$1,234 a Month Teaching on Udemy, Skillshare, StackCommerce, and WordPress without Filming!

Are you ready to start earning more than $1,000 a month teaching online? You are going to love this blog post because here’s what we’re going to talk about.

$1,234 a Month Teaching on Udemy, Skillshare, StackCommerce, and WordPress without Filming!

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1,234 A Month Teaching on Udemy, Skillshare, StackCommerce, and WordPress Without Filming

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I’ll show you exactly how to get started and begin with my experience to let you know that I really know what I’m doing with teaching online.

I’ve made a lot of money and I’ll show you the money I’ve made and exactly where I’ve made it.

After that we’ll go over the lessons I’ve learned, and then into some success tips.

It will be helpful if you’re just starting or even if you don’t think you can start or have any courses, you’ll be amazed at what’s in here for you.

Game Plan!

After the success tips, I’ll show you my newest strategy that I’m using today that I’m so excited about, and the support group I have that has helped me to make it through so many different transitions.

Finally, I’ll make you an offer where you can sell my courses anywhere, even if you don’t have a profile or any courses of your own. I’ll show you how you can sell my courses even on Udemy and StackCommerce and Skillshare where I’ve so far earned a lot of money.

Let’s take a look first at my sales history because when I watch videos like this I want to know the person I’m learning from isn’t just making this up, that they’ve got some real experience. This is my experience teaching online the last five years over two million in sales, over a million dollars in earnings for myself, over 200,000 students, over 10,000 five-star reviews and over a billion impressions on my ads and organic traffic online.

Sales History

I’ve got a lot of experience teaching online, the number one place so far that I’ve earned money online is Udemy with over $663, 000 in earnings there.

1,234 A Month Teaching on Udemy, Skillshare, StackCommerce, and WordPress Without Filming

StackCommerce is the second highest with a $167, 000 in earnings so far.

1,234 A Month Teaching on Udemy, Skillshare, StackCommerce, and WordPress Without Filming

Skillshare has $42,000 in earnings.

1,234 A Month Teaching on Udemy, Skillshare, StackCommerce, and WordPress Without Filming

On my own platform Uthena, which is currently for sale on Flippa, $75,000 in revenue.

1,234 A Month Teaching on Udemy, Skillshare, StackCommerce, and WordPress Without Filming

On YouTube $53,000 in ad revenue.

1,234 A Month Teaching on Udemy, Skillshare, StackCommerce, and WordPress Without Filming

On a new website I uploaded to recently, CPDFormula, I’ve almost made a thousand dollars there.

1,234 A Month Teaching on Udemy, Skillshare, StackCommerce, and WordPress Without Filming

On SkillSuccess, I’ve made over $5,000.

1,234 A Month Teaching on Udemy, Skillshare, StackCommerce, and WordPress Without Filming

On various Teachable platforms that are not including my own that I had before, over $4,000 in earnings there.

1,234 A Month Teaching on Udemy, Skillshare, StackCommerce, and WordPress Without Filming

If you remember Skillfeed, back in 2015 I even made a couple thousand.

1,234 A Month Teaching on Udemy, Skillshare, StackCommerce, and WordPress Without Filming

I added up the numbers and what I’ve noticed is that I’ve put a lot of effort into promoting Udemy where I made the most.

1,234 A Month Teaching on Udemy, Skillshare, StackCommerce, and WordPress Without Filming

I haven’t put that much effort into promoting my own website Jerrybanfield.com and my via PayPal and Stripe, I’ve made almost $200,000 on my own websites despite not having put my full promotional efforts into them.

1,234 A Month Teaching on Udemy, Skillshare, StackCommerce, and WordPress Without Filming

A big lesson I’ve learned, is to focus my own promotional efforts just on my own website and allow the other websites to make whatever money they want to.

In the getting started this is the basic way I went about it and the biggest change I would recommend from what I did, focus on your own platform to begin with.

If you’re just getting started, you’ve never even made a video before or you’ve already got some courses up, I see YouTube as being the essential place to begin with your teaching online, and that’s where I made my first course, it was a free webinar on YouTube.

Getting Started

I put it on my channel in 2013, and showed people the best secrets inside my business that I had learned as to how to get cheap Facebook likes and that’s where my teaching got started.

The essential thing with YouTube is it’s easier than anywhere else to put videos up and start building a following and get some feedback.

For long-term success the huge lesson I’ve learned is always focus on your own platform, these other websites like Udemy, Skillshare, StackCommerce can be very unstable and you got to think long-term success and survival, if you want to be able to quit a job and just work for yourself as I’ve done for eight years now.

If you also want to make the most money selling anything, it is essential to have your own platform.

When you’re just teaching on Udemy or Skillshare or StackCommerce, you’re stuck, not being able to offer services, coaching and memberships.

When you’re trying to send people over to Udemy, and then trying to get them off Udemy to buy coaching and services, it doesn’t work very well and that’s why I’ve produced this presentation to help share what I’ve learned with you and make it easier for you.

1,234 A Month Teaching on Udemy, Skillshare, StackCommerce, and WordPress Without Filming

Here are some more success tips that are extremely helpful, especially on third-party platforms and on your own.

You want to produce a great promo video because you’d be amazed how many students don’t even actually watch the course.

The promo video is the only video on your course that needs to be really, really good and ideally it should be very similar to the rest of the videos.

I would practice the promo video 10, 20, 50, sometimes 100 different takes to smash the promo video just right, and then a lot of the course videos, I would just do on the first or second take.

Therefore, the promo video was in the same style it was just more polished.

You can hire somebody on Fiverr if you want to, but I just suggest to make a short 30, 90, 60-second video, and do a really good job, and practice it over and over again.

Then, the second step, you got to promote consistently using YouTube and promotional announcements or emails. It is essential for making those sales and the more you build up on one platform like Udemy, you can cross promote your courses, and then finally, you really need feedback and reviews to make it to the next level, getting your friends and family involved.

I just gave my Udemy courses away to begin with, to get hundreds of thousands of enrollments and that’s how I got such a huge amount of momentum on my profile.

Earning with others

If you want to earn with others, these are some tips relative to each platform.

On Udemy, if you want to just upload courses that you’ve already put on your own platform first, upload them afterwards on Udemy, change the titles and make it so it’s search engine optimized, something that a potential student would google that they would say, “I want a course on SEO or TikTok.”

Whatever you’re teaching try to put it directly so somebody would google it.

Udemy is really good for ranking in search engines, but I recommend just literally upload courses with different titles on Udemy than you’ve got on your own website, and then don’t do anything else besides promotional or educational announcements.

Don’t bother trying to use your own promotional resources to get people to Udemy. Courses will sell even without any reviews or feedback and if you spend a bunch of time sending people to Udemy that’s time you can’t send them to your own platform, and I’ve learned that the hard way.

I estimate I would have earned at least twice as much if I’d have sent people to jerrybanfield.com the entire time from YouTube instead of ever sending them to Udemy.

I would certainly have earned less on Udemy and at the same time I would have a much better long-term business today.

On Skillshare, short focused courses do really well and you don’t need to do any marketing either on Skillshare.

However, Skillshare has got a lot of picky terms and conditions on their courses that aren’t an issue on Udemy or StackCommerce, which makes teaching on Skillshare really annoying sometimes. That said, you can put a course on Skillshare that will often make more money than it will on Udemy, thus it’s good to be able to use all three of these together.

Earning with others

The next main platform to use is StackCommerce.

This one has the most flexibility in what you can upload.

However, it often takes them a long time to put your courses in bundles and actually make sales on them, and then the sales often just disappear after a month and you don’t get anything back on them.

This means you always need to be uploading courses to StackCommerce and working directly with the vendor manager to get them in bundles or you won’t make anything just off of a good organic traffic like you can on Udemy and Skillshare.

Here’s the main new strategy I’m using and this is not a surprise if you’ve been listening up until now. What I’ve been doing is uploading my courses to all these different websites. I’ve been selling my courses everywhere and on YouTube I’ve put a ton of links to Udemy, a ton of actual video captures showing the sales page on Udemy and getting distracted and overwhelmed.

I’ve been trying to upload courses to all these different platforms, and then struggling with policy issues losing profiles and trying to always be the number one whatever the courses, and that’s been a huge distraction. What I’m doing now is focusing on only one place.

I’m focusing totally on creating courses on my website.

In fact, I am no longer making any efforts to put any of my own courses up on Udemy, Skillshare or StackCommerce.

I’ve got a new system for that, that if you don’t have any courses and you think, “Jerry, I don’t even can’t even imagine how I’d teach online,” I got a new system for you.

I’ll just create the courses and you can sell them.

It’s at Jerrybanfield.com/partners.

Jerry Banfield partner program

This is a support group I have that’s been essential for not only my success, but the success of other instructors who’ve joined to get some Udemy group coaching, to take their Udemy sales to the next level, to build their own online teaching businesses and platforms and websites.

Jerrybanfield.com/partners offers both my support group for networking with weekly group calls and the ability to private message me.

The support group also offers a Creative Commons and Private Label Rights licenses to my videos.

Now, if you’ve read the Udemy and Skillshare and StackCommerce terms and conditions, you can’t put private label rights courses up on any of those.

Which is why I’ve innovated a new solution with a Creative Commons license where you can make significant edits to my videos in my courses, and then according to the rules on all these platforms, you can upload my courses on Udemy, Skillshare and StackCommerce once you’ve followed the directions I’m about to give you.

I’ve gotten over 90 courses ready to upload in Dropbox folders with landing pages you can look at to see what’s included in the courses and I’m filming about two new videos a day for my courses.

As I’ve said earlier, these courses have already made a lot in sales and have a lot more sales potential. If you want to sell my courses, here’s the system that you can use to do it.

Jerry Banfield partner program

First is you just download the videos and you need to modify at least 20% by editing and creating.

Number one, I recommend to make your own promotional video and your own introduction to the course and your own very beginning of the course. That way on any of these platforms, you will have full control over how the student starts the course and the majority of students don’t do anything more than start a course.

That’ll also differentiate your courses from any other existing courses.

Then from there, you can edit the videos I’ve made, you can take out sections where I ramble too much, you can edit them to increase the quality of whatever the course was on my own website and edit it to match your own style.

For example, I’ve got deep courses up on Facebook, YouTube and teaching online, and I’m making new courses on WordPress, Google Amp and selling courses on WordPress.

I’m making new courses that I know will be in demand on Udemy, Skillshare and StackCommerce that literally all you need to do is edit them and put them up there.

The key thing you need to do in addition to going through and editing the videos as you want them and creating your own promo video is to then change the titles, descriptions and lecture names.

That way, if more than one person takes the same course the course will look completely different to everybody.

The only way anyone would have an issue with it is if a student bought both courses and started watching deep into both courses, and then said wait a minute, “I just bought two courses that videos are the exact same.”

That’s not a big deal on most platforms either because then they’ll just ask for a refund. Most students don’t even watch that far into a course and if a student has a particular issue and they happen to have bought your course and somebody else’s course who did the exact same, the odds of that are really low.

That said, I believe in transparency and to me that is a worst-case scenario with it and by doing these two things you are least likely to have any issues with that.

The next thing that’s key is you can ask me any questions. If you want suggestions, “Jerry, what should I name this course and what changes do you think I should make to the description?” I’m happy as when you’re in the partner program to answer your questions.

The key thing for you to know is when you modify my courses using the Creative Commons license, you get as a partner, not as anybody in the world, but you need to be in the partner program, then copyright is yours once you make the course your own.

Jerry Banfield partner program

You put your own promo video, you do your own course introduction and you can easily just hire somebody on Fiverr to do that stuff for you if you want to.

Once you’ve done that, the new course you’ve made your own copyright, which is important for Udemy, Skillshare and StackCommerce. The best part about this is you get to keep 100% of the sales.

You don’t have to give me anything because the initial payment you give me is enough. I put up the new courses every month, focus on just creating and selling on my own website, you get to make all the sales for me on these other platforms.

When you’re ready to get started go to Jerrybanfield.com/partners and the price you get today will be the lowest price that’s ever available again because to keep this appropriate for everybody, I’m raising the price by hundreds of dollars every single time somebody joins us.

I’ve raised the price now that I’ve got the Creative Commons license available for partners, thus any previous pricing for the partner program you’ve seen is irrelevant now.

Jerry Banfield partner program

The cost will go up hundreds of dollars every time somebody joins to ensure that you’re not dealing with 5 or 10 other partners who are taking the exact same course and all trying to put the same course on Udemy.

The cost itself going up makes it prohibitive for new people to join.

I also work with partners to help ensure, “Hey, if three other people are already trying to do this course, then maybe you should do a different course.”

We have great communication, a private Facebook group, weekly group calls, we’re here to help each other.

I appreciate you watching the video or reading this blog post.

Thank you very much for making it all the way to the end.

I hope it’s been helpful to inspire you to teach online, to show you what I have been able to get with your help teaching online in terms of earnings, to give you the best lessons I’ve learned, to give you the support you might benefit greatly from, to build your own business teaching online.

I love you, you’re awesome.

I value your comments, your feedback and suggestion.

If you will have any more questions, I recommend just leave a comment on the video, but if you’ve got questions you want to ask privately, go to jerrybanfield.com/contact and my sales team is happy to respond to those for you.

Jerry Banfield

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