Having Everything You Need When The Time Is Right

You will always have what you need when you need it. You might not have it before it’s time. You might not have it before you’re ready for it. I suffered a lot in my life because I wanted things that I thought I needed before I did need them.

For example, as early as first or second grade, I was already thinking about and trying to find and be with my wife. I was wondering where she was. Yet, I wasn’t ready I didn’t need a wife in first, second grade or even college. I didn’t need a wife then and yet, I agonized because I didn’t have that relationship already. I now have a wife and daughter and I need them now and they’re here.

Someday I will not need them and either I will leave or they will leave or how ever we part at the end of life. That will happen and that’s okay. The circle of life is based on having what you need when you need it and not any other time.

This is helpful for all kinds of worry and anxiety in the future. I’ve struggled a lot with worry and anxiety over not having what I need when I need it. For example, my daughter was getting a little crabby before I made the video. I remembered I don’t need her to be silent or be peaceful prior to making the video. She can be how ever she wants to prior to making the video. If she needs to not be peaceful for me to make a good video then she will do that.

It takes the worry, fear, and anxiety out of it. I stop thinking that maybe my daughter will be too noisy and this is the last chance I have to make a video today. If I need to make a video right this moment then it would be in front of me. If I didn’t need to make a video then it wouldn’t be here. This is helpful for all kinds of things. For example, my grandmother just passed away today. I didn’t realized I was going to have to take a trip to Michigan  to go to the funeral. Now that I need that knowledge, I have it. Now it’s time to take that knowledge and act on it. I didn’t know that before and I made my plans based on not knowing that. Now that I need that knowledge I have it and I can base my plans on it. I have everything that I need and I don’t have to want after things. I have all the money I need today.

I don’t have any of the money I want today. That’s the beauty of it. I’ve had all the money I needed every day of my life. Some days it was a lot less than I wanted. I owe lots of money today as a part of having the money I need today. The fact is I have the money I need today. I want more money to pay my debts off, but I don’t need that today. I am paying my debts off with the money I have well ahead of schedule. When it’s time for the debts to be paid off; when the debts need to be paid off they will be paid off. This doesn’t take my responsibility out of the equation.

I have everything I need in this moment so I don’t need to stress over the future. There are still practical concerns though. You have a mind so you can use it to plan. Most of what I did and what I see other people doing is using 98% of the mind to worry about things that you don’t have. You worry you won’t have something when you need it or you’re debating whether you have something you needed in the past. About 2% of the mind gets used to actually make the plans or get things set up how you need them. I try and eliminate that 98% today by asking for help.

I ask to have the peace of mind to do what I need to do each moment. I ask for help through prayer to be of service, to do a good job, and to see what I have  in this moment. I ask to  not need things, to not want things I don’t have and to do the best I can. That includes if there’s something I may need in the future to buy it now.

At one point I decided that mycomputer would be a good idea. I didn’t need it then, I saw that what I did need to do is buy it. In other words, you work with the understanding that you have what you need now. You work now doing your best to set up things so you have what you need later. You do not need to have them before you’re ready though.

For example, I wanted a great relationship so much of my life. A lot of the misery and suffering I hear is from people that are in a situation that don’t have a relationship. I need someone, I have to have someone to be with. Deep down I believe I’m a spiritual being that’s living a human life. Part of that human life that’s lived to procreate and has a need to partner off. That needs to be there. The part of me that’s a man is programmed to look at other suitable mates. It’s programmed that way. It needs to be there so that the human race continues. I don’t need to act on it . I don’t need to criticize or condemn the thoughts I have on it. I can just let them go.

I’m grateful that I have a wife today that I’ve procreated with instead of the old agonizing and the pain of seeing another woman and thinking she’s attractive. I shouldn’t have thoughts like that. The wanting that comes from feeling incomplete. If you feel incomplete you need to feel like that because this life is based on feeling incomplete. In form, you can never be complete. The incompleteness of your form is needed to show you the completeness of all life, of all existence, of all eternity and show you God.

The incompleteness of your form is there to show you that you need God, you need help. You need support. You can never add anything to your form that will make it complete. You can never get me in a position where I can say to you that I’m complete.

I could always say that I want more money or I want more babies, more wives, it could get crazier and crazier. I think of people like Osama Bin Laden. The man had 9 wives and was still looking at porn. This highlights the incompleteness of the form. It makes sense to me. I get the incompleteness. That feeling of always needing something else. The biggest area of incompleteness in my life was in relationships. Starting when I was a little kid when I could remember, I had to have a girlfriend.

Going forward in my life I thought that having a great girlfriend or wife would complete me. First, I managed to find girlfriends, but they weren’t good enough. Finally when I found my wife, I knew it was perfect. Now, my business needs to be better, it’s not quite done yet. My business is pretty far from perfect and I need to work on that. Then I’ll be complete. The trick is to never ever build all that completeness. Whatever you’re thinking today that will make you complete, it won’t. There will always be something new. That’s the miracle of life. There is always something new. Everything’s new all the time. You’re in the same moment where things always come out a little different. It’s ideal, but it can always be hell. You can never do anything that will complete you. You can see you are just who you need to be today.

That helps me when I’m in pain to see that I need this pain right now. I need this to teach me what I need. I used to get so mad at pain in the past. You can’t imagine or see all the things that don’t happen because of all the things you are doing right now.

One of the coolest statistics I’ve seen is that planes that crash have a lower percentage of people who make the flight. In other words, for planes that crash, an unexplainable amount of people missed the flight. There’s an awesome study on it. About 77% of passengers made flights when flights did not crash and only 63% of passengers made the flight for planes that did crash. It is a gigantic statistical difference. That’s a perfect example. Maybe you needed to be late to miss a car accident later. Maybe you needed to be late to miss out on a plane crashing. All you can think about is being late, but you might be missing out on your body dying. You never notice it.

You almost never find out what you missed out on, but what you can do is know that you have what you need right now. I’m grateful to know this today. It helps me so much even in making this video. I had a good idea for the premise that you’ll know what you need to know when it’s time and I wanted to write that down. I wanted to put it in Evernote because I didn’t’ want to forget it.

If I needed this idea for a video then I would remember it right when I needed to and guess what? I remembered it right when I needed it.  I wondered what I would make a video on today and I remembered this topic. You will know what you need to know when you need to know it and you may not know it sooner. Things like going to get that job, when is this marriage going to start or end, or when it this child going to be conceived. Whatever you think you need to know right now, you’ll know it when you need to know it. You don’t have to suffer right this moment.

You don’t have to be in pain and misery right this moment. You can have faith and confidence that when you need to know something you will know it right when you need to. I didn’t know my grandma had passed away this morning. I knew it when I needed to know it around 7 o’clock earlier tonight. It just so happened all my calls lined up last night. My aunt called to tell me that grandma passed and my friend called me back and right after that I got hold of my mom to talk to her about it. It all lined up , I could’ve never scheduled to that well. Earlier I was trying to do a lot of planning and then I realized I don’t know what I’m going to do later. That’s the truth. I pray that I will trust and keep praying and keep trusting. I pray that I will keep trusting that I know what I need to do right this moment and any future moments also. That’s what I needed to do.

I need to trust because it hurts to much to be afraid. It hurts too much to worry. I’m sensitive now. It’s a beautiful way of living to be vulnerable. It requires trust. It requires humility. You can’t go around saying you know everything without getting hit in the face with the fact that you don’t know much. I noticed that from trying to act like a know-it-all and needing the lesson that I didn’t know it all. It’s a beautiful thing to have what you need and to see that you always have had, do have, and always will have everything you need. You may or may not have everything you want in that moment. What you need will give you peace and joy in that moment what you want will give you the opposite if you’re anything like me.

Today, I pray to continue knowing that I have everything I need right now. I pray that I can trust God that if things are okay now, they will be okay in the future. If you’ve gotten this far somehow, you will continue to go far. You don’t need to know how you got here or where you’re going. I pray that you know that you have everything you need right this moment and you’ll know that you’ll have everything you need in the future, too.

It might not make sense how that happens. You might not be able to see all the benefits of it. It might look wrong. It might look like something you don’t need right now. Maybe you do. Maybe you don’t even notice what’s not happening because of what is happening. I’m honored to be here with you today. I love making these videos. These videos are an important part of my spiritual practice and my journal and growth and development. I’m honored that even my daughter who is getting a little unsettled has calmed down. She understands none of the words, but she understands the spirit and communicated it. She feels the love this is being communicated in. Even if you don’t feel all the words line up. If you feel the love and positive energy and practice that in your life, anything is possible for you. I’m honored you read so much. Thank you and I hope you have a great day today.