How To Become A Top Selling Udemy Instructor

Do you want to know how to maximize your sales on Udemy courses based on an instructors strong experience doing it themselves? In this power tips lecture, I will show you exactly what you can do to maximize your Udemy course sales and a lot of tips and principles right here.

First, my course sales 31,000 so far I’ve made and a year ago, I was making zero. I made several different changes that resulted in significant sales changes. First, you need to opt in to every deal Udemy gives you. In June, I had not opted in the daily deals yet, in July when I opted in the daily deals, I then started getting ton more sales.

Effort, the sheer amount of effort you put into your courses and I know I’ve said this before and it’s very important. The more effort you put into your courses the more your sales will go up. My effort has continuously went up since July, my sales have continually went up since July. The more lectures, the more time you spend, the more students you answer, the more feedback you get, all of it adds up to more sales. You should be putting more effort into creating in your course, listening to student feedback, and then making an ideal product that will sell itself.

For getting sales, your own promotions are crucial because you want to be able to promote to your existing audience. So on my website, you can see I make a huge effort to sell my Udemy courses on my website. On my home page, it starts with my Udemy courses, I funnel people to my main page with all of my courses and then I have my Udemy courses on my sidebar on every single page so I funnel all of my web traffic to my Udemy courses, I funnel all my YouTube traffic to my Udemy courses.  If you have an email list, you want to make our own sales then ultimately the name of the game is to get ranked high.

When you go through on Udemy to browse courses you want to be ranked high. What I mean by ranked high is when you go through and look at courses in social media marketing is one of the more competitive categories, when you browse courses, you want to be ranked high. All good Udemy organic sales, which is where the bulk of sales will come from, are a result of ranking high. You’ll notice Udemy instructors that are making a lot of money have high ranking courses. When it comes to pricing there’s one thing you need to know. Price your courses as high as possible and then discount it, a higher price course tends to stand out. People will pay as much as 500 dollars to take your course. You want those high price sales, but you’re only going to get those high price sales if you have good social proof.

On this very first page you need a title that both matches keywords and that matches a call to action. You do the best you can with that I’ve got my Facebook courses primarily professional keyword matching where as my twitter course is mainly for a call to action. Both of these have great social proof with a lot of review and students. That’s the easiest way to establish social proof. You want a lot of reviews and a lot of students. My biggest success in getting sales and getting my courses ranked higher has been free students. I go to Udemy free coupon groups and I share tons of free links to my courses. This then allows me to build social proof in the form of students reviews which then gives me feedback so that I make these huge Udemy organic earnings.

Not just that, but the free students then give me tons of back links, which gives me more search engine traffic, which gets me higher ranked in Udemy.

Free students give me the high organic ranking which gives me all these organic sales. At the same time my promotion activity, promoting courses on my website and my YouTube channel, gives me sales which also increases my organic ranking which also makes it easier to increase with my own promotion activity. Now that I have so many courses, I can generate hundreds and sometimes even thousands by sending one promotional email and offering a brand new course.

That ties directly back into effort, the more effort you put into your courses, the more sales you can make thought your own promotions, your own website, your own YouTube channel and then by promoting your new courses to your existing students. It all is a positive reinforcement loop. You can see what a positive reinforcement loop means when you look through this.

Udemy instructor revenue

I had nothing going here. I started making a positive  reinforcement loop here. I made some mistakes and dropped it and then the positive reinforcement loop allows my sales to continue growing constantly as I’m able to generate sales myself, that boosts the Udemy organic I can make, which then boosts my promotional activity potential, which then boosts my organic, which then boosts my affiliate and ad program, it all continuously acts together.

The key to this has been global sales, this is my Udemy course traffic by sales. The key to this has been global sales. If you look at my sales data, this is my country, this is my sales traffic by country in Google Analytics.

location of Udemy sales

Over 100 countries in the last month have visited my Facebook Ads course with the US accounting for the most sales. However, the problem is the US only accounts for 126 out of 369 sales so if I zoom out a little bit you can see it a little bit better.

location of Udemy sales

The UK is an opportunity where I’ve been making a surprising amount of sales. Australia, Canada, and Germany, the countries you might normally think of only account for about 2/3 of my sales. If you keep scrolling down, and you see that I have sales from all kinds of countries, 2 sales in Pakistan, people in the Philippines, Malaysia. If you want to make a lot of courses you need these long tailed search results. You need people that can buy your courses all over the world. Cambodia, Japan, I don’t even know what some of these countries are or have any idea where they are and that’s what gives you exceptional potential is to make courses that are globally suitable.

That means where possible, use subtitles. That means want to build your courses with things like screen capture where you can have a more relatable interface. If I’m talking to someone in Nigeria, or Macedonia, Mexico, Argentina, or any of these other locations such as, Brazil, Greece Hong Kong, I want to use Screen Capture like I’m using right now because we will have less in common in terms of how we look, how we present things and language. When I do screen capture, we at least have the interface in common. We can at least use a very similar interface so then we are working in the same workspace. It’s a lot easier to have that overlap.

If you want your sales to go up, it’s about effort. Global courses, maximizing the positive reinforcement loop between your own promotions and Udemy organic, getting your courses to rank high and ultimately having a lot of courses. If you want to look at my earnings by course, what you need is one heavy hitter.

You need one course that makes about half of your total sales that’s in a very good area, you may not be able to plan this out before hand, but you eventually need one heavy hitter and then you need a bunch of other courses that will bring in sales and that will help people find you in all areas of Udemy’s website. So you don’t know which this will be ahead of time, but if you get a bunch of these courses, if you put a lot of effort into being a great Udemy instructor you can be sure to, just  by sheer effort alone, find the right course, get a lot of students, and then consistently grow your sales.

Thank you for watching this, I hope this has been helpful for you in figuring out exactly what you can do to get your sales numbers looking like this. I go in much more detail in my instructor success course about exactly how you can get deep into all of these topics I’ve just talked about briefly.