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    Adnan Hasbi

    Hi Jerry,

    Just to recap and keep the progress on paper. I shall document my process and weekly milestones on this particular thread

    Goals : Create online income of $2,000 by June 20

    Strategy (by June 20)
    1) Create 45 Youtube videos
    2) Crate 2 Udemy courses – Have 2,000 free students
    3) Create website on Teachabele

    1) Long lead time – to create a 1 min video, it takes me 10 minutes
    2) Lack of believe – So far in my Udemy journey, I only created $3 after 9 months
    3) Lack of knowledge – Little knowledge on Youtube, Udemy and being self employed.

    Week 1
    1) Managed to get Jerry as a mentor (thank you!!)

    To do
    1) Create a new Udemy course – Completed in week 4
    2) Create 7 videos on YT (both Malay and English) on my journey on Udemy & Personal Finance

    Lenny Ramirez

    Let’s goooo!

    please link to all your platforms and courses to follow your progress.

    Jerry Banfield

    Adnan thank you very much for joining us for the call last night at!

    Your plan looks great and these are your links!

    Lenny Ramirez

    @Adnan What’s good!?

    Keep the momentum!

    Adnan Hasbi

    Hey Lenny,

    Thanks for the question. So my updates are as follows :

    Week 2
    1) Posted 3 Videos for Youtube – 1 in my native language (Wohoo !!)
    2) Posted 1 Video on Udemy & sort out the course structure.
    3) I have also drafted content for Week 3.
    4) Further explored ways where I can give my content for free
    5) Looked at other teaching platforms – Teachable, Skillshare & Learnfly

    1) I have 2 new subs on Youtube which brought my grand total pass the 20 subs mark πŸ™‚ (Thanks for the subs guys)
    2) More views on my new vids (Before it was 0 now its about 3/4 views per video)
    3) My new course in Udemy is 20% completed & I have more clarity how to complete the course
    4) I started giving free coupons for my paid course – That strategy alone gave me close to 3,000 students

    1) My country has a movement order control which basically means
    A) I have to share working table space
    B) The kids are in the house and they maybe a bit loud so its hard to record

    To do
    1) Try to create 2 videos a day on average – Record when the house is quite & edit vids when its noisy (which is all the time πŸ™‚ )
    A) 7 vids on Youtube
    B) 30% completion on Udemy course
    2) Keep giving free coupons on Udemy – Bring my total students up to 3,000 per course
    3) Buy a new working table and a night lamp – Start recording at night now when the house is quiet
    4) Keep having the calls

    What I have learnt during the week
    Sometimes talking about things and having an accountability sheet really helps. The funny thing is that, this sheet helped motivated me & not to slack. So for anybody’s success. I highly recommend an accountability sheet

    Jerry Banfield

    Looking great Adnan! I am grateful you came to your second call and am happy to see your progress!

    Lenny Ramirez

    Congrats Adnan

    Can you add more meat to your Youtube video descriptions? Here’s one that you could take some ideas from

    Maybe think about also, aside your course and usual, create a reading list on Amazon and include the link.

    Can also include links to your video recording stack. There’s always people wanting to figure that out.

    Adnan Hasbi

    Hey Lenny thanks for the suggestions.
    I will work on an Amazon list soon and will work on making my Youtube video description better.
    Just to tell you guys, I had a new subscriber on board πŸ™‚

    Just curious, how does making a list on Amazon help in ranking my Youtube channel?
    I have never heard that strategy until now and I am clueless about it

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    Lenny Ramirez

    No, the point with Amazon is to build Trust and Rapport with your Audience AND make some money as an Amazon affiliate too.

    In this time at home it’s a great opportunity and you don’t show as salesy, just providing genuine value, but you are not obligated to act as is either, take all of this as suggestions of what I have seen work for others.

    Adnan Hasbi

    Thanks Lenny
    Will take a look at that video and implement it

    Adnan Hasbi

    Hey Lenny,

    I just posted a new video that is relevant to what is happening now.
    I also wrote a more meater description with proper tags.
    Lets see what happens πŸ™‚

    Adnan Hasbi

    Hi Jerry & Lenny

    Aside from my country has a movement order control (kids running around & sharing office space), I have to share my laptop (water spilled on my partners laptop) just yesterday

    But its amazing what willpower and determination can do the following :

    1) Posted 1 Videos for Youtube
    2) Posted 9 Video on Udemy – 30 % Completed
    3) I started making a course in my native language – 1 video
    4) Went to all forums – FB and websites (Gave more coupons)

    1) I have 1 new sub on Youtube
    2) 9,000 new students just this week
    3) Still no sales

    To do
    1) Try to create videos faster, I am doing my videos too slow (1 minute video takes me 30 minutes of prep & editing)
    2) Have a mentor session soon.
    3) Create Amazon list

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    Jerry Banfield

    Adnan thank you for the update and I am looking forward to seeing you on our next group call via

    You are doing great often it takes laying a strong foundation before many sales and earnings come in!

    Lenny Ramirez

    Life will get in the way but that’s living anyways. Enjoy and embrace the climb.

    What can you do with those new and current students? Are they getting the solution that they are looking for? Engage with them and learn from them. The money is in solving problems.

    Can you get on calls with them and get their permission to use on YouTube?

    Keep refining the plan as you go.

    Adnan Hasbi

    Hi Lenny,

    Thanks so much for the solutions before, I have implemented them and below are the results I got

    1) Send an educational announcement to Udemy students about my YouTube vid posting – This saw a spike of an extra 50 views on my video (generally I get only 2 views per vid). I also had 5 new subs πŸ™‚
    2) Signed up for Amazon Influencer account but failed, so I signed up for Amazon Associates – This would help me increase my revenue channels and I am excited to now create new content on Youtube.

    For the new suggestions, I have to admit that I dont really know how to interact my students in Udemy, all I do is teach. So I am not sure how (any suggestions?). I am thinking of sending more educational announcement to invite them to the Youtube channel and form a FaceBook group for my students ? Not sure its the best way. Do you have any suggestions ?



    Lenny Ramirez

    High fives* That’s EASY 10x!!!!!

    Excellent. Love the broadcast of new content. Keep it up.

    Definitely take your students to a Facebook group to get more hands on and another way to get in touch with you aside solely relying on Udemy.

    Simply ask questions, gauge the interactions and improve. Can you go live in the group for a while, offer the random QnA. This can also lead to future content.

    Keep it up and let value be the barometer, the best money is always a byproduct. First come the product and outstanding support.

    Keep us posted!

    Lenny Ramirez

    I encourage you to join Jewel and Auret daily Youtube Lives!

    They go live 6pm PST and answer questions live.

    They are students here too! and can give you great Youtube insights
    as they have courses of their own about it AND you can pick some ideas
    on their approach for yourself!

    Let’s get it

    Adnan Hasbi

    Thanks so much Lenny
    This gave me a road map on how to move forward.
    I shall join their next live session.

    Adnan Hasbi

    Week 5

    Progress :
    This week I only managed to create 3 videos with most of my time being focused on doing domestic chores (I had to teach the kids since the schools are closed here).

    While teaching them, I spent a sizable amount of time going through news and that impacted my level of motivation and ultimately output.

    The Solution (Implemented Now):
    After doing a small audit on my progress, I realized that I cannot allow myself to slip back. Today, I started working at 7 am and I shall not go on social media & only listen to content which will help me in my journey (spend more time here). I realized that a positive and proactive mind would help while feeding my mind with unnecessary stuff would impact me adversely.

    Gratitude List:
    1) I am also grateful to be here with both you and Jerry helping.
    2) I am also grateful to be able to be at home with everyone.

    Thanks Guys πŸ™‚

    Lenny Ramirez

    Keep it up.

    Batch some work while your energy is the highest so you can still have content to upload.

    Focus! πŸ˜€

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