TikTok Month 1 Review and Lessons Learned

Would you like to see what kind of videos I posted on TikTok and which ones were the most successful because this will help you get started on TikTok?

TikTok Month 1 Review and Lessons Learned

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TikTok Month 1 Review and Lessons Learned

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Now that we’ve looked at my top video, let’s look at all of my videos to see what experience I have of myself and some of the things that I’ve learned from that.

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This is my TikTok profile on the desktop. What I’ve got is just my videos, and it shows the number of likes on them, and the likes often correspond directly to the views. What I’ve done well with is sticking to my authentic creative message in most of videos. Where I found a lot of deviation and struggles and distraction in my past is getting into making things that what I call are inauthentic.

They’re things that are aimed to get a result rather than to share a message that’s in my heart. What I’ve done recently is making videos just talking about short previews of whatever I’m doing on my YouTube channel.

I’ve also made some videos talking about, for example, a Kickstarter project. But the ones that are doing the best, are like this one on my grandfather passing. This one here has done the best out of my recent videos.

“I just finished a good cry missing my grandpa. It’s been 25 years today since he passed. I was missing my dad too. He’s been gone five and a half years. I embrace grief today because it reminds me of how much I love that person.”


In that video, that’s the second most popular video I’ve done in terms of likes on it.

As you can see, there’s a need people have to see some open sharing of things like grief and just processing love and emotions like that. That’s what I feel my authentic message is, that I have that I can really help people with.

Some of these other videos, I just talked about my Kickstarter project. As you can see, a lot of these haven’t got much interaction. I did one here showing a family photo shoot, and then I did some more down here.

This one, I found some viral videos in this pen or marker throwing format that people seem to like.

“Part one. I’m rich. This video’s easy to make. This will go viral. Damn it. I like guys. I’m famous. Part one.”

I saw some videos go viral in that format, and I gave that a try.

There’s a healthy balance between experimenting and just playing around with other formats you’ve seen go viral and carrying your authentic message.

That, to me, is a delicate balance as a creator.

Here’s another video I did. This one, actually I customized that one, so I won’t put that one for the course. But this one I talked about my debt, and it was a short version of the much longer version on YouTube. That one on par with the grandfather passing video in terms of lots of likes and comments.

It won’t even play the beginning on this one, will it?

If you look on the mobile app, that was a video I enjoyed making, and another honest straight from the heart,

“Look. I’ve got $484,000 in debt. It started off borrowing money for student loans, then I went and got a master’s degree, and now I started a business. I bought a home, had a family, and it’s snowballed from $18,000 in undergrad loans to a half-million dollars almost in student loans, business loans, credit cards, and home mortgage.”

Again, a video that’s extremely authentic.

I’m telling you what I’m doing because I’ll go into some case studies after this that are a bit different. Things you might want to do to have the best shot to trend, but at the same time, are these things that I really want to do?

I’m interested.

I did a video going out to lunch and showing my burger. That got a decent amount of interaction.

I put up this gaming video I thought, “Sure, this would do well.”


“I killed a guy in their spawn. He was in the spawn. I killed him with the shield. Sick. I killed a guy in their spawn.”

That video had done pretty well on my Facebook page, and I put that up on TikTok because I thought, “This is going to do great.”

It’s in a gaming format. People like video games, and you never can tell that. For me I don’t play video games currently, and thus doesn’t make sense to put that up.

I did a little book review here and I put up something else.

I said, “The hundreds of comments I’ve seen and responded to for prayers for me and my mother have made a big difference in my life. I’m feeling absolutely amazing, and I’m thinking every day, ‘How can I help you? How can I give back.’ Let me know and I’ll do whatever I can.”

I did that after I put the video up of my mom a few days after that.

I also put some other videos up saying little short things that I thought would be helpful for people to learn, things like how to prevent a car accident, earn money or stay sober.

Then, if you want to look at this video, this is my most embarrassing video.

TikTok Month 1 Review and Lessons Learned

“What’s up, homies? This is my first day in the hood. Y’all ready for me? Dude, it’s my first week in the hood. I just got invited to the barbecue. Let’s go. Wakanda forever.”

It’s so bad!

It’s just so embarrassing.

Some people had suggested, “Well, just take that off your profile.” Like, “Well, that’s honest. That’s the truth.”

That right there is the third video I made on TikTok. On that video, I was copying a format that I’d seen several other videos go viral on, which can be a good strategy to go viral.

The question I’m asking myself is, “What kind of followers do I want? Do I want followers who expect me to make joke videos and prank videos? Do I want followers that value me opening my heart and sharing my grief and just sharing my emotions?”

That’s what I’ve been thinking about a lot as a content creator over the last several years that’s made 5,000 plus videos.

What kind of followers do I want?

I’m so results-based. Lots of us are thinking about how do we build our following, but really, how many stop and think: “Well, what kind of followers do I really want? What do I want people to expect out of me when I create something?”

I do not want to be expected to make videos like that every day.

TikTok Month 1 Review and Lessons Learned

That video took significant time and energy and planning to make that in my studio. It required video editing, and it also didn’t add any value, in my opinion. It simply made a video that a bunch of other people had already made videos just like that, my video is not as good or at best is equal to some of the other ones.

Whereas you’ve got videos like where I talk about my grandfather passing. Where I talk about my mom needing prayers. I don’t know if anyone’s made videos exactly like that.

I’m guessing from the reaction that those aren’t as common. It seems a need for joke videos and funny videos is being successfully fulfilled on TikTok by a lot of creators.

That gets me thinking, “What kind of followers do I want?”

I’ve learned the hard way that I’d rather have people following me for something I love creating and can continue to create indefinitely than getting videos out there just with followers in mind, and then getting people following me who don’t really want me to make the kinds of things that I love and enjoy making.

I love and enjoy making online classes. I love and enjoy teaching, and I’ve spent so much time over the last several years doing other things, video gaming videos and music. I love making music. I enjoy playing video games, and yet most of the people watching me have made music and play video games aren’t interested in watching my online courses.

It’s a delicate balance, thus this is my creative history, which I hope is useful for you to learn from what I’ve done because what I’ve noticed is with TikTok, I didn’t take any courses. I just jumped in, starting creating things.

TikTok Month 1 Review and Lessons Learned

A lot of what I’ve done, I just jump in and start creating. The downside of doing this is I have to make a lot of the same mistakes that could’ve easily been avoided by learning from someone else.

Thus, I hope this helps you.

Thank you so much for watching so much of this video and now I intend to show you some of what I’ve learned from other creators.

You can continue learning with us in the full class today “TikTok for Beginners — Make Stories on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube!” at https://uthena.com/courses/tiktok.

I love you.

You’re awesome.

I appreciate the chance to serve you today and I will see you again soon.

Jerry Banfield

Edits from video transcript by Michel Gerard at www.michelgerardonline.com.