The Secret to be Wealthy | Tips & Suggestions

That is a great question. I feel rich. I feel very wealthy. I have everything one could want in life except maybe you would argue, the guy on the street who has nothing to do all day. What I don’t have is essentially free time or space.

My whole day is scheduled. I’m consistently doing so I’m busy. I’ve got a lot of things to do. Thus, I feel very wealthy daily.

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I’ve earned lots of money online. This year, I’ve spent so much money promoting and mostly building Uthena. I spent like $80,000 this year to get new in-demand video courses filmed for Uthena like the ones in the Ethical Hacking Forever Course Bundle, like the Mobile App Developer Forever Bundle.

I spent so aggressively building Uthena this year that I spent a hundred thousand so far or approximately more in 2019 than I’ve earned. I just borrowed all my credit I could get. I borrowed on that. I’ve just stopped doing that. I’ve spent enough to lay a strong foundation for Uthena. I’ve cut my expenses down to almost nothing which to me, is a couple of thousand dollars a month.

I’ve stopped all my online ads and I’m not doing online ads anymore. I’ve spent over four hundred thousand dollars on online ads. I’m no longer doing online ads anymore and I am sticking to showing up here, doing the live streams, and doing the workshops I have on my website. I’m earning through calls, coaching, and consulting in my partner program. I’m making like $10,000 a month almost automatically which is a passive income.

If I’m spending $20,000 or $30,000 a month, $10,000 sucks but spending $2,000 or $3,000 a month, the income I have is very good. So, yes. I feel like a millionaire. I feel very wealthy and to me, the most critical thing is how you feel because there are lots of people that have plenty of money in the bank that don’t feel wealthy.

If someone walks up to me on the street and says, “Jerry, can I have 20 bucks only?”. I’m like, “Sure, here’s 20 bucks”. I feel very wealthy and before 2015, I did not feel wealthy and no matter how much money I made, I didn’t do a good job spending it. I started feeling wealthy and appreciating my life and then all of this manifested afterward.

I do my workshops and all I do is to help you make the most money. The platform Uthena is all about helping you teach courses that earn more money as an instructor or as a student to have access to the best courses for the lowest prices. For example, Uthena university bundle has 419 courses. Most of which are on Udemy and you can get them for $419 instead of $4000. 33 Ethical Hacking Forever Courses with some of the best current information for $48.81. I enjoy helping you to learn and make more.

Tips & Suggestions To Earn Money Online

My number one suggestion to earn money and that has worked for me is ‘teaching online’.

If you want to learn more about making money teaching online in detail, watch the video down below.

That said, everyone is not ideally set up to teach online but what’s worked best for me is teaching online. There’s a huge opportunity to make video courses online and teach skills that other people are willing to pay to learn.

The Secret to be Wealthy | Tips & Suggestions

If you’re thinking, “Well, I don’t have anything to teach” then the number one suggestion I have to make money online is to learn some valuable skills. Learn skills especially in coding or development. You might think, “Well, I’m not a coder or a developer”.

You can learn to code and developing skills if you’ll simply take some video courses and try and play around with it on your own.

With no experience coding, in about a year or two in high school, with just one one-hour class, I was able to code my own Monopoly game and code lots of simple programs. I’m certain if you want to make money online, learning how to code is a very valuable skill in and of itself and that that is a very valuable skill you can teach also.

The Secret to be Wealthy | Tips & Suggestions

If you have skills that you’ve already worked on and you can teach, Uthena is a great place to teach them especially if you are already teaching on other platforms.

How much do I earn from the internet per month?

Since 2015, these are my numbers all from online and therefore, you can do the averages if you divide in the image below. That’s 4 years of data and I’ve used the numbers from my income taxes and you can do the math on that. I’ll divide $694,801 profit divided by 48 months.

The Secret to be Wealthy | Tips & Suggestions

It’s an average of $14,475 profit a month after the Internal Revenue Service or the IRS which is the government body that collects taxes in the USA. After taxes, it is probably about $10,000 a month take-home income or $120,000 a year since 2015.

Now I’ll tell you, before that, I did not make very much money. In fact, I lost money online for years before I started to make money and the only thing that allowed me to make any decent money online was fixing up the rest of my life.

  • I changed my life.
  • I changed how I was treating my body.
  • I stopped drinking.
  •  I started eating better.
  • I started exercising more.
  • I started consistently reading inspirational books.
  • I started thinking about how I could help other people instead of how I could get what I wanted.

When I started my business, I thought I want $10,000 a month income and I quickly got there once I focused on that specific goal but I wasn’t thinking about how I could help someone else with that money. I was earning when I started thinking, how can I help you get what you want and how can I help everyone on earth get what they want, then the money just has been rolling in like crazy since then.

How to become rich OR WEALTHY?

If you want to become rich and wealthy, the key is to become rich NOW. To be immediately mentally rich now because to me, God is kind of like a genie. Like in Aladdin, they rub the lamp and the genie comes out. That’s kind of how God is to me. God seems to work based on what we’re thinking. Every thought is a prayer.

So, if I’m thinking I’m so broke, I’m so poor and I don’t have enough then God says, “Ok. You’re asking for being so broke and so poor not having enough, alright, I’ll give you more of that”.

The Secret to be Wealthy | Tips & Suggestions

If you’re expecting bad things to happen and if you’re expecting to not make money then that’s like a prayer that God says, “Well, sure. I’ll give you exactly what you’re expecting”.

What transformed me from being poor and I have never been that poor where I’ve missed a meal or anything. I in college had about the least spending power that I’ve ever had and I felt often like I couldn’t afford the things I wanted. To me, that’s being poor when you feel like you don’t have enough money. The opposite is feeling like you do have enough money.

You can have $0 in the bank. You can have a hundred thousand dollars in debt and still feel like you have enough money for today and the secret to being rich is having enough today and being happy with what you’ve got today and then imagining that you will have more.

I started imagining before I made any of what I’ve made. I was imagining making a million dollars online and I believed I could do it and I worked at it every day and I failed. I failed, suffered, and struggled. There was no magical point where I just suddenly celebrated and had a party.

ImageIn fact, just making this most recently I’m like, “Oh my God. I’ve made a one and a half million dollar since 2015 online. Holy cow”.

This is something that now I take for granted. Do you see? The mindset of being rich is that you expect that you can make money. I expect I have a huge earning potential today and guess what? It materializes. I used to expect I didn’t have much of earning potential.

The Secret to be Wealthy | Tips & Suggestions

I risked my life for $20,000 a year as a correction officer. I risked my life for $30,000 a year as a police officer in constant stress. I took a graduate assistantship for like $700 every two weeks. When I imagined myself as not having enough money, being broke, regardless of rather you’d agree with my assessment of it, then that’s what I got.

The secret is, in 2014, I started imagining things differently. I saw that I had enough money. I leaped from I don’t have enough money and I need to make more to I do have enough money and I’m going there be prepared to receive all the money I’m asking for.

If you want to be rich, it makes a big difference.

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Jerry Banfield