TikTok Viral Videos 2019 — Case Studies in Trending on the For You Page

Let’s take a look now at TikTok viral videos 2019 and the videos that I liked that have gone viral on TikTok. What that means is these videos have gotten a lot of views and all of these videos made me laugh.

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The purpose of looking at them is to help understand what kind of videos are people consuming and most engaging with on TikTok.

This is just a small snapshot and if you find it fun to try to do a video like this then feel free. These are what some top videos on TikTok are currently looking like.

TikTok Viral Videos 2019 — Case Studies in Trending on the For You Page

This one was the first video by Corey Jimenez that had me laughing so hard and it’s so ridiculous. It is easy to judge but in this video, he used the sound that somebody else had uploaded, and he edits several times in the video.

He’s talking about “Oh, this girl is Loki crazy. I think you shouldn’t hit it and quit it. Oh, you’re talking come and go” and then there’s the same way of saying that for 5 or 6 different ways.

And I was just laughing so hard watching that video. I tried to show my wife that video, and she didn’t think it was funny like I did.

But I thought it was hilarious and I’m using some lines from that video now. This is the 1st example in this case study of TikTok viral videos 2019.

TikTok Viral Videos 2019 — Case Studies in Trending on the For You Page

If you can entertain and help somebody laugh, you’ve given them real value in their day. It’s not all about teaching and having to give somebody a new skill.

So, if you help somebody laugh, that’s lifted their spirit a bit. This video helped me laugh. That video got 140K likes and a few hundred comments.

I’m surprised at the comments. A lot of times people will just like videos and not interact with it.

TikTok Viral Videos 2019

You’ll notice that the prayer for my mom video on TikTok got about the same number of comments as his even though it got a small fraction of the likes.

Thus, the key is on TikTok, if you want a video to go viral, there needs to be engagement. People need to either comment/like/share.

TikTok Viral Videos 2019 — Case Studies in Trending on the For You Page

As you can see the sound down here is from a different user. It’s not his sound, and he just did a lip-sync video to the sound.

Same thing on the next video by @bigdawgboogie in this case study of TikTok viral videos 2019. This one was a funny video as well. The first time you see a lot of these certain types of videos, this is a kind of format that was done.

What happens is either you start with a black guy or a white guy.

The idea was like a white guy moves in the black neighborhood. In this version, it was a black guy who moves into a white neighborhood and starts off saying “First week in a white neighborhood”.

These are just literally cut from one bathroom shot to another.

So, he walks in the first shot “Yo, what’s up? It’s my first day in the white neighborhood” and then he cuts.

The idea is that he’s a little whiter sounding after a week in the white neighborhood.

Then after like a month, he comes in saying, “I’m going golfing with Jimmy” and then in the very last shot in the video, a white kid comes in and says, “Yo Mom, give me my pizza B or something like that”.

The basic premise is like he moved into the white neighborhood and became white is the basic setup for the video.

There’s also the version I did. It was the white guy who moves in a black neighborhood and turns into Black Panther by the end of it.

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You’ll notice that the video I did, did not go viral by any means. What happened is these certain format videos get really popular, but then they also get saturated.

If you can make one of these kinds of videos at just right when it’s starting to take off, you’ve got a good shot to get your video out there to a lot of people.

If you make one after the market has been saturated so to speak, you probably won’t have that much luck with it but there’s always a possibility. People might like yours better.

This 3rd one in this case study of TikTok viral videos 2019, I just have watched so many of these 3rd type of videos over and over again. Why a lot of these videos are going out there?

It’s because people like watching different versions of the same basic stunt. The format of this video is linked with the mo Bamba song.

The song plays and you pour some kind of drink on the floor in front of a family member. As you can see, he’s got this 2-liter of coke and it’s overflowing the glass.

This one’s good. I’ve watched so many of these videos and TikTok knows that I almost always find these videos just funny for some reason.

A girl sits down in front of the family dinner and pours her whole drink over. I saw a guy who did one, where he goes into the news desk in San Diego, takes a water pitcher and pours the water all over the anchor’s table.

TikTok viral videos 2019 are hilarious for some reason. It’s just kind of ridiculous and I saw one guy doing the same student. He was pouring and his dad takes his belt off and starts beating him.

Now, I’m not suggesting you do anything like that but these are the kind of videos that consistently went viral and are funny that I’ve seen.

Also, keep in mind, for the ones I’ve seen, there’s probably thousands and thousands of people have done ones that I haven’t seen but what’s cool is you can get discovered.

If you click on that record, you’ll see a bunch of videos with that exact same song and often what people do is use that song to make it a format.

For example, all of these did not use the original sound. There was not an original sound. They all use somebody else’s sound and then the TikTok algorithm knows,

“Oh, these videos are all using the same sound. If someone likes videos that use that particular sound, the odds of them liking another one is high. We should show them one of these in the “For You” page”.

Now, these are all creators that I’ve found their videos on just the “For You” page and I like them. There’s no consistency among hashtags. I’ve read a lot of different hashtags.

What seems important on hashtags is what I will show you next about doing some research to put the right hashtags that are trending on your video to accurately help TikTok’s algorithm categorize it.

That’s not absolutely essential if you’ve got a sound that someone else made. The sound will do much more than the hashtags themselves to be in TikTok viral videos 2019.

Therefore, if you’re doing a lip sync to someone else’s sound/song as was the case for all the videos I’m showing you as the case study, the sound itself is much more powerful than the hashtags.

You don’t even need to necessarily put any hashtags on your description as you can see the 2-liter coke video didn’t have any hashtags on it at all and @bigdawgboogie’s one just had some pretty general hashtags on it.

Now, Corey actually did some more trending hashtags and Corey jumps on the trending hashtags every time to be in TikTok viral videos 2019.

You can always try to just jump on the trending hashtags and that can help you get your video out there some more but at the same time, there’s a better way to do it.

Just look and find videos that match exactly what you’re doing and make if there’s a sound you can use then use that sound to be in TikTok viral videos 2019.

Thank you very much for reading this. I appreciate the chance to share my experience on TikTok viral videos 2019 with you and I hope you enjoyed looking at some videos I’ve liked and found funny.

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You can search for these videos yourself if you’d like to see them.

Jerry Banfield