Achievment: The Little Things Are The Most important

A lot of little advantages you can’t see often add up to big advantages you can see. In other people and other things. If you want to get a big advantage in yourself you have to be able to see your little advantages and make use out of them. I’ll explain this more using this Call of Duty match, I got 35 kills on the other team and they only killed me eight times.

What I’m talking about as a big advantage is my perceived Call of Duty skill. It could take more than four of them to kill me and you would look at it and say I’m good at the game. Am I good at the game or do I have a lot of little advantages that add up into an observable big advantage?

I’m sharing this with you so you can see how a big advantage is a collection of small advantages in self knowledge. Then you might be willing to apply the same line of thinking in yourself. If you want an observable advantage in something, the key is finding the areas within and getting to know yourself.

I’ll give you the example of my Call of Duty Game play. You’ll see that I killed person after person in the game and it looks easy. Some might say it’s because I’m good, but I argue that I’m not any better or worse. I’ve got a lot of little advantages to help me look good.

First and foremost, the biggest advantage is I’ve played a lot of video games before. I’ve spent thousands of hours with a controller in my hand or a keyboard and a mouse playing video games before. It’s primarily experience that you’re seeing. I’ve played tons in the past and anything in life, to be good is to have tons of experience. However, I see people who’ve played more video games than me that don’t outwardly look as good at the game.

Even just a year ago when I was playing Call of Duty, I was lucky to even take out one person for every one time that I died. It’s not just experience. Experience, I would say, is the biggest single advantage you can have at anything. You have to know yourself, put your advantages together, and minimize your weaknesses to make your experience count. In the last year, I’ve learned to know myself as a gamer, know my equipment as a gamer, and know my game as a gamer. That self-knowledge helped me fix my weaknesses and turn them into big advantages.

For example, I have an Xbox elite controller. It may not look much different from a regular controller, but it’s the new Xbox one elite that I bought. The controller itself is slightly different from a regular controller. It has one little advantage on it. These triggers have an option to lock down the controller. When I pull the trigger on the controller, it has half the resistance of a regular controller. From the moment I decide to pull the trigger to the moment the Xbox registers that the trigger has been pulled is a tiny fraction smaller than the regular controller. By itself, it’s not a big advantage. Let’s talk about another little advantage.

That controller is a little advantage. My monitor, I have a BenQ gaming monitor, I used to have a little TV monitor and then a computer monitor. There’s two little advantages here: my Ben Q gaming monitor is designed for gaming. It’s a low latency monitor. There is less delay between when the Xbox sends out the signal and when the monitor displays the signal than an average monitor. That means my screen is a few milliseconds faster than a lot of other people I’m playing against. Again, by itself it’s not a big advantage.

Also, I’m using a computer monitor and I’m sitting close to as making this video for the camera. I used to use a TV that I was sitting 5 – 10 feet away from. It’s easier to play better when I’m sitting closer to whatever I’m trying to see. It’s easier for my eyes to pick out fine details. Sitting farther away, I often have to wear glasses or contacts. It takes a longer time to recognize little details and individual pixels. If you’re watching this game play, my reaction time seems to be very fast. I quickly notice when pixels are out of order. Part of that is sped up by sitting closer to the monitor.

Those are some small advantages. The controller, the monitors, and where I’m sitting relative to the monitor. When you add those advantages up, there’s a significant advantage. I also have my internet hard wired in. I have my elite console which allows my game to load a little faster and to play a little bit smoother. I also record most of my games so I know that I’m being watched, which is another little advantage. I noticed when I went to the gym to play with my friend, we were playing racquetball. There were a lot of students on their way to class and a lot of them were young, attractive girls. I noticed both of us took our game play up to another level. It was like we became professionals. We were playing absurdly well because we knew people were watching us and we were trying to show off.

As soon as the students had entered the classroom and they weren’t watching us play anymore, we both went back to normal play. So having recording my game I know that people might watch my game, I’m trying to show off.

If you have all of those little advantages up, that makes a huge advantage collectively. I often have as much as a tenth of a second advantage on another play. A lot of these moves in the game happen in the space of a half second or less than a second. Sometimes, a half second difference is gigantic in terms of reaction time.

All these advantages make it look like I’m a better player than I really am. These little advantages are an indication that I’ve looked at all the different details. I’m continuing to look and see where I can optimize my play better.

If you want to be good at anything and have a big advantage in life, get to know the individual parts that make up the whole. It will help you to see there is no big advantage. My Call of Duty play is a collection of little advantages. They’re all a reflection of the little things combined.

Today, I pray to recognize that my life is full of all little things. Each moment individually works to add up to the whole of my life. There are no big steps to worry about. All little steps to be taken. I pray that I remember no step is better than another step. Each step leads to the next step and is based on the last step. Anything I think is a big step is based on a lot of small things to know and do.

I pray that you have the same chance today to have a new insight into anything you’re trying to do better in your life. I pray that you see that you don’t have to look for any magic solution. All you have to do is get to know yourself, know your surroundings, and be open to learning about life. Then, you can produce what looks like miracles by looking around you and thinking about what you’re doing with an open mind.

Thank you for reading this, I value your feedback on it and I hope you have a great day today.