The Phoenix Never Dies, We Are Immortal Beings!

A phoenix is a mythological creature. It is often shown as a red fiery bird and it is very powerful. When the phoenix has reached the end of its lifespan, it bursts into flames and it turns into ashes, and then out of the ashes arises a new phoenix. The phoenix, then, never dies. It goes through the cycle of life and death, but it consistently rises out of whatever ashes, and has a fresh new life to live.

The Phoenix never dies, we are immortal beings!

The Phoenix Never Dies, We Are Immortal Beings!

I don’t remember my birthday!

You would think that I would remember a day that important. I was born into the world. In all of my government documentation, my birthday is a key feature.

On my gravestone, if I’m actually planted somewhere, on this body’s gravestone, there is likely to only be a birthday, year, a year of death, and a dash. Maybe with something else, like my legal name, or this body’s legal name and some text.

I don't remember my birthday! Phoenix

With those dates being so seemingly important, things like how old I am seems like it is so important. So many comments, “I don’t feel my age. Oh, I feel so old.”

You would think that I would remember a day as important as my birthday, but I don’t. A day as traumatic as my birthday, a day where you could say, the victim mindset starts, a day when I was just thrown into this world naked because my parents had some irresponsible sex nine months or so before that.

You would think a day like that would be important, right? Well, when did I actually come to life?

Try and pin it down, precisely. I have thought about this. When did I actually start life?

Because I’m obviously alive right now, and if there is a death at some point when my life ends, you would have to pinpoint exactly when it started.

So tell me, when exactly did my life start?

Was it the moment of conception?

I don't remember my birthday! Phoenix

The conception which, if you want to go all the way back in history, sounds like a Big Bang to me.

Out of nowhere comes Jerry.

Out of nowhere, suddenly Jerry appears. Boom!

My whole universe starts at the individual one cell level and explodes out into now this vast, nearly six foot tall, breathing human being standing here.

So, it is funny, my view of history, fundamentally, is “As within, so without.” My internal history is the same as what I see out.

Where exactly did my life begin?

Some say life begins at the moment of conception. If it does, why is that not my birthday?

Why is it when I’m born into this world?

It seems quite obvious with my daughter that she was alive long before her birth.

So it is some time before birth, but at what point after conception?

You might think, “Well, this is all argument. It doesn’t matter to history.”

We are getting there, we are almost there.

Where exactly does life start?

Where exactly did my life begin? Phoenix

For simplicity, if you just want to say, “Okay, Jerry, it starts at conception.”

When at conception?

The exact moment the sperm goes in and fertilizes the egg, is that the exact moment life starts?

What if, then, the egg doesn’t go anywhere?

What if there is no baby, what if it is a miscarriage?

Where, then, does life start?

Is there life before the sperm and the egg meet?

Did I exist before the sperm and the egg met?

Do I start existing the moment the sperm fertilizes the egg?

How far in does the sperm have to be?

Let’s slow it down in slow motion.

Did the sperm and the egg just greet each other for a minute?

The sperm says, “Hey. Do you want to turn into Jerry?”

And the egg says, “No. I was hoping for a girl.”

The sperm says, “Well, Jerry can be used as a girl’s name.”

The egg says, “Well, I can see you’ve got the wrong chromosomes for that. Don’t lie to me before we’ve even started this relationship. Do you want to join me in making a human being together?”

“Yes, sure, let’s do it,” says the sperm.

So at what point does 2 become 1 all of a sudden?

The separate sperm and separate egg, all of a sudden that becomes me?

Where exactly did my life begin? Phoenix

Looking at my daughter, it seems obvious. She was around a long time before my sperm met my wife’s egg, in such glamorous terms, and my wife and I are unable to nail down even exactly which day that might have been.

“That’s more than I needed to know. Thanks, Jerry.”

“You’re welcome.”

What I’m getting at, it is difficult to define the moment life starts. Have you ever seen a sperm and an egg come together?

Have you ever watched it happen?

I mean, I’m literally taking on faith. If we got to a point and agreed that, yes, the moment that sperm penetrated that egg, that’s when you started. Okay.

Have you ever seen that?

Do you remember seeing it for yourself?

I don’t remember seeing it happen for my daughter Madeleine. I have never seen it happen before, for real.

That means I’m taking completely on an act of faith the moment life starts, assuming that we can agree on it. You may think that birth is the point where life begins. You may think it is somewhere in the middle of that little cute sperm-egg dating story I told, and birth.

Either way, at least with birth, maybe you can say, “Okay. You see the baby coming into the world.”

I have actually seen that happen and it was obvious my daughter was alive before that. She used to get little hiccups while she was in the womb still. She had a bit of a personality, even in the womb.

My mom was dreaming about me before I was actually born. All of this gets at, there is a much deeper definition to who all of us are. If I am not just a body, if this body that I’m in is not who I am, in a long sense, it is just a form I have taken at the moment. Then, history gets much more interesting.

I was watching you from Heaven…

It gets even more interesting. Here is a story my aunt told: When she was 5 years old, she asked, or someone asked her somehow, the subject came up, “Where did you come from?”

She said, “I was watching you from Heaven. I was watching this family from Heaven, and I decided to come down and join you.”

I was watching you from Heaven…

She was the little sister and her big brother said, “Well, thanks a lot. You can go back to where you came from, we don’t need you.”

That was what she said at 5 years old about where she came from.

This has big implications for history. This version of history, then, makes a lot more difference. What happened in the past makes a lot of difference, then, because you might have actually been a part of it. If you do come from Heaven, or wherever you think you are before being born, then you very likely were in another one of these bodies before.

A big motivation of my work is the certainty that I love this life so much, if something happens to this body, I am fairly certain I will just grab another one. The same as you might do with a computer. Your laptop breaks, you go buy another one. A lot of us go around thinking we are the computer, or we are the programs we run on the computer, when really, we are the user of the computer. We are the user of the body.

Near-death experience, back from Hell and Heaven.

I just read a book called Proof of Heavenby a neuroscientist who gave his testimonial of thinking that life and consciousness were strictly a function of the brain. Then he experienced a near-fatal illness where he was brain-dead and in a coma for a week or more, where it would have been impossible for him, according to the science that he was certain of, for him to have any experiences at all.

Near-death experience, back from Hell and Heaven.

What he encountered in that time was a near-death experience where he went to both, apparently, what sounds like Hell and Heaven. After going to Heaven, going back to Hell wasn’t so bad. He then described consciousness based on what he had personally been through, as a phenomenon that is occurring both inside and outside of the body, as if consciousness is something happening outside the body, that at the moment is centered in the body, but really is projected outside the body.

I feel lots of times, and it is funny looking at my daughter, as if we are both sitting in the same place controlling different bodies. It is as if we are all in a big call center somewhere working together, and then we are using and operating one of these bodies. I also feel like the operator switched in my body. Whoever was operating my body for various different parts of my life seems to have switched. Whoever is operating it now seems to be significantly different from whoever was operating it before.

You are like a phoenix!

The point of this is, that if you want a self-definition, a definition of who you are, it seems to me like the phoenix is a good example. You are like a phoenix. You rise from the ashes. You live, and then you die into ashes, when then you rise again out of.

The real you is like a phoenix. You are beyond life and death, you are beyond time. You could go live this life, and then you could go live a life in the past next, and then go live one in the future after that. You are an immortal being who chose to be here, and who still is choosing to be here.

You are like a phoenix!

If you whole-heartedly chose to leave, you would leave. I’m certain I’m choosing to be here today because I have made the choice, half-heartedly enough times to not be here in my life, that I can see the hell and insanity that comes from trying to choose to live and die at the same time.

I feel that if I had ever made the choice completely, whole-heartedly to die, then I would have the chance to exit. Therefore, it is as if I’m an actor, I have walked on the stage, I chose to join my parents in this life. I have watched them from Heaven as my aunt watched her parents, my grandparents, from Heaven, and chose to be with them. I have watched my parents and chose, when that egg was fertilized by the sperm, to jump in at that point.

I had a vision of this once going to the gym that all of us, our souls hang out in the sun. When you are ready to go in, you kind of take this ride from the sun as a ray of sunshine down onto Earth, and then land and go through everything from there. Whenever you leave, you come back to the light and you get to go home after that, where all the other souls hang out.

This, to me, makes history so much more fun because you have got a stake in both the past and the future. Understanding it, then, all of a sudden has a lot more depth. You can handle a lot more depth in history. When you are a limited being with maybe 50, 60, 80 or 100 years if you are either lucky or unlucky, depending on whether you are ready to die or not. If you are living to 100 and you hated it the whole time, that’s like Hell, right?

If you are an immortal phoenix being that gets to come back over and over again, you might like to know farther back what happened then 10,000 years. You might like to go back millions of years or billions of years. My World History Reloaded idea goes back a real long time, because my sense of who I am is immortal. That is complete freedom.

What does an immortal being have to be afraid of?

About the worst thing that can happen to an immortal being is to get lost, to be disconnected from the whole.

Maybe we can all get connected?

Having a short, limited sense of history where you think you know everything is a good way to be disconnected from the whole, based on my personal experience. Being a person who thought I knew everything, who could quote facts and quote things to you as if they were the absolute truth.

This version of what I give you is equally as valid as any other you have heard. It is no more true and it is no less true. The truth, from my experience, can only be experienced as my experience. That means your truth is the truth you are living. My truth can be the same as yours if you choose for it to be, if that’s what you live. If you live another truth, you have complete freedom, you are an immortal being! You can go do whatever you want to.

This gives me great peace about things like traveling. I don’t need to go travel. I could have built wherever it is I might want to travel to. It gives me this peace that I’m connected and a part of everything, that I don’t need to add on experiences to validate this individual body’s life.

This motivates me to do the work I’m here doing with you today, so that we can all be connected together. Then, maybe we can all get connected with our greater galaxy, our greater universe. Instead of being one anthill in the middle of the field that’s not sure if there are any other anthills, we are connected with the greater system, the greater force, the greater continent, the greater planet of anthills.

Maybe we can all get connected?

There is life all around us. When you get out of the arbitrary “birth and death” life definition, then everything else I’m about to share starts to open up, also.

If you are in the, “Life starts at birth and ends at death,” then it is easy to say, “Life evolved on this planet and maybe it exists somewhere else.”

When there is life before death and life after death, when there is life all over all the time, then it is pretty obvious to look around and see that the whole universe is full of life all over the place, all the time. There is no start and no finish to it. For every start, that meant something else finished before that. Every universe that ends gives birth to a new one, just like the phoenix.

The whole universe, galaxies, planets, everything are all the same as our internal state. The whole universe is one big phoenix. The Big Bang theory is not the beginning of the universe. It is the beginning of another universe.

What was there before that?

There was probably a black hole from another universe that sucked everything into a singularity which blew up and got to be this universe. Life is infinite, and if this makes you want to throw up a little bit, that’s okay.

When you are learning to handle a new level of processing, it can be a bit overwhelming, lots of times. When I was holding on the idea that I was a human being, I have a birthday and a death day and that’s it, when I held onto that idea, the idea of being an immortal being made me sick, because I could see how far away my little mind-world was from being able to contain immortality. If you think you know everything about history, the past 50, 100 years or whatever, imagine trying to think you know everything about all of eternity. Pretty hopeless, isn’t it?

What was there before that?

Here is a simple way to think about it. Now is all of eternity. I heard from someone else who heard from a dying man who says, “Life, it all seems to go by in 5 minutes.”

That’s how it seems to me, too. Time actually is something we have created here together. Time isn’t real. The past is only real so much as it exists in my life today.

The past is just an idea that exists now. Now is all that’s actually real. The future is not real and the past isn’t real. What I’m doing is creating a universe now. We are all creating this universe together in real time, and that’s the only time there is. Our unified, it is as if we are all doing this eternal dance. In India, I believe it’s called Lila, the divine game. We are all playing this divine game together. We are all dancing for all eternity.

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