Can I Get New Followers Tipping with Bits on

Can I Get New Followers Tipping with Bits on

Is tipping with bits a good way to get new followers on Twitch?

Now, my initial answer is yes.

I think when done well over time on channels we are interested in, that are related to what we are doing and what we are streaming, when we participate in the chat, I think the bits leaderboard as we can see over here, I think this is a good way to get some new followers.

Can I Get New Followers Tipping with Bits on

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The problem is that most users on Twitch are watching on mobile devices. That means that most users on Twitch are not able to even see the cheer leaderboard.

Something like 80% of users on Twitch are on mobiles and the cheer leaderboard does not show up on mobiles, and therefore, even if you are at the top on the cheer leaderboard, then you are not necessarily going to even get the majority of viewers to see it.

Can I Get New Followers Tipping with Bits on

I did a little test on this.

To do it in an environment that is not directly related, I tipped 500 bits, which is $5.

Technically, it probably cost $6 to buy the $5, and the streamer gets $5.

I tipped it on a streamer playing “League of Legends.”

I have played “League of Legends” and I have got a lot of videos on it. I don’t play anymore and I haven’t watched any “League of Legends” streams in probably a year. I am creating music, so it is not related to what I am doing.

I tested it and it has been an hour or two.

There are 13,000 live viewers on here. Probably a cycle of just tens of thousands that have come through in a couple of hours.

I tested it here and no new followers on my channel from it.

Can I Get New Followers Tipping with Bits on

I am using Stream Elements to track my Twitch channel followers. In the hour or two since I did this $5 tip, there is no new followers as a result of it.

Therefore, I say that just tipping randomly to be top on the leaderboard or to get the attention of the streamer, that is not worth it when it is not related.

For example, if I did “League of Legends” streams, then it would probably be worth it.

However, given that I don’t do any more of “League of Legends” streams and I am doing music streams now, probably it is not worth it to drop tips on streams like this.

That said, I do think tips in the form of bits or tips straight to a streamer on communities that we participate in on a regular basis, can be a really good opportunity to level up our followers, to get some new followers.

Man, this guy is just really good at “League of Legends” too. I guess thatโ€™s why a lot of people watch him.

I am getting distracted watching how ridiculously good he is just wrecking over here. He is trying to go in like 2v1 over here.

Alright. I get distracted easily.

Good job on “League of Legends.”

I am happy I gave him the $5 tip.

He is really good at “League of Legends.”

Can I Get New Followers Tipping with Bits on

He finally died, but his team gets the kill.

So, it is not worth just random tipping trying to be the top tipper in most cases. It definitely is though if you get known, for example, in the music community.

I go around and drop bits on lots of the music channels and when you have made that 10th, 20th, 30th, and 40th impression, when people have seen you give and give, then that is likely to work well over time to get some new followers, to build an audience.

I think we have got the point clearly communicated.

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