Time to Take Action: Tips For Continuous Self Improvement

The idea with this course is that you and I are not perfect. However, we can walk towards perfection. We can try to be perfect with the understanding that it’s never reached. In trying, we do get better. In trying we work towards the goal of perfection. I’m willing to work toward all my character defects. I’m willing to continue practicing the good parts of my character more and more each day. I’m willing to try with the idea that I can be better. I can always be a little better.

At no point do I just sit stagnant because there’s two states I see in life. There’s growth and there’s decay. There’s nothing wrong with either of these states. If you want to be a live and be a little bit healthier, the way I see it, you want to be in that growth state. You want to be growing. When you are willing to admit you are not perfect, you can take a look at all the defects in your life. Pay attention to where you’re selfish, unhealthy, and hurting yourself and other people.

When you’re willing to admit you’re not perfect you can look at those things and not turn away from them. You can look at say I can be a better friend, I can be a better husband. I can be a better teacher online. When you’re willing to look at those things, then the next questions follow. What can I try? What can I do to be a better husband, friend, family member and teacher online? What can I do to be in better shape? I don’t just want to lose a little weight. What can I do to be in perfect shape? When you look at who you are and work towards perfection, you can experience incredible things.

I had a huge problem. I wouldn’t like how I was. I did not want to look at how I was. I was afraid of what I would find there. I preferred to have this idea of who I was founded on little knowledge on what I was being and then try to support that idea. I led my life like that and it led to lots of pain, suffering, and being unhealthy. You don’t have to keep doing that today regardless of where you’re at. You can find the imperfections you have now and be willing to do better on them. There’s nothing wrong with looking at your imperfections. It will shatter the idea of who you are.

When you try to put out this image that you’re so great and you look at see how you are just like other people better in some ways and worse in others, then it can shatter the idea you’re putting up of who you are. You’ve got to break the idea of who you are and start with a fresh perspective that you can be anything. You can be anyone and you can work towards being perfect, whatever that means.

Breaking the idea of who I am has worked for me. I look at how I’m being and try to do better where there’s opportunity to do better. Jerry and I share with you tips that we found to do better. None of these will work if you are not open. You won’t try any of these as long as you’re completely attached to who you are and you’re not willing to look at who you’re being. In other words, you have to take a look at your actions and what you’re doing to people. Pay attention to what you’re doing to yourself and what you’re doing to others. If you’re willing to admit you’re not perfect and look at the places you’re not perfect, you’ll see the tips in this course. You’ll see what works for Jerry or you’ll see what works for me and you’ll decide whether that will work for you, too. That’s the whole goal of this course, try something new. You won’t get anything out of getting more knowledge, but you will get something out of trying one thing in this course.

You can choose what to try. You can watch every lecture before you decide what to try or you can try something in the next lecture. Thank you for being here. I hope you get one new thing to try after seeing what Jerry and I do in our lives to be a little bit more healthy than we were before.