Watch Thousands of Udemy Courses for Free on Skillshare!

As an online instructor, there is a little secret I know that helps me get almost any course I want without having to buy it, especially paid courses on Udemy. I don’t have to use any coupons and I don’t have to use any downloading software to get it illegally.

Watch Thousands of Udemy Courses for Free on Skillshare!

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What I’m about to show you is available totally for free to start. It contains a lot of the courses that are paid courses on Udemy and it’s really easy to use.

I love it and most of the other instructors on Udemy I know of, use this little trick to avoid buying courses from any other instructors.

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How do we get 10,000 plus paid courses for free without coupons or illegal downloads?

I will show you right now.

It is on Skillshare.

We just go over to Skillshare right here.

Watch Thousands of Udemy Courses for Free on Skillshare!

If you would like to join Skillshare, will you please use my link, because you will feel great knowing that you are helping me earn a $10 credit for referring you. I’m telling you about this both because of the $10 credit and because this is an incredible value for students.

On Skillshare there are over 23,000 classes on Skillshare Premium and when you use my link you can try Skillshare Premium for free for two months. That means for two months you can watch all the video courses you want to without even having to pay anything.

What I do is I get the $96 a year subscription, which allows me to watch all the video courses I want without having to pay at all other than that $96, and it’s awesome.

I’ve got something like forty or fifty online courses on Skillshare myself. I just put a new course up on Skillshare a few days ago.

Watch Thousands of Udemy Courses for Free on Skillshare!

You might want to know, “Okay, well, how does this work? Why are there all these Udemy courses on here?”

Udemy instructors tend to upload courses first to Udemy, but then you have got all these video files, your Udemy courses aren’t selling that well right away or, it makes a few sales and you want to earn some additional passive income for it.

What a lot of Udemy instructors do then is upload their courses that are on Udemy to several other websites. The best of these websites for students is Skillshare because Skillshare gives you that free coupon where you can try it out for a couple of months. Skillshare has a wide enough teacher base that you get most of the instructors you would want to take courses from on Udemy because they also put their courses on Skillshare.

Udemy instructors lots of times can earn hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a month, just by quickly uploading the same courses they have put on Udemy on to Skillshare. That means it’s a good opportunity for instructors, but it’s an even better opportunity for students.

I’m not going to name any particular instructor on here because I don’t want to sabotage their sales on Udemy by saying, “Hey, you can get all these instructors’ courses included with a Skillshare Premium Membership instead of going out to buy their Udemy courses.”

We will go through the Browse feature on Skillshare just to show you whatever is on here, and if anyone is also on Udemy and you are on the Skillshare homepage, well that’s just too bad.

Watch Thousands of Udemy Courses for Free on Skillshare!

You can see there are thousands of students on Skillshare that are taking these courses. You have got courses on email marketing. You have got courses on watermarks and photography. It’s all the same kinds of courses that you have got on Udemy.

You can browse the courses totally for free before signing up and there are over 23,000 of them. There are design courses, business courses, technology courses, photography courses and entrepreneurship courses.

There is a Guy Kawasaki course on here.

Watch Thousands of Udemy Courses for Free on Skillshare!

There is a film course and also writing.

There are all kinds of courses on Skillshare and you tend to get the best of the new courses on Skillshare because instructors want that extra money.

Instructors from Udemy that have uploaded more courses tend to have a bigger Skillshare following, and therefore, a lot of the big instructors on Udemy also do well on Skillshare and upload all their courses on Skillshare.

If you collectively paid $9 a course for all the courses on Skillshare that would cost you about $200,000 whereas you can get them all for $96.

I love learning on Skillshare because there are a lot of courses I’d like to try, but I wouldn’t be willing to actually pay money for it.

For example, I tried learning about some photography and I can’t picture myself having bought a photography course, but I’ve already got a Skillshare Premium Membership, so why not start out a Skillshare photography course?

If I watch the first video and I don’t like it, so what?

The nice thing with Skillshare is that it has got built-in integration with your existing teaching platforms because you can just put an additional link to Skillshare and some instructors have a Udemy link to their courses, and then a Skillshare link, that way their students, if they are on Skillshare, can come through just like I’ve shared my link here with you.

Lots of other instructors bring their students to Udemy, from Udemy to Skillshare, on their own websites or in videos or in email marketing just like me.

This is a little tool that a lot of students don’t know about that it seems most all instructors do know about. I don’t know any other instructors that actually consistently buy their courses on Udemy.

Now, you might ask, “Well, why use Skillshare instead of just downloading them illegally?”

You get a certain cheap kind of nasty feeling when you download stuff illegally based on my experience doing it a lot. I’ve found with teaching my own courses and asking people to buy them that it’s not good karma for me to go download things illegally.

Skillshare is the best alternative I’ve found. It allows me to watch classes and feel good about it because if I go get someone’s course for free, I could save a few dollars, but I don’t feel good about it.

Watch Thousands of Udemy Courses for Free on Skillshare!

If I don’t feel good about things, then I tend to not do good with things either. And when I don’t do good with things, then it’s hard to make any money and make any classes or videos that are worth watching. I end up being a slave having to do work I don’t like, and my life sucks and I just want to end it all.

You see, all that starts with little things like illegal downloading. It doesn’t seem like a big deal. That’s why after a lot of illegal downloads myself, I don’t do it anymore. I use Skillshare and I just watch courses on Skillshare.

Now, Skillshare does have some Skillshare exclusives, which makes it an awesome value. There are some courses that Skillshare has worked out with the instructor, who put that course just on Skillshare.

Now, it’s not generally to the instructor’s advantage to make something exclusive to Skillshare because the earnings are usually a lot higher on another platform, which if you have seen stuff somewhere else you always can just check Skillshare too.

Once you know about Skillshare and you have got a Skillshare membership, then what you can do, you can just quickly check Skillshare. If you are thinking about buying a course on another website, you can quickly just check Skillshare and say, “Hey, is there a Skillshare course already on this?”

This allows you then to save a lot of money, even if you are buying courses, and even if occasionally you find a course that’s not on Skillshare that you do want to buy. You can often save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, with a Skillshare membership as I’ve done.

You get instructors like me, my courses aren’t on Udemy, I sell them on my website, but you can get my own courses for the very lowest price just on Skillshare also.

If I just wanted to earn the most income I probably wouldn’t even put my courses on Skillshare, but what I do is I consider what’s best for you as a student. What’s best for you as a student is to pay the lowest price and have the access to the greatest educational material, which is why I put my courses, all the ones that I’m allowed to put, on Skillshare and I’m continuing to put my new course on Skillshare.

So, if you want to learn with me and take my courses, you can do the same thing with me that I’m suggesting with other instructors. You can pay Skillshare once, I will get $10, and then you can watch all my courses and everyone else’s all for the same price.

Watch Thousands of Udemy Courses for Free on Skillshare!

I’m grateful to have the chance to share this with you today because this information saved me a lot of money and I hope it saves you a lot of money also.

If you would like to give Skillshare a try, will you please use my link because you will feel good about helping me earn the $10 referral credit for telling you about something that might be a miracle in terms of getting a great online education for a really low price instead of spending a bunch of money, thousands of dollars, buying courses on other websites?

You never have to spend more than $96 a year or so on Skillshare to watch all the courses you want to. Skillshare also has a mobile app that I love using. The Skillshare mobile app works better than some of the other mobile apps I’ve used to take courses on. The Skillshare mobile app is my favorite together with the Masterclass app.

If you want some really high-end courses that aren’t anywhere else, there is also Masterclass. I also have a Masterclass page up.

So, if you would like to learn about Masterclass and you want the very highest end courses, I’ve got a Masterclass page.

Watch Thousands of Udemy Courses for Free on Skillshare!

Between Skillshare and Masterclass that covers almost all of my video learning methods. The Masterclass has courses that are not on Udemy from the very top instructors in the world like deadmau5 for electronic music production. There was a Kevin Spacey one for acting, but they took it down.

If you want the very high-end, Skillshare is not going to get you there, but Skillshare will cover the majority of the online paid courses you will find online, and you can get that for really cheap.

Alright, I’ve found a way to turn a two-minute video into eleven and a half minutes. If you have made it to the end, will you please leave a comment and let me know why you watched all the way to the end because I would love to know why you didn’t turn the video off like 95% of other people did ten minutes ago?

And if you do use that Skillshare link, will you please leave a comment on the video also, so then I can thank you and say I appreciate you using that ten dollar link, because it does mean a lot to me that you take the time to do that.

If you like any of my courses on Skillshare, I hope you enjoy them and will love watching them there.

Alright, now I’ve turned a 2-minute video into twelve minutes.

I love you.

You are awesome.

I hope this information has been helpful and I will stop talking before it turns into an hour later.


Jerry Banfield

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