Top YouTube Comments for Likes and Free Subscribers!

In this blog, we will learn about the Top YouTube Comment for Likes and Free Subscribers. Do you want to write comments that have the very best chance to get ranked at the top of popular YouTube videos? If so, you are in luck.

I’ve got a strategy that will give you a very high probability of landing the top comment on a video when you do it right after the video releases.

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Here’s how I just did this strategy on a video to demonstrate it for you. I literally got this on my very first try and I only know this strategy by seeing other people do it.

Top YouTube Comment for Likes and Free Subscribers!

Top YouTube Comments for Likes and Free Subscribers

I went on Neil Patel’s channel who has a following that I think is ideal for me also to reach out to. I then looked through his video, β€œMy 7 Top-Secret Strategies on How to Get More Facebook Likes”.

I went through his show notes, skimmed through the video and put those into a comment.

No one else had done it because the video has just been released and this strategy still isn’t that popular yet. Guess what?

Top YouTube Comment for Likes and Free Subscribers!

If I go to the Brave Browser window, you can see, I have the top comment voted up by others on the video. I’m likely to have the top comment indefinitely to get more Youtube subscribers and views on my channel.

If you want to do this even better than I did it, watch the entire video and put specific time points down for every single key point in the video. So the Creators themselves may be so happy with what you’ve done.

They might heart, like, and pin your comment guaranteeing you the top spot forever.

You can write top YouTube comments over and over again and this will give you the best chance to get more YouTube subscribers and views on your videos totally for free.

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