A Top Instructor’s Worst Nightmare – Udemy Bad Reviews (Part 3)

The purpose of this post is to look at reviews on Udemy. I hope this will inspire your success in creating courses on Udemy. I am going to read the bad reviews people have posted on my Udemy courses for the entire world to see. I will discuss how dealing with these reviews is an integral part of doing well on Udemy. This is part 3 of a three-part deep dive into the negative reviews I receive on Udemy.

Update March 5, 2017: I am not longer teaching on Udemy because they banned me!  I moved my video classes to Skillshare which you can now access all for free at jerrybanfield.com/freecourses/.  The rest of the original post follows below!


The better you get at selling any product, the more you’re going to see people that hate it.

While I got  great reviews on this course, I also got some reviews that gave links to other people’s courses. I got them deleted. You can’t promote other instructor’s courses in a review with a direct link! If that was allowed, I’d be hiring people to do that right now.

If some of the reviews violate the terms and conditions, you can use the flag to get the review reported. I’ve gotten a lot of bad reviews and some good reviews removed off my courses for violating policies.

For example, one 5 star review was promoting himself and what he was doing. I thought it made the course look fake so I got that removed. I reported it but I don’t know if they actually approved it.

Here’s another one in my social media marketing course:


If you get some reviews on your course, you can compare some of the ones you get to some of the ones I get.

bad user review

The reviews on the courses are mostly positive, but the negative ones take a lot of time and energy to deal with.

Here’s the How I Teach on Udemy course. It has some of the most positive reviews on any course. I do the most I can to make new educational announcements and keep this course updated. I’m grateful that the updates have been well-received. Some of the negative reviews on this  hurt my feelings the most. I’ll go back here and get into some of these on this course.

udemy user review

I wrote the best response I could come up with for that. Even with these reviews, I’m still making courses on Udemy. I’m still making videos with you every day. I’m still doing everything I can to give what I have to offer.

This two-star review helped me to make the course better.

online course reviews

This is one of the nightmare reviews that I would dread getting. At the same time, it prevents tons of harmful feedback. Since going through this, I make shorter lectures on Udemy. Originally, I made 15 – 20 minute lectures. Now I tend to make them shorter and more focused.  This has very helpful feedback in it.

Now, I make short, structured courses because huge courses are hard to structure. Every one of these bad reviews that people actually write something in can give me the tools to do a better job. When you combine that with the positive reviews, I can see what I should keep doing and what I should change.

The reviews hold everything I need to know about doing a great job on Udemy. It’s important to read them and it’s important to get to know the reviews. Yet, it’s a very painful process of having things you’ve created be torn down by people who don’t like them.  The fact is that I’m grateful to have the chance to teach on Udemy. I hope that seeing me interact with these reviews gives you courage to make some good courses.

Here’s a two-star review on the Udemy instructor course. I’m pretty sure this one made me cry the first time I read it.

online course user reviews

This review motivated me to make a short “How to make a Udemy course in 5 hours” course. Apparently my course was so bad, it’s making other people not want to take any more courses on Udemy. That review was one of the most dreadful reviews I read on Udemy.

Yet, I know why I repeat myself – because it works.

Let’s look at this

online lecture reviews

The last course I’ll look at is my Facebook course. It’s my most popular course, but it still get’s some pretty bad negative reviews.

bad course review

tips and hacks user review

Sometimes you can put exactly what people want in a course and they still don’t see it.

online user reviews


udemy student review

I try to respond with something that’s helpful and loving. I try to explain my story instead of trying to fight the review. Here’s the sweet thing though, this review said a couple of things. This reviews said that using some of my clients as case studies would have been effective.

This motivated me to make a new course based on that review. I thought that was a good idea and I could make another course using the client’s results as a case study. I made the entire course from that one review. I try to take the power given to me in these reviews. All the reviews contain things that are helpful. Sometimes I’ve been motivated by bad reviews to do better. In fact, the worst thing you can do to your competition is go and antagonize them with a review. I’ve had a few that looked like it was antagonism and all it did was motivate me to make a better course.

You can see that teaching on Udemy is a great opportunity, but it can also be  painful. You can curse the reviewer out and not get anything out of the review. You can try to forget about the argument, dismiss it, you can blame Udemy. The reviews are going to keep coming if you keep teaching.

online learning review

I try to ask questions in my response asking what I could add to make the course more useful.

I’m honored you’ve spent this time with me. I hope what I’ve shared is useful for you because I want you to have the chance to be successful teaching on Udemy. I want you to have the chance to have the faith to walk forward and do what you need to do. I want you to have the chance to be of best service to the world today. I want you to be able to contribute what you’ve already contributed.

It takes a lot of courage and faith to create through the fear that people will hate what you’re doing. This video is giving me a chance to practice that. I’m afraid that you won’t like it. I’m afraid of all kind of problems that could happen from posting this video. I’m afraid you could get angry from looking at the reviews they posted on my courses. I do this with the intent to be useful for you to help you and in it to realize I’m also being helped by creating this. Thank you for reading this. I appreciate every second you’ve spent here. I love your feedback on it good or bad. You can let me know what this is for you – good or bad feedback. It helps me learn and it helps me do better today. Thank you for reading this. I hope you have a great day today.

Good luck creating on Udemy and thank you for reading this!  Would you try taking one of my classes on Skillshare free at jerrybanfield.com/freecourses/?