Top 10 New Indie Musicians to Discover in September 2019

Do you want to know about the Top 10 New Indie Musicians I discovered in September 2019? The key with the list is that these are people you’re not likely to have heard of before.

I listened to Deadmau5 a lot but I don’t feel it will do much good telling you about Deadmau5 because Deadmau5 is already popular.

Watch this video on YouTube.

I’ve intentionally left out anyone who is a big hit or anyone that’s already got a massive following. These are the only artists that I think the odds of you knowing any of them are pretty low and if you do know one in particular, let me know.

Top 10 New Indie Musicians to Discover in September 2019

If you go to, there’s a whole list with all the links. If you want to make a list next month like Michael just said, drop your name in the comments to help us get to know you. I already know Michael well from our calls and I’d love to see any of the music you want to submit.

Top 10 New Indie Musicians to Discover in September 2019

#10 is a heavy metal band “Adame”.
The leader of this band is my friend and this is the only heavy metal music I listen to on any kind of regular basis. The drumbeats and electric guitar are amazing. If you like heavy metal, this is definitely an artist to discover.

Top 10 New Indie Musicians to Discover in September 2019

#9 is “Stephanbodzin”.
Steven does techno. My friend Tomas said that he doesn’t qualify for being on a Deadmau5 level that I should still share. He does have 217K followers on SoundCloud already.

He also has an awesome YouTube video of a show he did on top of a mountain in the Swiss Alps. This is borderline on rather including him or not but I just started listening to him and enjoyed watching the live show and that’s number 9 in the list of top 10 new indie musicians.

Top 10 New Indie Musicians to Discover in September 2019

#8 is “Eddie”.
Eddie is on the mousetrap label with deadmau5 in the list of top 10 new indie musicians. Tomas again said that this was good enough to just go through and he’s not really that well-known either.

He has some good electronic dance music that you might enjoy and this is his SoundCloud as you can see in the image above. I listened to 8 to 10 of his songs yesterday and I think you might enjoy them on number 8 in the list of top 10 new indie musicians.

Top 10 New Indie Musicians to Discover in September 2019

#7 is “Ducky”.
I started watching her on Twitch a little over a year ago and she is now doing live concerts. She’s got songs that are really loud and have some fun sounds as cool as she does the lyrics in her songs too.

She’s got a very engaged following on SoundCloud and you can go see her live.

Top 10 New Indie Musicians to Discover in September 2019

#6 is “FourFox”.
FourFox has some 80s retro sounding music. I was listening to FourFox right before doing this live stream. To me, this reminded me of like the music in the first terminator. I enjoy listening to FourFox. He’s also on SoundCloud. He is at number 6 in the list of top 10 new indie musicians.

#5 is “Livi In The Middle”.
I’ve watched a bunch of their live streams. I’ve been in on maybe 10 to 20 of their live streams. It’s been a little while since I’ve listened to them but I’m glad I’m back on Livi In The Middle train.

Top 10 New Indie Musicians to Discover in September 2019

They do an awesome Livestream on Twitch. You can see the schedule on their page It’s 4 days a week. they go live for a few hours. They’re a band from the UK including a brother, sister, and a family friend.

They sing beautiful music and they’ve got one of their own originals now on Spotify as well. What I do, when I take a shower or something, I throw on a twitch stream while I’m in the shower or I’m jumping on my trampoline and exercise.

Top 10 New Indie Musicians to Discover in September 2019

#4 is “Kiiger”.
I’ve watched a lot of hours of her Livestreams. She live streams on Twitch as well and the link is on It will take you straight to the twitch channel.

I love her journey, especially “don’t stop, believe in” cover. I’ve been to many of her live streams. I’ve subscribed to her for a year. I was following her right when she got started and now she’s made a partner.

She has a song out on Spotify as well that I recommend. Her live streams are very interactive and fun. She’s at #4 in the list of top 10 new indie musicians.

Top 10 New Indie Musicians to Discover in September 2019

#3 is “Tomas George”.
He’s my friend. I love Tomas’s music and I wish he’d put out all the unreleased tracks that he has on his computer. Tomas is actually most known as a music producer, instructor, and teacher.

He is the founder of Digital Music Masters. He has some of the top-selling music courses online. He teaches how to make electronic music and Tomas is the main one I’ve learned how to do electronic music with.

Top 10 New Indie Musicians to Discover in September 2019

In fact, my whole setup here is all from Tomas. he recommended the Abelton Push for Ableton Live 10 and all 70 of the songs I’ve got out can be directly linked to Tomas.

It’s awesome to be able to listen to his music and be able to watch his classes on Digital Music Masters. It’s number 3 with Tomas George of Digital Music Masters.

#2 is “Auret”.
You can find her on youtube searching Auret Music or on Spotify as Auret. She has beautiful music and an awesome music video for her song Cleopatra.

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She is a member of my Partner Program as is Tomas George which is how I discovered her music and I did a video for her yesterday with my 1-year old son dancing. He was dancing to her song and she really liked that.

Auret has her new website up with her music. She’s from South Africa. I love listening to her music. I’ve been listening to her music a lot lately. She’s got some songs that are very inspirational as well as fun to listen to.

Top 10 New Indie Musicians to Discover in September 2019

I’m very careful with the music I listen to because if I listen to music that gives me a message I don’t want to be talking back out to other people then that is no good. Auret’s music is just perfect for a combination of fun to listen to and inspirational.

Finally, #1 is “ETC KID”.
ETC KID has an incredible live show on Twitch. I’ve been to at least 50 to 100 of ETC KID’s live streams.

He is an absolute machine at music. He is a full-time twitch streamer. He goes live from 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. Eastern 6 days a week right now on Twitch. He makes an hour’s worth of music every night when he does a live stream.

Top 10 New Indie Musicians to Discover in September 2019

What he does is he has an absolutely incredible setup as you can see in the background. He has the most amazing music production setup on Twitch that I’ve ever seen and he runs all of it by himself with a bot.

He literally allows you to choose the sounds that he plays, choose the instruments he plays, choose the title of the song and he’ll make 3 to 5 and sometimes 6 or 10 songs in 1 Livestream.

It’s an absolutely incredible thing to see and if you just come watch it a little bit, it might not be obvious but the more you watch, it’s just like Wow! this guy is making an entire 20-minute song based on viewer feedback on Twitch.

I continue stopping in on ETC kids almost every night. The ETC kid was also kind enough to let me put some of his music on my podcast to get it out there. He does not currently have it on Spotify but is available on Bandcamp.

I picked everyone on this list based on people that I know or were recommended to me and you can leave a comment to let me know who you recommend. I’ve got my own music out too that I love and enjoy. I’m consistently putting it out first on SoundCloud although I’m a bit behind.

I have got to 70 songs. I got 50 of them out on Soundcloud. I’m now consistently putting them out on Soundcloud.

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I’ve started making music with absolutely no previous experience like giving the teacher the finger in 6th grade. I literally made music without any previous piano playing experience. In fact, I remember my brother was trying to just learn and play around a little piano my parents got and I was really nasty about it.

I listen to rap music and hip-hop were the main things I listen to and that was my musical background.

In 2017, I suddenly had this weird urge to start playing music very strong and very consistent and since then I’ve put 70 songs out but I took about a year from June 2018 till 2019 where I didn’t make any new music which seems to be pretty standard for a lot of music producers I see.

Tomas George is the one who I can trace that Tomas helped mentor me the entire way and I still talk to him every week. I learned how to make my own music by watching Tomas’s video courses. I learned the basic things in music theory.

I learned what equipment to get and Tomas turned me on to deadmau5 and Tomas turned me on to half the musicians I made the list about today.

I also love listening to Ke$ha. Ke$ha is like a guilty pleasure for me. I’m trying some ambient/sleep music also. I made my music in Ableton Live 10. It’s so powerful. It’s an incredible music production program.

I made 50+ songs in Ableton Live. The challenge with it is that there are so many things you can do with it. It’s difficult. I’m gonna drop the sleep music thing because I really love listening to my own dance music too but sometimes it’s just helpful to try something different.

Trying to do something different as just trying sleep music today helped me discover more things about Ableton Live music and I’m gonna do some explicit dance music.

I’ve got it set up so I can just touch it. I don’t have to use an actual piano or to know how to play the keys but the push is super easy because I can just go touch all this stuff. It’s kind of naturally easier to just push some of these.

It’s really easy to put a dance song together. You just need a lead, a bass, some drums and like a melody or some chords and you’ve got a dance song. Ideally, do a little sidechain compression so that when the kick drum hits. The other sounds, especially the bass, go down and then you get kind of that pulsing sound.

I’ll have a new dance song for you soon. I hope that you have enjoyed the top 10 new indie musicians I discovered. I love you. You’re awesome. Thanks for reading to the end of this post.

Jerry Banfield