Top 5 Time Saving Zaps on Zapier!

Would you like to know what are my top 5 time-saving Zaps on Zapier because this will help you save time as well?

Top 5 Time Saving Zaps on Zapier!

Are you ready to save hundreds of hours of your time by automating these five tasks that take up a lot of time and energy from digital marketers and online entrepreneurs like me.

Top 5 Time Saving Zaps on Zapier!

I’ve been using Zapier for years and I’m grateful for the chance to show you my top five time-savings Zaps because these will allow you to automate tasks that you’re doing manually and to do ones you might already have automated even better.

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Number one, automatic social media sharing from YouTube, WordPress and more.

Top 5 Time Saving Zaps on Zapier!

Wherever you’re publishing content online, you should never be having to manually share when you write a new blog post or publish a new YouTube video, et cetera.

You can set up with Zapier and I’ll show you my workflows after I go through these five. The ability to have as soon as the new WordPress post comes out, publish that straight on all your social media accounts.

That saves me a ton of time and energy and I’m so grateful for it because for years, when I first created content online, I just shared it manually. You might not think a minute or two, three or five minutes sharing your post manually takes much time. When you publish a post every day like I do, that’s hours every year I’m spending doing something that could be done automatically.

Number two, SMS or text notifications are key success points.

Top 5 Time Saving Zaps on Zapier!

A lot of us set up online stores. We set up email funnels. We set up things that we want to succeed, and then we check them every day.

Do I have a new order? Do I have a new lead?

What you can do instead is use a Zap to set it up that when you get the action you’re looking for like when somebody buys a course on my website, I get a text message saying, “This person just purchased a course in your website.”

That eliminates a ton of my time manually checking and trying to find orders. It also gives me that nice positive reinforcement throughout the day. As I see this person bought that course, this person bought that course, this person scheduled a call with me. This also eliminates the need for me to check email, which we’ll talk about in a minute.

Number three, welcome and follow-up emails for leads and orders.

Top 5 Time Saving Zaps on Zapier!

I’ve seen the value of having a follow-up with people, whether I meet them in person at a networking event, whether they’ve just purchased a course on my website. That initial follow-up is one of the best opportunities to deepen a relationship.

A lot of us try to do this manually and we often forget to do it or it takes a lot of time. You can totally automate the process of sending your initial welcome emails, which a lot of e-commerce software will do.

What you really want to automate is that follow-up process the day after someone bought your course. You can do this with email marketing software.

However, with Zapier you’ll find you get a lot higher open rate because you can make it look like you actually wrote it yourself. You don’t have to have an unsubscribe button on the bottom of the footer and Gmail will consistently put this in the primary inbox.

This means those follow-up emails will have a lot higher open rate and the welcome emails can have a lot higher open rate. If you send them directly via Zapier, it looks like a message you just typed out and sent in Gmail yourself instead of having it automated and sent with an email provider.

Number four, forward emails to text messages and remove email from your phone.

Top 5 Time Saving Zaps on Zapier!

One of the biggest things you can do to save a lot of time is to avoid being distracted when you’re doing your most important work. Like right now, this is my most important work, filming a new video course.

Every time I get distracted, it not only takes the time out of the distraction, but it also takes time to refocus and remember what I was doing.

It’s like a computer, if you switch windows, especially if you were doing something like playing a video game that’s very intensive on the computer, it takes time to switch back to another window, and it takes time as the operator to remember exactly what you were doing and get back into high performance.

One huge performance tip that works for me and that I’ve been doing for years is I do not get email on my phone. It’s too easy for so many people to send me an email. I don’t want those emails popping up on my phone and then having a thousand unread emails that I look at as my wall of shame that I haven’t read all these emails.

What you can do is set up to get text messages for your most critical emails that you do want to check right away like somebody just ordered or if a certain person sends you an email or if there’s a certain wording in an email, then you can get a text message notification that, “Oh, I need to check that email right away.”

That saves a ton of time and energy, especially when you put all these together.

Number five is you can set up an automation to watch prices and data online.

Top 5 Time Saving Zaps on Zapier!

I used to be big into investing and I watched all these prices online every day. It took up so much time and energy. What I found is I could set up an automation to say, if the price goes over the point at which I decided I was going to sell, just send me a text message.

I don’t need to worry about what the price is moment to moment. I just want to know when the price is say over $2 and I want to text messages because then I’ll immediately place a sell order or when it goes below a certain point I want to buy it. This saves a ton of time and energy.

Let me show you how I actually set these up.

Here’s the first one.

When you do this in Zapier, here’s the basic workflow to share your posts automatically. You need to trigger action. You need something that happens in order for everything to follow that.

Top 5 Time Saving Zaps on Zapier!

When I’ve got a new post in WordPress or a new video on YouTube, that automatically gets shared to my Facebook, to my Twitter account, into my Pinterest. Currently there are no Zaps for Instagram, and for LinkedIn, I prefer to publish manually on there because that can get a lot of additional reach and give me some good back links as well on articles.

You can set this up with many different platforms. The key thing is to get this set up so it automatically goes out to your social media every time you post.

Next thing, order messages.

What I’ve got is I use WooCommerce on my WordPress website. Every time somebody places an order on my website, I have it filtered.

Top 5 Time Saving Zaps on Zapier!

If somebody uses a free coupon to take a course, I give out a lot of coupons to take the first course free. I don’t need to know about that, and if that’s the case, those are filtered.

What I want to know about is every time somebody actually spends money on my website, I want to know the name of the person who bought whatever they bought, and I want to know how much they spent and what they bought.

That way, I’m prepared to serve them, to provide outstanding customer service. I’m prepared to check my email if I need to, to see if they have any questions. I’m prepared to update the course based on what course they bought. This eliminates me having to check email and getting any notifications if there’s somebody who just took a course for free.

I also have my follow-up set up this way.

When I get a new customer, when a person first joins on my website, I delay for 24 hours because when you first joined my website, you’ll get three different emails from the thank you for creating an account, your order is processing, to your order is completed.

Top 5 Time Saving Zaps on Zapier!

What I do is I send an email 24 hours later that says, “Hey, thank you for joining. You may want to schedule a call with me to get the very best experience,” because if I was in their position and I bought a course, I’d like to get as close to the instructor as possible and to know that there’s an option to schedule a call.

If I send this via an email marketing provider, it often gets stuck in the “Promotions” folder and the read rate is often 10% or 20%. When I send it like this, the read rate is much higher. I estimate because I can’t see it this way. I estimate it’s at least 30% or 40% when I’m doing the follow-up like this.

The last example I’ve got to show you is whenever I get sent money via this one service, I’ve got an email that will come, and then I’ll get a text message.

Top 5 Time Saving Zaps on Zapier!

This way I don’t have to check my email and look to see if anybody sent me money. I just get a text message to say, “You just received this much money.”

It saves me a ton of time and energy versus checking manually.

For the last Zap, I had a service called Wachete. I would set that up, and then I would configure that to notify when a price would change on something I had invested in. Then, the same thing here, send a text message when the price hits a certain range.

I’m grateful for the chance to share my top five time-savings Zaps with you because the information I’ve just shared with you might be able to save you hundreds of hours for you up to do your most important work, and give you the opportunity to spend more time with your family, relax, enjoy yourself.

This is how I use Zapier to save hundreds of hours of my time every year.

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