The Truth About Multitasking: You Will Get Things Wrong

Where do we get the idea that we can do it all? Where do we get the idea that we’re capable of doing everything? Why do we think we should be able to do everything gracefully and nothing should go wrong?

Some people ask how I make my YouTube videos while I play Zombies. I don’t know how I do it, I don’t think often about exactly how I can do something, I just do it because I can.

Why do I think I can do everything and do it well? Why do I expect I have no limitations and then I’m surprised when I run into them. If I don’t split my attention by playing video games and creating videos, I might get through maps better. Some people have said my videos are better if I’m not playing zombies. While I’m playing, I’m a little bit distracted then and then videos are harder to understand. My wife is strong on that opinion and some people don’t care either way.

Some people think it’s amazing that I can do these two things at once. This is easy that I’m just speaking from the heart while I’m playing Zombies. I’ve been talking to my friends during games for a long time. In other words, I have experience talking to myself while I’m playing video games.

Where does the idea come from that we’re supposed to be able to do everything and do it well? Where do we get the idea that nothing should go wrong? To me, that is a cause for shame and feeling like we’re not good enough. We feel like we’re supposed to  be better than we are. We don’t belong to the human race. It’s a painful, frustrating, lonely feeling. Where does that come from? Where do these unrealistic expectations of ourselves come from? Where do expectations that I should be able to play at the video game and talk in a way that you can understand without making any mistakes come from? It sounds pretty crazy doesn’t it?

Look at how we live our lives. We expect to drive, talk on the phone, not run into anyone, get to where we’re going on time and look good while doing it. Isn’t that ridiculous? We expect to listen to music full blast and get where we’re going in 5 minutes less than the GPS says we’ll get there. We expect that no one should honk their horn at us or pull out in front of us. We expect that we should be able to do all of that while looking good and feeling good and being happy.

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When I explain it like that it sounds kind of crazy, doesn’t it? Yet, those are realistic expectations I’ve had. Those are what I’ve lived my life thinking. Those are things I’ve beat myself up over.

You go to that appointment 3 minutes late, you’re such a loser.
Look! You’re late again. Nice Job.

Why is it that we do that to ourselves? Why don’t we accept our limitations? Why don’t we do a little bit less or accept that trying to do a lot of things isn’t always going to be perfect? I used to not even be making videos and die on the zombie map. It would throw me for a loop. I would go off and I would be pissed.

Why did I expect that I could dominate the game so much that nothing would go wrong? To me, that stems from a lack of self knowledge. One who knows themselves well is not surprised by their capabilities. In fact, one who knows themselves well would respect their limitations. You know, if I can’t play zombies and make a good video at the same time, maybe I just won’t do that. That is how someone who knew themselves well would behave. Someone who thinks they know everything typically doesn’t seem to know much about themselves. You would expect that kind of person to get in situations where they tried to do more than they were capable of. They would get frustrated and surprised that they couldn’t do everything.

If I know myself well, I know I don’t know everything about myself. I don’t know what I can handle doing lots of times. I accept that if I try to push the limits I often will pay a bit of a penalty for it in the form of not doing a good job. I can have a video that is half done that isn’t inspiring to anyone. As long as it’s useful to me, I figure it’s worth doing.

I push my limitations sometimes, but I’m loving and understanding when things don’t go perfectly. If I’m going to try to do everything, I have to be okay with it not going exactly perfect. I have to be okay with things not coming off 100%. Things are the way they are and if you try to say they’re not, that’s just crazy.

For example, if you think you can lift 600 pounds and you try to lift 600 pounds there’s nothing wrong with that. What’s crazy is being upset that you can’t lift 600 pounds because you thought you could lift 600 pounds.

I now have the same kind of peace doing workouts at the gym. I used to get mad if I couldn’t finish the arbitrary weight amount I assigned myself. Sometimes if I couldn’t do what the guy before me did, I was upset. Today, I realize all I am responsible for is the effort. If I try to put the effort in and this body won’t perform the function I ask it to, there’s no shame in that. That gives me a lot of peace. It gives me the ability to test my limitations.

Some of us start avoiding our limitations because it’s painful to run into them. We stop trying to push our limits. We try not to admit we have limitations so we stay away from them. I don’t try to do anything we don’t think we can do. That actually is a reasonable, rational response, but that is a gigantic limitation. That’s how you get stuck in the same job for 30 years because you won’t try anything new. You won’t even risk getting into something you don’t like. That could be even worse than suffering the pain of being surprised as you bump into your limitations.

Today, I hope this talk is useful for you in living your life because it’s been useful for me in living my life. I pray to remember my choices. I can either accept that I have limitations and then be frustrated when I run into them. Or I can push my limitations and sometimes run into them. If I accept that, then I can have the best life possible. If I accept my limitations and I’m willing to run into them, I can do amazing things.

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I pray that I find no shame in having limitations because being in this body is a limitation. Being in this life is a limitation and there’s nothing wrong with that. I pray that you have the same chance I do to live the same peaceful life I’m living how ever you’re meant to live it. I pray that you have a great day today that’s worth remembering in a good way. Thank you for reading this.

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