Video Course Hosting for Uthena by Thinkific!

After trying more than five third party hosts and another popular self-hosted solution, I trust Thinkific to host all of my video courses on Uthena!  When you want to try Thinkific for your hosting, will you please visit or any link to Thinkific on this page because you will love Thinkific’s hosting as much as I do and feel good knowing that part of what you pay in hosting to Thinkific will be given back to me as an affiliate each month?

How We Made $11,637 in 28 Days Teaching Online Courses with Thinkific!

Would you like to see how we made $11,637 during my first 28 days teaching on Thinkific? Will you take the complete course or watch this live video for a summary and answers to questions?

I hope this video answers question like “What is the best website to self-host your own online video courses?”

After years of hosting my courses on websites like Udemy, Skillshare, Stackskills, Curious, Skillsuccess, Amazon Video Direct for Amazon Prime customers, and Teachable, I finally made the switch to Thinkific because I wanted the very best hosting I could find for my courses which gave me complete control over my school.

Better Than Udemy, Skillshare, and Self Hosting Video Courses on Thinkific and Teachable?

Imagine a marketplace for self-hosted video courses similar to Udemy and Skillshare where you can have all the freedom of your own self-hosting with Teachable or Thinkific including access to student emails, complete control of pricing, and 20% earnings as an affiliate?

You could eliminate all of your own self-hosting and any need for extra software like ClickFunnels because of the ability to offer a video course as a lead magnet and then immediately upsell!

My vision to execute this is to move to a Thinkific Enterprise hosting as seen at and invite instructors to upload courses on one central website by creating course admin accounts for instructors which allows for creating and publishing your own courses.

Instructors then earn 60% of any sale plus 20% additional when using an affiliate link to sell your own course with 20% for life on any new signup! This means you could offer a lead magnet of your own to drive signups, sell your own courses in a bundle, and even sell everything else from the website to the email list at 20% indefinitely!

Skillshare vs Thinkific! Income Report for Teaching Video Courses Online!

Obviously, I made some good money with my own self-hosted courses. What I got frustrated with Skillshare is the inability to sell my courses at a higher price and the inability to control things on Skillshare.

Skillshare vs Thinkific! Income Report for Teaching Video Courses Online!

What I did after years of using Teachable, I got frustrated with using Teachable and I signed up for Thinkific, a beautiful online course hosting platform.

I’ve since earned, as you can see, $45,971.94 in revenue off of Thinkific. If you subtract all the fees and costs I’ve paid, the actual amount I’ve gotten off of Thinkific is probably anywhere from $35,000 to $38,000, which given that has taken place in a year and a half compared to three years of earnings on Skillshare, that’s a great deal.

However, there is one very important thing I need to mention for Thinkific. A lot of the earnings from Thinkific came in from a couple of different activities that I’m no longer doing, and then are not good opportunities for everyone.

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