Thinkific Membership Site Example 2019

Do you want to have your membership website where you can sell access to courses, to groups, and services all in one place? If so, you might love seeing at this membership example website I’ve got for you today hosted on Thinkific which is named Uthena. This is an example. I’ll give you the basic setup as to how you can do this yourself.

The main thing you need to start with is Thinkific to host your website. Then all you do is upload the content to it. If you’d like to join Thinkific and you’re not a member yet, will you please use my link. You’ll see this page when you use my link to join Thinkific as you can see in the image above and you’ll get a free month on Thinkific’s pro plan which gives you everything you need to set up what you see me setting up as well as several courses showing you how to teach online. When you use this link, it helps me earn 20% of whatever you pay for which I’m very grateful.

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Thinkific Membership Site Example 2019

This is what you can build with Thinkific. As you can see we have a sitewide subscription for $9.81 a month for 394 courses currently. We also have a lifetime purchase here for currently $96.87 and I’ve got my partner group here which includes a one-on-one call with me every month and weekly group calls as well as private label rights too. I have 150 courses that you can put up on your website and a Facebook group to ask questions. We’ve got lots more course bundles on here, lots of courses and services. We even can buy private label rights directly on Uthena. When you’ve got bundles, you’ve got sales pages.

Thinkific Membership Site Example 2019

The key thing to set all this up is to upload the courses to Thinkific and have some graphic design to make it all look beautiful. If you don’t have the courses, I can get you started with 150 courses that you can buy any of them individually that you want here or joining the Partner Program under services. Joining the partner program will give you access to all my courses indefinitely.

Thinkific Membership Site Example 2019

We even have a Sales Report On Uthena which you can set up with Airtable. I’ve got a video showing how I do that. You can see exactly what is currently selling on Uthena also. We’re making almost all of our sales by organic traffic by just putting free preview videos up on my YouTube channel and then sending viewers to Uthena. You can see what people are paying. You can see that the membership option for Uthena scholars is consistently getting almost $10 a month subscribers on every day or every other day or every few days. I’m grateful we just had a new partner join as well and I’ll give you some tips to set all this up yourself.

First, online course bundles and subscriptions are an outstanding business model especially the subscription because it’s a low price. It gives people a lot of value and if you’re like me, will leave subscriptions far longer than needed, which can be a good revenue model and then you have other people who won’t subscribe under any circumstances. You can offer a higher value product in a course bundle.

The main thing we’ve sold on Uthena is Course Bundles and then the Uthena Scholar Subscription and the Partner Program. Thus, with a membership website, you can build anything you want to on it from courses, services, course bundles, etc. What you can do to make sales for this is to use ActiveCampaign for email marketing. There’s another affiliate link here. If you sign up and start your free trial, you can also help me earn 20% as an affiliate there as well. What you do with ActiveCampaign if you’re like me,

  • You’ve got every single course set up.
  • When you click on the course, there’s an option for a free preview.
  • When you click on the free preview option, then you get a window to sign up for Uthena.
  • As soon as you sign up for Uthena, it has a box that says, “You’ve read and agreed with terms of service and customer privacy policy”.
  • It then puts you on our ActiveCampaign email list.
  • We send weekly newsletters with what’s new on Uthena.
  • We also send targeted emails based on whatever course you enrolled in.
Thinkific Membership Site Example 2019

For example, if you signed up for a hacking course under the free preview, what we do is, we send you an email to take a look and say, “Hey, we see you enrolled in a hacking course with us. Take a look at the Ethical Hacking Forever Course Bundle where you can get all of the courses that are included in it for one flat cost. We also promote the subscription. As soon as you sign up for Uthena, you get an email saying, “You can take every course on Uthena for $9.81 a month. To having that automated email marketing set up when combined with the free preview option has been helping us convert sales every day and helping not as many potential leads and new users slip through the cracks.

I like the free preview option on Thinkific and the landing page design for that. The sales report is also really good if you want to provide some social proof. And I trust you’ll check the video on how to set that up. One thing you’ll notice that I’ve done away with reviews on Uthena. One of the main problems of running a membership website is the reviews. When you initially set your website up, you’ve got no reviews on everything. You can see on Thinkific, there are no reviews on anything. That’s because I disabled them all. If you have reviews then it often doesn’t look good actually because you’ll have a low number of reviews on a bunch of courses which just tell students that this isn’t a very popular marketplace, why even bother with it. Therefore, I’ve just done away completely with reviews.

Instead, what I’m able to do is, put free previews up and why? You don’t need a review if you can just sign up, start watching the course and see if you like it or not before you buy it. You also can do things like video testimonials, for example, on my Partner Program, one of the partners was kind enough to film a video testimonial and then we don’t need reviews on the partner program. You can watch and learn from someone else’s experience with the Partner Program.

Thinkific Membership Site Example 2019

There’s a wide variety of pricing options available in Thinkific. For example, you can see the current cost of my partner program in the image above. You can set all these different price points which are nice for memberships, for example, I set my pricing based on how many one-on-one calls you want because that has the amount of work in it that I need to do corresponding with what you pay. And this allows me to do kind of coaching packages all within the partner program as well without having to figure out an exact service for it like a specific product coaching. Just join the Partner Program and then you get coaching for it.

You can also set up custom pages, for example, we’ve got at Teach page. You can make custom landing pages as you can see in the image above. This is where you can apply to be included as an instructor on Uthena and you can make as many custom pages like this as you want to as landing pages. You can if you want to, direct people to another site. I recommend getting a graphic designer if you don’t have one. As you can see Uthena looks very nice unlike most of the other things I’ve made because I work with a graphic designer and she is available with the graphic design service that is currently on Uthena.

Thinkific Membership Site Example 2019

I think I’ve done a good job of giving you a membership example using Thinkific. If you’d like to build this yourself, I trust you’ll help me earn by using all those affiliate links for ActiveCampaign and Thinkific. If you’d like help setting this up yourself, I trust you’ll go Become a Partner and that way I can give you the most hands-on help to set up your membership site. You can also follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin.

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Thank you for getting off through every sentence of the post. I love you. You’re awesome and I’m doing my best every day to help make something useful for you.

Jerry Banfield