How To Take Control Of Your Thoughts

Everything I say today reflects my own private, deep inner reality. This gives me motivation to get to work on my deep inner reality because I know everything I say reflects that. That means that anyone who is as self aware  can see into my deep inner reality through what I say.

For example, when people comment on my Facebook page, the comments point to their inner reality. When people share hateful comments I can see that that is the inner reality that they are in. They are in a place where they feel hate. When someone says I hope you die or you should stop playing this game, those are things they are thinking inside. I know that’s how I always worked and it seems that we all are similar.

For most of my life, the things that I got most aggravated about were the things that I thought were true about me. I was big on honesty and quick to call someone else a liar. Deep down since I was a kid, I thought that the truth about me was that I was a liar.

Even taking the police polygraph, I reacted to was an integrity and honesty question. I worked hard to feel I was an honest person. Yet, deep down under the surface, I felt like a  liar. I felt like I was someone who was not trustworthy. I felt like I couldn’t be private because I felt like I couldn’t get to know the real me.

When I see that in the world I recognize that inner reality. More specifically, the way in which someone curses me it almost hurts a bit to see it in someone else’s reality. When someone says that they wish certain things would happen to me, I know that it is shared from their reality. Their own reality is filled with the thing that they wish would happen to me. Their reality is projected with a genuine desire for me to join them in their reality.

All the nice things that you may have shared with me reflect the same thing. When you say thank you, I love your videos, please keep making more of them, you are reflecting your inner reality towards me. Asking me to join you in that reality of love and peace, serenity, and giving and generosity. It helps to see there aren’t realities that are better than others. It’s not to say that a peaceful reality where everyone’s trustworthy and honest is better than one of hate and jealousy.  They’re just different places we can all journey to. It helps to have a life where you can journey into various parts of it. It helps to have a life where you can be honest because then you can choose which reality you’re in. As long as you are unable to choose where to go, it’s hard to go anywhere else.

For example, today there’s a lawn mower in the background of my video and there’s a part of me that wants to blow up. There’s a part of me that thinks that’s wrong, it shouldn’t be going on. The world should be a different way. To me, it seems that  our inner realities are united. The reality of misery and hate is alive inside me just as much as the reality of love and peace and understanding.

The same as I could say I’m happy everyone else in the world is doing what they’re doing. I can choose which of those I want to interact with. That choice is public. Every decision I make, everything I say, everything I do reflects my choices to what reality I want to be in. I choose to be in a loving reality because I’ve chosen so many times to be in a hateful dishonest reality. I’ve chosen to be in an illusion so much that today I choose and seek to be in the truth and one with my surroundings.

Every choice has its ups and downs and that reality requires pain be immediately faced. It feels kind of like someone’s slapping me in the face. This lawn mower is going in the background while I’m making the video. It means you have to feel like you’re in pain when it happens. It means you don’t get to run and hide from the pain when it happens. The reality that it happens is also the reality where there’s dishonesty, lies, and illusions.

This gives me peace today because I don’t need to be the judge, jury, and executioner of everyone else’s reality. I know that when I’m in a loving understanding reality I can accept other people’s reality. I can accept other people’s comments and I can accept anything when I’m choosing to be in a peaceful reality. Often the actual outside circumstances will quickly adapt.

Often the external reality quickly reflects my choice. I play games online and often there’s lots of people that say a lot of things that I perceive as negative. I used to get upset and fight because an invitation to someone else’s inner reality was a welcome thing. I’ll go into your messed up reality and show you how messed up your inner reality is by imposing my reality on you. Today, I choose to share my reality of love with you because that’s the reality I want to stay in.

In order to give something away I must have it myself and in giving it away I keep getting it back. When you give hate away, you get more hate back. I know that the best thing I can do is have love for every one of the people that posted things from a painful reality. They suffered before they posted that. They suffered while posting it and they continue suffering after posting it.

Often, this is so specific that I can see the nature of their suffering. I can see the things because I understand myself. If someone gets frustrated by a particular issue, that often is an exact issue that has happened in the past. That’s a transparent thing.

For me, I often got frustrated with issues related to integrity. I got frustrated about politicians lying or entitlement. I saw a post I made a few years ago about how entitlement programs are wrong. That was because I felt like I was entitled. Anyone else being entitled reminded me of the truth I didn’t like that I felt entitled. Everyone else lying reminded me of the truth that I felt like I was a liar.

Today, I’m grateful to see that everything I do and say reflects my inner reality. If I see something that I don’t like, it’s good to look at why and how I’m back in that. If I see myself cursing at someone or being frustrated with something then I get curious.

Why am I going back into that reality. When did I start making that choice? How can I make the choice to go back to the peaceful reality that I want  to be in and I choose to be in? 

Sometimes I can’t and I ask for help. It’s like a baby who is flopped over and needs an adult to pick them up and move them into a comfortable position. They can’t do it themselves. I’m that baby and I get stuck in positions I can’t get myself out of. I reach out to the creator of the universe just like my daughter reaches out to me in getting out of her situations.

Today, I pray to remember that everything I do and say reflects my inner reality. I pray to be motivated by everything I do and say and to look at what reality I’m choosing to live. I pray to be honest in seeing that reality and be open to getting help with making a new choice if I can’t make one myself. I pray that you have the same chance today to see what reality you are living in and to know that there’s a choice. You can choose to be in any reality you want to be in. You are making a choice to see the choice you’re making  and if you can’t make another choice, ask and I bet you can. Thank you for reading this, have a great day.