Udemy Courses for Free Without Using Coupons!

Enroll in Paid Udemy Courses for Free Without Using Coupons!

Do you want to see how to enroll for free in 10’s of thousands of Udemy courses without ever having to use any coupons. This is what I do myself when I want to take a course on Udemy I use what I’m about to show you in order to enroll without having to pay anything to Udemy and without using anything illegal.

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This is 100% legal because instructors what they do is put their courses on Udemy, then instructors put them on other websites and all I’m doing is showing you another website that has an awesome business model for students that you can get access to.

So, let’s take a look at it what we have right here is Skillshare.

On Skillshare, you can get access to 10’s of thousands of Udemy courses with a two month free trial which means you use the two-month free trial you have to put your credit card in but you can take courses totally for free for two months. And then if you’re having a good time with Skillshare, then you join me I pay like $96 a year and I get access to 25 plus thousand courses I earn $10 when you use my link which I’m very grateful for and as of today I have a lot of courses on Skillshare you might enjoy that you can take with me there I’ve referred over 1000 people to Skillshare because it is an outstanding business model for lifelong learning buying hundreds of courses on Udemy and spending thousands of dollars by comparison is not.

Now on the downside there’s not as many courses on Skillshare as on Udemy there’s hundreds of thousands of courses on Udemy, there’s 25,000 plus on Skillshare and most of the courses that are on Skillshare are also on Udemy.

Thus you will not find it every single course from Udemy on Skillshare. However a lot of the courses you’d want to take I consistently find the courses I want to watch directly on Skillshare you can just search for courses, see which ones are available and if you want to search for my courses you can just search for Jerry Banfield and you’ll find a whole bunch of courses that I’ve put up here.

Now Skillshares business model works like this. Instead of like you to me of buying individual courses, instructors on Skillshare get paid based on Minutes watch so when you join Skillshare and then watch my courses.

I earn that way Skillshare once the free trial runs out is about $15 a month or $96 a year when you compare this to the decision making of buying a bunch of different courses on Udemy, it is a great learning resource like Netflix for education at the same time then if the course is not on Skillshare you really want it on Udemy, you can still always buy it on Udemy what’s nice about Skillshare is I like to try out learning new skills that I might not fork over money to buy a course on you to me but since I already have a Skillshare membership, then I go and watch courses on Skillshare like on topics I wouldn’t be willing to buy on Udemy.

So I appreciate you watching this I hope this is helpful for you if you’re trying to get some free you to me courses.

And you’re tired of spending a whole bunch of money or you just want to watch high quality classes with no ads. I appreciate it if you use my link helping me earn $10.

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Jerry Banfield