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    Hi, it’s Meisam from the partner calls.

    I don’t have a massive YouTube channel and that’s because I hardly put any effort on that but by watching so many videos about creating a good YouTube video I think that every video should have these elements in it. Let me know if I’m trying too hard or if you have other suggestions.

    A Perfect YouTube Video Components:

    1. A 4-5 second trailer/teaser at the beginning of the video showing your logo, website and social media links. Combined with a nice piece of music it will help being recognized the next time someone watches your video.

    2. Talking about a related product/service that you are selling and lead the viewers to the landing page on your website multiple times. The purpose of the YouTube channel is to generate money at the end, so even if you are trying to get some initial audience, those audience should be willing to buy something at some point. You can create a 100,000 email list over night, but this way you can expect more conversion rate.

    3. Call to actions for the channel itself multiple times: what I do is that before I do something exciting in my video, I ask them to like the video (with a like icon pop up in the screen, plus a bell like sound when I say like. The bell sound makes a difference) and subscribe (with the icon pop up in the screen). You can also ask to turn on the notifications.

    4. Cards at the end of the video. One to subscribe, 3 for other videos on my channel. I still can’t put my website at the end but if you can make sure to put it. You can leave the last 10 seconds of your video blank to make sure everyone can focus on the cards, not what is happening on the video.

    5. Links to other videos during the video.

    6. A good description with too much care about the first sentence or even paragraph. because that’s going to be indexed in searches.

    7. A good subtitle for the video. Usually YouTube does a great job for creating automatic subtitles, but fix the errors if needed. Also using keywords in the script will impact the search. it seems like YouTube even indexes the script of the video. so make sure to use the keywords multiple times in the video.

    8. All of the links mentioned in the video. Links to some of your related products/services. link to your website. link to your social media. link to your patreon.

    9. A pinned comment. it’s recommended by TubeBuddy.

    10. If you don’t have a sponsor for your video, introduce your business/website/product/service as the sponsor.

    11. A simple minimalistic thumbnail.

    12. Lots of tags suggested by “keyword everywhere” and “TubeBuddy”

    Let me know if I shouldn’t use one of these and also add to the list if you think I missed something.


    Jerry Banfield

    Meisam this is a great list you have made and very accurate! I do this is most of my videos with the exception of an intro because I rarely subscribe to channels that use intros on videos!

    Adnan Hasbi

    Hey Jerry,

    I tried watching the first video on this course. It didnt quite load up. Can you please help on this matter.



    Jerry Banfield

    Adnan thank you for buying 4 courses with me in the last few days and telling me about this in the YouTube course! You will see that I fixed the first video in the YouTube course now at https://jerrybanfield.com/lessons/a-vision-for-your-youtube/

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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