Take New Udemy Courses Free Every Day with Lifetime Access!

Where’s the best place to get access to Udemy courses for free for life?

I’ve got a coupon page setup that I’m about to show you, I pay a freelancer every day to hang out and find the best coupons online, put them on this page and then check the links every single day and take off any coupons that aren’t working.

I’ve done this because I want you to have the best opportunity to learn for free online, I want you to come to my website, and I want instructors who’ve got courses that want students to enroll to have a place to put those coupons.

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I will now show you the page itself.

It’s at JerryBanfield.com/freecourses. What you’ll see is a list of all these Udemy courses that you can get into for free. The freelancer that I’ve hired checks it every day he goes through and clicks on the links.

A few important properties about this page

These are only truly free courses on this page, free with paid coupons. You’ll see for example $194 off this one, we have no courses on here that are just free all the time and we update the page almost every day, sometimes the coupons will run out on a particular course. If you just check back the next day or two, we will get that updated.

Take New Udemy Courses Free Every Day with Lifetime Access!
Take New Udemy Courses Free Every Day with Lifetime Access!

We also have it set up just really simple in text

You can just click on a link and go enroll right away for free. I hope that’s helpful for you, which is why I’ve made it because I understand when I give you something truly helpful, you will be grateful for it and I’ll get something good back in return -God that’s selfish-.

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Thank you very much for making it to the end of this post and learning about my free coupon page. I’ll see you on JerryBanfield.com/freecourses

I love you. You’re awesome!
Jerry Banfield

Take New Udemy Courses Free Every Day with Lifetime Access!