Twitch Prime vs Twitch vs Twitch Turbo

What is the difference in Twitch vs Twitch Prime vs Twitch Turbo?

I was googling this last night and I’ve been watching on Twitch for years and it was ridiculous how long it took me to figure out the difference between those.

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Twitch Prime vs Twitch vs Twitch Turbo

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What is the difference?

First, Twitch is a website where you can watch live streaming from anything from games to real life to just chatting. By default, Twitch has ads that to me are really annoying and pop up all the time and ruin my user experience and make me not even want to watch Twitch anymore. However there are some perks like Twitch Prime and Twitch Turbo, we will see the differences between them right on this post.

There’s also the option to subscribe to specific channels that you need to pay for through individual channels.

By default on Twitch, anyone can sign up and start streaming and go watch streams as long as you have ads. That’s the basis for Twitch (which you probably already know).

Next up is Twitch Prime, what does Twitch Prime give you that’s not included in Twitch

The main thing that’s worthwhile with Twitch Prime is the Twitch channel subscription, this is something you can connect with your Amazon Prime or your Amazon Video account.

When you connect your Amazon Prime with Twitch, you can unlock Twitch Prime benefits, which is one of the main differences.

This gives you a Free Channel Subscription, which is really nice, because some partners and affiliates have ads-free viewing turned ON for subscribers, which means if you subscribe to their channel you get additional perks and benefits, a little badge next to your name at whatever each individual channel owner sets up.

This is the main difference in Twitch Prime that’s useful. However, you also get certain games and in game blue gifting emoticons I’ve never used almost any of this other stuff. So it really doesn’t matter.

But if you’re a live streamer, the nice thing is you can get a little bit of Extended Broadcast Storage as well.

This is a really nice benefit if you’re streaming. Therefore, Twitch Prime, which you can get free with Amazon Prime has a few valuable perks that are worthwhile, you can connect up to four twitch accounts with one Amazon Prime account, which means you can hook up your friends and family up if you want to.

Twitch Prime vs Twitch vs Twitch Turbo

However, you only get one subscription across all the accounts. So if your girlfriend gives away your Twitch Prime subscription to someone, she watches and then you try and do it on yours, you gotta wait for all the different accounts.

On the Twitch Channel Subscription, you have to manually do that every month. Also, you can’t set it up automatically, which is a bit of a downer.

Unfortunately, Twitch Prime no longer includes site wide ad free viewing, which is why this is so confusing.

Twitch Prime vs Twitch vs Twitch Turbo

Here’s another service to explain: Twitch Turbo

This is a distinct and separate service from Twitch Prime and if you want the ad free viewing site wide on Twitch, although it says there are limited exceptions, you will get mostly ad free viewing with Twitch Turbo and it’s $8.99 a month.

You also get a chat badge with more amounts, more username colors and extended broadcast storage, which definitely has a significant overlap with Prime.

Note that you do not have a free subscription that you can use with Twitch Turbo, you just have these benefits here.

Twitch Prime vs Twitch vs Twitch Turbo

Extended Broadcast Storage as far as I can see does not stack. For example, if you get the extended storage with Twitch Prime, I’m about to sign up for Twitch Turbo to get rid of the ads on Twitch and I will let you know in the description if for some reason these do stack.

So you’ve got the difference in these Twitch Turbo gives you the ad-free viewing, Twitch Prime gives you the channel subscription and some additional rewards here and both give you extended broadcast towards, both give you more mode. Both give you a chat badge you can use and both get some different colors you can set.

I appreciate you reading this post, I looked and couldn’t believe there was not one video to explain all this and make it clear in a short amount of time, which is why I went and filmed one here.

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