TubeBuddy Tutorial 2019! Maximize YouTube Views by Researching Video Topics

Do you want to get more views on your new YouTube videos? Do you want to see the best possible videos to make?

I know I do.

As a full-time YouTuber, I know I want everyone to be smashing that subscribe button and I’ve found a tool that’s really helpful to do it, it’s called TubeBuddy.

I’ll show you how to use TubeBuddy to research potential video topics before you take a bunch of time making a video.

I can’t believe after using YouTube for eight years I wasn’t using TubeBuddy and thankfully one of my partners in the Jerry Banfield Partners group was using TubeBuddy and since I’ve used TubeBuddy as well.

This is an amazing tool.

So let’s take a look at how TubeBuddy works you can get it at, it is basically a browser extension that helps you get a lot more actionable data on YouTube.

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If you want to look at the pricing on it $9 a month or $19 a month for the star, I think I have the star or the pro one of those.

Let’s take a look at how it actually works here.

What we do on TubeBuddy for success is, we use the search bar beforehand to see what videos we might make and what kind of traffic there is.

For example, let’s look at TubeBuddy itself and see if this is worth making a tutorial.

This is where TubeBuddy makes it really helpful. It has this little sidebar that shows you how much search volume there is, then it has searches per month and then it shows you competition, how many other people are on that same term.

What’s really sweet is you can click on here for weighted, you can click to see how this will actually perform with your channel.

I can see just making a video about TubeBuddy comes out “poor” that means is probably not a good use of my time with my channel size and audience is probably not worth my time to just make a tutorial about TubeBuddy, unless I type “TubeBuddy tutorial”, then I hit explore this is still “poor” not worth making.

So I hit “TubeBuddy tutorial 2019”. Now we are in the good baby. This is where we want to be right here. You want something ideally that is at least in the middle.

This says that you’ve got a good chance on ranking on this term.

Now if you want to not take your channel into account, you can go unweighted. But if you take it the way that that’ll give you the best advice to your specific channel.

That’s why I decided to make this TubeBuddy tutorial for 2019. Because I searched for it beforehand and I can see this is a good opportunity for my channel.

If you’re not in using this tool, what happens is you make tutorials, and there’s either not enough traffic there.

Or there’s too much competition for the traffic that is there

What I love about TubeBuddy, it shows me exactly what kind of video I need to make.

Now just making a video off of the good ranking by itself doesn’t mean that it’s going to instantly go to the top and be successful. It just means according to the data, this is probably a good use of my time.

It takes these factors into account, the search volume, the competition based on my specific channel, and the optimization strength.

That means how focused are the other videos on this.

Now if you’re struggling, if you search around a bunch, especially if on certain topics you pick, they’ll be extremely competitive, and it’ll be tough to find anything.

What you can do in this case is, you can go down into the most used tags and you can try and find a niche exact like three to four plus word search phrase that you can laser in on, especially if you’re in something crowded.

Like if I go in and put something like “YouTube channel tips” in here. You’ll see it’s poor, there’s so many people making this on here.

And then if you try like “YouTube channel tips for beginners”, you’ll explore that now that actually has a good weight for my channel. If unweighted it’s very good. So that might be a good long search phrase I can go for. But I only thought of that because I saw the related on the page up here.

If I for example, I go over to something like “Facebook marketing”, I can see this is “poor”, but then I can go over and look at some of these specific terms and say, okay, “Facebook, marketing 2019” that’s still for “poor.” Let’s go “Facebook marketing tutorial 2019”. This is “fair”.

I’d say you don’t want to waste time with anything that’s in the “fair” or in the “red” because odds are, there’s just not enough views that you’re going to get in there.

I can continue to explore on this. I can go “Facebook marketing for business” that’s “poor”, I could add “2019” on it.

Wow! Now that is excellent.

That means it’s specific to your channel based on how many videos this is exceptional. I’m going to add that to my list of videos.

You can go in here for more details, you can see the search volume, you can see the competition and the optimization strength and if you click unweighted, you can see even without my particular channel, this is a good topic.

What you can do after this, to get more details, you can actually put this search term back into YouTube, you can see what other people are doing on this category.

Just because it says excellent and you don’t necessarily want to named the video exactly based on this term, you want to keep in mind what other people are doing in here, for example, someone else already has a “Facebook marketing for business 2019” exactly in here, then you probably don’t want to do it.

But what I see is that there’s no “Facebook marketing for business 2019” exactly in the search description.

That means I’ve got a good chance to do a video on this exact topic and rank straight at the top.

When I rank towards the top, I’ve got the chance to get a lot of people finding my page.

This TubeBuddy tool is a total game-changer and I’m so grateful for it.

The key thing to do is click here for related, you can also look under this trending tab.

Now the trending tab won’t work on very niche-specific topics. But you can do some more general topics.

If you’re still struggling to find a topic, you can look at specific trending topics up here, like “Facebook digital marketing course”, “Facebook marketing course”, “drop shipping”, this is a great resource if you’re struggling to get ideas, especially if you’re stuck in something generic like affiliate marketing, you just can’t figure out a way to do it, or Facebook marketing, you can go to this Trending tab, you’ll see the newest things people are searching for, and how much they’re going up.

And you can also these are rising related queries, but you can go to top queries over here to you can go “Facebook affiliate marketing”, let me see if I can put that in here and see, “Facebook affiliate marketing” now that’s poor, but you can also go “2019” see if that’s good.

Now look at that, that’s one of the easiest strategies, you can just add a number on to it you check unweighted, “Facebook affiliate marketing 2019” that looks wide open.

I like to check the search volume on things also to double-check the TubeBuddy is not giving me an area where there’s really two little search traffic, and I’m just getting excited about it.

As you can see here, I’ve just discovered several new videos that are outstanding to make based on this.

The idea is when I use this tool repeatedly and I keep repeatedly making videos using the data, I’ve got my best chance to be focusing my energy on making the highest performing videos.

The more I do that is just a feedback loop.

I appreciate you watching this with me, I hope it’s been helpful. I trust if you found this helpful, you’ll smash that subscribe button that you’ll leave a like and turn those notifications on because that’s one of the main ways you actually will see my videos is if you hit that bell and turn all those notifications on.

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What can I say except you’re welcome.

Jerry Banfield

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