Podcast About Depression — Top 10 Natural Depression Relief Remedies Working for Me!

Are you ready for an amazing podcast on depression featuring the top 10 depression relief remedies that will give you all-natural relief based on what is working for me today? After years where I struggled with depression, where I was consistently so frustrated, I could barely stand it anymore and today if it comes up, it goes away very quickly.

Let’s get into these top 10 depression relief remedies which are all-natural that I think you will love and enjoy.

Podcast About Depression — Top 10 Natural Depression Relief Remedies Working for Me!

Tip #1 is a whole plant-based diet.

That means eating foods that are primarily made out of minimally if not processed plants. You might wonder, “Well, why does this make a big difference for depression?” I’ll share a little story with you here that will enlighten you about how this makes a massive difference in depression.

I was at the airport in 2016 when I figured this out firsthand with my family. I was having a lovely day. I was enjoying time going to the airport, getting ready to travel back home and guess what happened?

Podcast About Depression — Top 10 Natural Depression Relief Remedies Working for Me!

My depression came on hard. I am also an alcoholic and often if I’m depressed, I thought of a drink that will start to look good which is a big motivator to not get depressed and I started thinking about a drink. This is the 1st tip out of the top 10 depression relief remedies.

I started not even wanting to live anymore and this was crazy because just a few minutes before that I was feeling great and I did not understand how I could possibly get turned upside down so much to go from feeling great to all of a sudden feeling so low.

I realized what happened. The food I had eaten caused that. I had this massive meal at PF Changs with 5+ different kinds of meat, all kinds of oils and salts which are okay to have a little oil or a little salt.

Podcast About Depression — Top 10 Natural Depression Relief Remedies Working for Me!

You might even be able to eat a little meat. I don’t and it’s okay to have a little bit of these things in moderation but when you better dump a bunch of these things in your body all at once, your body cries out and says, “Oh my God! You just poisoned me and you must be trying to kill me”.

That sends up all these negative thoughts to your brain. Your brain is trying to tell you to stop. Don’t do that anymore but we interpret this as something’s wrong with us and we need to go get help. NO. Just eat better. Eat better and that’ll prevent a ton of depression coming up and then you won’t get turned all kinds of crazy ways and be all upset as often.

Podcast About Depression — Top 10 Natural Depression Relief Remedies Working for Me!

The whole plant diet helps me a ton to stay at a high energy level and prevent depression from even coming up. Thus, the #1 suggestion out of the top 10 depression relief remedies is to change your diet so you can eliminate a ton of depression and you don’t even need to be sold on this yet. Just watch how you feel.

Next time you’re feeling great and you eat a big meal full of a bunch of things that take your body down, watch how you feel afterward and watch your depression come on. That’s how I got sold.

Now that you’ve heard this, you’re ready to experience the results of it.

Podcast About Depression — Top 10 Natural Depression Relief Remedies Working for Me!

Tip #2 is a support group.

I’ve got a lot of blog posts on my website for you. For example, I’ve got a post called: How to get rid of suicidal thoughts with diet and hypnotherapy.

I also have a post talking about Why I Go to Alcoholics Anonymous Every Day to Stay Sober because the support group helps me to remember what I’m doing and why I’m doing it on days when I lose track or I lose focus.

It helped me recently and if you are getting a lot of depression like I was getting, you may be tempted towards substance abuse, things that make depression worse. For example, drinking makes things much worse and the more I drank, the more I got depressed.

Now I’ve got a support group in Alcoholics Anonymous that helps me stay centered every day. Instead of getting my life turned upside down, I go to Alcoholics Anonymous every single day and this helps me remember what I’m doing and keep up with my good habits.

What I noticed is a lot of people like me who were struggling with depression, we figured out things that make it better and then what happens? We stop doing them and we get messed up all over the place and we wonder what happened.

Podcast About Depression — Top 10 Natural Depression Relief Remedies Working for Me!

We wonder what went wrong when really we stopped doing the things that were helping us and a support group is really helpful to keep you on top of your game to keep you doing the things that help you stay centered and to keep you in the right place.

Therefore, a support group is essential. Now, if you’re not an alcoholic, you may have other addictions. There are tons of support groups out there. Once you realize the value of a support group, you can start looking for it and find one. This is the 2nd tip out of the top 10 depression relief remedies.

Podcast About Depression — Top 10 Natural Depression Relief Remedies Working for Me!

Tip #3 is Walking Outside.

There are a lot of health benefits to just getting outside. There are a lot of health benefits of walking. You can do a walking meditation. You can listen to audiobooks as I do. You can walk your dog, walk your child and listen to audiobooks at the same time as I do.

This is a big help because it gets you out of the house and gets you out into nature. Just being in nature is very healing. Often the air quality that we’re breathing inside is keeping us stuffed up and messing us all up inside and just getting some fresh air will help us recenter our minds, our bodies and then the depression will lift from there.

Podcast About Depression — Top 10 Natural Depression Relief Remedies Working for Me!

When you hear people talk about the worst of their depression, what do they do? They say that I was laying in bed all day. Now look at the behavior and look at the results (lay in bed all day feeling depressed).

If you want to feel better, get your butt out of bed and take a walk outside. I don’t care if it’s raining. It couldn’t be any worse in your mind than a little bit of rain. Go outside and take a walk. I take a walk every single day even if I’m doing personal training.

Podcast About Depression — Top 10 Natural Depression Relief Remedies Working for Me!

I take a walk every single day even if I’ve got a lot going on. What I do is I try and take a walk first thing in the morning because often when I wake up, I really need to get that walk in the morning to get recentered.

Therefore, take a walk outside, especially these are cumulative. When you change your diet, focus on your diet, on a whole plant-based, have a support group and you take a walk, all of these start to make a big difference. This is the 3rd tip out of the top 10 depression relief remedies.

Just doing one might not carry your depression by itself but when you do all 10 of these, I’m certain that you will be very happy with the results you get.

Podcast About Depression — Top 10 Natural Depression Relief Remedies Working for Me!

Tip #4 is an Accountability Partner.

In Alcoholics Anonymous, we call this a Sponsor. In my business, we’ve got a continuing education program for entrepreneurs and we’ve got a Mastermind Program where we have mentors, accountability partners and a support group for our business.

Podcast About Depression — Top 10 Natural Depression Relief Remedies Working for Me!

If you have a partner such as a husband, a wife, a girlfriend/boyfriend or fiancé, these can be good accountability partners, especially if you’re having some of the same struggles. This tip is very helpful out of the top 10 depression relief remedies.

The point is to get someone that you are accountable to about what you were doing with your depression. My wife will let me know if I’m slipping in any area of my life. If I’m still slipping on things like Alcoholics Anonymous, she said she’ll give me a swift kick in the butt so I make sure to stay on track.

This is how I originally got to Alcoholics Anonymous. She did give me a swift kick in the butt and said, “Look, I can’t keep living like this anymore with you drinking at home” and that’s when I said, “Okay. I better go to Alcoholics Anonymous or I’m going to lose my marriage”.

Podcast About Depression — Top 10 Natural Depression Relief Remedies Working for Me!

Why? I didn’t know what else to do, I didn’t have a support group and I didn’t have any other accountability partners. This is the 4th tip out of the top 10 depression relief remedies.

If you’re specifically wanting to work on a certain thing like depression, it helps to have an Accountability Partner who directly works with you on that. For example, with my Alcoholism, I have 2 sponsors in Alcoholics Anonymous and they gave me accountable across many different areas in my life.

My wife is also an accountability partner and I have lots of other accountability partners. The key with your accountability partner is that you are absolutely honest with your accountability partner. No lying. No deception. Not putting your best self forward.

Podcast About Depression — Top 10 Natural Depression Relief Remedies Working for Me!

You get brutally honest with your accountability partner. That’s the point of sponsors in Alcoholics Anonymous. These are people you can get brutally honest with that you can share the very worst parts of yourself with them. You can’t really hold anything back that you can talk to about all the worst parts of your life.

At the core of your depression may be something like that that needs to be healed and an Accountability Partner can help.

Podcast About Depression — Top 10 Natural Depression Relief Remedies Working for Me!

How do you pick an Accountability Partner? You look around for someone who demonstrates the qualities that lead you to trust them. Often this may take a while. Before I picked a sponsor in Alcoholics Anonymous, I went to meetings for 3+ months and I listened to what people had to say.

The people who shared the most courage and the most vulnerability, that’s how I realized this person will make a good accountability partner for me. That this person is someone I can trust to share the worst of myself with. I can tell this person all of my life to and that’s how I picked my Accountability Partners at Alcoholics Anonymous and in other areas of my life.

Podcast About Depression — Top 10 Natural Depression Relief Remedies Working for Me!

Tip #5 is Hypnotherapy.

This is directly linked to Accountability Partners but I recommend doing this in addition to your accountability partners. I’ve got a post on my website about hypnotherapy talking about how helpful it is. This tip is very helpful out of the top 10 depression relief remedies.

Get What You Want Meditation”.

Hypnotherapy involves being hypnotized. Now, there is a lot of confusion and thinking of magic tricks. Let me do it in a way you can understand. Hypnotherapy is basically an active meditation. That’s how you can think of it.

The hypnotherapist guides you into meditation and this can be really helpful if you struggle to do any meditation yourself. Hypnotherapy with a good hypnotherapist also combines elements of regular therapy.

The difference is that regular therapists often have a lot of boundaries with you. For example, they may not be able to hug you or tell you I love you whereas, a hypnotherapist is not bound by these stricter rules and allows them to be more of an equal and more of a regular person with you.

Podcast About Depression — Top 10 Natural Depression Relief Remedies Working for Me!

I find this helpful. I’m not interested in going to some psychotherapist who has all these books, rules, and diagnoses. I want someone who really knows how to heal a person. Who really knows how to help a person and really knows how to guide me into my inner wisdom.

That’s the beauty of working with a hypnotherapist. It is that they can really guide you into your inner wisdom with active meditation. Once you learn with the hypnotherapist how to do some active meditation, this is a big help for depression. This is the 5th tip out of the top 10 depression relief remedies.

Then you’re not stuck in your bed all day miserable even if you’re physically incapacitated, you can practice a good meditation and get yourself out of depression. Often, if you are mentally in a great place, your physical body will come along.

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In fact, from what I’ve seen, physical ailments are very often a result of mental processes that have been done so many times. The physical body essentially succumbs and the physical body then manifests these things that have been going on in the mind.

If you change your mind lots of times, the physical body will change with you and you can get over your health problems through your mind. Hypnotherapy is a great place to learn how to get your meditation and get your mind right. This tip is very helpful out of the top 10 depression relief remedies.

Hypnotherapy, like regular psychotherapy, can help dive into damaging childhood issues. You can even go into past life issues that allow you to transcend normal daily awareness and for me, that really helps in getting out of depression.

Podcast About Depression — Top 10 Natural Depression Relief Remedies Working for Me!

I am immortal. I am God. I am love. I am a soul that’s bonded with a body.

Sometimes simply identifying yourself with not just this body, this life and this bag of rocks. You think of the things you’ve done, these reasons to feel bad and hate yourself. When you get through these things, hypnotherapy can be a big help to turning your depression upside down into happiness, love, daily joy, and peace.

Thus, I go to hypnotherapy every week. I find it really helpful and guess how I got to hypnotherapy? My accountability partners consistently suggest I get a counselor and for me, hypnotherapy is the ideal format.

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I looked around and said, “I’m not going to some psychotherapists who are gonna say all these things are wrong with me and then I can’t change them”. All that I want is someone who assumes that I’m perfect, I’m wonderful and then will clear out any of the reasons I disagree with that.

These 5 things alone I am certain will make a big difference in your depression. When you combine them with the next 5 things, you are ready to transcend the worst depression. I don’t care how bad you think your depression is.

If you do all the rest of these 5 things, I imagine you will be feeling as good as I feel every single day.

Podcast About Depression — Top 10 Natural Depression Relief Remedies Working for Me!

Tip #6 is regular sex.

I found very few people who are consistently having regular sex who struggle with depression. Often depression to me seems to be a buildup of frustrated sex desires. What I notice is that a lot of the people that are depressed are not having satisfying regular sex with another person.

I’m not talking about sex by yourself which I know all about. Today, I practice a refusal to engage in any sex by myself. That’s a nice way of saying masturbation, isn’t it? I like sex by myself. That sounds better.

Podcast About Depression — Top 10 Natural Depression Relief Remedies Working for Me!

I refuse to engage in any kind of sexual activity by myself because this brings out the need to have strong relationships with others. It brings out such a strong need that even though I’m married and I completely limit my sex to my wife, I make very strong relationships with others just in case anything happens to my wife.

The sex desire is so strong that it wants very deep intimate connections with as many people as possible just in case the main sex partner has something happening to them and this is great because it encourages loving positive, happy relationships.

I don’t know 1 person who struggles with depression that has regular sex and a life full of loving, supporting, and positive relationships that they’re maintaining.

Podcast About Depression — Top 10 Natural Depression Relief Remedies Working for Me!

When I look back on my depression, I was not having regular sex. I was not taking good care of my relationships and I was consistently hurting myself with my sexual behaviors. This is the 6th tip out of the top 10 depression relief remedies.

Let me qualify that I have experienced some depression while having regular sex and also engaging in sexual behaviors that I felt were shameful which to me was just doing it by myself. Even though I was married and had a wife doing it with me almost every day at the time.

Podcast About Depression — Top 10 Natural Depression Relief Remedies Working for Me!

Thus, clearing out any undesirable sex behavior is also essential to clearing out depression because lots of times our weird sexual behaviors (weird in our minds not really that weird compared to what everybody else is doing), for example, watching adult movies by ourselves leaving us feeling ashamed.

These things can sabotage even regular sex. Therefore, if you’re already having regular sex and struggling with depression then clearing out any of these undesirable sexual behaviors, especially through hypnotherapy, an Accountability Partner and a Support Group will be really helpful to you in my experience.

Podcast About Depression — Top 10 Natural Depression Relief Remedies Working for Me!

Let’s define regular sex before we finish this up. To me, regular sex is at least every other day or third day. That is the point at which the body at least at a man starts to experience physical discomfort and in a woman starts to miss the benefits of regular sex.

I read somewhere that I don’t remember the book, but that women who have sex every 2 or 3 days are consistently less stressed out, less depressed, feel better and then have a higher desire for sex. This tip is very helpful out of the top 10 depression relief remedies.

What happens to a lot of us is we get out of the habit of regular sex and then we don’t even want to go there because of the pain of losing it. We have sex and then it’s not good because we haven’t been doing it for a while or we get way too overexcited about it.

Podcast About Depression — Top 10 Natural Depression Relief Remedies Working for Me!

We are afraid of not having it again and we are going through that painful withdrawal cycle. Therefore, it’s important to have a partner, or depending on where you are in your lifestyle, a group of partners that you can have regular sex with. To ensure that not only is your sex needs to be met, you’re helping someone else out.

Let me dispel one illusion. You don’t need to be in a perfect mood to have sex or have a perfect relationship to have sex. The key thing is to feel good about yourself, excited to be with, connect with and help someone else.

Podcast About Depression — Top 10 Natural Depression Relief Remedies Working for Me!

Sometimes you might hear people say, “Well, my partner’s sexual desires are just a chore. I wish they didn’t have them”. No, they’re not. They’re an opportunity to help out.

My wife and I had this exact discussion. She’s like, “Sometimes, I feel like your sex desires are a chore”. I’m like, “Well, that’s the nature of the male body and the good part about it is, that need gives you the chance to help me”.

The more you help me out, the more I feel compelled. I really want to help you out, to think about you, take care of you and help you.

Podcast About Depression — Top 10 Natural Depression Relief Remedies Working for Me!

I’ve noticed when couples are not having regular sex, they both feel like doing anything for the other person a chore. I find that when I’m having regular sex, I have a very strong motivation to keep having regular sex that motivates me to think about exactly what my partner might want all the time.

Now, think about that. You spend a few minutes, let’s say, you are in the mindset where you are depressed and the other person’s sexual desires are a chore. Now, think about this for a minute.

You spend a few minutes addressing those sexual needs and they spend hours and hours thinking about how they can help you with everything else you need in your life. Isn’t that worth it?

Sometimes you just need to make a rational bargain with yourself like, “Okay, I’m going to do my best to help my partner have sex”. You don’t even need to worry about liking it. Ideally, you do want to like it and it should be completely fulfilling for both of you but the best you might be able to do to start off might be pretty poor.

It’s worth it. Just start off. Do your best. Work through it. Talk about it and you get to a place where it’s really enjoyable for everyone and that’s the idea that gets you into regular sex and out of depression.

If you really want out of depression, you need to be willing to go to any lengths to get out of there. Being depressed sucks and I would go really far to not be depressed on a daily basis today and that takes us into the next suggestion.

Podcast About Depression — Top 10 Natural Depression Relief Remedies Working for Me!

Tip #7 is Massage, especially if you’re struggling with intimacy issues.

If you’re struggling with being able to open up to someone and have an Accountability Partner, if you struggle to relax and feel good about yourself, a great massage therapist can help you a lot.

I get a massage every week and getting a massage is one of the miraculous transformations I’ve been going through. When I started getting massages, I was 3 months sober. My head was absolutely upside down.

Podcast About Depression — Top 10 Natural Depression Relief Remedies Working for Me!

I went between raving angry lunatic horribly depressed and I don’t want to do anything anymore and maybe if I just drink, I’ll feel better and the beauty of massage is that it helped me relax. It helped me connect and start loving my body.

I’ve literally had parts of my body that have been healed like my butt. I used to feel like my butt was some shameful nasty part of my body that all it did was sit on toilet seats, expel waste and through massage, I’ve been able to reconnect and love that part of my body.

Podcast About Depression — Top 10 Natural Depression Relief Remedies Working for Me!

My butt is now a part of my body that is assimilated and part of a whole that I love. A lot of us have parts in our bodies that we just feel awkward about that we don’t like. It’s easy to get depressed when there are parts of yourself you’re carrying around all day that you don’t like.

Even if you’re doing it unconsciously. If you unconsciously think, “Oh! My butt’s so nasty or I hate my abs or I hate my chest or I hate my back”. This is the 7th tip out of the top 10 depression relief remedies.

This makes it difficult to enjoy life. Imagine it’s like a pain that you constantly are carrying.

A massage can also help relieve a lot of physical pain. It can be much easier to talk yourself into being depressed as I know when your body hurts. Before I started getting regular massages, my body used to be very uncomfortable.

I used to consistently have back pain and I got a post where I talked about getting out of a 20-year journey in back pain. This tip is very helpful out of the top 10 depression relief remedies.

I Spend $500+ A Month Getting Massages for Relaxation, Meditation, and Connection

Now, I have no back pain on a daily basis. It’s amazing and this started when I got massages. Massages help release toxins in the body that are stored up and when you just move various parts of the body around, the toxins will come out and be expelled.

Massage helps just a physical connection of one human being to another. It helps produce this euphoric state which can get you out of depression. A massage also promotes the ability to be close and get that loving attention from another human being.

I’m very close with my massage therapist now. We have very intimate discussions about all parts of our lives. We help each other a lot with our worst problems and my massage therapist is my Accountability Partner.

Podcast About Depression — Top 10 Natural Depression Relief Remedies Working for Me!

Now, I see her every week. I talk to her every week and to be clear in case you’re thinking that massage has to involve or might involve something sexual, it generally does not. For me, it never has because I’ve picked places where they are established reputable licensed massage therapy places.

Now, yes. There are some places you can go to where they may try and sell you on that or where that might go on. However, that’s why it’s important to have clear boundaries and discuss any of these things with your massage therapist beforehand.

Podcast About Depression — Top 10 Natural Depression Relief Remedies Working for Me!

For example, I remember talking to one of the therapists saying that I was afraid that sexual things might go on and that they would just be essentially forced upon me or I’d be tempted into them. I had a great discussion about that with my massage therapist.

Now, I’m not afraid of that because I realized most massage therapists are not looking to do that anyway and the ones that are, I am confident that I have the ability to say, “No thank you. Please avoid that part of my body if it were ever to come up”.

Thus, getting through some of these issues is critical for dispelling depression. It’s a big learning and big growth opportunity and when you’re learning and growing, it promotes happiness, joy, and excitement.

Often depression is an indicator of a lack of growth, an unwillingness to change and when you get through some of these tough issues in life, you’re able to grow. You’re able to change and massage has been a huge way that’s helped me do that.

Tip #8 is to drink only water.

If you’ve gone through these other 7 suggestions, you know already kind of on board with them, these last will help you clear out any problems. Drink only water. I drink 99% of the water. The other day when I went out to lunch with my massage therapist, I had a lemonade which was unusual.

Podcast About Depression — Top 10 Natural Depression Relief Remedies Working for Me!

I only drink something besides water maybe once a month. Almost all that I drink is water. I used to drink tea. Tea can be good. I used to drink coffee and sodas.

What I can say is that drinking things with a lot of caffeine in them produces ups and downs. If you don’t want to be depressed, you don’t want anything that produces a big up because if you produce a big up by drinking something like a huge cup of coffee that gives you a bunch of caffeine and a massive boost, you’re going to have a crash.

You’re going to come flying down from that and then you’re likely to get depressed. If you really want to avoid depression, make sure you avoid drinking anything that will cause big movements in your mood.

Podcast About Depression — Top 10 Natural Depression Relief Remedies Working for Me!

This to me means Alcohol. No alcohol at all. Alcohol is something that depresses you and it conditions your body into being depressed. I suggest absolutely no alcohol if you want to avoid depression. This is the 8th tip out of the top 10 depression relief remedies.

I’ve never seen a person who struggles with depression and drinking helps. Never once. What I see is that drinking can numb the pain sometimes but the price you pay for that is more depression and I know firsthand. The more I drank, the more I got depressed.

It’s what’s called a rebound in medication terms, for example, if you have headaches and you take pain pills to knock the headache down, what you often get is a rebound headache. The headache will come right back.

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If you drink alcohol, you will often get rebound depression. If you’re a bit depressed, you have a glass of wine and you feel better, you get rebound depression the next day and guess what then?

You’ll need another drink.

Therefore, I suggest drinking only water. Do not drink anything else. Water is what your body needs. Water leaves your body feeling great. Water will leave you feeling great every day and then you get your nutrition through the food you eat, especially doing a whole plant-based.

Diet drink only water, avoid things that hype you up and you will avoid a lot of depression and this leads us to another suggestion.

Podcast About Depression — Top 10 Natural Depression Relief Remedies Working for Me!

Tip #9 is personal training.

If you’re taking walks outside, that’s good. Vigorous exercise also helps a lot with depression. Vigorous exercise gets your heart rate up. It stimulates a lot of your body and it will also force you to confront mental blocks and barriers.

For example, I took 3 years off of personal training just thinking that walking my dog was perfectly satisfactory. What I noticed in taking those years off of personal training is that my stamina went down a lot and that I was missing something in my life with exercise.

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When you do personal training, it gets you out, gets you stimulated and it’ll push you through these mental barriers that lead to depression. Personal training gets a little uncomfortable sometimes and a lot of us are programmed to avoid discomfort.

When you’re depressed, often you’ve been putting a lot of work into avoiding discomfort but you build this anger and resentment up to it. You build this silent fury that just turns into this depression and apathy and personal training helps show you how to get through that.

In addition, when you finish a good vigorous workout with personal training, it gives you an Accountability Partner and when I am done with my personal training, I feel great. I feel strong. I feel the euphoria that so many of us are looking for. That’s the direct opposite of depression.

I feel really good about life and I get that guaranteed benefit. If I have even a little bit of depression come on, I do personal training and it will go away completely in just an hour. After all, with being free of depression what you want is to get rid of it when it comes up.

I’m not saying that if you live your life perfectly and follow all 10 of these, the depression will never come up. This is the 9th tip out of the top 10 depression relief remedies.

Podcast About Depression — Top 10 Natural Depression Relief Remedies Working for Me!

What I am saying is that you will be able to clear depression really quickly when it starts. I am often able to clear a little depression right when it starts within a few minutes if not an hour or two and personal training is a big help to this.

A great personal trainer will also help you in these other areas. A great personal trainer will help you with being an Accountability partner and help you just have variety.

A personal trainer will help you feel good and look good. A personal trainer can help you work through your diet issues and if you’re struggling to have regular sex and you change your diet, you start doing personal training.

You will bring out your maximum attractiveness and then guess what? People will be wanting to have sex with you more than ever.

Thus, personal training can be very helpful if you’re struggling with these other areas. Now, let’s go into the next and the final one here and I’ve saved this for the last because I realize this is the one that when I bring this up in person, people consistently get offended at into me.

That shows, it works and it makes a big difference.

Podcast About Depression — Top 10 Natural Depression Relief Remedies Working for Me!

Tip #10 is to use no pills and no training wheels.

If you want to ride a bike, training wheels can help when you’re really shaky, you’re struggling to stay up and you’re just learning how to ride a bike. This final tip is the most important out of the top 10 depression relief remedies.

Yes, sometimes medication may possibly help when you’re just getting started when you’ve been in a severe situation and you need some training wheels to stabilize yourself. In my opinion and with a master’s degree in criminal justice and 7 years of experience on YouTube, if you want to be free from depression, no pills.

Absolutely no pills. No mood stabilizers. No antidepressants. I would even say no or minimum supplements, no pills and I’m saying on a daily regular basis. I’m not saying that if something crazy happens, the pain medication can be helpful in a very traumatic event.

However, the goal is to immediately get off of it and to get back to a no training wheel lifestyle.

I have never met a person once who tells me they take medication that I would want their life. Never once. Everyone I see is taking medication and consistently, especially since depression is still on training wheels and I want a life where I can ride the bike.

Podcast About Depression — Top 10 Natural Depression Relief Remedies Working for Me!

What does that mean? That means that you can get through things in life totally sober without needing to go take your medicine and without needing to depend on something else to keep you stable. What I’ve noticed is that there’s a big profit incentive to sell you on pills because think about all the people that make money from selling pills.

The pharmaceutical companies and everyone they employ have a strong profit incentive to tell you to take pills. This is the 10th tip out of the top 10 depression relief remedies.

A therapist has a strong incentive to tell you to take pills both directly because it shows that they’re doing something and indirectly. To me, pills limit how far you can go. When you’re taking in on depressants, to me, you cannot go all the way to get rid of depression.

Therefore, you’re stuck and you need a lot more help than you would otherwise need. Imagine a 15-year-old kid still with huge training wheels riding their bike around. They’re not going to be able to go as fast. They’re not going to be able to do all the maneuvers on a bike that you can do without training wheels.

I’m not going to be able to have as much fun with it. Pills are those training wheels. Take your training wheels off as soon as you possibly can which to me ought to be within if you’ve been taking anything longer than a few weeks in my opinion, that’s training wheels.

Podcast About Depression — Top 10 Natural Depression Relief Remedies Working for Me!

Take those off and start riding the bike. I learned how to ride a bike without using training wheels because, by the time I started riding a bike, my butt was so heavy that it bent the training wheels and I had to learn to ride my bike and I learned to ride a bike very fast because I didn’t get my training wheels.

I simply would fall if I couldn’t learn how to ride the bike and stay on the bike. The beauty of that is I got to have a lot of fun riding my bike all over the place and yes I fell down sometimes but it’s fun and if you want to be free of depression, you want to live life at its fullest.

Podcast About Depression — Top 10 Natural Depression Relief Remedies Working for Me!

I read a quote from some Indian guru spiritual master that said things like,

Alcohol and medication prevent you from reaching your maximum potential.

I absolutely have found that to be true and things like alcohol and pills go hand in hand. When I drank, I also consistently would take things like Advil. You might think, “Well, so what if I take an Advil to go to sleep or I take a little over-the-counter medication every day or I have this blood-pressure pill?

If you do a whole plant-based diet, according to the research, a whole plant-based diet can single-handedly prevent the top 15 causes of death. A whole plant-based diet can help you maintain a healthy weight, healthy blood pressure and almost every single other part of your body can be cured of almost every single illness with the other nine tips I’ve given you here.

All 9 of these tips are also things that go with having a life of maximum potential.

  1. Personal training & Fitness
  2. Accountability Partner
  3. No Pills
  4. Drink Only Water
  5. Massage
  6. Regular Sex
  7. Support Group
  8. Hypnotherapy
  9. Walking Outside

I could have put this list in for almost anything else. Anxiety, fear, loneliness, etc. This list fixes almost every single thing in life and how do I know? Because it’s what I do every day and it works for me.

I see the question, “Jerry, how do you have so much energy? How are you so motivated?

These are the natural states. This is a natural state that I’m in a natural state of a healthy human being. Many of us are so immersed in a culture of sickness and we don’t even recognize directly a healthy happy human being.

I know some meat-eaters that have a wonderful life but they don’t eat a ton of meat. They eat meat in moderation. I know some that don’t have an overt support group but they have a strong family or who don’t take walks outside every day but they might go for a run.

Almost everyone has an accountability partner. I know lots of people that don’t go to hypnotherapy but they practice meditation. I don’t know anybody that doesn’t have regular sex that has the life I would want.

I know people who don’t get massages but have lots of other ways to relax. I know people that will drink a little bit of tea or a little bit of coffee or don’t do personal training but have a good healthy gym workout.

I don’t know anybody that takes regular medication that has a very nice, peaceful, happy and healthy life. That’s not to say if there’s a trauma, an injury note or a sickness you don’t take some antibiotics and get over it, but I’m staying on a regular daily basis throughout most of the year.

Even when you’re in a bad place with depression, things like accents will even be attracted to you. Thus, I stick by this suggestion very strongly. It makes a big difference to me and I see some of the sickest people I know take the most medication.

Now, you might think they take medication because they’re sick, but from what I’ve seen, a little bit of sickness led to taking consistent medication and the more medication they took, the sicker they continue to become.

Now, they can’t even get off medication with professional help, which ironically tends to require more medication.

These are 10 concrete things you can do to break the cycle of depression. The weird thing I’ve noticed what a lot of people are, there seems to be this weird desire to not do things to break depression.

I noticed it myself but I’m imagining that since you have made it to the end, you are one of the people who really do want to live a life completely free of depression at the very highest life possible and I’m talking to you specifically right now because you’ve got through all this.

All you need to do or do these 10 things and maybe adapt them slightly for your lifestyle. Do these 10 things and I’m certain. I am certain you will be free of 99% of your depression. I don’t care how bad it is or how special you think you are, you will do these things and it will work.

I’ve given you the entire recipe right here. The whole recipe. It’s like baking a cake. If you follow the instructions, you stick it in the oven at the temperature it says, you leave it in the oven and you take the cake out, you will have a baked cake that looks beautiful and tastes delicious.

If you follow all 10 of these, you will be free of depression. I’ve just emphasized this because belief is a critical component. You must believe that simply doing these things indicates your commitment to being free of depression and I’m talking about being free of depression for the rest of your life.

I never want you to be depressed again for more than a little while. Now, I understand there can be things that come along that are difficult in life losing a partner such as losing a child, a parent, a friend, etc.

Still, the things I’ve given you are so powerful that if the worst happens, you will be amazed at how little depression you are going through.

One of the key things is to stop expecting to be depressed and when you do all 10 of these things, you will no longer expect that you should be depressed. In fact, you will believe that you should be free of depression and that it’s essential for success.

Once you’re doing all 10 of these things, you have a responsibility to go out and help other people. That’s why I’m doing this today.

I could just go through my day. I have a commitment to go help others and doing these 10 things get you in shape to lead by example and the best way to help others is to lead by example. I can tell you how I got through depression and list these things for you because I’ve done it.

I keep doing it every day. Even I am surprised if I have depression that lasts more than a few minutes today. I just hammer these 10 things and go out and help other people and it goes away almost instantly.

This is available to you today if you follow all of this.

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