How To Find Love For The Creator of Life

When I love my family, my heart expands in the worship of the creator. In other words, when I love my wife, the love I have for her points back to that which created her and created me to love her. I couldn’t possibly love the form of my wife any more or less than I love that which created it.

This is the same that I’ve heard about children. I hear a lot of people say you’ll discover the meaning of true love when you see your child. What they’re suggesting is the same love that’s there for my wife, family, friends, and even for you. When I see any person I love it points me to that which created it. There’s no way I could love my wife in ignorance of that which created her.

In other words, when you love anyone or anything, it brings into question how is that which you love created. This was helpful for me to understand that I don’t have to condition my love on a specific form. I learned this condition through losing my dad.

My dad passed away last year and that which I loved most about him is still here just as it’s always been and always will be. I loved how my dad loved me and took care of me. I loved the love my dad saw in me. There’s a home video at my fifth birthday surprise party and the look on my dad’s face is pure love when I walk in. The same thing is going on with him. He is seeing the love of god and the beauty of life through his child. What I loved most about dad is that he showed the path to the creator. His love is one and the same as the creator of the universe.

This makes it so I don’t have to cling on to the exact format life takes. I had a big problem facing the fear of losing my wife. I love her so much that I don’t know what would happen if she was gone. I see the most fundamental thing that when I love her, it expands my soul into worshiping the creator. I have no fear about losing her body because what I most treasure about her is not something that can not be damaged. It’s not something that can be hurt. It is the love of that which created me because the creator created me to appreciate her. That’s the amazing thing about love. It shows you the path back to the source and back to where you and I came from. In that sense, it’s impossible to love any one thing more than another.

I hear a lot of people say that they discovered true love in having a child. I’m grateful I already knew true love for a lot of my life. True love is to know the love of God. There’s no separation between no love and all love. It’s all united. That’s a beautiful thing because then I don’t have to condition my love on how things are.

If my wife’s having a bad day, I still love her just the same. That unconditional love is untouched by what kind of mood my wife is in. If my daughter is having a tough day, my love is not conditioned on those circumstances. In fact, if my wife and daughter needed to return to the creator, it should not diminish my love for the creator.

I am the same way with my mom. I’m lucky that I knew that true love from my mother and father. Then, I could find another person and we could do that together.  If you can only see that person you’re with in a specific form, that’s good. Then you  can see how to apply that to every other form including yourself. I can’t love my wife any more or less than I love myself because we both are equal creations. To love my wife as an equal form of the creator or the love of the creator the same as I am a reflection of the work done by God. To not love myself is to not appreciate the work done by God. To say that I’m a bad or I’m an awful person is to point straight back at the creator of the universe and say you messed this up.

It’s cool to see the recognition that everything all goes back to the act of creation to start with. We all didn’t get here just by random luck and chance. Somewhere somehow we all decided that we all should be here and made all of us together. It’s a nice peaceful way where you don’t have to live with things being taken from you. Now, I don’t have to fear my wife being taken because I know what’s most precious about her cannot be taken. What’s most precious about my daughter cannot be taken. There are infinite reminders to me in the world of God’s love. It helps me to know that if my wife and daughter’s forms were taken, the creator loves me. Even  when I look in the mirror and see this form fading and dying, the creator still loves me.

It’s funny looking at my daughter I often get the impression she’s frustrated with this new body of hers. At some point before she almost knows deep down that she used to have something she understood more. This is frustrating because this is new and it doesn’t make any sense. It makes it so obvious that life goes on and on. When we see back to the creator then we can see that.

I pray today that I remember the love I have for my wife points back to the creator. I pray I see that  love for my wife and daughter and family is also the same love for this form. I can have a peaceful life today out of seeing and being aware of and surrounded by this love. I pray that you have the same chance today. That’s why I make these videos – for you to have the loving peaceful life that I have each day. I’m grateful I have this, that’s why I work to give it away to you so that you can have it if that’s what you want to. Thank you for reading this and I hope you have a great day today.