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Do you want to see how to get thousands of free students on Udemy, fill up your Udemy courses and then use those course to make money on Udemy and to be able to  market via email to the student you have? This video is part of my free preview for my newest Udemy course on instructor success in how I make thousands each month on Udemy.

What I’m showing you will give you this new power that I have now, I just made this new course and I’m grateful it’s already on the first page of search results  after being up less than two months. It now makes organic sales easy and I’m grateful for that.

My social media marketing course, this is a very competitive category on Udemy, I’ve used these same things to get this course ranked on the first page and this course has made more than ten thousand dollars for me on Udemy, and I am grateful for that. What I’m showing you here will show you the keys to doing that.

This course is second in the business entrepreneurship search results on Udemy. That’s a miracle to me. This free preview lecture shows you how I get free students on Udemy and if you want to enroll in any of my courses at the best deals I offer, just click on my website, on my Udemy profile, which is, I’m sure it’s linked in this video description. Then you can go to my main Udemy course page and grab whatever coupon code I have available on the time.

All you have to do is get extreme value out of my courses at a very low price or get tons of value free without giving me anything on my website and on my YouTube channel. I have thousands of subscribers I’m grateful for on YouTube, I’d be honored if you would join us. I make videos with the honest intent to help you just like this free preview lecture is.

All you have to do is go to my website. The course it’s included in will be up there soon here or listed in the menu. Take a look at this preview lecture now showing you the secrets of how I get tons of students free on Udemy every time for all my courses.

For being successful on Udemy , it comes down to one key number which is right here: students. If you want to make sales you ultimately need students and the challenging part is getting students when you’re getting started. What I’m going to show you in this lecture combines very well with the other lecture on getting free students and I will show you as I actually go through and do the method that’s found most effective for me in getting free students.

The thing is when I get free students, then this happens:

Here’s a brand new course I just made in marketing and if I browse the search engine optimization results I’m on the first page already and then I’ve already made an organic sale off the first page of search results. I have 5,000 students in this course and the majority of the students that get in my courses to begin are free and here’s exactly how I do that.

It’s critical to get free students in your courses to start because if you can’t get anyone in the course to begin with, Udemy doesn’t figure it’s good opportunity to sell that. What I do is I make a well crafted post in the Udemy studio, I showed how I did that before.

In this video, I’m going to make another one. This one I posted my earnings on there with free coupon codes to everyone else. What I want to do now is make a similar post, but still make it unique and include another picture. This post got lots of web traffic and lots more students in all of my courses. 120 people liked the post and I got tons of comments on it too. What I ultimately want are sales, but if I want sales, I need free students to boost up my enrollment so that Udemy will try hard to sell my courses. I posted this 8 days ago and what I want to do is replicate the success of this.

I have a simple formula for it, I start by sending people to my website.  I want people to go grab the free codes off my website, when they click the post on Facebook ,they land here because ultimately I want to change this on my website to paid sales at some point.

Last month,  I made over a thousand dollars from getting students to my courses on my website and YouTube channel. They paid over a thousand dollars to take my courses, but the thing is I want to do even better in the Udemy organic search.

If you want to do better in Udemy organic search, it’s all about the free codes so let me show you last month organic. I got that from having more free students before, but I also got a lot of my own promotion activity.

This month, I’ve taken a different approach. It’s about half way through the month and it’s already my second best month ever. I’ve got many less sales from my own promotions, even if this is doubled, it’ll be less than 500. Look what I’ve done: I’ve got 10,000 redemptions from user coupons so that’s what I want to show and explain to the people in the Udemy studio. I want to show that the sales are related to the redemptions.

In order to do this I want to make a picture right here that shows up perfectly in news feed. I search Facebook, I see it needs to be 472 x 394, I go back into here and I zoom in as much as I can. It’ll make it easier. Then I go grab my screen shot tool and I set this up to 472 x 394, and I’m using SnagIt to do this. I can go over here and double check in a second.

Once I have the right size of the image in, I grab the box and then I scroll it where I want it to be and it looks like I can use the zoom out on the page, but that I will just move it so it includes the key basics of what I want.

The information you need to create a great post

I save it with the SnagIt Editor real quick and I’ll save it in the main Google drive folder so I can find it. I click out, close that. I’m making course this for you now showing you these instructor success formulas. I go over here and start off with a photo. I want a photo because the photo will get the maximum engagement. A lot of people will just look at the photo. I want people to look at what I wrote, but I need people to engage also.

I’m going to start this off with a  “Thank you Udemy Studio” again and I’m going to craft it very similar to the last one. I’ve skipped ahead because I’ve figured you don’t need to watch me actually typing this so I typed out the entire plan here that I have to post in Udemy studio. I drop it into Microsoft Word just to save it in case there’s any problems and to make sure I haven’t made any horrendous spelling mistakes. Now all I need are the actual free coupons so I’ll show you how I create those quickly.

I already created this one before, so I go in here, I just put a period and I paste it there and I’ll show you how I make those quick so I go straight into this course. I’m in the course management section,

I hit Price and Coupons and then create coupon code:

how to create a coupon on Udemy

I like to keep them all uniform. On this one, you can see I did 10k12 and I try and do little things like: 10k12 is 10,000 subscribers December:

how to create your coupon code for Udemy coupons

The codes don’t have to make sense to anyone, I just want to be able to track where they came in at. So I can come over here, grab the coupon code and put it right next to the course, paste it right there and same thing on the next one.

I usually put 100,000 on my codes because I’d rather just manually turn them off. If, for some reason a course goes crazy viral successful, I wouldn’t want to lose out on that so I usually just put 100,000 in and then see what happens.

This course, and it’s nice I have all these free coupon codes that are allowing me to track which methods work for free students because the method then is isolated

I don’t have to guess whether they’re willing to pay or anything. I know if it’s free, I know they can afford it so it’s a great thing to do to use these free codes to use these free codes to see where you can convert the best for free and then match that with sales.

So what I’ve done now, I’ve got all the coupon codes in here, I’ve got a link to my website, and I’m going to go update the word file because if this post does not come out right, I’m going to edit it and re-paste it. If the picture comes out whack or anything like that I’m going to repost it. Look at what I’ve written in here: (10:36)

That will make me one of the largest instructors on Udemy in terms of having students and that’s what I’m going for. I’m modeling that after the other most successful instructors I’ve seen so this isn’t an idea I’ve just got on my own about how I should do it effectively. I consistently see that the top instructors making the most money on Udemy also are having the most students.

Allen happened to be there when I was inspired and looking for inspiration to do better and you can see exactly:

the best teachers have tens of thousands of students

He is a top Udemy instructor with 37,000 students, 9 courses up, 500+ reviews on his courses so I’m aiming for 40,000 students myself and I just want to push them in free. Once they’re free I can continue to put out new course and I will have thousands of students enroll in the course, every single course that I put out then even if it’s on something like general health.

These free students are hugely valuable in the instructors making the most money on Udemy are using free coupons in their courses. So here’s what I do now. I click post, and then I see how this comes out. You can see my earnings this month and my redemptions. That’s what I want then are the redemptions.

That’s what I wanted to show and I wanted to explain it because I’m trying to genuinely inspire other instructors. Yes, I want more students. Yes, I want to do well for myself. I genuinely want to inspire other instructors the way I’ve been inspired. So I went down here to explain to them the value of having free students. I am sharing why I’m doing this with them so that they will understand that they can get free students in their courses and have an awesome chance.

You are getting an in depth explanation on this. I hope I’m clearly communicating to you the value of free students in your courses from my own experience and you can see firsthand I’m working hard to keep that momentum going. I’ve shared a bunch of free codes and every time I share my codes I share new codes so I can track and then all of the codes can be shared separately on third party websites then multiple codes can be put up for one course. It gives people the opportunity to go through and really go to work with what I shared.

Finally, I click all of my links to make sure they went through correctly because it just would not be very good in the eyes of detail and doing a good job with this if I don’t put the links up right.

I’ve got all of the links checked here except the one on my website and that’s the beauty of this. Not only am I getting people in my courses, but I’m getting them to my website, too. Ultimately what I want is web traffic, students, subscribers, and audience. What I’m doing here helps to get all of that.

I posted this in the Udemy studio, as you can see my last post worked really well and we will see what happens with this post.

Thank you for watching this lecture, I hope sharing with you how I’m getting free students in my courses and the value of them will be helpful for you in getting those high numbers of organic sales in your courses.

Thank you for watching this free preview lecture. I would be honored if you would subscribe to my YouTube channel so you can keep getting all of these free, helpful videos. There’s tons of videos on my channel: Facebook Ads, YouTube success, Google search results, how to make money by posting videos, all kinds of totally free things on my channel. I’m going to continually post parts of my Udemy courses for free for you to see when you’re a subscriber, you get that and if you really want the exceptional value my courses offer, just click on my cover link on YouTube, it will take you straight to my landing page on Udemy so you can see each of my courses and get the best coupon code I have available by clicking view on Udemy.

Thank you for watching this and I hope it’s been helpful!

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