The Power of Listening In Your Time of Need

If you find it hard to listen sometimes, you’re not alone. I have often found it hard to listen in my life, but I have a power thought that helps me listen now.

Whatever is being said is what I need to hear.

For example, if a specific person is talking, that person is saying something I need to hear. The whole thought is based on the fact that you have the help you need around you at all times. I have always had the help I needed around me at all times. When I suffer it’s when I refuse to use it.

I often have the tools to feel better and I look around and say no, I’m not using that. I’m not listening to you. I’m not going to use all the help I have around me. Today, this helps me listen because I know whatever anyone is saying to me is exactly what I need to hear. It’s a personally crafted message from the creator of the universe straight to me.

In the view that we’re all connected, I’m at the deepest levels making the other person say what they’re saying. It’s like a big scripted movie and all the lines are written. Whatever is being said to me is exactly what I’m supposed to hear. That helps me listen better and not judge whoever is talking. The more I judge whoever is talking, the more necessary it is that I hear the message. The more I get bored and think I already know about whoever is talking or what they need to say the more I hear the message.

I’ve noticed that the messages I react to the most negatively or the message I  turn away from are also the things I need to hear the most. I needed to hear them the most because I needed to change my life and get into the right place. Whenever someone told me something to take better care of myself, I was unlikely to listen to them. I was more likely to not listen. I couldn’t take advantage of the help I had around me until I was ready to get the help I needed and the power thought of what is being said to me is what I need to hear. It’s funny because it’s more confusing if I can’t figure out in my mind what exactly I need to hear what this person has to say. Then I try to focus in more.

I like to listen to Eckhart Tolle and I can turn on his audio book when I need to listen to him talk. I can turn it off when it’s time to stop listening to him talk. I use this thought in situations where I know I need to be there like a support group or a family dinner or hanging out with my friends online. I’m thankful to notice I haven’t been applying this well with my friends online. I’ve been doing it well in my support group and my family dinners, but not with my friends online. It’s nice to reflect on yourself sometimes to see where you can improve.

My friends online will complain about the video game just like I did most of my life and like I can still do sometimes if I want to be miserable again. They will complain about the game and instead of listening to what they’re saying I will resist getting the message. I need to hear lots of time that other people are still suffering and other people need help. They don’t need other people to preach to them, they need me to give them space to exist.

They need me to accept them as they are the way so many people accepted me the way I was when I was sick – messed up. They now, love and accept me the same way when I’m living a much healthier life today. This thought is helpful to me. I have a huge collection of power thoughts to use almost all of them were given to me by other people.

I’m delivering this to you with the hope that you can get the same use out of it that I do. The most I apply those power thought, the more I can really listen from a place of stillness and not a place of judging a word that someone said. If you’re listening in stillness you’re in a trance while you’re listening to this and there’s not a lot of thinking. If you’re listening to this with resistance you’re judging everything that’s being said.

That’s what listening with resistance is and it’s hard to hear anything at all. That’s how I hear most of my life. I usually will be thinking about what I’m going to say next. I didn’t hear anything. What’s amazing about the brain is even when you listen like that, if  you need to hear something it will come back to you. You will remember it right when you need it.

Last year I got utterly miserable and falling apart and the more I prayed I kept remembering all these things other people have already said to me. Over months I hadn’t been listening, I had been resisting. I was judging. As I was praying, I heard what they said. Now, things that I listen to and read they’re there when I need them.

I pray today that I remember when there’s anything to listen to that I have exactly what I need to in front of me. I pray that I remember what I’m hearing exactly what I need to hear. What’s being said is exactly what needs to be said to me. It’s exactly the message I need to receive. All communications are between me and God. Everything around me all comes from life delivered from one form or another. I pray that you have the same chance to experience the power this thought brings me each day. It’s there when I need it, sharp and focused. I hope you have a chance to use it. If you use it in your life at some point, I would love to have your feedback on it. Thank you for watching this and I hope you have a great day today.