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    Adnan Hasbi

    Hi Jerry,

    Just to recap and keep the progress on paper. I shall document my process and weekly milestones on this particular thread

    Goals : Create online income of $2,000 by June 20

    Strategy (by June 20)
    1) Create 45 Youtube videos
    2) Crate 2 Udemy courses – Have 2,000 free students
    3) Create website on Teachabele

    1) Long lead time – to create a 1 min video, it takes me 10 minutes
    2) Lack of believe – So far in my Udemy journey, I only created $3 after 9 months
    3) Lack of knowledge – Little knowledge on Youtube, Udemy and being self employed.

    Week 1
    1) Managed to get Jerry as a mentor (thank you!!)

    To do
    1) Create a new Udemy course – Completed in week 4
    2) Create 7 videos on YT (both Malay and English) on my journey on Udemy & Personal Finance

    Lenny Ramirez

    Let’s goooo!

    please link to all your platforms and courses to follow your progress.

    Jerry Banfield

    Adnan thank you very much for joining us for the call last night at!

    Your plan looks great and these are your links!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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