How To Treat Emotional Pain by Eliminating Physical Pain

For emotional health, the first thing that’s helpful is a definition that’s practical and easy to use. For me, I look at emotions as thoughts the body has. The body itself does not think. The body itself only can feel. When I’m thinking negative and anxious thoughts, the body feels anxiety. The body will often do things to manifest feelings based on thought.

For example, when I get anxious in my mind, my body will start taking these little short breaths. I’ll start feeling suffocated. Then the anxiety comes from feeling suffocated. I think the anxiety is from the thought, but the thought got the body to feel anxious from suffocation. The easiest counter then is to just take deep breaths to give the body what it wants.

When you look at emotion as thoughts the body has you also look at them as things that pass. When you have those negative, suffocating moments, it will pass. Things come and go in the body. Pain comes and goes in the body. Emotions come and go in the body. If you focus on emotions as things the body has, then you can produce positive thoughts to try and produce positive emotions in the mind. When you take good care of yourself, your physical body will give you better emotions.

When you eat right, your body won’t tell you it’ s miserable. If you get hungry, your body will  start giving you a lot of negative emotions. It wants some food because you’re ignoring it. your body will start to get your attention. If you’re stuck off in mental zombie land where you’re trying to do one thing but your mind is stuck on something else. If you get off that, then your body will produce emotions and feelings to get your body back into it. If you’re ignoring your body you will get these emotions that try and bring you back into the body. That’s why if you’re not taking care of yourself, your body will feel lazy. When you’re putting the attention into your body through physical exercise, you will get good positive emotions out of it. Your body wants to be paid attention to.

When you put positive things in your body, you will get positive feelings and emotions out of your body. You can see how physical and mental health are related to your emotions. Emotions can arise out of poor physical health and also out of poor mental health. Your emotions are stuck between your physical and mental health, which are driven by your spiritual condition. If you’re in a negative place, you will feel bad emotions which will often lead to physical body problems. If you have physical body problems, you’ll often bring negative emotions out so it’s all interrelated.

When you understand your emotions are in the middle of your physical and mental health, then you understand that taking care of yourself is one of the best things you can do for your emotions. Taking care of yourself mentally is one of the best thing you can do for your emotions. Then you can get to a point where your emotions aren’t so sacred.

I read a good inspirational thing this morning: can go forward and be angry and not sin. You don’t have to do bad things because you’re angry, you can just let the emotion be there. The more you look at it, you’ll often see the emotions you get are based on your physical and emotional health. That takes a lot of the gas out of them.

I know after 10PM at night, I am liable to get a lot of negative cranky emotions. It’s because it’s time to go to bed. It’s that simple. When it’s after 10pm, my body expects to go to bed and get some sleep. The earlier I get up, the earlier that time goes down. I know that my emotions are a product of my physical and mental health and that the physical health solution all the tips I just shared with you.

If you want positive and healthy emotions, take good care of yourself. It will eliminate about 80% of your emotional issues. Then you’ll only have mental and spiritual things left that are deep foundational issues. I hope this is inspirational for you to start getting to know the emotions you have and to get a different outlook to how those emotions are related to everything else in your life.