Start Teaching on Uthena and Get your Services Listed!

Start teaching on Uthena where you can also earn money by referring other instructors. When you are a partner with me in my partner program, you can get your services listed on Uthena which is a powerful business model.

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I am currently looking for investors for this. For example, on Uthena you’ve got bundles, you’ve got courses, you can even sell private label right for your courses on Uthena which is awesome because you can sell your course and you can sell private label rights. Private label rights means that you give it to somebody else to use it as their own course, for example, on their own self hosted platform.

Then you’ve also got services on Uthena, for example I’ve got an option to sponsor a video on my YouTube channel and this is ideal because sometimes people come to you thinking “I’m looking for courses” and then in the process of browsing find things like these services and that gives us the ability to make sales that other platforms don’t have possible.

We are seeking investor funding to build Uthena up to something that is the best place to make money online and is completely set up to allow anyone to immediately publish courses and to have full control over everything from the pricing to putting out free previews etcetera. We on Uthena have just a minimum viable platform here and you need to apply to get accepted to teach on Uthena by using your Udemy course.

Now I’ve shown you the four platforms I recommend making sure you get your courses on. I put my courses on some other platforms, and this has mostly been a waste of time. Most of these other platforms have made me almost no money, they’ve taken a bunch of time and energy and they just don’t have the amount of users. What is worthwhile is to make sure you build your own platform for your courses?

The one time I don’t recommend building your own platform, for example Uthena that is my platform for courses I’ve built and you can build something like Uthena yourself on Thinkific, the one time I recommend not using your own course hosting if you only plan to make one, two, three, maybe four or five courses. If you’re just planning to make one or two courses and you’re not planning to promote them at all, then you might not want to bother with all the learning curve of self hosting. If you are hoping to go full-time online someday with your business, I highly recommend doing your own self hosting with Thinkific because just like we do on Uthena you can put your courses, you can make bundles out of them, you can offer services, you can have that full control over your platform.

Start Teaching on Uthena and Get your Services Listed!

Then the basic formula to make sales is you put free preview videos out on YouTube which you can also advertise with Google ads as I do to get lost more views on the videos, that helps them ranked higher and get organic traffic. The key thing you need to start out with this is that you need hosting. I use Thinkific to host Uthena. When you use the link I’ve got for you here for self hosting on Thinkific you will help me earn 20% of whatever you pay and you’ll get a month free trial of the Pro Plan and you’ll get several more online courses specific to Thinkific that will show you how to get everything set up in your own self hosted school. I’ve got a course to teach full time on Thinkific, showing how I made my first $10,000 within a month of setting up my own self hosting on Thinkific.

I used Teachable in the past as well, you can see the icon for Teachable right there. I use Teachable to make about $80,000 self-hosting on Teachable and I got really frustrated and tired of using the Teachable interface. I see lots of others using that which is why I recommend Thinkific. I have used both of them and I much prefer Thinkific, that’s why Uthena is hosted on. StackCommerce is actually hosted with Teachable to deliver the courses and it’s got a lot of limitations that Thinkific does a better job at. Thinkific is real nice for a beautiful presentation which is why we use it.

Once you’ve got your own self hosting, you are ready to have a full-time teaching business online. You can offer services, courses, bundles, all in one spot to promote and build your business and then have passive income coming in from all the other platforms, you are ready to have the kind of numbers I’ve got and teaching online.

The final thing you must do is have some support services to really take things to the next level. I will finish this with some services and support you might need to make it to that full-time level.

Start Teaching on Uthena and Get your Services Listed!

The number one thing I’ll start with is a mentoring program. If I got my whole business wiped out the number one thing I would start with is a mentoring program. I mean my own business by my skills and knowledge and experience and my presence online.

The reason a mentoring program like my partner program is so effective is that you figure out some of the things you don’t know that you don’t know. From there you learn exactly what you need to instead of being clueless. What I’ve seen in working with partners is the ones who consistently show up to the weekly group coaching calls, the ones that do the consistent one-on-one calls with me every month, these are also the ones who are taking their business from a few hundred a month to start with to thousands a month to tens of thousands a month over a period of as little as a year. Sometimes it takes two or three years depending on what you’ve got to teach. We also have a private Facebook group and what you get especially out of a mentoring program like this is the relationships. I know I’ve got more things that I’ve shared in this post. I have connections, people that I can email directly at StackCommerce for example, people at other e-learning publishing platforms I can connect with, understandably lots of the top instructors at least that have been top for a while maybe not some new ones on Udemy and I can set up co-instructor relationships, I can help you figure out opportunities that you would be very unlikely to walk into and even imagined before by yourself and that’s why the partner program is so helpful. That’s the number one service I recommend if you want to be successful. As far as I can see, this is one of the best mentoring and coaching programs anywhere online if you want to build an online teaching business. I trust you you sign up for the partner program if you read this and think it sounds good.

Start Teaching on Uthena and Get your Services Listed!

Next thing I recommend it is to install TubeBuddy. TubeBuddy will help you research topics on YouTube and I’ve got an affiliate link to TubeBuddy here where you can help me earn 50% if you use that. I’ll show you TubeBuddy here, I can’t believe I didn’t use this earlier.

One of the main things TubeBuddy is good for, let me first show you the pricing, I think I’ve got the Star of the Legend, it’s very affordable. What it helps you do is research potential traffic or the amount of people searching on specific keywords on YouTube and that’s really helpful thing to know in terms of what do you want to create. If you want to create for example a YouTube video on a specific topic I’ve got a tutorial showing how to use TubeBuddy to research the exact keywords to then laser focus and aim at that phrase and then build organic traffic. The best way to make sales on your courses is to have people searching on YouTube, find a free preview of your course on YouTube where you then sell the full course on your own self hosting and that gives you the ability to make sales just on autopilot. That can also be boosted by YouTube. If you have done little on YouTube you can just advertise the videos to get some initial ranking.

TubeBuddy is extremely helpful to manage an entire channel, to search and find which topics are worthwhile. TubeBuddy can help you even figure out what courses to make because you can search for specific topics and you can see “Oh, there’s nobody that’s teaching this right now and there’s a lot of people searching for it therefore it’s a good opportunity.” Learning how to research your topics beforehand can help you make courses that get more students and make more sales.

One of the consistent mistakes I’ve made in teaching online is not looking and researching a potential course I was going to make beforehand in terms of researching the keywords and the exact topics I teach and I didn’t research whether there was an audience or demand for it. Demand in terms of how many people were already teaching courses on the exact same subject – why try and compete with someone who maybe already did a really good job making a course on a certain subject when you could just find the subject nobody’s teaching and the people want to learn about and teach that yourself. TubeBuddy is really good for that.

Start Teaching on Uthena and Get your Services Listed!

The next thing I recommend is get your email marketing set up. I use ActiveCampaign for my email marketing. I recommend ActiveCampaign because it integrates very well with Thinkific. Thinkific is what I recommended to host your courses online, and I recommend using ActiveCampaign for email marketing. There’s a synced direct integration in Thinkific for Active Campaign that, as soon as someone joins or even signs up at all on your self hosting, you’ve got them on your email list. Then you can do things like build sales funnels, you can sell your courses on autopilot with automations for example and as someone signs up you can immediately, as we send them an email with the master big course bundle on Uthena. Based on what students are learning or signing up for with free previews, we can send out “Hey, I see you enrolled in this course. You can buy the full course at this link.”

When you’ve got your email marketing set up with Active Campaign you have scalability to start with and the pricing is as it is. Yes, it doesn’t have a free plan likes other email marketing providers. For what I’ve learned the hard way is that using these other email marketing providers that can’t take your business all the way that you will very quickly start to, as soon as you get a bigger list, trying to do some fancy things with your email marketing what you end up doing is switching and having to start over on a different email marketing software which is exactly what I did. I got really tired of using my cheap email marketing software before and I had to move over to Active Campaign, I had to relearn how to do everything there. If I had to start over again I would just sign up for the Light plan on ActiveCampaign and get started there. Maybe once I got 10 courses up on my self hosting and was ready to promote it then upgrade to the Plus plan and get everything set up perfectly for my email marketing on the Plus plan, especially once I got a little bit of an initial list as well.

If you want to have an unbannable business that you can consistently promote the new courses you make having your self hosting connected with your email marketing is one of the best ways to do this. I’m grateful today I finally have a good email list with tens of thousands of people that get my emails every week and this makes a big difference for selling courses, for bringing people to everything else: my YouTube, my podcast, my Facebook, my coaching, my free calls. The email list I have is a very valuable tool to here, you hear about it so much in digital marketing to build an email list and I recommended you to do that with Active Campaign. When you use my Active Campaign link you’ll help me earn a 20% recurring commission on whatever you pay.

Start Teaching on Uthena and Get your Services Listed!

The final service I recommend is graphic design. If you’re not graphic design nor talented, then get a graphic designer to make your presentations, to make your thumbnails look nicer. I’m so grateful after years of doing my own poor quality graphic design out of laziness and difficulty finding a consistent freelancer and out of just not wanting to delegate it and doing it all on my own, I finally have a graphic designer I love, she does an outstanding job.

For example, you can see a professional graphic designer did this thumbnail. This was not done by me, it wouldn’t have looked beautiful like this if I had done it. If you want to work directly with my designer, we’ve got her listed on Uthena. What you do is you just pick an amount of work you want, let’s say a $250 or $500 or a $1000 and then you set up a workflow on Airtable where you just literally put whatever you want graphic design and she just cranked it out. This is how I’m able to have her do all my thumbnails for YouTube, all my course images and anything else from t-shirts to Facebook image covers. This has made a massive difference.

I’ve spent about $15,000 with Auret whose service is linked directly on Uthena. She’s got case studies of her work, she has testimonial here, you can see exactly why graphic design is so helpful.

If you might not see why graphic design is so helpful, let me explain. On YouTube, especially when you’ve got a professional-looking thumbnail, like when you got something like this, the click-through rate on the thumbnail tends to be a lot higher and when you get a higher click-through rate on the thumbnail more people start watching your video. The more people watch your video the more you get minutes watch, subscribers, comments, likes… The more you get of these YouTube thinks “Hey, this must be a great video, let’s rank this thing higher”, the better it does in ranking the more people will find it and the more you work that positive reinforcement the bigger and bigger you get on YouTube, the more course sales you make.

I have worked that angle on a bunch of videos that I even deleted on my channel because YouTube said instructional hacking videos are now a prohibited topic. The thumbnail is critical to getting the ball rolling on YouTube. Once I took a course that was terrible on Udemy, it only had one thing good in it and it emphasized the importance of having a well-done thumbnail. With a higher click rate on a thumbnail helps everything else get rolling from there, and now I am applying this myself. The basic formula for a great thumbnail on YouTube is this – you have a graphic design with a little space on it for your face, record the video, have your face in the space, just the first screenshot or one design for the thumbnail you’ve got, just take one frame out and use that as your thumbnail. That is what I do on my videos.

I went through everything for you here. Thank you for reading all the way to the end. I have a lot more for you to read or watch that will help you build your business up successfully for teaching online. For example, I go into more detail about all the money I earned teaching online, how I came in, and stories related to that. I definitely recommend reading that one because it gives you some insight into what’s it like to have your courses on all these different market places.

You want to learn how to build up a following on YouTube, you can read the comments from the haters who say I have no followers on YouTube or you can watch this video to show you how I built a following from zero to hundreds of thousands of subscribers on YouTube and regardless of those comments my videos are viewed by tens of thousands of people. Every single video I make, three videos a day, go out to tens of thousands of people for free on YouTube. This is something you can boost with paid ads.

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If you want to collaborate and work with others online, then Airtable is a great resource for that. I mentioned the TubeBuddy tutorial, check that out.

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Thank you very much. I’m so honored you made it all the way to the end. I love to see your feedback, please leave a comment, tell me how amazing this was or how horrible it was and why you torture yourself reading all the way to the end of it just because… I don’t even know where I am right now 🙂

Thank you for learning how to teach online with me. I hope this is helpful for you and I trust you will like it and share it if this has made a big difference in your life today.

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