TWITCH 10 Steps to Unlock Affiliate in 30 Days without Hustling!

Will you please watch this video because I’m going to show you a guaranteed system to get Affiliate on Twitch within 30 days?

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I will give you 10 exact steps that have worked for me to get Affiliate and that have proven to work for my friends and the people I know on Twitch who are streaming and want to be affiliate.

For the best case study, take a look at my Twitch channel.

You can go see on and on that I’m practicing what I’m teaching.

Now, let’s get started.

How do we get Affiliate in 30 days starting from zero?

TWITCH 10 Steps to Unlock Affiliate in 30 Days without Hustling!

You don’t have to have any following. I’m going to give you exact instructions to get this “Path to Affiliate” completed.

You really want to be an Affiliate because you can accept Cheers, which are from Bits where you can get money from people like me who go leave tips on other channels.

You want to be able to earn money on Twitch and be on your way to Partner and unlock a bigger set of features.

Being an Affiliate is outstanding for live streaming on Twitch. One of the easiest ways you can have potential to earn money live streaming is to just get that Affiliate and you can get Bits from other people along with completing everything else I show you here.

That’s why we want to be an Affiliate. If you are here, I’m assuming you want to learn more about Twitch. You want to be able to take your Twitch stream seriously to make enough money off of it, to be able to do it on a regular basis.

I’m assuming we have that in common. That’s me, I intend to be able to do my Twitch stream full-time by making music.

All right, let’s just get into the 10 things.

This is your instruction manual right here.

These are the things I’ve done, and if you do them, you will get the same results.

That’s how this works.

These are 10 very concrete things to complete.

TWITCH 10 Steps to Unlock Affiliate in 30 Days without Hustling!

Number one

Before you even stream, find at least one dedicated, just one dedicated friend, family member, or follower that will watch every single day you stream, who is really excited about you streaming.

Now, I’m grateful I’ve got millions of followers online. I’ve been successful, you might say, in a lot of different places. What I see is that it only takes one person to get things going. Without that one person, it’s really hard to even get off the ground and almost no one gets off the ground. If you want to stream, ultimately, you need people to watch.

I’m grateful there’s one guy, his name is Taylor. He watches almost every single stream I do on Twitch.

He found me when I was on Steem every day and he’s really excited about the music I produce. He watches almost every single stream and he may comment 10, 20, 30, 50 times in a stream.

Guess who was one of my first subscribers?


Guess who has really helped me stay excited about my stream?


Guess who, when I show up, I’m hoping to chat with?


You just need one person.

What I’ve noticed in my friends that have struggled to get started is that they did not isolate one person who would really like to watch.

Now, if you are gaming with your friends, it should be easy. You just watch each other’s stream or you can have your mom come watch you. It can be a coworker. Anyone will work.

You need one person who really cares about watching your stream because ultimately, if you want to get more people to watch you, you need one engaged person.

TWITCH 10 Steps to Unlock Affiliate in 30 Days without Hustling!

This is the most critical point out of all of these.

That’s why I’m going into it heavily here.

You need that one person on the stream.

Every one of us should have at least one person who cares about us streaming if we are going to stream because if we are really excited about it, we are probably telling everyone about it like I’ve been telling everyone that I’ve been streaming.

I don’t just say, “I’m on Twitch,” I say, “I’m on Twitch. Will you watch me on Twitch? I’m on Twitch,” and it’s okay to get a no.

You might tell your mom, your brother, your best friend that, “Hey, I’m going to be live on Twitch. Do you want to watch me?”

If they are really honest with you, they might say, “No. No, I don’t want to watch you on Twitch. I don’t care about watching whatever you are streaming.”

That’s cool.

You might be surprised.

Taylor is someone who was following me on Steem before that, I don’t even remember him from Steem. I saw him in the Discord chat a couple of times. Taylor just hopped on and just write in the Discord chat.

You may be surprised, someone you don’t even know, one of those Xbox friends you have been ignoring who’s maybe a little kid and tries to play with you all the time, they might love watching you stream all the time.

Really reach out to as many people you know. Get that one person because the other nine of these will be easier with that one person. What stinks is to have a stream where no one is watching and no one is chatting because you are definitely not going to do the other nine of these if you don’t have anyone watching.

You need that one person for positive reinforcement back and forth. Everywhere I’ve been successful and earned a bunch of money, I got a bunch of followers. There has always been at least one person who has been extremely enthusiastic from the very beginning and who supported me through everything.

TWITCH 10 Steps to Unlock Affiliate in 30 Days without Hustling!

Michel on Udemy, a student took one of my Facebook courses very early on. They became hundreds on Udemy who took all my courses. Same thing on my Steem blog, with readers.

That one person is critical.

Once you have got that one person, it’s pretty easy to go through the rest of these points because you just give each other positive reinforcement.

After you get that one person, then it is time to actually start streaming.

I will skip down to number four.

Number 4

Get a good webcam and a microphone.

Don’t do a stream without a webcam and a microphone. I’ve got a high-level setup that if you want to see how to do it, I recommend GoPro. Try to do a really high quality one because that stands out.

It’s easy to tell at a moment’s notice if someone really is established by their equipment. You can tell that even if I don’t take the time to edit my videos or anything, I know what I’m doing when it comes to video production.

I literally click record, I can turn my banners on and off, and then click record again.

When I’m done, I upload.

I have a very sweet video production process. I’ve been making videos online now since 2011. Getting a good webcam and a microphone is the giant leap like man walking on the moon.

It’s a big leap in the right direction.

TWITCH 10 Steps to Unlock Affiliate in 30 Days without Hustling!

After you get that microphone and the webcam, then everything else is incremental improvements.

The other beginners usually don’t have a webcam and don’t even have a microphone, like me when I started out, no webcam and no microphone.

It’s hard to get into the game as much. The idea with live streaming is to interact. The webcam and the microphone make a world of difference interacting.

If you’d like to see the exact webcam and microphone I use, you go to because I’ve got a laundry list of equipment and resources I use there that you will find really helpful with a bunch of affiliate links too, so I can make some money, but those are all disclosed.

Number 2

Now, onto the second thing, you want a good webcam and a microphone, and also, one thing you can do before you stream, you can sign up for StreamElements to get the extra bot in your channel, overlay and extension.

TWITCH 10 Steps to Unlock Affiliate in 30 Days without Hustling!

Some of these things will help your channel look a lot better and one of the most important things you want to do is let people who do come and want to watch again know when you are going to be live.

I’m signed up for StreamElements and it’s got an extension and if you want to add an extension, you just click on edit panels down here and you add these extensions.

TWITCH 10 Steps to Unlock Affiliate in 30 Days without Hustling!

You go into “Extension Manager” and you use StreamElements. It gives a ton of features including the ability to tip.

I’ve got StreamElements here.

There are loyalty settings, leaderboard and chat stats. There are so many things that are extremely helpful with StreamElements.

TWITCH 10 Steps to Unlock Affiliate in 30 Days without Hustling!

I recommend to get signed up for StreamElements, and then you will have your countdown on here where people can see when to come back. It helps a lot if you want to watch someone to know when they are going to be live.

My viewers now are starting to expect that I’m live at 11:00 PM most nights. That way, viewers know when to come back, when to plan it mentally in the schedule, say, “Okay, Jerry will be back online tomorrow at this time.”

I know if I have a streamer I really want to watch, it helps me to know when they are going to be live because then I can plan when I’m going to come see them again.

You have got these first three things I’ve covered, StreamElements and you have got the dedicated family, friend, or follower, you have got the webcam and the microphone.

Now, the big question a lot of us have is, “What are we going to stream?”

A lot of us are tempted to go for things that have the most viewers. If we have a game we want to play, we look at what games are popular and decide to stream a popular game. I can tell you from a lot of experience, that’s not a good way to do it.

Number 3

Point number three, stream what you love most and enjoy the best, is critical.

Stream what you love the most and enjoy the best because if you try to just hustle, you will always quit. I know because I’ve hustled a ton online and I always quit.

TWITCH 10 Steps to Unlock Affiliate in 30 Days without Hustling!

The only way to stick with stuff like teaching, I love teaching, I keep teaching that’s why I’ve got almost 2,000 videos on YouTube, I got hundreds of blog posts on my website, here I am again, I’m always teaching something, I love it and I don’t quit because I love it.

What you love on a day to day basis might change. You might like “Call of Duty” one day, you might like “Fortnight” the next, you might like “League of Legends” the next, you might like music, and that’s fine.

The worst thing you can do is try to force yourself to do a certain thing based on the idea that that will work best. I know because I did that with “League of Legends.” I started playing “League of Legends” so I could hang out with my friends.

I quickly realized that we weren’t having a lot of fun playing together and I wasn’t getting a lot out of hanging out and playing “League of Legends” with my friends so guess what I did?

I hired a professional coach to help me get better at “League of Legends.”

Then, I gave up playing “League of Legends,” and later I had a video go viral of me playing “League of Legends” with the coach that I streamed originally on YouTube and Twitch. Finally, I came back to “League of Legends” because I thought I could get the most viewers doing that.

While I was having hundreds of people watched my live streams on YouTube and Twitch playing “League of Legends,” I didn’t enjoy playing the game.

A thing about that, I didn’t even have that much fun playing the game. I tend to enjoy more first-person shooters or zombies. “League of Legends” was kind of annoying for me to play.

Then, my friends didn’t want to play with me anymore because I was so bad and when I did play with them, we usually didn’t even have fun.

You can learn it the hard way if you want to. I’m assuming you are interested to learn the easier way here. Stream what you love most and enjoy the best. I will tell you what I made the Twitch homepage on.

TWITCH 10 Steps to Unlock Affiliate in 30 Days without Hustling!

I made the Twitch homepage streaming the “Gorod Krovi,” their “Call of Duty: Zombies.”

I love “Call of Duty: Zombies” and I was playing that. I was having a ton of fun. The chat went crazy, and then somehow, I tripped and got on the homepage and hundreds of live viewers dumped into my channel at once.

Then, I quit playing video games a year and a half ago, and I’ve lost hundreds of followers from that, but I digress.

The point is always stream what you love the most and enjoy the best. That might change from day to day. I recommend do not just try to pick something you think you will get the most viewers because in your heart, you wish you will be playing something else.

The game you might want to play might not have a big audience. I mostly live stream music creation and even though I’ve had a hundreds of viewers on my channels back in 2016, I’m lucky now to get like seven or eight people on at once.

You can see that over the last month, I have 355 live views in a whole month streaming almost every single day.

TWITCH 10 Steps to Unlock Affiliate in 30 Days without Hustling!

Now sure, if I played “Call of Duty,” I’d probably have numbers that are 10, 20 or 30 times what I’m showing you here. I could easily get into zombies again, probably have streams quickly with 50 to 100 people watching and the tips rolling in, subscriptions, but that’s not where my heart’s at.

I’m loving making music. I’ve played tens of thousands of hours of video games. I’m enjoying making music. I’m consciously choosing to do something that I love the most and enjoy the best today, even though I could do other things and have more viewers in the short term.

The thing is I know if say, I played a bunch of “Call of Duty: Zombies,” if that’s not what I want to do today and I try to do it anyway, it won’t work out. The whole thing I’m giving you here is predicated on loving it, enjoying it, not making it a hustle.

You don’t want this to be a hustle. You want this to be something you love because you can go to work and hustle and make better money than live streaming on Twitch.

You don’t want to try to play video games and hustle because so many other people are doing that. If you are like me, the other people hustling and playing games have more time and don’t have a family they are responsible for or a job to go to. They are just hustling and playing games.

Stream what you love the most and enjoy the best, then you don’t have to get obsessed about the results because if I were streaming “Call of Duty: Zombies,” I’d be obsessed about the results, like how many viewers am I going to make partner, all this crap.

What I’ve learned is it’s no fun. I am so excited that I’ve earned $4.42 live streaming music because I barely know what I’m doing live streaming music.

TWITCH 10 Steps to Unlock Affiliate in 30 Days without Hustling!

That is amazing that people watch me live stream music. That’s amazing because I love it and that’s what I’m into right now.

We have really hit these first four hard. Now let’s get deeper into this. These are the critical foundation. These four preferably you need to do before you stream or shortly they are on.

TWITCH 10 Steps to Unlock Affiliate in 30 Days without Hustling!

Now once you have got all the rest of these down, it’s just a matter of hitting these over and over again.

Number 5

Number five, go live for at least an hour every day, preferably around the same time. If you can go live for five hours a day, go for it.

The more you can be live, the easier it will be to get Affiliate, to get those followers. You can see on mine that I’ve been live every single day except Friday, July 13th.

TWITCH 10 Steps to Unlock Affiliate in 30 Days without Hustling!

I had pretty much a complete breakdown that day. I cried and couldn’t stand being alive for a couple of hours, I took a nap and woke back up, and it was all okay.

I spent the evening talking to my mother instead of live streaming. That’s with a newborn and I intend to go live as soon as I finish this tutorial I’m recording.

You can see what happens when you are live so many different days, the average number of viewers goes up and down. Some days there is not that many, other days, there is five, six, there are higher numbers of viewers.

You want to go live every day because when you do find someone who loves watching, especially assuming you got this one dedicated friend, family member, or follower, you want them to be able to watch and participate every single day because in our lives, what we do every day tends to be the most powerful.

For example, I am a sober alcoholic, I go to AA or Alcoholics Anonymous every day, that has massive power in my life because I do it every day. I’m a husband, I’m a father every day. I work online and I do my business a little bit every day.

The things I do every day have fantastic power in my life compared to doing something once a week, once a month, it just takes exponentially longer doing it that way.

If you want to make Affiliate in 30 days, I’m suggesting 28 to 30 live streams in those 30 days for collectively 30+ hours.

Number 6

Therefore, when you are live streaming that much, what you want to make sure to do then is to tell anyone relevant you are streaming and share links on social media every time when going live.

TWITCH 10 Steps to Unlock Affiliate in 30 Days without Hustling!

You can even set automation up with “if this, then, that” or IFTTT. You just search for Twitch and Facebook and you should find an application like I’ve got. You can go to my Facebook and you can go to my Twitter and see how these are working.

You will see that when I go live on Twitch, it automatically posts a status that I’m going live with a link to my Twitch. That means every single time I go live, automatically, it goes out on my Facebook and on Twitter.

That helps people consistently over time, see that I’m live on Twitch and just get that one extra viewer involved on a regular basis. Even if you do it for a month and you only get one or two people to come over, that will probably be enough to get your average viewers up. It has been for me.

Number 7

Now, number seven is kind of a power tip version of that. Ideally, if possible, most of us have the ability to reach our friends and family most effectively on Facebook through a live stream.

The few of my friends that I’ve seen gaming that I don’t keep up with on a regular basis by messaging or talking on the phone, I saw them live streaming on Facebook. Now the downside of live streaming on Facebook, there is almost no way to monetize it.

There is almost no community outside of your own, although Facebook is doing their own thing with that right now. You can look that up, it might be a good opportunity.

What you can do with Facebook when you go live on Facebook and show your stream, you are likely to reach a lot more people than just sharing a link and then what you can do, if you have got the super, the crazy set up I’ve got, I can live stream on Facebook and several other websites all at the same time.

TWITCH 10 Steps to Unlock Affiliate in 30 Days without Hustling!

Now, as an Affiliate, you agree on Twitch to not live stream anywhere else within 24 hours of putting it live on Twitch.

Now I don’t live stream on Twitch simultaneously with anywhere else. What I do once or twice a week though is do a live stream to Facebook and YouTube with the same kinds of things I live stream on Twitch, and then I promote my Twitch channel to get more people coming over. I’ve just started doing this too and this is continuing to work better and better over time.

I put the live stream out to Facebook and YouTube to help get people over to Twitch because even if the conversion rate is low, every single viewer on Twitch ends up being worth a lot in terms of getting more viewers, more followers, more subscriptions, and providing a place for someone to watch and really engage just with live streams.

On YouTube, I put out a lot of pre-recorded videos like this one and on Facebook, there is just all kinds of things. Twitch is really nice in the sense that it’s focused.

When you go to Twitch, you know all you are getting is live streams. You are not getting retweets from yesterday, you are not getting a live streams randomly on my phone, maybe you will, you are not getting a bunch of pre-recorded videos, so it’s very focused.

Now the first seven on this list are essentially things to do to get your stream set up. The first four are things to do, get your stream set up, then the next three are things to get going streaming and promote your stream.

Number 8, 9 & 10

The last three are things to convert the streamers, the people who are watching into followers and subscribers ultimately because once you get Affiliate, you can get subscribers who give actual money instead of just a follower.

The easiest way to start building followers and one of the hardest things to do for most new Twitch streamers is to get that 50 followers.

Now, I put in the title, “without spamming or cheating or hustling” or whatever word I used because you can do follow/follow back with people and I’m sure you can get 50 followers that way.

TWITCH 10 Steps to Unlock Affiliate in 30 Days without Hustling!

I’m sure you can create two other Twitch accounts and just put them on yours every time. I’m sure you could easily cheat your way into Affiliate. I know because I’ve cheated my way into a lot of things online. I’ve even cheated my way in the top-ranking courses on Udemy and got hundreds of thousands and actually millions in sales, hundreds of thousands in earnings.

There are lots of ways to cheat things in life and hustle things in life, but the problem is when you cheat things, you always plant this poisonous seed in it and somehow comes back around like I got banned from Udemy eventually. I would have made more money on Udemy without cheating in the long run.

Think of it that way on Twitch, act as if you already have a big audience. I know it’s tempting because I’ve done it myself. It’s tempting to use another Twitch account to artificially boost your view account.

It’s tempting to try to game the system and do follow/follow back. I know because I did that a couple years ago when I got started. I did follow/follow back and I did promotional giveaways to build my initial follower company.

You know what?

I’ve lost almost all of the followers in the last two years that I got from those methods. Those things were a waste of time and artificially boosting a view count is just lame with a second account, not to mention it can get you banned from Twitch.

All you need to do if you want to convert is when someone actually comments in the chat, when you get that person, just go through and ask them the following, just say this, “Will you please follow me on Twitch because if you’re enjoying this stream, you’ll love the other ones I do just like it?”

TWITCH 10 Steps to Unlock Affiliate in 30 Days without Hustling!

Ask with something like, “Will you please,” and then put a reason in with it because human beings tend to respond much better to reasons.

You will notice I’ve asked you to do a few things and you might notice that you actually did them. When you have people asking you all the time to do stuff and you routinely ignore them.

Now maybe you have ignored this too and you are not leaving a like on the video, even though you found something helpful and you are not following me on Twitch, whatever.

You see, when you ask like that, it’s okay for people to say no. If you don’t leave a like in this video, that’s fine. If you don’t share this when it’s turned into a blog post, that’s fine. I still love you and I will still keep making tutorials for you even if you do nothing for me in return.

That’s the basic mindset that allows us to do things like get whatever we want. You want Affiliate in 30 days?

I’m giving you a system, I guarantee it will work for you if you actually do it.

One of the things that is critical to this is you have done all these other seven things to try to get people in the chat. Make the most out of every single person that comes through your stream.

What I’ve been noticing is that I’ve been doing this and I’ve been getting a pretty good conversion rate. If I go over to my dashboard, what I can see is I’ve got 15 new followers and most all those followers were people who started commenting in the chat.

TWITCH 10 Steps to Unlock Affiliate in 30 Days without Hustling!

I asked them the exact same way I’ve asked you, “Will you please follow me on Twitch because if you’re enjoying this, I’m imagining you’ll enjoy a lot more of the streams we can do together in the future?”

That’s why a webcam and a mic is important to interact.

In every stream, I’m converting a couple of more followers.

You see, all you need to do is convert one or two followers on every stream for 30 days, and then guess what?

It’s easy stuff we are talking about, “Path to Affiliate” completed.

TWITCH 10 Steps to Unlock Affiliate in 30 Days without Hustling!

Fifty followers, you will easily have an average of three viewers when you build up your followers and you will get it done. I covered number eight and number nine together and one more point that really makes this easier.

One thing I haven’t talked about is helping anyone else yet. The one thing that makes all this go so much smoother is help someone else out.

I’ve realized this again the hard way.

Most of the things I’ve done, I focus much on my goals and my results, but I didn’t stop to think about everyone else trying to get the same thing. I just hustled, I just cheated, I just did whatever it took to get ahead.

If that was spending much money on ads to boost my followers to make it look like I knew what I was doing, to get clients, that’s what I did.

TWITCH 10 Steps to Unlock Affiliate in 30 Days without Hustling!

If it was pay people to review my courses, so my courses ranked higher and I got lots of sales, and then I ranked in search results and made a bunch of money, that’s what I did.

I didn’t stop to think very often about how I could help other people.

Thankfully on Twitch, I’ve not made the same mistake this time.

Even though I’ve been on Twitch for a couple of years, I haven’t done much with Twitch in the last year and a half aside from the last two months since I’ve started live streaming music.

I have reinvested my time and energy in Twitch and this time, I’ve realized if I want to get help from other people, I need to help other people. What I do is the community I actively stream in, I’m an active viewer in the same community. I’m mostly live streaming music and music creation.

What you will see me doing if you are like god and watching over my shoulder or something, here’s what I do. If you are my wife and you hang out or my daughter, all right, this is what I do.

I go watch other people’s music streams and I try to be one of the most generous tippers in other people’s music streams because other people have been kind enough to buy so much stuff for me and give me much that I have some cash on hand.

TWITCH 10 Steps to Unlock Affiliate in 30 Days without Hustling!

Even though I’ve earned $4.42 out of Twitch so far, I’ve given out hundreds of dollars in Bits tips in the last month or so.

This is good karma. I’m helping and I don’t just give out tips, I watch people’s streams, I tell people what I like about their streams. I’ve got several people I follow and I will drop some comments in the chat, I will ask questions, I will listen, I will give them tips, I will keep them motivated like, “Hey man, I love your music. Keep going. Keep making more music. Get this released. I want to listen. How do you do that?”

The trick to this is if you do these other nine points, you will probably do well, but it won’t make sense as much. What I noticed is I have a friend whose partner made Affiliate from no following at all on Twitch and what stuck out about the experience I heard from that, is that he was very actively engaged in watching other streamers.

Now, that’s something I did very little of up until the last two months. When I used to live stream on Twitch two years ago, I wouldn’t watch hardly anyone else.

I just did my own stuff. I just cared about my own stuff. I didn’t help anyone else to get Affiliate.

You see what I’m saying?

I encourage to help people around you.

If someone has got a thousand live viewers and they either got tons of tips coming in, here is a suggestion, they probably aren’t that excited about your help and you viewing.

Now you see, when a guy’s got 5 or 10 viewers or just one viewer, I come in and I make a huge difference when I’m willing to be that one person for someone else or when I’m willing to be among a community of people who are supporting another streamer, then I just get this faith, I get this certainty that things will go well for my stream too.

The key to do this is to not expect anything in return, to not go over to people’s streams and just browse and tip or chat, and ask for follows immediately and ask for hosts.

TWITCH 10 Steps to Unlock Affiliate in 30 Days without Hustling!

It’s not about going to other people’s stream and asking for favors. It’s about going to other people’s streams and genuinely supporting their creative efforts.

Sometimes for me, that means I follow someone and watch them, and then I stop following them. I realize that I don’t want to be a part of their community. I’d rather watch someone else and that’s okay.

What I’ve found is that it’s really helped me to focus on helping others get the same things I’m trying to accomplish. When I help other streamers make Affiliate, then I make Affiliate.

When I was streaming on Twitch a couple years ago, they didn’t have Affiliate, you just had Partner. This was humbling for me to come back essentially and start over, after all the video games I had streamed before. It has been so smooth this time.

I didn’t even sweat making Affiliate because all I did is these 10 things I’ve showed you in here. I did these 10 things and I was certain that if I just do these 10 things, that I will make Affiliate when it’s time.

I got Affiliate pretty quickly and in fact, I can’t believe it has already been three weeks. I barely even tried, I just streamed, I helped other people out, I practiced the things I’ve already learned from the rest of my business online, I really appreciate and interact with that one dedicated fan.

Now, you can see this is the same thing, I’m making a tutorial, I’m showing you how to do this, I’m showing you what I’ve learned.

If you really want to be able to do things like this full time like I do, I’m grateful I got a studio, I’m at home, you can see I’ve got my son in the infant carrier, I’m a work-at-home dad, I’m living the dream.

TWITCH 10 Steps to Unlock Affiliate in 30 Days without Hustling!

I get up when my daughter wakes me up. I don’t have an alarm in the morning. All those get-rich-quick schemes and multi-level marketing, I’m living that right now because of basically following these same steps, but in a whole lot of other directions and focusing on helping other people.

I want you to be able to have the exact same thing, ultimately, to manifest anything you want in your life. If you want to be a work-at-home dad who has children and a partner who loves you and you can just do things like this, I’m working, this is me working right now.

I’m extremely grateful for that.

Every day, I think, “How may I help you? How do I help the guy who is behind me, who’s hoping to one day be where I’m at?”

Well, I share my experience how I got here, I share what I learned because that hopefully makes it easier for you.

I hope these 10 tips have made it easier for you than it was for me to get Affiliate after streaming on Twitch a couple of years ago, got thousands of followers, then hustling and getting to homepage, and then coming back two years later to pretty much an empty channel where almost everyone following before either just unfollowed or wasn’t interested in watching me do music.

I’m grateful to have this experience to share with you today because this is the stuff that’s magical that really makes a difference.

When you see, “This person got a million views on their video,” that’s not motivating because you don’t understand how to get from here to there.

This is how you get from here to there. You do a great job where you are at today. You do it because you love it and you think about helping other people. Trust me, you can have anything you want doing that exact system.

I know because that’s my life. I do that exact thing. I do what I love, I focus on helping other people, and I keep showing up.

TWITCH 10 Steps to Unlock Affiliate in 30 Days without Hustling!

Thank you very much for reading this post or watching the video at the top of this post. You are one of the 1% who made it all the way to the end.

I love you.

You are awesome.

I’m grateful for the chance. I essentially work for you. You are allowing me to do this.

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And say, “Hey, this was helpful. I enjoyed reading this. This motivated me to get back into my stream,” because I don’t get to see a lot of the good I do based on similar situations.

For example, I’ve listened to Eckhart Tolle and he probably has no idea how much he has helped in my life.

I often, even though I know intellectually I helped a lot of people because that’s how I get enough money to keep doing this, I don’t get to see a lot of the results from that.

Every person who shares, “Jerry this really helped me do this,” that helps me to stay motivated and to have faith in my own work.

Thank you very much for being here.

I hope this is really helpful for you to get Affiliate on Twitch in 30 days.

Of course, I hope to see you on

TWITCH 10 Steps to Unlock Affiliate in 30 Days without Hustling!

Maybe we can help each other out on Twitch.

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All right, where is the off button before I talk for 30 more minutes?


Jerry Banfield

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