The Only Twitter Engagement Metrics To Pay Attention to


For getting engagement using your existing Twitter followers, using Twitter analytics will really help you see exactly what’s going on in your Twitter account, zoom in on what you’re doing right, and get to know your followers and how your followers are responding to your tweets. If you want to see the ROI, looking through your Twitter analytics will clearly give you the best twitter engagement metrics to pay attention to like engagement rate, link clicks, retweets, favorites and replies so that you can see exactly what you’re getting out of your Twitter followers and your efforts on Twitter. You wouldn’t’ want  to keep doing this strategy if you weren’t getting anything. So seeing Twitter analytics will help you find this and I will review that on both of my accounts now.

To get to Twitter analytics you need to be signed in and then you go to This is what it looks like:

twitter analytics dashboard

This is my followers tab where I’m showing you my company BanWork followers.

twitter analytics


In September I had 2600 followers, when I started doing this strategy, you can see a straight consistent upward shot of my followers, I’ve been doing this strategy ever since I before I created this course and my followers have not stopped  going up since then, that’s what’s really cool is there is no practical upper limit with this strategy. You can build hundreds of thousands of followers with this strategy and the more followers you build, the more opportunities you have.

What’s cool is you can get to know your followers in Twitter analytics. For example, Twitter analytics says I have about 1800 followers, out of this 36,000, in the US now Twitter does not know exactly which country everyone is in, but it does do a good jb on the data on the people it does have. I’ve got followers in the UK, Canada and several different states in the US, but these are on a bigger scale. I’ve got several followers in other countries, so that is a product of who I’ve chosen to do this strategy with. That very represents exactly which Twitter accounts I’ve copied followers from.

For example, I’ve copied a lot of followers from Kim Garst so this is often a reflection of who the accounts followers you copy are from and then who actually converts. You can see in these follower accounts who actually who else has very similar followers to you.

I can see that LollyDaskal has 2200 followers that are the same as mine and Kim Garst has 1900 followers that are the exact same as mine. That helps zoom in on exactly what you’re doing that works. You want ideally to pick out the right followers you want to copy. I’ve been trying a bunch of different profiles to copy to see exactly  where I get the highest conversion from and where I get the best followers from.

What’s cool is you get interests here.

twitter analytics - follower interest

For example, I got a bunch of followers interested in marketing, entrepreneurship, business, and then I can see their interest here which then I’m sharing across other platforms to see what else their interested in besides these interests specifically. I can see things like a lot of my followers are into music so that can help me plan my tweets.

Then where I see the real ROI when I go into my analytics where I look at my tweets an this is where I see what I got back. I tried a couple of promoted campaigns, not for long in here and majority of these are then organic impressions. So I got 147,000 impressions in January with about 30,000 of those paid and most of those organic. That’s really sweet to see how much engagement I’ve got on these different accounts and I’ll show you one for February on my other account.

You an look at each tweet here by impressions and engagement. The engagement rate can help you see what type of tweets are most popular that you’re doing. This get’s a little complicated when you combine it with something like co-promote so I’ll show you on my other Twitter account how that’s combines, but this is only  off of my organic reach without using anything else except Twitter paid ads for a couple of days and if I go to a previous period, I can change it to where this is just organic engagement from December with no boosted engagement at all.

What I can learn from here is which tweets got the highest engagement, which tweets had the most raw number of engagement. For example, my try at answering all of life’s big questions had one of my higher engagement rates which tells me I can probably do more spiritual videos. This one how to get paid to tweet had a very good engagement rate 3% and this is all organic, none of it is paid and none of it is even combined with another sharing platform. So this is all for free. You can easily surmise then the value of looking at Twitter analytics to see exactly what return you’re getting. I got 324 click in December to my website for free. If I had to pay for those, even if it was 10 cents  a click, that’s $30, but realistically if I had to pay with Twitter ads, that would cost me $50 to $100 to get that many link clicks and I got this all for free.

These RT are gold, they go out to the other followers, favorites, replies, a lot of organic engagement on Twitter. 160,000 impressions for free doing this strategy in December. Now what I will do is show you my personal account which has analytics from February and then combines with co-promote. If you haven’t seen CoPromote already what I can do on CoPromote is I am able to select boost a post so that some of my tweets are boosted from CoPromote so you’ll see the analytics from that there.

twitter analytics- increase in followers

What you might find interesting is the difference in followers. Even though I’ve been doing this on different accounts, this account has a different set of followers than the other one’s I’ve been copying different people.

If you want to do this strategy really well, having two accounts to do it seems to be ideal because you can then figure out exactly what works the best and then zoom in on that. You’ll notice I have a higher percentage of UK and Canada followers on this account. I also have a lot higher percentage of male followers on this account and I’ve got a more focused group of people following this account than I do on my other account where I’ve used a more shotgun strategy.

If you want a very niche following, you want to very carefully pick the accounts you copy their followers. Then you can look at the analytics, this includes engagement on less followers and this is just for the last 28 days.

twitter analytics

This includes CoPromote and engagement. What you’ll notice is CoPromote has artificially boosted the number of retweets, but CoPromote I pay like 20  so I can boost a unlimited posts on it, but CoPromote has given me a bunch of extra RT and co promote is $20 a month, but I an share with 50M more individual reach. That’s if one page had 50M fans, I can get them to share one of my posts on it. That’s how it works.

The beauty is all these other engagements put my RT up a lot and get me a lot of targeted followers and I can see then, which RT combine well with my organic followers and with CoPromote. The bottom line is, it’s very clear looking at Twitter analytics that I’m getting  some valuable engagement for free out of what I’m doing now, and it’s not just a short term strategy. If you see the followers going up, I’m planning on doing this indefinitely.

I’ve got 22,000 on this and 36,000 on the other account, what I’m looking  to do is build hundreds of thousands of followers over time and with these organic engagement numbers I can expect to continually increase my organic traffic from Twitter. The power of doing this strategy is then creating that impressive social media presence and giving you something you can use on an ongoing basis to get free traffic, so I hope this method has been helpful on Twitter analytics showing you exactly how to find what return you’re getting on all of this time you’re spending putting into tweeting and getting new followers.