Top 20 Brands Spending on Influencer Marketing with Sponsored Posts in 2019

I’ll give you the top 20 brands that I found that are doing influencer marketing deals right now.

These are brands you might be able to approach directly to suggest that you could either do a shout out or a sponsored post or an ongoing campaign where you make content via Instagram posts videos on YouTube or Facebook.

You create something that features the brand and then the brand pays you for it.

This is called that nowadays influencer marketing with social media accounts like my YouTube channel.

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I’ll give you a list that I hope is helpful for you to research if you’re looking for a brand deal, you might be able to land a brand deal with these brands and for some of the brands I value your help landing a deal because for example, the number one brand I’ll put up on here is Audible.

1. Audible

I love audible and I listen to audiobooks almost every day. I have no idea how to land a brand deal with Audible, I see that they’re doing influencer marketing, because there are sponsored posts coming out with Audible sponsored, dedicated videos about Audible I’ve already done one for free. And if you know how I can get ahold of Audible please let me know I’d love to do a brand deal with audible.

2. Skillshare

I’ve referred thousands of people to Skillshare.

I’ve seen Skillshare pitching in totally unrelated areas. For example, one of the gamers I used to follow after halfway through his video does this really awkward pitch for Skillshare at the second half video probably got paid thousands of dollars to do that. It came off really tacky.

I’ve tried to contact Skillshare, to ask for a brand deal and maybe you can help me out with that, Skillshare is great for brand deals also because you get a $10 referral, you might be able to combine a brand deal with Skillshare, plus every single referral get an additional $10.

3. MeUndies

If you would like to model some underwear, or do like an Instagram post or unboxing MeUndies is currently sponsoring videos and posts.

4. Squarespace

Squarespace is an all in one platform to build a beautiful online presence as I just read down here from their website. If I was going to start a website today, I might consider going with Squarespace instead of WordPress.

5. Helixsleep

Helixsleep is selling mattresses apparently, I don’t know because this is just what I found off of my research in buying a course that had all this information and putting it out here for you for free. Helixsleep is sponsoring posts. I guess if I want a new mattress, maybe I could do a sponsored video with them.

6. 23andMe

I’d love to know how to land a brand deal with them. I’m not sure exactly how you get into doing brand deals. I imagine it could be as simple as sending out an email to some of these companies. I’m going to send emails out to the ones I’d really like to do deals with and then if those go well I will be following up with you on that.

I actually found a half-sister through 23andMe which means I’ve got a great opportunity to make a sponsored video that’s authentic there.

To me the best kind of influencer marketing is authentic like that.

7. getquip

quip says it’s simply affordable and surprisingly enjoyable oral care for everyone.

8. T3micro

T3micro sells hair styling products, you can see it looks like some blow dryers curlers on here and clearly flat irons. I don’t know a whole lot about this clearly.

9. Facebook Messenger Kids

Facebook Messenger Kids is an application that I see is for children to message in a safe environment.

10. AnnTaylor

AnnTaylor is the next brand on here at doing influencer posts, I imagine these are heavy on the Instagram posts that if you’ve got a following on Instagram, you might be able to land a brand dealer here especially

11. Tik Tok

This is a Chinese mobile app for sharing videos. Tik Tok appears to be investing heavily in marketing trying to get up there on the charts and that includes influencer marketing.

12. NASM

It says NASM is the most respected name in fitness certification.

For how I’d approach this too is, if you really resonate with a certain brand like me for Audible, 23andMe, and Skillshare, then this seems like ideal wants to promote. Thus you might be able to find a few brands you could try and approach here.

13. Dashlane

Dashlane is a password manager those are really helpful with having a most secure presence online because your password manager will allow you to keep all the different passwords for different websites, that way you don’t fall like a dominoes when one websites password gets cracked, you don’t suddenly lose everything else on all the other websites.

14. Walmart

Nice to see that Walmart is doing some influencer marketing also. I used to shop at lot at Walmart but I haven’t been back in a while maybe if they invite me for a brand deal. I’ll go figure out where Walmart is in St. Petersburg, Florida.

15. CompetitiveCyclist

Has bikes and helmets, shirts, shoes, everything you need to be a Competitive Cyclist .

16. TrojanVibrations

TrojanVibrations looks like it is for condoms, sexual health products. I’m not gonna say any names, move right on that one.

17. Amazon Prime

I am an Amazon Prime member and I wonder what I need to do to get a brand deal with Amazon Prime.

18. Blueberry Council

I love Blueberry Council so maybe they could drop a sponsorship on a fellow! Maybe I’ll send them an email.

19. Surviving Mars: The Green Planet

Surviving Mars: The Green Planet is the video game expansion coming out with some influencer marketing as well.

Some of these really niche things can be perfect if you’re already a gamer, for example, you could just play the game of probably get the expansion for free and maybe get a little bit of money to do it.

20. The Life Simulator

It says a realistic life simulation game.

I have so much to do, I can’t imagine needing to simulate my life. But I have various points, I did play enough video games to play 15 years of a Madden Franchise every single game like I actually played every single game so maybeThe Life Simulator would be appropriate if you play a lot of video games.

This has been 20 brands that are spending on influencer marketing.

You surprisingly don’t even need to have a huge following to do influencer marketing. If you’ve got a few thousand followers on Instagram, especially in a matching kind of audience that one of these 20 brands would want you might be able to land an influencer marketing deal.

On YouTube or Facebook, if you’re good with Facebook ads, you might be able to guarantee results based on you creating something and then advertising what you’ve created.

I imagine that’d be the best angle for me to work because I can advertise a video I could guarantee for $10,000 say I could guarantee 100,000 views on a video I did by advertising it.

There you go top 20 brands that spend, I paid several hundred dollars to get this information out of a course for you.

I’ve presented it here totally for free with the hope that it’s useful for you if you are thinking about doing some influencer marketing.

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Thank you very much for getting all the way to the end.

Jerry Banfield

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