2 Udemy Course Ranking Tips Learned Teaching 32 Courses

​How many times have you checked your course rankings on Udemy? Have you searched for your course keywords and then obsessed over what position it was in? Have you used the new browse page to see where your course is featured among other courses?

You get good news right here in this quick post on Udemy course ranking tips.  Your organic ranking and course placement on Udemy mean very little and you can save yourself a lot of time, energy, and stress by ignoring your course ranking.  I now ignore mine because I cannot control the rankings (so why should I care about them?) and the rankings are not reflective of how good your course is.  See conclusive proof below of how two of my courses compete and the one that is clearly not as good ranks higher!

What motivated me to share this?

Honestly it was motivated by me checking my course rankings, searching my course keywords, obsessing over what position my courses were in, and using the course browsing feature.  I had not done this in at least a month because I realized how pointless it was then and it took me about 20 minutes before I remembered what a waste of time it was tonight.  I did at least got some valuable data to share with you here when I saw how two of my courses were competing against each other and when comparing my organic rankings against my sales.

Two useful points here.

1.    ​Organic ranking on search terms and browse positions relates very little to your actual sales which is good because the current ranking system on Udemy is not very functional.  See the story below where two of my courses compete.

2.    You cannot control your organic ranking and therefore, focusing time and energy on it is a waste.  You can control engaging your students, adding to your courses, and promoting your courses.

What story is there behind this message?

Normally, you measure yourself up against courses made by other instructors.  While you can see their reviews and students, you cannot see their sales, student satisfaction, or much else.  Fortunately for me, I have two courses competing directly against each other for top paid course in one category.  See for yourself!


Udemy course rankings of mine competing for top paid sales in a category.udemy course ranking wireshark hacking

  1. ​The Complete Wireshark Course: Go from Beginner to Advanced created Feb 2015. 5,263 students (~600 this month), ~$50,000 in TOTAL sales, 27 reviews averaging 4.33, one new discussion posted every two days average 1 reply, 39 average minutes watched, 211 votes doing great, 54 votes needs work.
  2. The Complete Hacking Course: Go from Beginner to Advanced created March 2015.  9,188 students (~2,500 this month), ~$100,000 in TOTAL sales, 130 reviews averaging 4.66.  One new discussion posted ~20 minutes average of ~4 replies, 49 average minutes watched, 801 votes doing great, 132 votes needs work.

First I am grateful for these sales numbers and to have the chance to present such conclusive data to you. Second, how is it possible for the Wireshark course to rank higher than the hacking course?  There is not one good explanation.  Every single data point is better on course H than on course W.  All of them from the students to the sales, reviews, discussions, minutes watched, and private student feedback shows that the hacking course is better than the Wireshark course according to Udemy’s own data. Despite this data, the Wireshark course ranks higher than the hacking course on the browse page for top paid courses in the category.  See for yourself at https://www.udemy.com/courses/IT-and-Software/Network-and-Security/.

The point of this is to show what a waste of time and energy it is to look at Udemy course rankings because you cannot control them and you are not likely to make very many sales based on your organic ranking alone. Any use of your time and energy is better than looking at where your courses rank on Udemy.

Thank you for reading this and I hope this is helpful in saving you some wasted time and energy obsessing over your Udemy course rankings!  As one of my loyal blog readers that read this entire post, you can get access to all of my Udemy courses for $9 at https://jerrybanfield.com/thankyou9/.