Why is TikTok Giving Me More Views and Followers Than YouTube?

Would you like to see what is the difference between YouTube and TikTok in terms of views, subscribers and moneymaking opportunities because this will be useful if you are on both platforms?

Why is TikTok Giving Me More Views and Followers Than YouTube?

Why am I getting more new followers and views on TikTok even though I just started and it’s a pretty new app versus on YouTube where I’ve been a YouTuber since 2011?

Why is TikTok Giving Me More Views and Followers Than YouTube?

I’ve put up over 2,000 videos and I’m getting half of the views on YouTube, and even a smaller number of new followers on YouTube than I am on TikTok.

What I’m seeing is that there’s a lot of growth and potential on TikTok right now, but there’s always much more to the story than just looking at views or followers.

If you want to see what opportunities are available on both of these platforms and get deeper into the data, I think you’ll find this really helpful.

For example, if you just are looking at views and followers, you might think that my TikTok is doing a lot better than my YouTube channel in terms of just the number of views and followers.

Yes, I’m getting a lot more views on TikTok in the last 28 days than on YouTube because I made a video that went viral, it got 100,000 views or so in a week for free, even though I didn’t have any followers and it just took a few minutes to make a video and put it up on TikTok.

It was getting likes at about 10% of versus the views, which is outstanding engagement. That said, how much is a video view and a follower worth on TikTok?

On YouTube, this number of views and watch time is good for thousands of dollars a month in ad revenue plus a lot more when people actually go to my website.

For example, I just finished recording a sponsored video on my website and I increased the cost 3% every time I work with a sponsor.

Why is TikTok Giving Me More Views and Followers Than YouTube?

Thus, every sponsored video is worth thousands of dollars to me that both in the payment, and then in the ad revenue.

On TikTok, there’s no current way to earn money.

There’s nobody looking to sponsor me so far and on TikTok there’s a lot of views and a lot of followers available, but I see people struggling to actually monetize those views and those followers.

Whereas on YouTube you don’t even need a lot of views to make a lot of money, especially because YouTube minutes versus TikTok minutes are significantly different per view.

On TikTok, the videos can be as long as one minute, but all of my videos that have gotten the views have been 15 seconds or less.

These views on my TikTok are probably averaging about 15 seconds, given some people watch more than once and I don’t think that counts twice, and some people just flip by real quick.

Whereas these views on my YouTube channel are actually averaging about five minutes each.

Think about that in terms of time and attention, would you rather have a hundred people notice you for 15 seconds or would you rather have 50 people notice you for 5 minutes?

Why is TikTok Giving Me More Views and Followers Than YouTube?

That’s a big difference in attention and ultimately what we want is attention.

You want people spending time really watching and getting to know you.

I’ve seen on TikTok a guy I’m following, he’s got 100,000 followers on TikTok, he’s got millions of views, several videos that have gone viral and he struggles to get maybe 5, 10, 20 people watching his live stream, barely if any donations, and he’s frustrated with his inability to convert viewers and views into meaningful relationships and followers.

YouTube is putting out fewer views and subscribers overall versus TikTok, but it’s a lot more valuable.

On TikTok, almost all my followers are from the USA, which means if you had to pay for ads, that’s great traffic.

However, on YouTube they actually are giving me a percentage of the ad revenue on my videos, whereas on TikTok, just like on Facebook, it’s a clever setup where creators upload videos and don’t get anything from the views they generate.

Thus, on TikTok while it may be easier to just get views and get followers, how much is a follower worth on TikTok?

I’m not sure if a follower’s worth anything at all on TikTok.

Whereas on YouTube, I’m sure subscribers are worth a lot because I’ve sold hundreds of thousands of dollars of courses, on my own websites and millions of dollars on other websites, and YouTube has been a big part of that.

When someone is watching five minutes with me, you can see versus 15 seconds that even though I’m getting fewer views and subscribers currently on YouTube, I’m actually getting a lot more attention.

If you multiply the average view here and see the watch time, 11,000 hours, that people spent watching my YouTube channel in the last month.

Why is TikTok Giving Me More Views and Followers Than YouTube?

If you do the math on this and divide by four to get the approximate amount of time, people spent about a hundred thousand minutes watching my TikTok and that’s perhaps generous.

Let’s just divide by 10 to simplify, 10 seconds.

People have spent maybe 36,000 minutes watching my TikTok and if you want to turn that into minutes on YouTube, you just multiply by 60, that means people have spent 600,000 minutes watching my YouTube channel in the last 28 days versus anywhere from 30 to a hundred thousand minutes watching on TikTok.

Actually it’d be a hundred thousand minutes at the most, it is how much people have watched on TikTok.

Now given how little I’ve put into doing TikTok, I’ve only uploaded 60 something videos on my TikTok profile.

Whereas I’ve put a massive effort into YouTube over the last few years.

TikTok has a lot of growth potential, which is very exciting.

That said, YouTube has proven itself to be extremely reliable over time to continue to put in a lot more traffic from Google search and from YouTube search.

YouTube search is the second-biggest search engine in the world and most of my views on YouTube are coming from YouTube search and Google search.

Getting discovered when somebody is specifically looking for what I’ve done is a great opportunity. That’s how I’m able to do things like sell sponsored videos, sell my partner program, which offers lifetime coaching.

These are things when people are searching for that very specific help and coming across my profile, and then hiring me to be a coach, then that is really valuable, and you don’t even need that many views or minutes watched to get very valuable actions like that.

Why is TikTok Giving Me More Views and Followers Than YouTube?

Whereas on TikTok I have a much broader following, which means it’s a lot less likely to convert someone who’s watching on my TikTok into a paying customer on my website.

Therefore, there’s always a lot more to data than just looking at something like views or followers.

What I think is one of the most valuable forms of data is watch time, how much time are people actually spending on my videos, because that gives me an indication of how much attention I’m getting and in this information age where we’ve got infinite practically things to watch and look at, what’s really valuable is having that attention.

Now I’m continuing to put a video up every day on both TikTok and YouTube because these are both great long-term growth opportunities, but I’m interested to see how TikTok does without having a video viral because this, the amount of video views I got here was from a small percentage of my total videos.

I made three or four videos that drove the majority of these views while the rest of my videos got a lot smaller number of views, less than even YouTube many times.

What this doesn’t indicate is impressions.

To get this number of views on YouTube, I’ve actually had millions of impressions. Let me show you inside my YouTube data because I’ve actually had 2.2 million impressions on YouTube and 100,000 unique viewers.

Why is TikTok Giving Me More Views and Followers Than YouTube?

Now, meanwhile, on TikTok, what it’s counting as a video view as far as I can see is practically an impression on YouTube.

That means when someone is scrolling through on TikTok and spends a half second watching my video TikTok is calling that a view while YouTube would not call that a view, it is just calling that an impression.

That’s why on YouTube my average view duration is down a little bit, but it’s four minutes instead of five minutes.

Why is TikTok Giving Me More Views and Followers Than YouTube?

Whereas on TikTok what it’s calling a view may actually only be one or two seconds, lots of times.

Thus, it’s critical to always look deeper into the data and I can see that I’m getting a lot more views on TikTok currently because views are being counted based on people just seeing a video for one or two seconds, and not rather people have just made an impression.

I’m getting fewer views on YouTube because it does not include when someone actually just sees my video in the feed and scrolls over it real quick and it might start playing the beginning, YouTube doesn’t even count that as a view.

Therefore I’m sticking with creating on both of these platforms and the nice thing is on YouTube I also can put the same videos I make on TikTok.

I also put those in my YouTube stories and that means my work on TikTok is being duplicated on YouTube, but currently YouTube is not counting story views, which is comparable to TikTok.

It’s not counting these in the views I get on my channel.

Why am I getting more views on TikTok?

Therefore the answer comes down to how TikTok counts views versus how YouTube counts views.

Why more followers?

On YouTube, I have so many subscribers on my channel that every time I put up a video I’m actually losing subscribers on the video initially, and this is the same with any channel that’s got lots of subscribers.

When you initially upload a video, you lose a lot of subscribers because people aren’t interested, they don’t care anymore.

I’m interested to see how many followers I get on TikTok depending on whether I’ve got videos that are going viral and being pushed by the algorithm or not.

On YouTube, I’m actually not being pushed hardly at all by the algorithm itself for recommended videos.

As you can see, 14% of my views or impressions were from YouTube recommending me. That’s essentially the algorithm, the rest of the views are from being there and showing up, when someone is searching for what I’ve created, which is why my main traffic source on YouTube is search.

Why is TikTok Giving Me More Views and Followers Than YouTube?

They find me because I’ve made a video on that exact subject that they are looking for. They’re not just browsing through YouTube or looking through suggested videos, but they’re actually looking for something directly related to what I created and that’s second “External” is mostly Google search and on my website.

Therefore I’m getting more views on TikTok because the algorithm is pushing my videos more because it can afford to have a lot more views given the videos are so much shorter.

On YouTube, people are spending a lot more time watching each video, which means there’s not as much time for someone to spend on one particular video, and then watch another video.

Whereas on TikTok, in five minutes people can watch 50, 100, maybe even 200 videos depending on how fast people are scrolling and in the same time someone might be watching one YouTube video.

Therefore, when you’re considering what is most important, as I think where my time and energy are most valuable, I see where there’s growth and I look deeper into the data than just looking at views.

Thus, I am only putting videos on TikTok because I can also use them everywhere else. The effort I spend making videos on TikTok is easily translated into stories on YouTube, stories on Facebook, stories on Instagram.

Otherwise, if it wasn’t translatable to these other mediums, I actually wouldn’t even spend time doing much on TikTok because all these views don’t produce that much valuable attention.

Even if I was getting more views and more followers, how many of them turn into paying customers?

Thus, even though there are fewer views on YouTube, fewer subscribers, YouTube is still extremely valuable going forward.

The question is how long will TikTok continue growing rapidly as more celebrities join and they start taking over the algorithm as on Instagram, YouTube and everywhere else when the ordinary person struggles to get that same view, when the rock and Kevin Hart are posting videos every day that take the algorithm up themselves.

How much opportunity is there on TikTok going forward?

I’m not sure, especially if you want to make money, but on YouTube, the opportunity continues to be there indefinitely if you’re making videos for YouTube search that then you can get ad revenue. YouTube continues to be a great option for earning money online.

Why is TikTok Giving Me More Views and Followers Than YouTube?

Thus, I’m continuing to put a video out on both every day and I’ll keep you posted with what’s happening next.

I appreciate you watching this, if you’d like to join me, I’ve got lifetime coaching. This is the best offer I’ve ever made. It’s incredible, I’ll work with you the rest of your life to build your business online.

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I love you.

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I appreciate the chance to serve you today and I will see you again soon.

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Edits from video transcript by Michel Gerard at www.michelgerardonline.com.