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What transcription and closed caption services do I use in my business for

I trust two companies that have always done a good job in a timely manner, and if you would like to try them, would you please visit and GoTranscript, or click any other link on this page, because you will feel great to know that they give me a small commission for recommending them to you?

My workflow with YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, my Blog and Airtable!

Would you like to see in detail what is my workflow from shooting a video and to have it transcribed, and then edited in a beautiful blog post?

How do we make a video to upload on Facebook and YouTube, which we then transform into a blog post and get retweets with Twitter?

Using Wirecast to film on my Mac Pro or my Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II (Black) to film off of the computer, I first record a video using no script because talking about myself comes naturally and telling the truth requires no planning ahead.

After recording the video, I immediately upload with no edits to YouTube, Facebook, and my podcast on iTunes. I use Airtable to quickly type out a description here that summarizes the video because a detailed description helps a LOT with Search Engine Optimization or SEO for getting found on both Google organic search and YouTube.

After the videos are uploaded, I then use a transcription service which so far has been or Gotranscript as well as freelancers to get a transcript of the video.

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