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Use this information to build an awesome Patreon creator profile that pays you!

  1. Watch the video above for a summary of this post, discussion of the most successful Patreon pages, and to get tricks for making an awesome profitable Patreon profile.
  2. Read the tips below for more details on how to create a successful page based on reviews of top Patreon creators and see proof that I have already used these strategies to get over 130 patrons to pledge to my Patreon profile since August 2014.
  3. Lists of top Patreon creators below as of March 2016 by most popular and highest paid. To qualify for this list, I chose creators with at least 100 patrons or $500/month in pledges.  Please add pages I missed in the comments section!

Tips for Creating Your Successful Patreon Page based on review of the Top Patreon Creators.

After looking at hundreds of Patreon pages both successful and just getting started, I discovered a simple formula for success I am using to grow my Patreon profile and you can use to grow your patrons!

  1. Create videos, podcasts, articles, and/or artwork people love.
  2. Find ways to share what you do with the people that will love it.
  3. Use the feedback from your audience to make a Patreon page that delivers rewards you know your audience will appreciate.
  4. Get to 50+ patrons by doing pledge for pledge with other creators on Patreon that are trying to be successful and grow rapidly.

When you search above or scroll down below, what do you see in common with most of the successful pages making money and getting love on Patreon?  Nearly all have an established audience somewhere else prior to creating their Patreon page.  These audiences range from email lists to Facebook pages, YouTube channels, Twitter profiles, and anywhere else people can follow you online.  I think this means having the audience is something you need before you ever create a Patreon page.  Even if you do have an audience, my research shows the average conversion percentage of a free audience member to patron is under 1%.  Click here to read more.  This means if you want to get 100 patrons paying you $100+ per month, you likely need an audience of 10,000+ people following you already unless you do what I do on my profile by offering pledge for pledge.  I am grateful to already have hundreds of thousands of people following me online which is why I thought I might have a chance at making a successful Patreon page.  Even with an audience that big, getting patrons on Patreon for me proved nearly impossible getting started.  Doing pledge for pledge has made it SO much easier!

If you already have an audience, the question is how to get them to contribute to your Patreon page?

By looking at these top pages, it seems most ask directly for contributions wherever their audience pays attention to them.  On YouTube, they are likely to have links on their channel page and in their video descriptions.  On Facebook, they have links to their Patreon page and share updates asking fans to stop by and contribute.  The idea is to directly communicate why people should contribute and send them to the Patreon page.  Usually offering exclusive rewards seems to help get the most enthusiastic followers to give money.  Rewards from getting early access to the next shows to private consulting sessions to corporate sponsorship are offered on the most popular pages.

The problem is that what the most popular pages are doing relates little to what most creators can do on Patreon.  Getting started seems to be nearly impossible for most people and growing seems challenging for everyone even the most successful creators.  The majority of creators on Patreon have a very small number of patrons because 99% of people have no desire in adding a monthly bill to their life in order to pay for what they already get free!  After building an audience of millions of people and just finding out about Patreon, I launched my Patreon page and worked hard to get to $50 per video.  I asked my wife, my mom, and my friends first to contribute.  Thankfully, my wife and Mom did contribute but none of my friends did.  They did not see the value I offered them. After spending more than a month to just get my first few patrons, I realized I had to know more about how other people were doing it right if I was doing to do it right.  I researched the top pages and created this post to share that with you!

My thinking is that if I want to have a great Patreon page, I need to learn what is working for other people, what is not, and spend a little bit of effort each day to grow my audience.  Today, I have spent a lot of time learning what I can do to be successful on Patreon and hope by sharing that with you, we all can do better!  My goal as you will see below is to be on of the top SUPPORTERS of creativity on Patreon!

If you want to make a lot of money on Patreon, understand 80/20 and aim to be in the 20% of elite Patreon pages.

If you are familiar with the Pareto principle which is also known as the 80/20 rule, and the law of the vital few (read more on wikipedia here), you can immediately understand the value of getting your first 50+ patrons and offering a very high reward on your page to your most enthusiastic supporters.  The 80/20 rule basically says that in parts of life with positive reinforcement such as making money, the relationships will not be linear but will be driven by a power law.  The reason this happens is that positive reinforcement at extreme ends of many systems makes continued progress from a point of success almost effortless while success below that point is a constant struggle. You can see this clearly in world wealth where roughly 1% of people in the world own 99% of the wealth and in high school/college dating where a few guys go out with different girls all the time while most guys struggle to get a date.  Understanding this on Patreon is critical for success because around 20% of people on Patreon receive 80% of the pledges while 80% of creators receive only 20% of the pledges.  This is easiest to understand with making money when you ask which of the following is easier?  Do you think going from $0 to $10,000/month in income or going from $10,000/month to $20,000/month is more difficult?  If it were just about the amount of money, the logical answer would be that both were just as difficult?  In my experience, $0 to $10,000/month took more than 10 years while $10,000/month to $20,000/month took just a few months.  In my Udemy course, I have already showed over 3,000 students what finally worked for me to break $10,000/month after 10 years of barely managing to pay the bills.  Save over $450 using this coupon code link.

20% of creators on Patreon get 80% of the patrons. 80% of creators get 20% of the patrons.

Now that you have a quick understanding of 80/20, I hope you can understand why I offer pledge for pledge on my Patreon page as a reward and why this is giving me an exceptional chance to grow on Patreon.  I am forming a community of other people that want to be successful who all pledge to my and to each other’s pages in order to get into the top 20% of creators.  I am relentless about being a top 20% creator on Patreon because Patreon features me around their website and works actively to get more people to be my patron.  Now it is easier than ever for me to get more patrons because I can continue off of more momentum.  I want to give you and every other creator that wants to join hands to make a community of successful creators on Patreon first by contributing to each other and making awesome things to share with the world.

20% of patrons give 80% of the money to Patreon creators. 80% of patrons give 20%.

In applying the 80/20 law to my rewards, I offer an executive producer option for $1,000/video.  You would be correct in saying that I have no chance in getting 99.99% of people to support me at that level.  That means if I get 100,000 people to view my Patreon page, I have a chance at getting one person to give me $1,000/video as a corporate sponsor.  How would you feel about getting $1,000/video?  If you setup your rewards the right way and make the right kind of videos, podcasts, comics, etc. you can absolutely find someone to pay you $1,000 for each one of your creations.  I am looking for that one in a hundred thousand person that understands exactly how they would benefit by being an executive producer on my YouTube videos and speaking directly to them in the reward.  Most of the successful pages on Patreon have a reward 100 times bigger that they offer to a few people which gets them a significant part of their total earnings.  For those not offering it, they are likely missing out on THOUSANDS of dollars every month by neglecting the higher level reward!

Why are so few successful creators on Patreon supporting other people’s creativity?

Finally, after reviewing all of the top creators on Patreon, I was surprised to see that very few of of them were supporting other people.  Usually in life, you have to give to others before you get anything in return.  Given what I shared about creating an audience, I think I can assume that most of these creators have given a lot already in videos, podcasts, and artwork to their fans before getting any contributions.  You can bet they have put in a lot of time outside Patreon contributing to others prior to having their page.  That said, if you want your creator profile to look really good, I think showing that you contribute to other people on Patreon is an awesome way to do it.  I am doing that myself now starting with finding people that give me great value and contributing to every one of my patrons if they have a creator profile.  After that, I will be on a mission to find one person that desperately needs creators and be one of their first patrons.

If you want to have a successful Patreon page, follow these 3 steps.

  1. Figure out what you can create that people will love and how to share it with them.
  2. Keep creating and building your audience while listening to their feedback.
  3. Create and share your Patreon page with your audience after using their feedback to create rewards you know they will find valuable!

Top Patreon Creators by Most Popular (Patrons).

Who is Creating What with a Link to Their PagePatronsEarningPaid By
The Breeding Season Team is creating Adult Video Games9,510$30,245.30Month
Amanda Palmer is creating Art7,233$34,583.40Thing
Kinda Funny is creating Internet videos and podcasts10,054$35,886Month
Crash Course is creating Smarter People6,640$29,345.20Month
The Comedy Button is creating Weekly Podcasts and Videos5,779$14,108.60Month
CGP Grey is creating Youtube videos5,412$13,771.40Video
Kinda Funny Games is creating Videos and Podcasts5,412$21,849.50Month
SciShow is creating YouTube Videos about Science5,202$23,754.80Month
Daily Tech News Show is creating Podcasts4,873$15,122.90Month
Jim Sterling is creating The Jimquisition3,846$9,676.88Month
Wait But Why is creating high-quality blog posts3,740$12,155.40Month
Pentatonix is creating Music Videos3,654$6,539.75Month
AvE is creating videos3,586$3,031.26Month
Jeph Jacques is creating Comics3,480$7,625.97Month
Sakimi Chan is creating Art, Comic,Painting, Tutorials,Yaoi/Yuri/ Nude pinups3,444$25,402.802 Weeks
Zach Weinersmith is creating SMBC Comics and Books3,294$6,716.62Month
Fenoxo Fenfen is creating Adult INTERACTIVE FICTION (18+)3,271$17,043.60Month
In a Nutshell – Kurzgesagt is creating Science Animation Videos3,265$12,384.90Month
Extra Credits is creating History That’s Fun To Watch3,253$12,837.40Month
Every Frame a Painting is creating Video Essays3,098$5,683.33Video
Knitty is creating a Knitting Magazine3,067$18,112.60New Release
CANADALAND is creating podcasts and news2,607$11,827.50Month
Red Letter Media is creating weird internet videos and films2,592$11,553.80Month
Smarter Every Day is creating Science Videos2,580$6,355.82Video
Home Free is creating music videos2,441$21,724.50Video

Top Patreon Creators by Highest Paid (Earning, Official*).Both Leaderboards were last updated March 6, 2016.

  • NEW indicates a Patreon creator that was not in the top 25 rankings in my original post from August.
  • *Earning, official means that the numbers are based on what is actually posted.  If a creator is paid by video, the actual number they earn may be higher depending on how often they create new content.  It also may be lower if they do not put out a new creation during the month. Patreon only bills monthly and regardless of pledges outside of monthly, all patrons have the option to cap at a certain number monthly and many do. This means even if a creator “gets paid every two weeks” or “per video”, what they actually make is not available officially because it depends on every individual pledge.  Thus, only the official numbers are used.
Who is Creating What with a Link to Their PagePatronsEarningPaid By
Amanda Palmer is creating Art7,233$34,583.40Thing
Kinda Funny is creating Internet videos and podcasts6,990$34,242.00Month
The Breeding Season Team is creating Adult Video Games9,510$30,245.30Month
Crash Course is creating Smarter People6,640$29,345.20Month
Sakimi Chan is creating Art, Comic,Painting, Tutorials,Yaoi/Yuri/ Nude pinups3,444$25,402.802 Weeks
SciShow is creating YouTube Videos about Science5,202$23,754.80Month
Kinda Funny Games is creating Videos and Podcasts5,412$21,849.50Month
Home free is creating music videos2,441$21,724.50Video
Pentatonix is creating Music Videos3,654$19,213.00Video
Knitty is creating a Knitting Magazine3,067$18,112.60New Release
Fenoxo Fenfen is creating Adult INTERACTIVE FICTION (18+)3,271$17,043.60Month
Daily Tech News Show is creating Podcasts4,873$15,122.90Month
Jessica Nigri is creating Cosplay Content1,077$14,525.70Month
Marble Syrup is creating VISUAL NOVELS2,104$14,253.70Month
Kaliyo is creating Roundscape Adorevia1,500$14,155.90Month
The Comedy Button is creating Weekly Podcasts and Videos5,779$14,108.60Month
CGP Grey is creating Youtube videos5,412$13,771.40Video
The Hillywood Show is creating Parodies1,401$13,147.90Month
London Andrews is creating Art/Photography948$12,926.20Month
Extra Credits is creating History That’s Fun To Watch3,253$12,837.40Month
Four Chambers is creating films / photos / art1,500$12,607.40Video
LoadingReadyRun is creating Funny Videos & Podcasts1,677$12,472.20Month
Exclamation Point is creating Videos1,497$12,401.50Month
Eromancer is creating Adult Games1,129$12,388.90Update

Thank you for reading this post!I am sure I missed someone on this list and would value your feedback on who I should add!


Jerry Banfield