getting started is clearly difficult, once you find the campaigns that produce an exceptional return as shown in the screenshots above, you can continue to run them and make similar campaigns to further increase your earnings.
  7. Continue to create new advertising campaigns and keep running ad campaigns that convert until they stop converting. You would not believe how many times I have seen people pause ad campaigns that were converting simply because they did not see it among the hundreds of other campaigns they were running or because they did not recognize the one small number showing what they most wanted. Facebook gives you a lot of data to make sure you have everything you could want to know. The problem is that you usually only need to know a very few things and having more data makes seeing what is really important more difficult. Focus on only your return on investment and you can be sure to succeed.

In closing, note what I have suggested is difficult and is worth doing well. You should know that I made thousands of Facebook advertising campaigns to get one that converts at such a high return. While you may want to find a quick and easy solution for making money online, in my experience most of the people doing really well worked very hard to get there. Facebook advertising gives anyone in the world a chance to get there that is willing to work hard to learn and get clients that need the help.

Thank you for reading this and I hope this information proves valuable to you!  If you want me to help with your digital marketing or Facebook advertising strategy, please visit my pricing services page here or schedule a skype appointment here.