The Third Jerry Banfield Show – This is Good for Me!

Would you like to read how saying, “This is good for me” can make a difference in your body and health because this is what Jerry is doing?

The Third Jerry Banfield Show – This is Good for Me!

I think I’ve shared a lot about my story now and I’d love if you’ve got questions to answer those for you.


I’ve got questions, and then a couple of comments.

My mind is my worst enemy because I tend to still go straight to the negative. I do have some chronic illnesses, fibromyalgia arthritis disease, but my doctors have told me to exercise. I don’t do it because I think I’m stuck in that mode.

The Third Jerry Banfield Show – Health - This is Good for Me

Well, right now, since I’ve gained the weight, I mean, every day I was going through Publix and buying a slice of cake and a deli sandwich, which is really bad, all the preservatives and the deli meats.

And before that, for two years, I was on not exactly plant-based, but a lot of fruits, a lot of vegetables, brown rice instead of white rice, oats, salmon, and I lost a lot of weight, but as soon as I eat sugar, I want more sugar. That’s very addictive.

Now I’m on this kick and see if you can answer this question for me.

The Jerry Banfield Show!

Well, first, since I’ve gained this weight, I started eating better again. But it’s like, “Well, what’s the use? It’s not coming off quick enough.”

I can’t exercise because of this disease, this disease, and this disease. My doctors are telling me exercise.

Now I’m on this kick diet soda, and I mean, a lot of it. I read, and maybe you can help clear this up. I have read that diet soda creates insulin resistance, which will put on weight.

So, there’s nothing diet about. What is your input on the diet soda, which is like my addiction now for whatever reason?

The Third Jerry Banfield Show – Health - This is Good for Me


Lisa has asked, “What is my input on diet soda?” and I will speak to the bigger picture too.

I used to drink a lot of diet soda myself and I noticed diet soda left me feeling hungry and to me, if I’m not putting something in my body to nourish it and to heal it, then there’s no reason for me to eat it unless an occasional exception, and in which case, it’s important that I believe what I’m doing is healthy.

If I believe I’m doing something that’s not healthy, it’s essential I either change the belief or change the behavior because the most powerful thing is what I believe. If I believe I’m eating unhealthy and drinking unhealthy, which I used to, then I will be unhealthy.

Have you ever heard stories like you sell these diets today?

People tell you all this stuff you have to do, and then you’ll look back at like I read “Man’s Search for Meaning” by Viktor Frankl and they’re in the concentration camps in Germany, in the forties.

They’d put like a couple of peas in a fish head in a bowl of soup and that’d be the only food they’d get all day, and they’d all have to share that like one fish head and some peas, and lots of times all you get is broth. You wouldn’t even get any peas and they’d work all day, and they’d be cold, and they lived off of almost no nutrition at all.

The human body is capable of so much more than most of us think it is. In fact, I read a book by a doctor called “Whole.” The nutrition values on stuff are not even accurate in terms of, for example, one peach versus another piece. One peach can have 40 times as much vitamin C in it as another peach, every single piece of food we eat is really unique.

The most important thing about it is what we believe. If those prisoners of war get candy and they believe that’s healthy, that will nourish them. That’s why kids are so healthy. They believe everything they’re eating is good for them. They’ll throw it on a hot dog and some candy and some popcorn, and they’ll believe, “This is good for me,” and they look great and they feel great.

The Third Jerry Banfield Show – Health - This is Good for Me

A lot of us as adults, we get conditioned into this ridiculous place where you should crave all of these things that are bad for you. You believe it’s bad for you, but you want it anyway, and then you drink it.

So I’d say with something like diet soda that you either have to believe, “This is good for me. This is nourishing my body. This is letting me feel good,” and keep drinking it, or if you believe “This is not good for me,” stop.

I’ve got to a place where almost all I drink is water because I know water is good for me. I don’t drink any soda.

Now, occasionally I had a LaCroix the other night, but maybe once a month I’ll have something because it’s also important to enjoy life like nobody goes to heaven saying, “I wish I hadn’t had so many scoops of ice cream.”

You know, if anything they say, “I wish I’d enjoyed all those scoops of ice cream I did have, and didn’t just throw them down unconsciously.”

Bigger than that, it’s about your energy level.

What I’m very conscious of and what seems to me the master teachers have taught us, like all the Buddha, Jesus, like what they’re really saying is, focus on the high-energy stuff and don’t accept or don’t get into the low energy stuff.

That means I avoid low energy things like if I’m watching TV, especially commercials are big, low energy thing. I avoid those and what I’m watching, I don’t watch the news. I avoid getting on Facebook and seeing what people are talking about.

I avoid contributing anything to something, nobody really needs my opinion about stuff. Anything that lowers my energy is going to, it’s the law of attraction. Have you noticed when you’re feeling really good it just seems easy to keep feeling good?

The Third Jerry Banfield Show – Health - This is Good for Me

And then when you start feeling bad, it just seems like one bad thing after another just comes to you. On some level it’s like God gives you whatever you want: “You want to feel good all the time, I’ll let you feel good all the time. If you want to feel bad all the time, I’ll keep giving you more things to feel bad about.”

For me, that means my language. I watch how I talk and watch what I say. If you’ll notice, I avoid saying anything negative about my health or my body.

One of the things that is so funny to me is all those people that are sick will tell you all about it, “Dude, I have this and oh my God.”

So for me, the first thing to change is language.

The Jerry Banfield Show!

I love you.

You’re awesome.

I appreciate the chance to serve you today and I will see you again soon.

Jerry Banfield

Edits from video transcript by Michel Gerard.