Twenty Ideas to Make Money Online

Let me give you twenty ideas I put into effect to make money online. Some of these ideas worked very well and some didn’t. I’m sure you have your own ideas and this blog post may help you to decide which ones you want to pursue and which ones you want to abandon based on my results.

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In a previous post I showed you 30 ways to make money online and also 30 more ways to make money online in a follow-up post.

Would you like to read my 20 ideas I made money online now?

Twenty Ideas to Make Money Online

Twenty Ideas to Make Money Online

Now, I’m going to list these 20 ideas to make money online with short explanations as relevant. 

Way 61 to 80 to Make Money Online

  • Number 61: Optimize a Google Plus page. This was for another friend I met through BNI, and he paid me first to go optimize his Google Plus page. He paid hundreds of dollars for me to drive over to his office and make some quick changes on his Google Plus page. Then, he started getting lots of new clients through. I made a simple change, he was with, and still is, with the same insurance company, and then most of his colleagues just used their name, so he used his name and then LLC for the Google Plus page. I came up with the idea, “Why don’t you put the name of your insurance company in the title of your Google Plus page?” I’m not sure if that’s even allowed or not by the Google terms and conditions, but I think it is since he is an independent contractor for the insurance company. Anyway, I set it up, and he got his insurance company’s name in his actual Google Plus business name page. All of a sudden, when people google to search for a local agent for that company, guess who they found first?He was saying he was getting lots of new clients who found him on that Google Plus page when they were searching for an insurance agent with his specific company, and it did great for his business. Not only that, he sold my wife and I on life insurance, flood insurance and homeowner’s insurance. If you are getting the theme here, be willing to give first because often you will receive much greater. Several of these last clients spent a few hundreds with me, and I spent a few thousands with them.
  • Number 62: Create a digital marketing plan. I had a few clients pay me to create a digital marketing plan for them, which was kind of funny given that when they paid me to do it, I had never done that great of digital marketing for myself, but sure enough they paid me to create a plan. It is often easier to create a plan for someone else than it is to actually do it and execute it yourself.
  • Number 63: AdSense on my website. This is one of those things you hear about that you think, “Oh man, you can just make a website and put Google AdSense on it and you’ve got it made.”  The more accurate description is trying to get visitors to your website and use Google AdSense to monetize it, and it is more like a job.Twenty Ideas to Make Money OnlineWhen I had fourteen plus thousand visitors a month to my website, which is about 500 people a day, I didn’t bother with Google AdSense because I was lucky to get $2 a thousand CPM on it.Now, as I’m getting more visitors a day on my website, I am revisiting the idea of Adsense ads and it should be more profitable. You really need to have lots of traffic on your site to see some significant earnings with Adsense. I have a friend, Jordan, who I talked about through my online success group, and he has made hundreds of thousands doing Google AdSense. He said that it is just like a job, you have to work on it every single day.
  • Number 64: AdSense and custom search engines. You might think, “What is that, can you read that again? That doesn’t even make sense. ”Google AdSense in custom search engines. This is the idea I like to point to especially when someone says how successful I am. I like to point to this idea that I had about five years ago. One of the first ideas I had to try and make money online once I had started my business. If you get a custom search engine from Google, which anyone can do, Google will give you the ability to have your own custom search engine code that you can use, and then if people use your custom search engine and click on Google ads, they will actually give you a percentage of the revenue. My bright idea was to stick these in library search engine bars. If I manually went in and switched for the search provider, or for the landing page, to whatever custom search engine link I had, it would work great.I thought, “Man, that’d be great. I will go in the library and change up all the default websites. Instead of, it will go to my custom search engine. Then, when people sit down and search something, click an ad, I will get paid. Imagine doing that on a hundred library computers in the college library, or putting that on a thousand computers. Everyday, I will be making thousands of dollars from people clicking on my ad links in Google custom search engines. Wouldn’t that be amazing?”My friend Joseph went out and started helping with this. I don’t think he did very many of them, but he did go out and do some of them, and I did some of them too. I never made even a dollar I can prove from doing it because most libraries are on to the fact that people switch the landing pages. Can you believe that? Can you believe that most libraries are on to one of the basic things that most people would try and do?

    Way 61 to 100 to Make Money Online

    Every time I go to a car dealership now I still think of this. Honestly not every time, but lots of times it comes up. I’m like, “I can switch the landing page,” because they just have a regular log on this computer. I can switch the landing page, and put my custom search engine on here. When the one person, once a week, logs on to this computer that’s slow as hell, and searches for something, and they don’t click on a Google ad of mine, then I could be disappointed.

    I like to point to this idea because this is an example of an average entrepreneur’s idea: a bad and stupid idea.

    This is entrepreneurship for you. You can see that out of these hundred ways I have made money online, how few of them are actually good ideas. I’m no genius and I’m no great person. You can even say that I’m just a persistent fool who goes about trying to do his best, and by just sheer determination blunders into things that work good.

  • Number 65: I built a website for an author of children’s books. I actually think that Joseph helped build the website for her and managed the relationship, so I actually built this one and this also was on Google Sites. This was a little different because she also had us to do it in connection with her Facebook page and everything like that, and I actually collaborated to get this one built instead of building it myself.
  • Number 66: I sold a shirt on eBay. Here is another one of my great ideas. About five years ago when I started my business on video game addiction, I bought hundreds of t-shirts for $1,200 dollars or so from the Vistaprint website I found that was just, I thought, so amazing.“Look, you pay like $6 a shirt, you get these things printed on the shirts, they’re funny, people will laugh at them, and then I can sell these. I can sell these for like $20 or $30 a shirt, I’ll be rich!”My Dad said what a dumb idea that was, as did a few other people in my life. I didn’t care, went ahead and bought all the shirts anyway. Finally, when my wife and I moved a few months ago, I found the last box of those t-shirts and gave them away to Goodwill. However, number 66 states shirts sold on eBay because I actually sold one of those shirts for $10 or $15. I just made a few dollars profit on it. Yes, that’s the average entrepreneur, right there for you.
  • Number 67: My Mom had a bunch of extra jewelry and she thought, “Hey, maybe you can do the same thing you did with those books.”  So I put a bunch of my Mom’s old jewelry on eBay and sold it.Way 61 to 100 to Make Money OnlineThis wasn’t quite like the books though. This was a matter of me not knowing how valuable any of the jewelry was and putting some things up there that were probably pretty valuable and getting almost nothing for them, and then spending a bunch of time putting other things that weren’t very valuable up there that didn’t sell.Ton of time and energy spent, and very little return on it. I think I still have some of my Mom’s jewelry somewhere in a box that I need to give to Goodwill.
  • Number 68: IZEA paid Tweets. IZEA is a website and I think it is only US or other countries like Australia, Canada and the UK. I don’t think it is open to most of the world yet.IZEA is a website where you can connect your social media account, and then they have advertisers who will put projects up that you can actually get paid to do a Tweet about them. For example, with several different companies on there, they had these paid Tweet options up and they would be as much as $5 to some even $10 or $20.Way 61 to 100 to Make Money OnlineIf they approved you, you would hit that you would Tweet it and you would write little custom Tweets. The problem was that this website’s interface was horrible. The advertisers were terrible about actually going through and approving you. A lot of advertisers just would put something up, never even check it, and if the advertiser never checked it, your request would never go through. There was no penalty for putting up a whole bunch of projects and never looking at any of them.

    That got pretty old fast as a user. Occasionally though, an advertiser would actually go through and approve a Tweet, so I did make some decent money sending out Tweets on IZEA. Maybe $20, $30 or $40, but that was with a lot of Twitter followers too. Overall, not that great of a system, but still, it was a cool thing to say, “Hey I made some money on that website too, IZEA.”

  • Number 69 is one of the craziest: Online gaming addiction intervention via email. On my gaming addiction website, in my quest to find ways to make money online, I offered a service where I would do an intervention for you.You would pay me something like $10 or $25, something like that, and I would write an email to someone you were concerned about, so it would be anonymous. You could pay me and the email would come from me, instead of coming from you. So a girl literally paid me, I think it was around $25 to send an email to her boyfriend as an intervention, to let him know that people in his life were concerned about him, that he might have a problem with video games. I never got a response from him, and that is one of the funniest things I have ever done to make money online.Let’s take a moment to appreciate how ridiculous that is, that a girl paid me to send an email to her boyfriend anonymously, that’s so ridiculous.

    All right, back to work Jerry, back to work!

  • Number 70: CafePress products sold via Pinterest. Man, I thought I really had it going on for a little while. When Pinterest was new, I started putting all my products up there, many of which were ripoffs of existing products like, “The Honey Badger Don’t Give a Shit! Look, he is over there and he has got this, he don’t give a shit!”If you have seen that video, then you might have been a part of the “Honey Badger Don’t Care” or Honey Badger Don’t Give a Shitviral movement online that lasted for a little while. Many of the benefits of that were that you could put “Honey Badger Don’t Care” products up. I had Honey Badger and then the word “care,” a little sign and crossed out. That was my best-selling product on CafePress next to some of my gaming products.I posted pins of my CafePress products on Pinterest, and back then there weren’t a ton of spammers trying to just get into everything feed and then make money online from it, so my spamming trying to make money off the everything feed worked really well. I put all these pictures up of “Honey Badger Don’t Care” and “Honey Badger Don’t Give a Shit” shirts and glasses.

    I also posted things like baby onesies and I started getting a lot of sales from those, and I was really excited. My wife remembers the excitement: “Oh, can you believe it, there’s all these babies out there wearing my Honey Badger Don’t Care shirt. There’s all kinds of people drinking out of my Honey Badger Don’t Care glasses.” I was so pumped. I made hundreds of dollars, just by posting pins up of my CafePress print on demand products.

    Of course, Pinterest killed that within a month or so of it working as more and more people like me figured out easy ways to spam affiliate links, and then grab commissions, and spam all kinds of products and get all kinds of sales. So that very quickly stopped working as with most anything that’s really powerful, it is usually a very limited time.

  • Number 71 is, which has a lot of short video tutorials. I think it is owned by Yahoo, and even though the quality of the tutorials seems to be very low, somehow they get tons of traffic.Yahoo must run ads for it or something, and I made thousands of dollars putting up one twenty video Facebook ads course. The original course I put up on Udemy that I had to update and update to get any sales on it, and it made thousands of dollars somehow on 61 to 100 to Make Money Online

    Now I’m not sure what’s happening with because I haven’t heard from them or got a check from them lately, but it paid out thousands of dollars. It was an incredibly aggravating process to get the videos up there and then putting new videos up was even more aggravating. Joseph and another freelancer fooled around with it and we tried to do more, and now I’m just grateful for the money that was made.

    Do you want another story similar to the one above?Let’s look at SkillFeed! SkillFeed was Shutterstock’s attempt, or parent company’s attempt, to get the basically same thing as and SkillShare, which I’m about to tell you about next.

    SkillFeed was another paid membership website where you could watch a bunch of tutorials, and I had a few good months on SkillFeed bringing in hundreds of dollars. When I was just starting teaching online, I tried to scale that up, and I paid freelancers hundreds of dollars to put more and more videos up for me, then SkillFeed collapsed internally.

    The hundreds of videos I put up all started getting rejected, common theme here, because they didn’t like the hacking content on their photography focused website, even though people were watching it, and then the website closed down completely.

  • Number 73: SkillShare. I was just talking with my friend Joe Paris about SkillShare yesterday. SkillShare has paid out thousands of dollars now to put up my videos up there. The problem with SkillShare is that it is very much a here and now focused kind of thing.Way 61 to 100 to Make Money Online
    While I would love to have more time in my life, the Audible version of the Facebook book has sold over a hundred copies in the first month. SkillShare paid last month four hundreds. My first full month on Audible at this rate should pay out over five hundreds. Now think about that, the very little amount of work I have done with very high payout on Audible is a lot better bet to put my time into doing Audible instead of SkillShare. However, some of my fellow co-instructors have made thousands of dollars and still are making thousands of dollars a month on SkillShare, so it seems to me like it’s here to stay, not like it is about to go out of business, which is good to know when you start investing your time with a company.
  • Number 74: StackSkills. StackSkills has been a windfall coming out of the Udemy success. They sell bundles of online courses and they approached me after seeing my courses on Udemy. StackSkills just put a bunch of my courses up in other bundles, and now StackSkills pays out thousands every month, and I don’t have to do anything. It is a really sweet system. Thank you StackSkills. StackSkills seems to be continually building bigger and bigger.
  • Number 75: LinkedIn message to get a Facebook ad client. While most of my Facebook ads clients and Facebook ads campaigns were the main way I made direct money with clients, I also used a LinkedIn message to find a client who paid me $399 to make Facebook ads.
  • Number 76: Twitter messages both Direct Messages and replies in order to get Facebook like clients. This was similar to LinkedIn, except I was using Twitter. I sent messages on Twitter to people who were talking about getting more Facebook likes, or people who were asking others to like their page. I then would send them a message and I got a few clients that way.
  • Number 77: Fiverr Twitter Tweet gig. This was a more recent one, just to test things out for my Twitter course. I put a gig up offering that if you paid me $5, I would Tweet your message out to my twenty-plus thousand Twitter followers. Actually a good bit of orders on that one, maybe fifty to a hundred dollars earned on those gigs combined, and Joseph actually ran those gigs.
  • Number 78: Textbooks on Amazon. Back in college and graduate school, selling textbooks back to the used bookstore was a terrible business to be in. They hardly give you anything, and you would have paid everything. That’s when I first started using Amazon to get my textbooks sold on Amazon at a much better price, and that was Amazon’s original business model, as far as I know.Way 61 to 100 to Make Money Online
  • Number 79: A paid webinar. Now consider this compared to how most people are doing their webinars trying to spend money to get people to come to their free webinar, and then sell them something.As a result of my courses on Udemy and all the related sales efforts, someone actually paid me hundreds of dollars to do a webinar for them on what I was doing on Udemy. They had an audience that they were doing a series of webinars with, and I said, “Well the only way I would participate is if you paid me several hundred dollars to do it.” So they paid. In fact, they paid it at the last minute, right before the webinar was about to go live because I told them “You’ll pay me before I do it, or I won’t do it.”
  • Number 80: Mobile app install media buys. I was set up to get people to install mobile apps using mobile ads. I would have clients with mobile apps and they wanted to get the installs. I would then make the media buys for them, on behalf of my client.Now my client did most all the work to set this up, to get the relationships, and what they needed was then for me to be able to wire over the money to make the mobile app buy. My company has been a big part of getting mobile app installs even though I personally have done little more than look at the project overviews and send the money.

These 20 ideas to make money online are only a portion of all the ways I have made money online. All of them worked in some extend and I hope that reading about my experience here will help you decide what way you want to go to make money online.

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