The Best Resources To Learn Bug Bounty & Programming

Udemy has a lot of good courses on bug bounties. It’s the best place if you want to learn about everything related to bug bounties and hacking. On Uthena, we’ve got an Ethical Hacking Forever Course Bundle. It has 33 courses for $48.81 and you get every course we add to the bundle for free.

This is an example of what we’re doing on Uthena. You get all of the courses included with the bundle plus everything else we add. There are a couple of bug bounty courses in our bundle. We’ve got several ethical hackers that have been kind enough to upload their courses into this bundle. We’ve got a burp suite course.

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There are 3 bug bounty specific courses in the title but all of these courses combined have really good information in terms of learning bug bounties.

The Best Resources To Learn Bug Bounty & Programming

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on Uthena or you want more than what’s in this bundle, Udemy has plenty of bug bounty courses as well. Search for ‘Bug Bounty’ and then you can see a lot of related courses.

The down side of Udemy is, you got to buy each course individually but the upside is, you do have a very large selection of courses you can buy.

The Best Resources To Learn Bug Bounty & Programming

I just learned about Plural Sight. They have a few bug bounty courses on them as well. The best two options look like the ethical hacking forever course bundle on Uthena plus then just searching on Udemy and finding some courses on Udemy. Some of the courses in this hacking bundle are on Udemy and we’re working to get as many courses that are on Udemy also up on Uthena.

We’ve got hundreds of courses already that are on Udemy on Uthena within just a few months of launch and we’re going to have a lot more soon.

What’s the best way to learn programming?

It depends on what kind of programming. Well on Uthena, we’ve got several course bundles where you can learn programming and every course we add to the bundle indefinitely is available at no additional cost.

The Best Resources To Learn Bug Bounty & Programming

It depends on your money. If you have the ability to actually pay for something then I’d recommend buying some courses on how to learn programming. If you can spend money, I’d recommend buying a video course to learn programming. If you can’t spend money then just learn programming on YouTube.

The best way to learn anything though is by doing and you need to watch and then do it. I’ve learned how to do so many things by doing them. However, video courses have helped me to speed up the process of my learning, for example, take music. I have 70 songs out. I had no experience prior to 2017 making music. I didn’t even take any kind of music classes since like 6th grade and I just listened to rap and gangster hip hop music like Tupac and Eminem. Those are the main things I listen to.

The Best Resources To Learn Bug Bounty & Programming

I literally took video courses and bought the equipment for making music and I was able to make 70 songs. Some of which actually sound good and people are enjoying them. My daughter, several of her favorite songs are songs I made. That’s the power of video courses.

However, the key was watching the video courses and immediately putting into play what I saw. One more thing, I also got a mentor. I got an experienced music producer with best-selling courses online and I hired him for $600 a month to have one-on-one calls with me and talked to me specifically about my music to help me figure out what video course do I need to learn. What’s the most important thing for me to do in my music?

Therefore, if you want to learn absolutely anything, 3 things that will guarantee you learn it.

Watch someone else who knows how to do it. if you don’t know it, you can watch on YouTube for free. You can take video courses on Uthena. We’ve got several programming based bundles on Uthena. For example, The Mobile App Developer Forever Bundle On Android & IOS. We’ve got Learn to Code Forever Course Bundle or the Uthena University Bundle. This has a ton of courses and many of them have programming and coding involved.

There’s also a tutorial for using Facebook hacking in the phishing website in my forever course bundle on Uthena. If you go to Uthena, go into the Ethical Hacking Forever Course Bundle. You will find many tutorials on that in there.

I’m not producing any new hacking courses but we’re continuing it to get out the awareness of Uthena and the more instructors we get, the more they’re adding to their bundles. So, we’ve got several instructors that teach ethical hacking and I imagine they’ll be continuing to put new courses in this ethical hacking forever bundle.

You can take paid courses. If you can afford paid courses, these are generally a better bet than going on YouTube because of the ads. You want to learn as fast as possible in the highest quality learning experience. This is why teaching courses online is such a big opportunity. Therefore,

The Best Resources To Learn Bug Bounty & Programming
  1. You need to watch the right people learn from. Someone who really knows what they’re doing.
The Best Resources To Learn Bug Bounty & Programming
  • You need to do it yourself. You want to learn programming, start coding right away. Just try and code, follow along with courses and build your own programs right away like the Android Developer Bundle. This has a bunch of courses in it that will literally walk you through exactly how to make your own certain apps. It is very helpful for learning how to code.
The Best Resources To Learn Bug Bounty & Programming
  • Get a mentor. This is a piece that a lot of people miss. Get a mentor. It’s very hard lots of times to just do one into by yourself. You really need that mentor.

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