My TikTok Videos Are Going Viral! Here’s Why!

Would you like to go through my most successful TikTok videos and learn why they are going viral because this will help you go viral as well?

My TikTok Videos Are Going Viral! Here’s Why!

I’m grateful my videos have been going viral on TikTok. What I’m going to do in this video is to explain to you exactly how that’s happened and what you can do to replicate the results I’ve been getting.

My TikTok Videos Are Going Viral! Here's Why!

What you’re going to love in this video and why you’re going to want to watch it is we’re going to talk about all of the following.

Number one, I’m going to give you relief from that pain of uploading a video and it doesn’t get enough views, you get so frustrated and you try harder, and you still get nothing.

Watch this video for

I’m going to give you relief from that in this video.

What I will share will help you not feel that pain and not even go there anymore, and the way I’m going to do that is give you an exact formula that’s working for me to get your videos to their maximum potential on TikTok or anywhere else that will uniquely work specifically for you.

I’ll show you in this video all the videos that are key to where I’m at today, including the newest video that’s got over 200,000 views in the last seven days. The video that first got over 10,000 views after I uploaded several other videos, and I’ll go through and show you some of the other videos that have been key to that.

First, let’s look at my analytics.

I’m grateful for over 600,000 views in the last 28 days and as you can see, the views most recently have been blowing up, and I’m on my way to over millions of views within a month.

Analytics - views

Maybe by the next video I’ll have for you 10 or 20 million views in the last 28 days.

On TikTok, the better you do, the easier it is to keep doing better as one viral video gets people watching your other videos and when people watch your other videos, they get shown again and it just feeds and feeds on itself.

There is more than enough room for you to get a lot of views on TikTok because people watch a lot of videos in just 5 or 10 minutes on the app, there is enough room for you to also go viral.

That’s one of the most important things, to believe that if you really want to go viral, it is possible for you. You just need to make the right videos and focus your energy on how do you really make an amazing video that uniquely is done from your point of view.

I’ll show you the examples of what I’ve done with mine. I’ll start off, I’ll play one video at a time, then I’ll talk about each video. I’ll go through my top videos with you, and then we’ll wrap it up and analyze what all this means.

I’ll put my headphones on so I can listen along.

Let’s take a look.

This is currently my top video on TikTok.

My TikTok Videos Are Going Viral! Here's Why!

Is having $600,000 of debt actually a blessing? I think it is because I’m actually having fun learning, growing, trying new things. I was so frustrated with my finances last year and now I’m actually grateful for this adventure in my life.

Watch TikTok video:


I am ##grateful for $657k in ##debt! Time to make that ##money in 2020! ##moneychallenge ##youshouldknow ##god

♬ Got It All Figured – Jerry Banfield

That’s my top video and TikTok has shown that to more than 200,000 people for free in the last seven days.

What you can see with this video is, it’s about a subject “debt” and a completely different way than most people would think to look at it.

Who in their right mind would consider $657,000 in debt a blessing?

I do because I’m grateful that I’ve been so successful online. The banks have loaned me that much money because they have so much faith after I haven’t missed a payment in 14 years that I’m going to pay all of that and help them make a profit.

A video like this is all about sharing an authentic internal monologue that I’ve been going through and sharing the current state of it.

I’ve spent a lot of time being frustrated about debt, feeling like I was a loser after earning as much as $90,000 in a month.

How can I possibly rack up so much debt?

I looked for what’s the opportunity in this and I thought, “How can I make a video that will inspire and help people who are in the same situation?”

I thought, “What if I just talk about how I’m seeing my debt as a blessing?”

The average viewpoint from my own experience in seeing others is that debt is a curse. It’s a shame, and what if it’s a blessing?

Therefore, the premise of this video gets people both who love it and say, “Wow, this is so inspiring. This is amazing how this guy can look at it this way.”

And it gets people who are haters, “Oh my God, this guy’s such a loser. He’s so crazy.”

It gets both polarizing sides into action, engaging on the video, and that’s why it’s done so well because there are people that go on there and say, “This guy’s an effing idiot.”

Somebody else would go on and say, “This is amazing. I would never talk about this if this was me,” and somebody else will just click the heart button, who’s got a bunch of debt and who feels awful about it and sees me going around saying this is a blessing and I’m so grateful for it.

All that comes from my energy because this video, people have sent messages asking if this is real.

This is honest.

Yes, this is how I actually feel about it and that’s why I was able to make this video, and it may be on its way to getting millions of views as you get those polarizing sides that come in and want to talk about how they’re feeling after watching the video.

Let’s take a look at the next video and see what that has for you.

My TikTok Videos Are Going Viral! Here's Why!

A man who jumped off the Golden Gate bridge said that on his way down, he realized the only problem he has was that he jumped off that bridge. He lived so he could tell you that life will always get better as long as you don’t make it worse.

Watch TikTok video:


##staywoke ##peaceandlove ##todaywelearned ##youshouldknow ##thisisme ##deepthoughts

♬ Crypto Be Trippin – Jerry Banfield

I love this video.

This is my newest video that’s quickly getting a lot of views. If you look back at those analytics, you can see I put out this video in the last seven days and it is up to 40,000 views and is quickly growing itself.

Another video where I heard a story that was amazing.

I think I was listening to Wayne Dyer. I might’ve seen it somewhere else. Someone talking about their experience trying to end it all, jumping off the Golden Gate bridge, and then what they were thinking as they were falling.

I thought I had to share this with other people because there are other people out there who are scrolling through TikTok right now who are having a bad day, who are thinking, “Oh man, wouldn’t it just be nice to end it all?”

I want to give them the experience of someone who tried to actually do that and what they learned out of it because that’s something I had a lot of struggles with myself as I’ve documented clearly in my courses “Speaker meeting 2017” and my book “Officer Banfield.”

I’ve had a lot of struggles with this myself and I see that trying to pass a message like this can make a big difference, and a video like this has a very high degree of people clicking on the heart button on it, and if you get about 10% of people watching to click on the heart button, you’ve got a video that can go out and go viral because TikTok’s algorithm is all about how people are engaging with it.

That last video when you get people commenting, TikTok realizes that is a very good sign that a video is worth showing to more people. When people are dropping hearts on a video, that’s a good sign that this is a video worth sharing with others.

My vision for this video was to make a huge difference in someone’s life and to make something that is also shareable.

Now, notice on both of the last two videos, I also put text over every single aspect of the video and having text over the video is very important because some people are watching without sound.

You could experience both the videos without any sound and if you have stories on Facebook and Instagram and YouTube that you’re sharing where people may also be watching without sound, it’s essential to have text on videos that’s essentially like captions showing what you can do, what the experience is in the video if someone is watching without any sound.

Even though that might be a minority of people, the text also helps people who are wanting to understand the video to be able to read it, and that having texts on a video also helps increase the engagement on the video.

Therefore, having the text is something, it takes extra time, but it’s well worth it.

I just filmed both of these videos within the TikTok editor itself and manually put the text onto it, and both of these are my top two videos currently.

Let’s look at the next video and see what we can learn from that.

My TikTok Videos Are Going Viral! Here's Why!

Dude, I just had an amazing experience while I was jumping on my trampoline. The best way I can describe it, it was like an out of body experience. I was able to be at family members and friends’ homes. I was able to see the souls of everyone following me.

Watch TikTok video:


##spiritual ##bigair ##grateful ##staywoke ##likeachamp ##deepthoughts ##peaceandlove ##vibecheck ##trampoline ##dailyroutine

♬ Regressing Past Lives – Jerry Banfield

First question, are you serious?

Yes, a hundred percent serious with this video, the things I just described happened to me and I just grabbed my phone.

I’m like, “Man, I need to make a video about this right now.”

The state you make your videos in is absolutely huge for success because people are scrolling through TikTok and often watching videos that are leaving them not feel very good, and yet everyone who does want to feel good will be drawn to the energy of a video that’s created by somebody who’s feeling really good.

I was feeling so good after jumping on my trampoline that I said, “Man, I need to make a video and share this with someone right now and help brighten someone’s day and give my experience, my testimony on this.”

As you can see, this another video where it’s not exactly the normal thing you see, it stands out and what is in common with all of my videos is that they are not the usual.

I’m not dancing to a popular song or I’m not doing many of the things that are popular on TikTok. I’m making my own unique style videos that are honest, experiences directly from my life and often that are not things people routinely encounter.

However, there is a small percentage of viewers who resonate and vibe with exactly what I’m saying, who will consistently click on the heart button and be grateful somebody shared this kind of experience, and to give and carry that message outward.

Then, videos like this also bring out the haters in the comments, which I don’t even read anymore.

The haters will come out and say whatever they say, and that helps the video get out there to more people who will like it and enjoy it.

Thus, when you are in an amazing state, either up or down, when especially if you’re feeling really good about something, that’s a great time to just immediately make an honest video talking about it.

Let’s take a look at the next video and as you can see that last video also had the same thing. It had the text on it, you could totally read what I was saying.

For the music, all of the music I’ve put on these videos is directly from my own songs. I’m grateful that I’ve got 70 songs of my own that are all on TikTok and I put my own music on it to promote my own music, and that people look at and say, “Wow, this guy has his own songs on here.”

It’s another one of those little things that makes it interesting.

Let’s take a look at the next one.

My TikTok Videos Are Going Viral! Here's Why!

I was reading a book this morning called “The Worthy Woman’s Handbook.” I did a little exercise having my inner child write. I wrote with my right hand as the adult and the left hand as the child, and I cried when the child said that I’m afraid of being alone.

Watch TikTok video:


##selflove ##spiritual ##grateful ##staywoke ##worthy ##deepthoughts ##peaceandlove thanks to The Worthy Woman Handbook

♬ Surprise Daddy Daughter Dance – Jerry Banfield

Wow, that video, I want to cry just watching that video again.

That is another example just like the video before it. I made a very honest video immediately after it happened.

I work relentlessly on feeling good, on being the best version of myself I can on being positive and loving life, and I do lots of little exercises like this.

As soon as I was just barely finishing this exercise, I thought, “Man, this is the time to make a video about this.”

Again, with the intent that someone else could do the same thing, could help themselves, could feel really good by doing this exercise and to see something that’s working for me that helps me feel good that I’m trying, that might work for them.

And again, another video that really draws out the haters.

As you saw, that book was called “The Worthy Woman’s Handbook.”

Easy thing to draw out the haters and have comments on it that are negative and the more those comments, the more the video is signaling to TikTok to go ahead and show this more because people are talking about this video, people are sharing it, people are hitting that heart button on it.

On this video, I made it in a state of deep gratitude, very vulnerable video.

If you notice, my videos are often very vulnerable, sharing the inner most things I’m thinking about often at the core of my challenges and that makes my videos very authentic, and that’s what comes through.

Even when somebody is browsing, you can see and feel the energy immediately of the spirit in which the video was created.

Thus, everything I do in my life is all a part of how I can create and what kind of reaction I will get out of my videos.

One thing I do, I listen to an hour or more of audio books that inspire me almost every day. I avoid anything negative. I avoid watching things like TV. I may be only watching an hour of TV or so a month, and I’ll generally focus on watching something that inspires me and uplifts me.

I consistently am drawn to and looking for the next good feeling.

If I get into a negative state, I’m looking for relief and I’m constantly looking to purge or deal with anything as I did in this exercise that come up and you’ll notice the videos before this.

This is a fairly new video. I’ll show you some other videos before this that have had similar results as well.

This video I’m about to give you is a little different vibe from the others and you’ll see what I mean.

My TikTok Videos Are Going Viral! Here's Why!

I just changed all my desktop backgrounds. First one has some basic stats. Then here’s my online teaching earnings, top Stripe payments, recent PayPal payments, how much I’ve spent on ad. Stay grateful.

Watch TikTok video:


##staygrateful ##selflove ##grateful ##staywoke @joeparys @lennyspov ##money ##millionaire ##business ##entrepreneur

♬ Jack’s Dance – Jerry Banfield

That was another video I shot directly out of it what I was doing that day.

I looked around in my studio and I have had massive success online as you can see in that video, millions of dollars earned online and yet some days I just lose the gratitude for it and I feel like I’m hustling and struggling, I don’t have anything, and what I do have is not enough.

I looked around at my studio and I said, “What change can I make in here to remind me of how much I’ve already gotten of what people have already done for me?”

In that video I just documented it. I showed the backgrounds on my monitors as I set up all five of my monitors now help me stay grateful.

I’ve got a monitor showing that I’ve spent hundreds of thousands in ads. I’ve got a monitor showing how people have paid thousands of dollars for my partner program to work with me on my website, how people had paid thousands of dollars to me via PayPal and Stripe, how I’ve earned hundreds of thousands of dollars on several different websites teaching online and a basic stats.

For example, five years sober, I’ve been married six or seven years now. I’ve been a parent for over four years. I’ve got all of these desktop backgrounds that help remind me of what I’m grateful for and help remind me that I’ve got a whole lot and people have done a bunch for me, and that’s already a fact.

When I show up in the studio and when I show up in that mindset, there’s just more of it that’s going to come and what seems crazy is that I can ever show up in a mindset some other way to show up and feel like I have to hustle and struggle, and try to prove my worth after all that people have done for me and I’ve done for others.

Thus, this video was a bit different as you can see in terms of showing what you might call success, one of those make money videos. However, this one is another very authentic reflecting on exactly what I was doing that day.

If you want to go deeper into that, let me show you the first two videos that got kicked off. They got a good amount of views on TikTok.

My TikTok Videos Are Going Viral! Here's Why!

Will you please pray for my mom? Her name’s Kathy. She’s really sick. I just spent a while crying and I feel so ashamed that I’ve been judging her so much and praying so little. So please, please pray for her.

Watch TikTok video:



♬ original sound – jerrybanfield

That was kind of awkward to watch because that was the first video I did on TikTik that went over 10,000 views.

I did a little funny dance and basically the kinds of videos I was already seeing on TikTok, I did some videos like those and this was the first video I did that was deeply authentic.

Do you know what my mind was saying when the thought of this would be something to make a video about crossed my mind?

I thought, “This is not the time to be making a video. I just spent 10 or 20 minutes crying in the shower about how much I miss my mother.”

At the time I hadn’t seen her in about two years. I’d been through so much pain about my mom’s health, a very deep struggle pouring out of me, and I grabbed my phone and said, “I’m just going to tell people about this.”

That’s the first video I made that did well on TikTok and that got over 10,000 views and I wasn’t surprised at all because how often do you see video like this?

An inner struggle. A big challenge. Something that I was working on for a year or more.

I’ve been to a hypnotherapist and several sessions about my mother, and this video helped me reach out and ask for help.

This video helped me break through and it led to the next video, which was my first video over a hundred thousand views on TikTok.

Let’s look at that one.

My TikTok Videos Are Going Viral! Here's Why!

Please pray for my mom she is really sick. Thanks to your prayers my mom is healthy enough for us to visit. We’re seeing her today. Here she is meeting her grandson for the first time. Thank you for all your prayers. Prayers do work.

Watch TikTok video:


Prayers do work thank you for helping my mom get better so she can meet her grandson! ##meetmyfam ##family ##happydance ##storytime ##prayer

♬ original sound – jerrybanfield

That was the first video I made that went over a hundred thousand views on TikTok because the number of people who are hitting the heart button on that video was close to 16%, which is one of the highest I’ve ever seen on a TikTok video.

As you can see, that video is very inspiring and again, another very honest, very real, very authentic video from right in the middle of my heart.

I made this video in one of the first days we were visiting my mom to share how grateful I am for all the prayers that I received from tens of thousands of people.

When you combine on TikTok and on Facebook and Instagram, all the people who sent me messages, hundreds of messages, I got maybe even a thousand messages before I turned the messages off for that video.

I put the same video up on YouTube and as you can see making these videos has made a huge difference in my life to help me overcome the biggest challenges and blocks that I’ve been experiencing to learn the lessons that I’ve been going through.

This video going over a hundred thousand was the first video that started to really break things open on TikTok.

What happens is the better your videos do on TikTok, the more you believe that’s possible and the better things go, the better they keep going and those are the key videos.

However, I’ve had other videos on my channel, my TikTok has got maybe a million views or so total with 600,000 in the last 28 days.

What I’ll do now is summarize the key points I’ve given you here on exactly how to trend on TikTok.

The number one point as I’ve mentioned repeatedly, so that it sinks in, is that you really learn to be authentic, really share the things you’re actually thinking about in the best possible way you can for public consumption.

I understand some of what you might be thinking about, you might not want to put it directly as you’re thinking about it straight on TikTok, the police might come.

How to trend?

I understand what kind of thoughts you might have from looking at my own past. Do the best you can to put it up in a way that’s publicly relatable and that is also very honest and can help someone else.

I promise you, when you do that, you will get results that are so far beyond if you’ve been making a bunch of videos trying to copy other people or trying to make some original things and they haven’t been going anywhere.

Get into the real heart and center of the things you’re feeling and struggling with and needing help with and you’ve got some viral videos within you.

I guarantee you, everybody has a viral video within them.

What’s yours?

The key thing to do from there is to think what value you’re going to give to the viewer?

You can tell on all those videos, I thought a lot about the viewer, and that’s somewhat automatic now as I’ve made thousands of videos online.

I think, “What am I going to give you out of this? How are you going to benefit from this and experience this?” and that’s what guides me to create.

I’ve thought about with this video, which will be turned into a blog post.

I’ve thought, “How can I make a video that will really relieve the pain of going on to TikTok and trying so hard and not getting any views? How can I give you something that will point you in the right direction, regardless of who you are and points you within and look in your heart and trust your intuition on where your intuition will guide you on to making your viral videos as it has done with me?”

The key to this is focus all day, every day, as I do, on your energy, your vibe, and the little decisions you make, especially by watching inspirational videos, listening to books that leave you feeling great and avoiding, accepting and releasing anything negative or any drama.

Yes, I realize negative things come up and the thing is as soon as it comes up, I have an honest admission, “Okay, I’m not feeling good right now. What do I need to do to feel better?”

It’s not feel better in an artificial way by trying to numb the pain or escape it, but to genuinely process the pain, respect what it is that I’m feeling and work my way back up to feeling good because feeling good is feeling God.

When you’re feeling good, life is good and through the law of attraction, you’ll get more good things and the opposite is true. When you’re feeling bad and you’re pushing away and repelling the exact things you want that you think you need to feel good.

Thus, that energy practice comes through. They’ve shown that people can detect and read energies directly from a photograph and when you’re making your TikTok videos, your exact energy and all the other decisions you’re making in your life are going into the energy you’re putting into those videos.

The real key for a video going viral is the energy that it transmits, and that is something you can work on all day every day.

If you want to see a lot more about this, I’ve got it for you. I put a lot of stuff up about this.

Another big tip to avoid the pain, I promised you I’d give you a recipe to avoid the pain, only check your views in your analytics once a week. This has been a lesson I’ve worked on a lot, a lot.

I’ve often checked my analytics as a YouTuber, on TikTok or Facebook various times every day, and then I go in and obsess with why this video only got this many views.

If you want to go viral on TikTok, it’s a long-term game. In fact, some of the videos I’ve made that now have 10,000, 100,000 more views, at first, they didn’t get that many views right away.

In fact, the video that has the most views now, over 400,000, it didn’t immediately just get into going crazy on views. I think it got a fairly normal number of views at first and TikTok’s algorithm, then started pushing in after a week or two.

That’s the same thing for several of my other videos, it took them a little while to get going and then TikTok’s algorithm pushed them.

Thus, you want to avoid checking and obsessing every day over your analytics and focus completely on what you’re creating and just upload videos, put them up there, hit the heart button.

I put a video up showing how to make sure your video actually is watchable and shareable, click on the share button to make sure that you can actually share your video and other people can see it, and then forget about it.

Don’t worry about that video. You’re onto the next video you can create.

I stay out of my comments. I don’t even read what people have to say. It’s not my business, what you have to say about my videos.

I create my videos and you can say whatever you want about them.

Depending on what platform, I may have a moderator remove some of the comments. I don’t even look at the comments on my own videos, none of my business.

That’s your space to create, not mine.

That helps me stay into the good creative vibe.

If you need some help with things like tags and trending songs, you can browse those by clicking on the trending tags and what you want is to get tags that are very appropriate for your video and match up to the kind of viewer you think might want to watch your video and get the right hashtags.

You don’t need to just try to jump on trends, but the key is to get the exact right tags, so that TikTok can have those tags on the video and help figure out with its algorithm, if this tag is on a video and somebody else has this much of an engagement rate with that tag on their video, the odds that they’ll like your video.

I look through the trending tags consistently. I pick out the ones, I make a big list that I think collectively my videos generally apply to.

Then what I do is on each individual video, I just pick out a few tags and put them on there.

Finally, put out a video every day. I am publishing one video a day on TikTok.

How to trend?

Now, that also is Facebook, Instagram and YouTube stories, and maybe LinkedIn and Twitter sometimes.

I just put a video out every day, check the analytics once a week and guess what?

I’m getting more views than ever because I’m focusing totally on what I’m giving and what I’m doing and I’m letting go of looking at what I’m receiving.

In fact, a lot of us spend more time looking at what we’re receiving than what we’re giving.

The key, if you want to trend, is to focus on what you’re giving and how you’re helping others and what you receive will blow you away.

Thank you for watching all of this.

I’m so impressed you’ve spent so much time learning with me and I’m very grateful for the chance to help you today.

I’ll see you on and maybe on TikTok.

You can continue learning with us in the full class today “TikTok for Beginners — Make Stories on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube!” at

I love you.

You’re awesome.

I appreciate the chance to serve you today and I will see you again soon.

Jerry Banfield

Edits from video transcript by Michel Gerard.